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"Because everything is better with the end of the world."

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“I don’t need advice,” Everett was complaining. “And I don’t need advice from a mushroom.”
“Sure you don’t,” Delores agreed, too easily, too readily. “And I’m sure the Wise Mushroom wouldn’t want to be bothered. It’s a pretty small problem, and he’s got better things to do.”

“Better things? He’s as bad as the teachers, then. Don’t complain, don’t tattle…”

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It's that time again!

Time to decide what my Patreon theme will be for October; time to cast your vote and make it count.

It's time to look at spooks and creepy people, monsters and fairies, costumes and false faces. It's time to dig into your urban legend stock and decide exactly how spooky you want your Hallowe'en to be.

My Patreon is here. Every month I post:
1 free short-short story
1 locked short-short story
1 locked long short story

We're just $3 from getting back to the Serial Story milestone, where poor Nimbus has been stuck in the middle of a deadly plant for months! And a $5 pledge will let you prompt in all the prompt calls....

Vote now, pledge if you can, read either way. 🎃

Poll #17680 October Patreon Theme Poll
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What should the October 2016 Patreon Theme be?

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Aerax (Setting)
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Spooks and Haunts (Motif)
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If you don't have a DW account, feel free to vote in the comments.
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Written for my [community profile] ladiesbingo card and my Second Finish-It Bingo Card for [community profile] allbingo. Genique is the title character of my Space Accountant setting.

Background: Genique just wanted to go on a nice cruise. She never anticipated being kidnapped by pirates... and when that happened, she never really expected to become their accountant. Now that she is, though, she's going to do a good job as a matter of course.

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Part I
Part Ia
Part II
Part III
Chapters 7 & 8
Chapter 9 & 10
Chapters 11 & 12
Chapters 13 & 14
Cahapter 15 & 16

Sixteen: The Introduction, Part 2

“We’re too old for this place,” Sophie commented at the door. “You know that, don’t you?” She checked her lipstick in her compact.
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I'm filling this in slowly from the below list, but this is my second [community profile] allbingo card for the "Finish It" challenge.

8 (II) 11 (V) 35 (V) 23 (V) 29 (V) Daxton and Esha (III)
5 (V) 6 (VI) 4 (IV) 13 (I) 15 (III) After the Night (II)
34 (IV) 17 (V) 7 (I) 28 (IV) 22 (IV) Lies, Damned Lies... (II)
27 (III) 31: The Silver Road (I) 3 (III) 14 or 26 (IV) 36 (III) 33 (VI)
32 (II) 9 (III) 18 (VI) 16 (IV) 24 (VI) 19: A Discovery in Depth (I)
30 (VI) 12 (VI) 2 (II) 1 (I) 25 (I) Hidden History, Misplaced Beads (II)

working oncompletednextPartial Finish

At any point, I may sub out one of these for another suggested one or something else I need to finish.

The numbers (those that remain) correspond to the list below. This was arranged from the [community profile] allbingo public card, your suggestions, and's list randomizer.

The Roman numerals are another way of getting a bingo - do, say, all of the (I) instead of a line or a square or such.

see links here -

1 An Argument of Magic.
2 Shenanigans. (There are multiple snippets without immediate followups, but it's mostly all one thread.)
3 Willard:
4 The Portal Closed.
5 Duty.
6 The Cat's Paw.

7 You'd Better Watch Out.
8 Rodegard -- and Esedora.

9 Road Map To....
10 Space Accountant: A Reason - and Accidental, and bunking arrangements, etc (Genique got Married?) -
11 Fated.
12 The Hazards of Magic.

13 Fifty Years.
14 Over the Wall left off in the middle of the discussion, just as it was taking (yet another) interesting turn.
15 Tilden:
16 Where Do Unicorns Come From?.
17 The Strength.
18 Aetheric Cleansing.
19 Discovery.

20 Three Glass Beads, Peacock Blue.
21 Strange Favors
22 Rin and Girey, and more Rin, with research.
23 Clarisse:
24 Unicorn-Chaste.
25 Heroes (and earlier branches).
26 Change.

27 Exhaustion.

28 How The Family Does things -- at resting point/chapter break, but there could be more.
29 Boy Trouble, which is rather skew from the previous.
30 Trash and Treasures.

31 The Silver Road.
32 Far Weston.

33 Æ is for Ash.
34 Skill and Dreams.
35 In the Attic.

36 Rumors about the Family.
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From the Family Library
Jason's Roses
Alternative Professions
Cousin Artemisia
Rosaria, Cady, Lily
Relative values: Families
Aud and Zizny Back Fence
A Murder to Solve Early Morning
Summer Solstice
Everything Changes Enemies
Regine & Cya
A Battle / Fight / Confrontation Teenagers
Beryl and Chalcedony.
Wild Card
Wild Card
Deborah's backstory
Sensory Deprivation
Close Crop/Zoom Wabi / Sabi It will be a Terrible Scandal
Grannies/Aunt misdeeds
Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics
Electromagnetic Waves
Virginity / Sexual Inexperience All the Dead Characters are Living Together Alpha / Beta / Omega Mutation / Transformation
Outsider POV

This is [community profile] ladiesbingo, which means each prompt should involve the relationship between women.

Now taking prompts! I'll mark the squares above as they are prompted, and your prompt has a better chance of being written if it is in line with previous prompts (so I can make a bingo, you see).

Any setting of mine and any fandom I can write comfortably is up for grabs. Not sure about the fandom? Feel free to ask!

Edited to add: The prompt explanation post
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“I would say that I don’t know why she suspects us,” Enrie hissed, “except that seems patently ridiculous, considering…”

“You know, she might just suspect us because we turned her daughter in for cheating,” Taikie pointed out. “She seems like the sort that thinks rules are for other people.”

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Enrie made it through the rest of their textiles class by the skin of her teeth, paying far more attention to the conversation of embedded aether than she ever had before. If they could embed it in clothing… oh, and she knew they could put it in text already, there was that note that kept v

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Planners 'Verse has a landing page here. Samantha and Bella are new characters.

"Don't worry." Samantha had been saying that a lot in the last few days. "My family plans for this sort of thing."

The first time, Bella had asked "What sort of thing?" because she couldn't quite imagine anyone planning for being stuck in a basement that had sealed itself on some computer malfunction.

Samantha's answer, cool as anything, hadn't helped one bit. "End-of-the-world-as-we-know-it scenarios. Here, take this."

The second time she'd asked again, because she couldn't see how "I don't have anything to wear" counted as any sort of apocalyptic scenario and she didn't want to think about what was going on outside.

Samantha had smirked, playful this time. "Scarcity situations. We'll be here for a few days, at least. Here, take this."

The third time, Bella just asked "is there anything your family doesn't plan for?" They were playing Scrabble by the light of a very nice LED lantern, in a bunker bedroom nicer than her first-year dorm.

Samantha smiled playfully. "Well, I suppose we didn't really have a plan for me getting stuck down here alone... but, then again, I didn't."

"You could've gotten stuck down here with Dane, though, if you'd planned it better." Dane was Samantha's boyfriend of three years, although Bella found him a little unpleasant.

Samantha smiled, which wasn't really what Bella had expected. "Well, who would you rather be stuck down here with?"

"You or Dane? You. I like girls, remember?"

Samantha waggled an eyebrow. "And who's saying I didn't plan for this? My family plans for this sort of thing."

Bella found herself without any answer but a blush. That was all right; Samantha clearly had plans for her tongue that didn't involve talking.
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Speculative ficlet of Boom, pre-apocalypse. Not even the ficlet I meant to write.

"Hey, you. Are you still alive?"

Feccrick came to conciousness slowly. There was a redheaded woman leaning over him, seemingly unbothered by the raw gaping sword wound across his chest.

"Alive?" Better to feign fogginess. "Yeah, what...?"

"What's your name?"

"Fred. Fred Kirk."

"Good, good." She stood up, talking into her shoulder radio. He couldn't make out any of the words, but he thought he heard his name.

Shoulder radio... a cop. Jeans and a jacket - detective? Feccrick tried to shake himself awake while trying to look as vague and uncertain as possible.

"All right, Fred. What happened here?"

"Some guy. Some..." Mara type, hero complex, swinging his sword around... "Freak with a sword. Came in and started plowing through everyone."

"Why did he leave you alive?"

Alive? The rest were... Feccrick looked around: blood, and body parts, and a broken machete.

"Shit. shit, shit, they're all dead?" Panic seemed like a good idea. He didn't even have to fake it. "All of them?"

"Why'd he let you live?" she repeated.

"Shit, I don't know, I..." Some words came back. You're not to blame. You're not like them. The man had sounded sincere. "...I think he maybe thought I was a good guy. Which I am, I mean..." The guy had clearly been a nutjob.

"Thank you." This time, he heard the Words. They started with Abatu Intinn...

He didn't have time to panic before he was gone.
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Autumn is here, in fact as well as in name.

I can tell not only because my apples are coming ripe and the grapes in my hedgerow are sweet and full, not only because every store is selling pumpkins and my dash is full of Hallowe'en, but because between Thursday and Friday the temperatures dropped precipitously.

Both highs and lows are 10-20 degrees F lower than they were at the beginning of last week - from low 80s and low 50s (28°C/12°C or so) to low 70s-> mid 60's down to mid-40s at night(18°C-4°C or so). It came on literally overnight, and here I am, hoping the chimney sweep and the furnace check-up guy get here soon. Brrr!

In the meantime, we've been chopping brush to burn, hauling firewood into the house, moving firewood around the garage... cleaning the garage so we have room for the firewood (that's mostly T)...and pulling the gutters down on the short front of the house.

(Our house has two sections: a one-story section that houses the kitchen & utility room (and dreaded foyer) and a two-story section with the rest of the house.)

The gutter was... interesting. When we pulled down the rotted board BEHIND the gutter, we found about a jillion dead wasps nests, some dead wasps... and a skeleton mouse. Yay nature~

Autumn is here, 'though the leaves haven't started to change yet. Home repairs are going into overdrive in anticipation of the cold that's coming, and the cats are growing an extra coat of fur for the winter. "Winter is coming," Oli insists, as he devours an extra helping of food.

"Winter is coming," I agree, and stack some more firewood.
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Exactly what it says on the tin. Decades after the apocalypse. Bracken, a roleplay character, has appeared in several ficlets, here

Slaves, Bracken was finding, were not all that comfortable with being interviewed.

To be fair, she'd known that for quite a while. Even Marius, when she'd Kept him all those years ago, had snarled and growled his way through her initial interview. And all the Kept she'd had before and since then, they'd always had some level of that nervous, uncertain, "what's the right answer" feel.

She wasn't helping things any, she knew. But she couldn't very well not ask, or she'd end up owning half of the fae currently in the slave markets - and that would stretch even her pretty well-off coffers.

"All right. I know it's not the normal question, but I need to know. Can you tell your Keeper what to do?"

The girl in front of her blanched. "I wouldn't... no... of course not."

Bracken sighed. Just one more left at this place, and she really wanted to take this one home and cuddle her. "I'm sorry. I'll see if I can send someone good your way."

She gestured to the slave factor. They knew her well enough to indulge her a bit here; her trade was as good as anyone's. "Last one."

"You sure about this one?"

"Gotta check 'em all."

"All right then." He led out the girl and led in, a moment later, a slender person in a heavy wooden collar. Bracken thought probably male, but she couldn't be sure.

Either way, the slave bowed before sitting where the slave factor had pointed them. Bracken waited until the factor had left the room and closed the door, taking the moment to look the slave up and down.

Thin, too thin. The collar had chafed; the chains at their wrists had chafed. They hadn't been well-treated, and yet they responded to the look with a friendly raised eyebrow.

"I'm Bracken. You're..."

"Remy." The voice was a mid-alto; the answer punctuated with another little bow.

"I've got a few questions for you." Bracken went through the base questions first: length of time under the collar (five years), age (claimed thirty-five, but they were a little unclear on time), association with Addergoole (never heard of it) and so on.

"Not my skills? Not how well I take orders? Not even my equipment?"

Bracken thought Remy looked amused. "The first is less important than some other things; the second one you'd probably lie about, and the third one is entirely irrelevant right now."

"Well." Now Remy definitely looked taken aback. "So what're the other things?"

"Well, to start with, can you tell your Keeper what to do?"

"Can I..." Remy snorted. "Well, then. That's a new one. Can I..."

They were definitely stalling. Bracken smiled and waited; stalling was better than any other answer she'd gotten so far.

"Well..." Remy tried again, "I mean, if that's what my Keeper wanted, yeah... I mean, you said Keeper, didn't you?" Remy leaned forward. "Not Owner. Man, for a Keeper, yeah, hell yeah. I can do it."

"Good." Bracken stood up and called. "I'm taking this one."
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Taikie was clearly trying not to ask Saydrie questions, but it was making her bounce and twist her face up in strange positions.  Finally, halfway through class, he smiled in her direction and whispered, “go ahead.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?”  She was clearly trying to keep her voice quiet, and o

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This ficlet focuses on Efrosin, a character in Addergoole Year Nine. The story takes place between years 6 and 7, Efrosin's first and second years of the school.

Shiva and Nikita are part of Addergoole, the Original Series and their side fics can be found here.

"Don't do anything I wouldn't do." Shiva patted Efrosin on the head and wandered out of Addergoole. "Or anyone," she threw over her shoulder.

They'd only known each other a year. Efrosin hadn't even known he had sisters, and then he'd gotten shanghaied by two of them within a week of showing up at school. That had been strange enough. His sisters' Kept... that had been weirder. The moment when Shiva had asked him "Hey, do you like guys enough to Keep one?" and then raised her eyebrow when he'd sputtered out some sort of lame denial...

People said they knew Addergoole was different at the reveal, or at the point where they went underground, or at the point where they Changed. Efrosin knew it when his sister looked at him, raspberried, and said, "Look, nobody cares, or at least not anyone that matters. I just want to know if you can keep a collar on him without freaking out over 'eww boy cooties'."

Ef had manged something sputtered and unclear that boiled down to "boys are fine, what boy are we talking about again?"

(And that had all ended in a pile of exploding turds, but at least it hadn't been because Ef had a problem with boy cooties.)

Nikita was following Shiva like a lost puppy, a grapey, adorable lost puppy. When she hopped in the car, loading in her pile of children, Niki turned to the closest available person, eyes wide and expression entirely without artifice.

Efrosin sighed. The boy was entirely too good looking.

"You don't even like guys," he pointed out, but Niki was walking back to him, wrists crossed behind his back and his cutest puppy-dog expression on his face. "Oh, departed gods... fine. But only for a couple weeks."

Don't do anything I wouldn't do, Shiva had said. She certainly couldn't say anything about Niki then, could she?
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Chapter 7 in my answer to the "guy has umpteen wives" trope
Find Chapter 1 here
Chapter 2 is here
Chapter 3 is here
Chapter 4 is here
Chapter 5 is here
Chapter 6 is here.

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Okay, if Summer, Mellie, and Bishop are mellow and low-key about their bisexuality... Cole is not, and neither is Alexa.

This comes after Trouble in Doubles and Kissing One'sself (NSFW); the gist of which is that the Facets Team - Alexa, Cole, Josie, Aerich, and Peter - have opened a Door into a world which has not only exact copies of them but clones as well.

Facets of Dusk has a landing page here.

Cole had spent the day kissing - and fucking, and being fucked by - himself and several variations on Alexa. He'd thought the day couldn't get any more interesting - a high bar already when you spent your life bouncing from world to world.

They had finally gotten dressed, mostly because two Josies and one Aerich were getting very impatient, and two impatient Josies were even more persistent than one. They had finally left the room, because Peter had gotten himself punched by probably-clone Alexa for asking far too many questions, many of which really deserved worse than a punch.

Out of the room, they had gone around a corner and run smack dab into... Cole blinked. He looked at Alexa, dopple-Alexa, and clone-Alexa, although he wasn't quite sure which was which. He looked back at the man who was staring at them. Who was, for all intents and purposes, Alexa.

He waggled his eyebrows at dopple-Cole, whose face grew into a slow grin.

Peter sighed. "We are never getting anywhere here, are we?"

"Look at it this way," one of the female Alexas offered, "they generally only make three or four clones of any given person. He's - they've - got to get tired of fucking mes eventually."
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“Class,” Enrie agreed.  She took Saydrie’s offered hand, bowed to both women much as he had, and waited the half-second for Taikie to do the same before they strolled out of there.

Holding Saydrie’s hand let her control the pace to that stroll; she was pretty sure if she hadn’t been, they’d have

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Weekend Holiday!

This weekend, we drove up to Troy (Albany) to see our friends E. Mc & Kris. It's about a 4-hour drive, so not one we make all that often (maybe 2-3 times a year).

On the way, we finally hit Black Bear Winery, a "grape-free winery" so far out in the middle of nowhere and so very far off any of the NYC wine trails that I'm not sure how they survive... and only a 15-minute detour off our normal route to Troy.

We eventually, slightly tipsier and with three bottles of wine-like product in the trunk (tasty stuff!), ended up in Troy, where we found out we were going to see a comedian at the Troy Music Hall! We saw Jim Breuer, who... well, he wasn't my style, but his opening act was awesome.

The next day was the planned main event - the Big E, as mentioned last week.

Oh mannnn. We were there for seven hours. We ate so much fair food (fried dough! my favorite~. Lobster rolls! (That was new). Maple Milkshake... Nom!). We bought Flannel! From Vermont! (of course). We saw cows and goats and sheep and ... no chickens, though. There was a tiny historical village! There were ~~So Many People~~. There was ~so much music~. It was a bit of sensory overload...

...and I'm not really sure what happened after that. Well, the road ate Kris' car, keeping with the current curse-of-the-visiting, there was a very good brunch the next day, and we went to a genuine mall, something I don't do much in Ithaca, since we don't really have one of those.

Also, we bought booze. This seems to be a theme.

I'm back, it's Monday, and I have Trip Hangover. Can't wait to do it again!
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This is #BiWeek2016. Today, I'm looking at Stranded World and the sub-setting of Summer's unnamed college.

See "Still Gay? for an earlier story in this setting featuring the same theme.

Summer's threesome debuted here; their roommate Addison first appeared here.

Summer and Mellie and Bishop were snuggled on the loveseat, Summer in the middle, the way she so often seemed to be, munching on the homemade popcorn Mellie had just made. Add was curled in the chair, flipping channels idly, their eyes on the trio as much as they were on the screen.

"That," Bishop called. "Stop there."

That was an old, old episode of Baywatch. Add raised in eyebrow in Bishop's direction, squished as he was next to both his girlfriends.

Bishop grinned back at them, entirely unabashed. "Mellie likes to watch the slow-running," he explained, "and I'm pretty fond of young Hasselhoff."

"Ah." Add had a feeling their eyebrows were doing something wriggly. They set the remote down and reached for the chili-and-chocolate-coated popcorn. "Variety is the spice of life, aah?"

"And we do like things spicy," Summer agreed.
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All Genique wanted was a nice, calm, relaxing vacation cruise. She'd saved up for years for it...

The pirates had other plans.

This story has two storylines, the deeply-kinky series later in Genique's voyage, and the story of the accountant on a pirate ship.

This story is best read in chronological order from "Chain 'Round her neck" on forward.

Chain 'Round her neck (LJ)
Sixteen Tons (LJ)
Silk (LJ)
Lucky Day (LJ)
Pirates and Bad People (LJ) The Captain!
Dinner (LJ)
Tradeoffs (LJ)
Taking Chances (LJ)
Betting On It (LJ)
Betting Time (LJ)
Accident (LJ)
Bunking Arrangements (LJ)
A Reason (LJ)
Some Paperwork... (LJ)

...and the kinky:
Drugs/Aphrodisiacs (LJ)
The Pit (LJ)

Same 'Verse, different characters:
An Excerpt (LJ)from a space pirates story.

Picture of Genique by [personal profile] anke

Genique's description can be found here (and on LJ)
What do the Pirates Actually Pirate? (LJ)
Ask Basi some questions
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The day of classes seemed to stretch on interminably.  Once they reached the end, Enrie could see what Riensin had found. She could see what else they had to do.  She could figure out who they were supposed to take this to.

But first she had to get through Biology and Textiles and Philosophy.  

Read on:
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First: The Tod’cxeckz’ri Paper Part I

Previous: The Tod’cxeckz’ri Paper Part VI

I wanted to poke at these guys again, so here's a little ficlet, since the bit between Part Vi and this seems to have stalled me.

Jahnan woke to the sound of muffled clinking very near her. She opened her eyes to find Yira Trembane less than a meter away, diligently working at the Tod’cxeckz’ri collar locked around his neck.

"Stop that," she snapped. her head hurt. Her eyes hurt. Everything hurt. "You're still my bounty, and I'm still going to turn you in." She put a hand over her eyes to block out the light. "Wait. Did I fall asleep? There's no time for that."

"You were knocked out. We were knocked out." When she peeked at him, Yira had put his hands back in his lap and disappeared whatever he'd been using as a lockpick. “We were talking to that — that thing, whatever it was—”

“Brain slug,” Jahnan muttered. Those only existed in children’s sensie vids, she was pretty sure, but that’s what the thing had looked like.

“That thing. And then the air got thick. I woke up first. I out-mass you,” he added defensively.

“Don’t try to take the collar off. For one, I am still turning you in for the bounty, and for another, we don’t know what it’ll do to you.”

“Glad my well-being is so foremost in your mind.” He stretched, and Jahnan’s eyes followed the movement. Even sitting, his fingers touched the ceiling, which itself seemed to be made of something soft and pliable. “Now can we try to escape, or do you have more orders for me, kozel-wife?”

Every time he used the Tod’cxeckz’ri term that meant mistress, Jahnan noted, Yira sounded a little less sarcastic about it.

They had to get her ship back, and fast.
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Katydid tried not to think about it.

The thing about her tricks was, they didn't work if you focused on them - you being her, them, anyone. Lots of her brain worked - or didn't work - that way; the minute you tried to pin something down, it was gone. Home? No, nothing there. When she was thinking about something else, she could remember the smell of the kitchen, or the feel of the old leather couch, or hugs. She remembered hugs the most often. School? Chalk dust and notebook paper and exactly how to fold a note for maximum cuteness and pass-ability.

read on...
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“...and then Pieped suggested they could run interference.  Which is probably why there’s this very polite wall of Estyaa House colors by the doorway.  I don’t think Lady Ilonilarrona’s done with us.”  Enrie spared a glance for the nicely-composed line of purple, cyan-teal, & bright red by the

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Oh no, September is syntactical rules and I've already covered the easy bit, sentence order... wait, have I?

I covered Old Tongue's in JuLECTURary, but not Calenyen's.

Calenyen is Subject-Object-Verb, with most modifiers being tacked on to the end of words. Tense is added to the beginning of verbs (Goat-red food-low pasttense-Is-Loudly bleating-at).

Old Tongue Also normally adds modifiers after the subject of the modifier, a holdover from their system of diacritical marks in the original ideography.

I think Old Tongue does some funky things with tense, but I'm not sure what yet, or how. And I just learned about Anaphora and think Old Tongue uses this heavily.

Short post! But it doesn't take many words to say S-O-V, V-S-O. :-)
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I have to say, I get a kick out of walking in to a hardware store in my girliest outfits and buying, say, a sledgehammer...

It's been a lot of yardwork and then some more yardwork lately. Moving firewood around, re-organizing the barn to better fit more firewood in there - and to be able to cut large piece of plywood and 2x10x10s, so as to make a bedframe...

And also, I got to smash a toilet to bits. That was fun. :-D

Somewhere in there, though, I drove to Rochester to see [ profile] capriox_b and [ profile] psygeek at Capriox's house! (Also, there were cows, dogs, kitties, and a cow-milking robot!)

It was awesome to see old friends (Cap) and new friends (Psygeek) and to actually meet up with interwebs people. Also, in a nice coincidence, Cap lives just a couple blocks from my parents and my aunt & uncle, so I squeezed in a little extra visitation while I was in town. It made for a very very nice weekend.

Also, I discussed the definition of "necessary shoes" and "ridiculous boots" (, thought about winter wardrobes, and fixed my clothes steamer whilst researching water softeners. Anyone have one they really like?

This weekend, we're going to The Big E. No idea what to expect, but I hear it's fun!
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Written for my [community profile] ladiesbingo card.

2030, approximately 19 years after the end of the world.

Cya had maps.

She had a lot more than maps, actually, enough that she’d ended up building herself another room to store it all. She had reports and charts, headcounts and vulnerability assessments, crop yields and even religious and linguistic demographics, assessing everything she could of their ruined world.

But most of all, she had one big map, and on that map was a circle labelled Addergoole and a carefully-shaded area labelled as Addergoole influence. Outside of that was a rough 50-mile circle that she’d labelled DMZ.

That was where her information stopped. She would walk herself right up to that line — and did, both literally and figuratively — find every piece of information she could, and make sure that she left with a positive relationship whenever possible. She fought monsters — rarely — fed people — far more frequently — and cleaned up roads and fallen buildings right up to two inches shy of that line.

The other side of the line was Regine’s territory, and there she would not tread, not now.

Regine had agents.

Some were former students; some were people she or her crew had helped out in the past, who owed her favors, formal or informal. Some were those who didn’t know who or what they were working for, but liked the steady pay of food, shelter, and barter goods, all rare to find in the disaster of their crumbled world.

Her agents went out into the world, looking for people and things, bringing back information and goods. They brought reports of the ruins of civilization: some places had fallen into disarray and barbarism and even two decades later had not settled into peace. Some had formed tiny city-states, boarded up and unwilling to talk to outsiders, even outsiders bearing rare trade goods. Some had turned their city-states into trade hubs, or into despotic mini-empires, or into quiet imitations of Eden, some more successful than others.

And in Wyoming, the group called Boom and the woman called Cynara were doing a little bit of all of that.

Regine sent only her best agents in that direction — the cleverest, the most subtle, the ones with the best escape abilities. She assumed Cynara did the same. She was not ready to go to war with Boom nor with Cynara herself; if her agent was caught on Boom’s territory, the volatile, explosive group might take it in their heads to start that war prematurely. Thus she drew out a three-quarter circle where she was very nearly blatant, and towards Wyoming she stayed subtle, sneaky… surreptitious.


Regine had agents, Cya knew. Every time she found one of them, she marked their position on a map. Some of them were obvious, the sort of people you only sent into territory you were certain of. Some tried to be sneaky. Some… Some Cya found only because she already knew Regine had agents. She was known for her ability to find things and people, after all. Regine should have known better.

When she caught one a mile from the Ranch where her crew lived, Cya decided polite ignoring was no longer the order of the day. She sat down with the woman for a pleasant conversation over scrounged tea and did a series of long and complicated Workings on the woman’s mind, the sort that left nearly no trace and would not be noticed until a specific person — perhaps, the person who had taught Cya Mind magic in the first place — went looking.

Then she sent the woman back to Regine with a very polite note.

I found this. I thought you might want it back.


Regine stared at the woman. She stared at the note. She stared back at the woman. “How were you detected?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” The woman could no more lie to Regine than she could fly — and flying was not her particular magic skill. “Nobody detected me. I got in, I got out, I came back to report.”

The paper note was proof enough. The fact that the agent was staring at the note with no realization that she had just handed it to Regine was, as the saying went, icing on the cake. Nevertheless, Regine engaged in an invasive search of her agent’s mind.

And there it was. The work was so tidy Regine doubted anyone else could have found it. The girl, she had to admit, was skilled. She’d written in dots and dashes of missing time and changed memories:

Stay off my lawn and I’ll stay off yours
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I'm going through 365 Conlang thingies beyond #Lexember one month a day (or so) until I get bored.

Here is the Julectury ("Write a lecture, lesson or 140 letter pedagogical tweet each day explaining how your language works") which I wrote last week.
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I've been wanting to do this as a roleplay for years but here it is as the beginning of a story.

She had been tracking him since she left Addergoole.

Neither her innate nor her Words led to tracking, so she went by rumor and hearsay, following breadcrumbs. She left her children at Maureen's and what crew she'd had had crumbled, so it was just her, her and her grudge, moving across the remains of the countryside, chasing hints.

He was moving, too. He'd graduated three years before her; he'd had a lot of time to make trouble. She'd stop at a town and ask: have you seen him? Dark hair, broad shoulders, he always wears this leather jacket? And they'd say, why do you want him?

She'd had to tell one town she wanted to kill him before they'd tell her where he went. Another one, "justice" was enough of an answer.

She'd traded in favours and gone into debt with her former classmates for three items. She didn't know how she'd pay them back yet, but they were immortal, and she could worry about that once she'd had her revenge.

It took her six months to get close enough to his trail that she could see the wreckage for herself. When she reached an enclave where they flat-out refused to say anything, she knew she was, if not there, very nearly so.

She found him standing on a hillside just outside the enclave, his camp everything she expected of him. His back was to her, but she knew that jacket, the way his hair fell in ragged braids, the set of his feet, as if he owned the whole world.

She snuck up behind him and triggered her first magical item. "You belong to me," she told him.

"I belong to you," he agreed, because the magical item compelled him to. His voice sounded strange. She didn't care.

"Sit down with your hands behind your head and say nothing."

He'd said the same thing to her, when he'd trapped her. She thought it was fitting.

He turned around as he sat down; she hadn't told him not to, after all. His hands were behind his head. His eyebrows were lifted.

Her heart was in her throat. He looked almost right... but this wasn't her guy.
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I'm going through 365 Conlang thingies beyond #Lexember (which is missing October...) one month a day (or so) up to September.(?) I just realized I wrote a Julectuary last week and never finished filling things in, so that will come soon.

In the meantime... Augovernust. Today I thought I’d write my “quotes and excerpts” policy, especially pertinent in light of sites like (link) that like to strip your blog content and repost it.
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I'm doing this, from [community profile] allbingo, because of [personal profile] inventrix and [personal profile] clare_dragonfly

The goal is to write one story using a bingo on each card.

I think what I'm going to do is start with the first card with new-world-for-YA-stuff and then as I go, maybe also do stories for other worlds: Expectant Wood, Things Unspoken, Fae Apoc, Reiassan. ''

As always, open to suggestions!

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After Estate and Three Glass Beads, Peacock Blue for my second Finish It Bingo Card for [community profile] allbingo

Myrlie knew she wasn’t supposed to be in the attic without adult supervision, but Aunt Lilyah had been squirrely about the whole thing ever since Aunt Kelly went missing, and Aunt Lavey was trying to pretend everything was normal, and her mother was the sort that ignored the Aunt House unless she needed something, and then it was all about what the Aunt could give her, right there, right then.

Besides, the house’s wards liked her, they always had. She’d been five years old when she’d first snuck over to have tea with Aunt Kelly, and the wards had let her in even then. She didn’t want to stop sneaking over just because Aunt Kelly was missing, and as long as she was sneaking over unsupervised, she might as well go into the hidden corners of their Aunt House, which, despite not being all that old (so said everyone), was still sufficiently creepy and mysterious for her.

She’d heard the Root Family had attics bigger than the house itself. She wasn’t sure if that was exaggeration or truth, but what her family’s Aunt House had was a very nice office-like room that just happened to have an archive hidden in what looked like a closet on first glance.
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Enrie stared at Dozhodo.  “...What?”  She glanced up at Gianci, who was looking every bit as confused as she was.  She looked at Kivsi, who was looking determined.  She glanced over at Lovdyo, who was trying to look invisible.

“We’re not going to let that… that…”

“Old vulture,” Pieped offered

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There's something about the city, something about its old roads and its older churches. Something about its people, its goblins and its fairies. Something in the water, maybe.

Featured on Patreon September 2016!

Best places to begin:
The Fairy Road (LJ) or
Re-Blessing the Church (LJ)

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Chapter 5 in my answer to the "guy has umpteen wives" trope
Find Chapter 1 here
Chapter 2 is here
Chapter 3 is here
Chapter 4 is here
Chapter 5 is here

“You really are lovely, aren’t you?” Lady Taisiya put her arm around Sefton’s shoulders. She was a couple centimeters shorter than him, if that, not enough to make the gesture awkward. “And young.”
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Chapter 7:
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The support group met in the basement of a building that had, at one point, been a school. No church would accept them, no current school, no Y or rec center or even town hall - and it wasn't like they had any question about why. They all knew why they were there, and it wasn't like the name of their group, Over-eaters' Anonymous, was actually fooling anyone.

They slipped in from separate entrances: through the floor, through the vents, a couple through one of the three doors into the old classroom....
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The idea is more or less a project written in the vein of Dystopic YA stories, with a heavy dose of [ profile] broodingYAhero. I'm not doing nano, just doing a project I start writing in November... or something. It'll be derivative, of course: that's the whole plan.

Anyway, above is poll question #1: Where is it?


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