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"Because everything is better with the end of the world."

Welcome! Below you can find hundreds - thousands, really - of posts, many of them fiction.

I write a lot - much in established universes, some in one-off settings. Much of what I write ends up here. In addition, you'll find homesteading blogging, the occasional crafts-and-clothing post, and journals of my wine-tourism of New York State.

Here (and here on Livejournal) you'll find an index of my universes. Each 'verse has its own landing page with an index of stories within.

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I got caught up!

First line of Wednesday:
Enrie looked at her notes. She'd written it down...

Last line of today:
"I like the world you live in. Can I join you there sometime?"

2443 words and 5 chapterlets/interludes, bringing the total to 8328 words & 16 chapterlets!

My WeSeWriMo 2015 Progress So Far in Chapters:
16 / 18 completed!
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“Something interesting?” Tairiekie doodled a diagram in the margins of her notes. From the looks of things, it was something involving humanic aether and the balance of the Three. Enrie decided it was best to ignore that.

Enrie nodded. “In the Estya House lounge. A couple students were talking...
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I've been re-reading The Thief of Time, by Terry Pratchett, in part because I just found it in a used book store when [ profile] cluudle visited Ithaca.

And in this re-read, I discovered that Pratchett had very cleverly explained all of the storyline divergences in Discworld in one tidy plot device.

There are many chronological inconsistencies on the Disc. Creatures and contraptions from a hundred different time periods exist side by side. This is how it's always been... or is it?... -the Discworld Compendium

This is brilliant. The Discworld books were written over such a large span of time, inconsistencies (or things that the writer just didn't like anymore) were bound to sneak in. In one fell swoop, Pratchett wrote a wonderful, readable book, and made any and all consistency errors canon.

Love it!
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Thimbleful 1.png

Check it out for small prompts for tiny fiction!

(you can read my stories to past prompts here)
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They had every class of the day together. That was the whole purpose of their team and their larger eighteen-person group, after all: they spent all of their class time together and in theory, they formed a bond.

On some level, Enrie supposed it was working. She knew the names of all

keep reading:
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The Missing Treaty will have informational interludes every 6 chapters, much as The Angry Aetherist did:

These included subjects like:
* what meals are like at Edally
* A brief history of the school
* What the dorms look like.

I asked earlier if anyone had anything they wanted to know about Edally; I'll expand the question here:

Is there anything you'd like to know about Edally or about Reiassan, the greater world Edally is set in?
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“Well, that was fun.” Tairikie was bright and smiling as they left Biological Systems. Enrie tried to smile, too; at least Saydrie looked nearly as shell-shocked as she did. “I wonder when we’ll get our grades back. I’m trying to make it on the board,” she confided. “I mean, I suppose we all are....
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Started in [personal profile] inventrix's DW here (and the comments)

Then here.

Now, below.

Cya left Leo's house slowly. She walked out of the yard as if she was still, somehow, thinking he'd say "no, wait, come back." She walked down the road, ignoring people, ignoring animals, ignoring the little voice in the back of her head that was always suggesting improvements to the city.

He sticks around because he's crazy. THAT voice had always been there, even when it was pretty obvious Leo wasn't so much sticking around as being tethered by ill-thought-out promises and Cya's habit of Finding him whenever he got too far off. He sticks around because he's tethered.

If his insanity was changing, evolving, would there still be room for the Protagonist's Friends?

She walked to the wall around her city and climbed the ladder. It was her city; nobody was going to tell her not to be there.
Read more... )
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Posted on Patreon for Patrons-only, a story of the Faerie Apocalypse:

Field Trip

“The Invader threat meter said it was all clear.” Mr. Hopkins leaned his head back on the broken concrete. “They said it was safe. I’m so sorry. I’m so—”

His head lolled to one side...

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Edally Academy
Enrie could think of any number of things that she’d rather do than take the Biological Systems test. Climb a mountain alone without ropes or crampons. Walk all the way from one end of the continent to the other - starting in the South in summer and ending in the north in winter. Telling her m
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I'm not caught up but this week I got the right number of chaptersections written!

First line of Wednesday:
Enrie rolled her eyes at Riensin. “I'm feeling fine...”

Last line of today:
The line on the Coffee Treaty was gone.

2128 words and 4 chapterlets, bringing the total to 5885 words & 11 chapterlets!

My WeSeWriMo 2015 Progress So Far:
65.39% completed!
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[personal profile] inventrix wrote a piece here around the beginning of Cloverleaf, and it's continued in the comments (and is still going on) as a story between Cya and Leo.
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From this prompt

I know this passageway; I've seen it many times before:
In dreams, in my memories, in my quietest nightmares
It beckons, it terrifies: I've forgotten what lies through there.
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“I can’t wait for the test today in Biological Systems.” Tairikie was bubbling over as they left breakfast for their first class. Enrie caught Riensin studying Taikie, a faint, slightly-lost smile on his face.

Well, Taikie did that to Enrie, too, and sometimes to Saydrie, she thought. But that...
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Posted on Patreon for Patrons-only, a story of Kailani, Regine, and Addergoole East:

A Storm Over Addergoole East

August 2008
The school looked very much the same. That was, Kailani supposed, reasonable. It had not changed in the three years she’d been there; only her viewpoint had.

The halls were empty. There would be nobody here except teachers she recognized anyway, but she still found herself looking in the corners and niches, peeking into the classrooms. That’s where Rozen had grabbed her. That’s where she’d first met Taro. There was the dining hall, where she’d first found out she was in a school of faeries.

This was Director Regine’s office...

Want to read this and many other stories? A Patronage of just $1/month will give you access to everything posted on Patreon. That's just $1 for $36 worth of fiction!

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"Thalia? What are you doing?" Clio wiggled closer to the secret passage, whispering loudly. "It's my turn."

Her twin squeaked. "Coming!" Thalia shot out of the hole far faster than she'd gone in. "All yours. Enjoy." She pressed the flashlight in Clio's hand.

Well now, she had to go. Clio slipped through the tiny door, shining her light over the passage.

A face looked back at her. Clio swallowed her own squeak and continued moving the beam. Face after face... "Death masks..." Nothing terrifying.

Until her light settled on a face more like her own than even her twin's visage.

written to Flash!Friday's Warmup Wednesday prompt.
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The place was called Jenny's, and it would always be called that.

In 1889, the widow Jenny macOwen had bought a small pub, not much more than a bar along one side and a row of tables along the other, renamed it Jenny's, and begun doing rousing business among the rough trade and the half-breed mutts. When she'd grown tired of the business, she'd passed it along to her daughter Muirín.

When Muirín was ready for a change, Jenny came back for a few years - under the guise of a cousin, also named Jenny - until Muirín's daughter Anna was ready to take over. And so it had gone, until Jae had taken over the bar from her "cousin Jenny".

Along the way, it had expanded quite a bit. Grandma Jenny had started by buying the place upstairs and putting in a stairway; Grandma Muirín had knocked out the wall between Jenny's and the failed restaurant next door. The place Jae had taken over was five times as big as the original Jenny's, and had a chef, a dining room, and a black market trade in Ellehemaei goods and promises.

Jae knew the story by heart. She'd grown up sleeping in a wine crate behind the bar, learned her letters reading menus, and started to walk holding on to the dining room chairs. This bar had stood through two world wars and several police actions. Some johnny-come-lately Law-breaking dragon wasn't going to change anything.

"Molly." She gestured brusquely at one of the waitresses. "Go upstairs and ask if any of the Law can shift Force. Use those words exactly, okay? Tara," she gestured at the other one. "Make sure everyone's inside. This is going to get rough."

There were monsters flying overhead, but the regulars were still sitting behind the bar, playing poker at the tables, upstairs making deals. Jae stood on the bar, for the best sense of the whole place, and began muttering Workings. "All right." She nodded at the Ellehemaei coming down the stairs behind Molly. "What we're going to do is put a force field around the whole block. That ought to do it."

The place was Jenny's, and it would always be called that.

Started reading LKH, designed a sub-setting. Here's Jenny's.
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Enrie was bubbling over with excitement the next morning. She’d spent her evening — after finishing her tablet-weaving — reading up on the basics of treaty law, and then she’d spent the night dreaming about finding missing treaties crammed between other books in the library, or hiding in the back o...
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This was not a great week for Edally writing for me. I kept thinking I'd get the second chapter in.... and it kept not happening

First line of Wednesday:
Taikie and Saydrie looked far more awake than Enrie felt.

Last line of today:
. “You keep losing track of the conversation.”

490 words and 1 chapterlet, bringing the total to 3757 words & 7 chapterlets!

My WeSeWriMo 2015 Progress So Far:
3757 / 9000 completed!
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I'm redoing my cave, I might have mentioned.

And in doing so, I wanted to do something with the pile of very small (art-card size and up) flat art I've accumulated over the years.

I finally decided on picture ledges after a bit of googling, and, having done that, said to myself, "Hey, doesn't Ana White have a pattern for that?"

Ana White has a pattern for everything. She's this DIY guru who puts together easy-to-understand patterns for furniture. Much of what she does is knockoffs of high-end catalog stuff.

And she happens to have a Ten-Dollar Ledge plan!

So I'm gonna make three 32" ledges!

My lumber cost me $15.51 after discount and tax, so I guess there's been a bit of inflation. But still! Compared to the price of a single shelf anywhere...!

Now, of course, I'm gonna have more shelf than I have small art - so, where can I buy art* that fit in frames 6x8" or smaller?

* Like, from independent crowdfunded artists, not or such.
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Every House’s lounges seemed to have their own set of chatter and background noise. Enrie had spent time in Tairiekie’s dormitory - House Akaizen - and less time in Saydrie’s - Onano House. In the engineering dorm, the discussion (as she had teased Taikie) tended to be about “can you fit this in he...
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(Iconic stories: )

If I were going to write a story (~1000-2000 words) in your favorite setting(s) as an introduction to the setting, what would it include?
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Iiiiii don't know if anyone can answer this, but it's worth a try.

Think of your favorite of my settings.

Now, is there a story you can remember as "this, this is a good intro to [setting]?"
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"My Lord?"

Lord Padraic's aide-de-camp had been out for weeks, combing the hills, searching all of the places runaways usually ended up, looking for a single runaway American slave.

Now he came in, looking more lost and confused than Padraic had ever seen the man. He bowed low, head to the ground.

"If you're going to tell me you can't find him, I obviously know that already. Try harder." He leaned forward, his elbows on his knees. "It's not that big of a country, Ciaran."

"It's not that, my Lord. It's..." Ciaran twisted to look at the doorway. "It's him."

Padraic wasted a perfectly good disbelieving expression on the top of Ciaran's head. "Him?" he imitated. "What - or who, I suppose, is he?"

"That would be me, sir." A quiet, deep voice was followed in the doorway by a slender Tuathan man. His hair was cropped short and he'd allowed a short goatee to grow, giving him a strange look for their people. He dropped to his knees next to Ciaran, making the gesture look like a dance move. "I am Arlen, sir, and I am for you."

"For..." Padraic found himself on his feet. "What do you mean, for?"

"For you, sir. If you'll stop looking for Seth."

"You're a bribe." Padriac rose to his feet. "I have been sent a bribe. By whom?"

"By me, sir. I am well-trained..." The man lifted his face to stare Padraic in the face. "But I can fight if you prefer."

This comes after Walk Away and On the Hook, set in [profile] cluudle's Cali-ish AU.
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So Maihallr is Cya and Leo's second kid, born a few years before she starts Doomsday/Cloverleaf

"Marry me, Maihallr." He dropped to his knees, holding up a ring he must have scrounged from some dead city. "Marry me?"

His hair was falling in his eyes, a common occurrence Mai had found endearing up until now.

"Why?" she asked, more than a little alarmed. Everything had been going so well.

"I love you!"

"...and?" She blinked at him.

"And I want to live with you." He was beginning to get a frown. Mai had a feeling she'd gone off-script. But he'd done it first!

"My mom and dad have been in love for decades. Centuries, maybe. And they don't even live in the same house."

"I want to have children with you."

"I'm really not ready for kids." She was barely forty, and there was still way too much world in front of her.

"I want to be by your side forever."

She blinked at him, at his ridiculous hair and his tarnished ring. "So... you want to be crew?"
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On day 373 since his kidnapping, Seth found himself once again aimlessly pacing the caves. He really ought to -

"Hey, Seth, right?" A tiny woman - he was pretty sure she was the cook - flagged him down. "Can you give me a hand with this? We just liberated a shipment of rice and stuff."

"Sure. Lead me to it." Sitting around waiting wouldn't do anything but drive him nuts.

"You look stressed." She led him to the truck, backed up into the mouth of the main cave. "I mean, more than everyone here does." Being part of a slave rebellion, as quiet and polite as this one was, wasn't exactly relaxing.

Seth shrugged it off. "It's nothing." He looked away, using the bags of rice as an excuse. "Ooof." He hauled one to his shoulder. "Are you sure these aren't lead?"

"Hopefully. Is it too much?" She picked up a small crate labelled "spinach."

"Of course not." He'd lost a lot of weight and muscle in the last year, but he could still carry around some grain. "I'm fine."

"You said that already." She hip-bumped him gently. "You can tell me. I'm practically the bartender."

Seth took a moment to rearrange his load of rice. "Look. I had, you know, an owner, I guess?"

"Usually slaves do," she agreed gently.

"Yeah, well, American. I'm not made for this shit. So my former 'owner,' he's getting way too close. They've actually sighted his, uh, overseer guy in the hills a couple times." He shrugged. The rice was sitting funny, so he shifted it again. These people, native Californians and Americans who'd gone native, they had no reason to help him. He didn't belong here. "He's going to find me."

"Take it you don't like him?"

"I-" Seth closed his mouth. People here, they didn't think being a slave was wrong. "Yeah. I didn't like him." Damnit. She didn't need to know the gory details.

"It happens like that sometimes. Some people just shouldn't be allowed to own slaves." Her hand settled on his arm, just for a moment. "We'll fix it. That's why we're here."

Seth smiled, allowing himself to relax for a moment. "Thanks." They couldn't, but it was nice to say.

"Hey kid." A Californian guy a foot shorter than Seth patted his other shoulder in passing. "You're off the hook."

Seth stared at the guy as he walked away. After a moment, he noticed the cook was staring, too. "What-"

"At a guess..." Her voice choked up. Seth wanted to hug her, but his arms were full of rice. "...He just put himself on the hook."

This comes concurrent with Walk Away, set in [profile] cluudle's Cali-ish AU.

It's written to Today's Thimbleful Thursday prompt
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In one or all of the following periods: After year 5, after year nine, at the beginning of year 6, after year 8.

Any Addergoole character who exists in either The Original Series or Year 9.

(please, no smartass stuff.)
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A Poll! For.... reasons.
Please pick 3 Addergoole Sixth Cohort Characters.

Poll #16919 Addergoole Year Six
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 6

Pick Three Addergoole Year Six Characters (to read more about)

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1 (16.7%)

Characters with an * are other people's characters. I won't say you can't vote on them but I have varying levels of not-complete comfort writing them.

If you need more than three characters, you can leave up to three more in the comments.
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Arlen hadn't so much run as he'd walked. His owner had died with no children and no nieces, and it had taken over a month for the Crown to find an appropriate heir.

Arlen had been fond of the old bitch, but one of the lovely things about her was that she was old. He had no interest in dealing with a new mistress, bitch or no, particularly not someone young. So he found the key to his collar in a box of the her Ladyship's jewelry, guessed the password -- he had served her since infancy; there was very little he didn't know about her -- and walked.

He brought with him Anje, the cook's daughter, who was pregnant and did not want her baby to be born a slave. They took the oldest, most broken-down of the old lady's cars, the sort of thing she might have passed down to a slave on freeing them, had she lived.

The slave revolt found them. They were both lifetime slaves, and did not know how to look free, even if they were now, technically, free. The authorities would have found them if the revolt did not; all things considered, Arlen decided they had done all right being found as they had.

Anje found a place for herself right away. Everyone needs cooks, and she had learned at her mother's feet. Arlen... Arlen was having more trouble. He was trained in personal service. Sometimes, they had "spa days" for visiting nosy government officials, and Arlen had moments where he could shine. But that had all of the disadvantages of personal service and none of the advantages.

There came a slave, terrified and angry and entirely unsuited, and a master who would not let go, would not give up. The dogs were coming and the psychics, the hunters with their tranq guns and their whips.

Sometimes, they had to give the former owners something. Someone. Sometimes sacrifices had to be made.

Arlen looked at the runaway, at Anje and her little girl. He looked, lastly, at himself in the mirror.

And then he walked away from the revolt and back into slavery.

So, [ profile] cluudle has been writing some stories today in an AU based off of Tir na Cali.

And in return, I wrote a piece based off of her AU. :-)
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“I don’t see the problem.” Instructor Pelnyen was sulking. He certainly would have called it something else, but he was definitely sulking, slouched in Libkazaari’s chair looking for all the world like a first-year student who had been caught out doing something wrong.

In a sense, she supposed, he was. (read on...)
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The first part of the story: Fox Hunt
The second part: The Hunt Continues
The First Continuation, part of @dahob's commission: Chase the Fox Part One

And yet more Fox! Chase the Fox Part II

Hitchhiking had gotten old pretty quickly. George hadn’t thumbed a ride in years, not since his college days, and he found that all the things that had made it so unpleasant back in Maine were almost identical in California — the road splashing and the traffic noise, the hours you’d go by with nobody picking you up, the odd juts out of your way when you did get a ride, the talking. The endless uncomfortable chatter....

(read on!)

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Chapter One, Part A
There is No Such Thing as a Secret

“Do Bitrani — real Bitrani, I mean, from the enclaves—”

“Bitrani Nationalists,” Saydrie offered. “Although we usually use the word in our own language because it panics people less: Cevati Bitrani.”

Enrie filed that away in the growing pile of information she kept on the Bitrani. “Do Cevati Bitrani marry outside of their… outside of their nationality?”

(read on...)
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First line of Today:
Tairikie, Enrie thought, was sulking.

Last line of today:
“And very, very nice sayings. Thank you.”

1095 words and 2 chapterlets down, bringing the total to 3267 words & 6 chapterlets!

My WeSeWriMo 2015 Progress So Far:
36.3% completed!
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As with Angry Aetherist, Missing Treaty will have information interludes every 6 chapters, like thus:

What would you like to know about Edally?
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I have reposted The Scores, the Stories, and the Truths, a story of Fae Apoc, to Patreon.

Originally posted here on November 26th, 2011, it is set sometime before the apocalypse, and gives a snapshot of a non-Addergoole Fae Apoc character.

Adham Alamerta knew the score. He knew, as a matter of fact, quite a few scores.

Both a professor and a student of history and anthropology, he’d learned very early on to read the stories written between the lines of human history.

There were more stories written there than most people could imagine.

(read on...)
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There is a room in our house off the living room that we call the cave.

It's approx. 8'x8'x6.6', off a room that is 14-ish feet wide, and it hides behind the wood stove, so in the winter it's super warm. My desk is in there, and the armchair where I do the rest of my writing.

But it was painted white-over-yellow-over green with awful wallpaper, the walls were a mess, and there was a door leading into the wall, about 1.5'x2' in size, that just looked ugly (It was, before they sided the house, a door for throwing firewood in). There's also awful awful awful linoleum, but since we're going to later drop the floor down to be level with the rest of the living room, we might not fix that just now.

Mom came to visit yesterday, and over the course of approx. 11-4, we replaced the door to nowhere with drywall, removed the wallpaper border, Mom washed... everything (she does that) and we got the first coat of spackle/joint compound on most of the places that needed it.

It already is starting to look better!

Today... more joint compound. And then... more spackle, and the first stages of sanding.

Within 2 weeks... paint! A nice coat of the house color (just-barely-off-white) over everything.

And new switch plates. Lots of new - well, 4, 4 new wall plates.

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Some stories just write themselves. I was listening to the radio, and a news-blurb came on. And I'd been thinking about writing something for Fae Apoc, sooo....

The ads weren’t working, and, worse, Richie’s last ad had gotten pulled as being “borderline obscene” — and without a refund.

He had tried the newspapers, the online apartment sites, the personals, the dating sites — and all he’d gotten was a sternly worded e-mail from gregslist and a small hole in his budget... (read on...)
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Sweetbriar can be found here and in Austin's stories. She's Cya & Leo's grandkid by Viðrou and Ce'Rilla ('Rilla in the DW icon), thus also Orlaith's granddaughter.

Set about 5 years into Doomsday.

Sweetbriar had been at school for less than a month when she first snuck out.

It wasn't that she wasn't having fun -- she was having a blast, and even the boys in her class were all right (especially Austin, who was going to be a Samurai, kind of like Grandpa Leo). It wasn't even that she didn't like the school, or her dorm, or her classes. She liked to call her bunk her ship, and her ship was the most lovely piece of furniture she'd ever seen outside of the Tree.

The thing was -- and it really was the only thing -- she had grown up in the Forest, a woods so big she had, as a kid, thought it had no end. And now she was living in Cloverleaf, a city so small that the entire thing was surrounded by walls, living in a house with thirty other students, and enclosed the entire time by stone and brick.
Read more... )
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First line of ...Wednesday...:
"Well, that was fun." Tairikie was bright and smiling as they left Biological Systems.

Last line of today:
"It will be done, Instructor."

1118 words and 2 chapterlets down, bringing the total to 2172 words & 4 chapterlets!

My WeSeWriMo 2015 Progress So Far:
4 / 18 completed!

It took me 3 days to get that far, but I did it!

It's not been a great week for writing...


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