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I write a lot - much in established settings, some in one-off universes.
Below is an index of my universes; each 'verse has its own landing page with an index of stories within.
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The Faerie Apocalypse is liveblogged at [personal profile] faeapoclive, [ profile] faeapoclive, and [ profile] faeapoclive. What what happens when the gods return to our world.
Stranded World (LJ Link), modern fantasy seen through the eyes of 4 siblings who work the webs of the world, each in their own way.
Reiassan (LJ Link), high fantasy in a world just recovering from centuries of battle.
Edally Academy (LJ Link), Steampunk Boarding School in the world of Reiassan.
Tir na Cali (LJ Link); technically modern fantasy, alternate-history timeline, primarily lifestyle-kink erotica.
Faerie Apocalypse (LJ Link), a dystopic modern and post-modern fantasy/apoc world. Faeries and gods live among us, disguised as humans, their culture underground.
Addergoole (LJ Link) is a school within the Faerie Apocalypse setting.
Doomsday is a school created by graduates of Addergoole, generations after the Faerie Apoc.
Vas' World (LJ Link): the team was sent to explore the planet for colonization. They could never have guessed what they'd find.
Dragons Next Door (LJ Link)is a fun high-fantasy-in-the-burbs setting with a few good-with-ketchup crunchy dark bits.
Facets of Dusk (LJ Link) is a mystery waiting to be revealed; come along for the show!
The Planners (LJ Link): When the Apocalypse came, they were prepared. Very Prepared.
Unicorn/Factory (LJ) of the costs of progress.
The Aunt Family (LJ) - a mysterious family with some very strange magical artifacts.
Space Accountant (LJ) All Genique wanted was a nice vacation.
Shadow Rebellion (LJ) It all started with the shadows moving...
Science! (Lj) Why haven't Mad Scientists taken over the world yet?
Fairy Town There's something about the city. Something in the water, maybe?
Inner Circle (LJ) Getting to the Inner Circle can take a lifetime - or cost you your life.
Setting Nursery - these one-off stories may blossom into settings some day (incomplete)

All of my writing here is crowdfunded and crowdsourced; comments and suggestions keep the gears spinning and donations keep the power on.
My Donor landing page is here (and on LJ); you can tip (tips go in a general pool to sponsor longer stories, voted on monthly), sponsor an already-written story, or commission a story to be written.

Once a month I open up a call for prompts; the Giraffe Call's landing page is here and on LJ.

I hosted a 30-days of flash fiction meme: its landing page is here (LJ Link)

Want more? There's always more to read!

What Follows,
an apocalyptic anthology:
How would an Immortal deal with
the End Times? The world will
inevitably come stumbling into
apocalypse, and They will be
there to witness it.

 photo ShiftingHearts_zps419ea943.jpg
Shifting Hearts,
a therian anthology:
It is said that the eyes are the windows
to the soul, but what if the soul that looks
back isn't as human as you first thought?

Addergoole, a completed webserial

Edally Academy, a new webserial

Tales for the Sugar Cat, my ebook

Kazkah Press, a flash-fiction webzine

Wikis of setting information currently exist in various stages of completion:
Addergoole: the Original Series - semi-defunct, but has information still being migrated to the below wiki
Addergoole Year Nine - and beyond
Faerie Apoc
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This story comes during There Are Lessons You Only Learn in Pain, Chapter 20 of Edally Academy.

It is written in reply to [ profile] Rix's suggestion to this request for questions, after the successful Domain Name Fundraiser.

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I will write at least one public story, as well as the two for the Patreon rewards, this month or early next month, based on this theme.

Poll #16499 March Theme Poll
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What theme would you like for March?

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Stranded World (Setting)
2 (28.6%)

Fae Apoc (Setting)
3 (42.9%)

Love Stories (motif)
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Hurt/Comfort (motif)
0 (0.0%)

micro-flash-fiction (type)
1 (14.3%)

Demifiction (type)
1 (14.3%)

Vas' World (Setting)
0 (0.0%)

Dragons Next Door (Setting)
4 (57.1%)

Obsession (motif)
1 (14.3%)

Survival (motif)
0 (0.0%)

This poll will remain open until 3/4/15, 10:00 p.m. EST. If you do not have a DW account, you can vote in the comments.

My Patreon is here.
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The fighter pilot with the callsign Spice was new to the team and, although all her credentials assured that she was not, indeed, new to space fighting as a concept or a skill, still the team had to be reassured.

The 'old men' - venerable veterans at twenty, twenty-two - watched from a safe distance on the carrier as Spice went through her first series of maneuvers. The training run wasn't their hardest - nobody thought she could do that one, half the old men couldn't pull it off flawlessly - but it was not easy, either, with a 1% fatality rate.

Spice zipped around the first obstacles - not too fast, not too slow. "Those are easy," one Old Man scoffed. "Just wait till-"

But she made the trick shot as easily as any of them had.

"Too slow," the doubter chided. And then he was laughing, as she bopped the wrong way around one of the hardest targets. "Looks like she zigged when she should have zagged!" His cronies laughed, some uneasily. That was the most deadly part of the run, the part they'd lost friends on.

The speakers blared to life. "All right!" Spice taunted, as she popped out on the other side of the target, the "flag" in her jet-ship's catch-claw. "Zig-a-zig-ah!"

Thimbleful Thursday:

And Zig-a-zig.... ah:
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Written to the Three-Word Wednesday Prompt: Docile, Inflict, Whimper.

Includes unkind acts being done to someone apparently willing.

Sparked in part by this post in [ profile] little_details

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The below story is Tír na Cali and includes slavery, previous abuse, and people who believe in the system as it stands.

It came from a comment by Sky:"What if the Californians have things similar to animal shelters for lost and abandoned slaves?," and was prompted also in part by a ficlet [ profile] cluudle wrote about the same idea.

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I have a poll here - pick three stories that I will continue.

Right now "A Rescue of Sorts" is winning with four votes, but

Rock & A Hard Place/2 Rocks & all the Pebbles
Prince Rodegard
Captive of the Night Witch

are tied for second place with two votes each, and, well, they're my favorite three, too, so *I* can't pick.

Go vote?
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I'm sure I've told you about [personal profile] clare_dragonfly's Patreon already.

But now, two more of my friends have Patreons as well!

Check out [personal profile] inventrix's here: Inspector Caracal Makes Awesome Things (and they're awesome, indeed).

And Lucy Weaver has Patreon here - read her lovely fiction!
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My Patreon has reached its second milestone!

Everyone who pledges at least $1 will have access to both a microfiction (<300 words) and a flash fiction (300-1000 words, or, in Lyn terms, a pretty long story <.<) every month.

Pledge $5 or more, and you'll be included in a monthly prompt call and, if the funding reached $40/month, you'll have input into a Patrons-only serial.

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K Orion Fray, formerly the writer in my attic, has opened an Etsy shop!

Check it out: Azazel and Penemue. The product descriptions alone are worth a visit:

I've always found a certain solace in the evening, and you've always loved the forest on the edge of my mother's old farmstead's property. So I wanted to find a way to bring them together for you....
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Set in late February, 2012

Carmelita knew a handful of things.

She knew that it was Mardi Gras and she was, by strange coincidence, in New Orleans.

She knew that her hometown was burning, crushed, and flooding, all at once, which was not, to her way of thinking, a very good state of affairs.

She knew that she was twenty-one and, possibly more importantly, that at the moment almost nobody anywhere was going to ask her age.

And she knew that, despite everything, despite everyone, despite the war and the so-called gods and the even-less-likely-called saviors, New Orleans was still running, still partying, still rolling.

She leaned over the edge of the balcony. "Laissez les Bons Temps Rouler!" It wasn't real French. It didn't need to be. The burgundy in her glass wasn't real burgundy, either, no matter how many times the man had told her it was. And it didn't need to be, either.

"Sweetheart, come back inside." The man had ideas, of course. He'd bought her the fake burgundy. He'd paid with stolen credit and thought she hadn't noticed. His accent had changed three times in the four hours they'd been together. "Come back to bed, lovely Carmel."

Of all the nicknames you could make from her name, she disliked that one, often also used to describe the color of her skin, the most. "It's not 'back to,'" she told him, a little more crossly than she might have, under normal circumstances. "I haven't been there yet."

"Come to bed, then. There's more burgundy," he coaxed her, his voice smooth as the not-really-silk sheets. "There's Camembert and crackers."

The streets were calling her. "Eat, drink, and be merry," Carmelita muttered. The man was less interesting than he had been, once you saw him up close, like any forgery. "I'm not dead yet," she called over her shoulder, and jumped into the street.

For this week's Thimbleful Thursday: Laissez les Bons Temps Rouler
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Sooo, I found in my archives that I had forgotten a donation <.< Specifically, one to do whatever I want or needs continuing.

But I like making you guys happy, so I'm going to open a poll now and leave it open until the end of February or until something is a clear clear clear winner. What stories should I continue?

I'll write approx. 1250 words to the first-place winner, 850 to the second-place, and 400 to the third.

If you don't have a DW account, leave your vote in the comments.

Poll #16476 A Poll!
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What Story(-ies) Should I Continue w/ this Donation?

View Answers

Time Out
0 (0.0%)

Live In
1 (16.7%)

2 Rocks & all the Pebbles
3 (50.0%)

Knowing Where His Place Is
1 (16.7%)

Tricked out for Her Pleasure
0 (0.0%)

Prince Rodegard
3 (50.0%)

A treatise on sexual aggression...
0 (0.0%)

Not Rehabilitation
0 (0.0%)

A Rescue of Sorts
4 (66.7%)

Cuckoo's Egg
0 (0.0%)

Captive of the Night Witch
3 (50.0%)

Bring to the Table
0 (0.0%)

Natural Prey
0 (0.0%)

Other Duties as Needed
0 (0.0%)

Putting Down The Burden
0 (0.0%)

Strong Enough?
0 (0.0%)

0 (0.0%)

aldersprig: (Cooking) Cook's Country Anadama bread, a molasses-and-cornmeal yeasted wheat flour bread. It'll also be next week's bread, because someone forgot to half the recipe before she got started <.<

I like Anadama bread not just because I looooove molasses, but the story is fun, too:

An apocryphal story told about the origin of the bread goes like this: Every day a local worker would find cornmeal mush in his tin lunch pail, despite asking his wife for an occasional piece of bread. One day, because of weather or other circumstances, he came home just prior to lunch time. His wife, Anna, was out. He sat down and opened his lunch box to find the usual cornmeal mush. He sighed and said, "Anna, damn her," as he resolutely reached for the flour, molasses and yeast which he added to the cornmeal mush. His resulting bread became a local favorite.

It also reminds me of the dog in the Wrinkle in Time series, Ananda (see here), which I just learned "was one of the principal disciples and a devout attendant of the Buddha."

Well. I do find making bread to be calming, a good place for thoughts, and enriching, as well as tasty.
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"Why does Ithaca hate Christmas?" my friend asked, as our already-delayed Christmas visit was delayed YET Again due to impending bad weather and a lack of salt (Surprising; I didn't know they actually salted the roads around here. (that's slightly tongue-in-cheek, but we're not all THAT good at clearing roads in this area.))

"Visit Ithaca Go see the Keys!" Ithaca's tourism site said last week.

And I can't say I blame them. We're up to our chests in snow, we're out of salt, and - until today, where it's going to be ~31-33F - we're freezing.

I mean, don't get me wrong, it's beautiful here. A Google Image Search will tell you how pretty a frozen waterfall can be. And I actually like winter here - it's a nice time to sit inside and get some crafting, writing, or cleaning done. It's a good excuse for layers. It's a very good excuse for tea and soup and warm bread.

Oh, yeah. Bread! I was going to make some of that.

You can have some, if you come visit...

...maybe in March? Better make it April or May...

I find it funny that the icon I had made for my "blizzard" setting is getting far more use for... near-blizzards.
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The second book in my series of Lyn-learns-to-Review-Books is Red Iron Nights, by Glen Cook.

This book is part of the "From the Files of Garrett P.I." series, which I tend to think of as the "Adjective-Metal-Noun" (Sweet Silver Blues, Bitter Gold Hearts...) series. I started reading these back in high school, another product of my used-book-store and library habit.

The series are set in a noir fantasy city (TunFaire) in the heart of a nation that has been gripped by war for, the impression is given, generations. There's a distinctly 'Nam feeling to the veterans, when they come up - which they do in Red Iron Nights more than I recall them doing in earlier books. Garret is a veteran of the war; every adult human male (and there are elves and gnolls and rat-men and pixies and, and, and...) is a veteran of the war.

And in Red Iron Nights, he is hunting down a serial killer who has a specific type.

Despite the gritty tone of the description, the stories manage to be a nice, relatively light-hearted read. Garrett, who narrates in what I believe is classic noir fashion, has a sense of humor and a way of brushing off both his own failings and his misfortunes. He is never going to be The Guy; this isn't, say, Anita Blake, where he gets exponentially more powerful as the novels go on, but he's also not Good Old Gil, always down on his luck.

If you can't tell, I really enjoy this book, and this series. I keep going back to them over and over again - they're not deep, they're not thought-provoking, but they're well written and immersive. And, like a crime show, at the end, there's a happy ending (if not for everyone).

As a matter of fact, I'm already in the middle of Angry Lead Skies.
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Guys I'm a stretch goal!

Here on Mobbing Midnight, if we reach $12,000, I get to write another story! (all the crows, crows everywhere, so many crows).


If you donate at the $100 level, you get to be in my story (or someone else's. I mean, that's cool, too).

But, seriously. Come to school on a nethergate, where the crows might be demons and people really do exorcisms in their dorm rooms. Where magic might not be part of the curriculum, but it's definitely in the Library. Where your every-day walk across campus might just be ruined by a malignant spell and nobody really knows if the Dean exists.

...sounds just like your kind of University, right?

And you could be there... fictionally, at least. Or, you know, send someone you don't like there, or name the Uni itself after a close friend/family member/enemy.

It'll be fun! Magical, even. ;-)
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This piece is a prelude to my Foedus Planetarum setting, set many decades before the other stories. It is written for the Three-Word Wednesday prompt: content, evolve, sober.

"Humankind did not evolve."

It was not the sort of thing you wanted to tackle sober, but Imri was the Space Department's Chief of Science, and she could not be seen to be drunk on the job.

"That is," she looked over her notes again. "Humanity did evolve, quite a bit. But humanity, on earth... well, it's complex."

There were three other people in the room with her. Two of them had white-iridescent hair and slit-pupiled iris like a cat. The other one was the Space Department's Chief of Security, and he was waiting impatiently for her to work through this.

She looked at the man? who was her counterpart for the Jocet. "All right. So humanity originally evolved... somewhere. And then was seeded, colonized out to various planets in... slightly modified forms?"

The Jocet's language was alien, but, at the same time, it was not alien. Their translators had been able to comprehend it, and, conversely, the Jocet's translators could handle English. Her counterpart nodded. "It is simplified, of course. But you are content with your understanding?"

"Content? Content?" Imri shook her head. "No, no, I could spent a lifetime studying this and not be content. But do I have enough to brief my peers? Yes." She slumped back into her chair. "And then, then I have enough understanding to request a sabbatical to further research this."

The Chief of Security - the Terran-human, North-Atlantic-Nations Chief of Security - shook his head. He'd followed just enough to know he was lost. "I think if you can explain this to the rest of the Chiefs, I'll put in my rec that you get that research as a fully-funded work project."

Imri couldn't argue. Looking across the table at the Jocet, she had a feeling Earth was going to be playing knowledge-catch-up for quite a while.
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Abduction, the Musical, a microfic to [profile] dahob's prompt, is now available here. All stories are visible at the $1 patronage level and higher; the next $1 pledge will open up the next tier of rewards, too!
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You guys did such a good job with Jahnan & Yira that I'm hoping you'll help me with Rige and Olivia.

They are in the same world, Foedus Planatarium (Federation of Planets), meant for a for-publication romance story. He's a prisoner, she's an archaeologist. (What? I have types. ;-)

That being said, I have nothing else determined about them, except that they are both "human".

"Human" in this case, as this is a space story, covers a wide array of Roddenberry-alien-type modifications and alterations on a bilaterally symmetrical biped with the head on top, as well as a wide range of cultures.

So: what do they look like, what can you tell me about their history?

Feel free to give me a single trait, like "he wears his hair in braids" or "she has green hair."
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It occured to me this morning - at 3 a.m., whilst feeding the cats - that the difference between "oh, god, it's only Wednesday" and "oh, good, it's only Wednesday" is just one letter and a world of attitude.

I've been trying not to lose my time pushing for the weekend, so I'm thinking hard about that difference. "oh, good..." I have three more days to work on deadlines, I have more time to wrap gifts before Last Christmas, I have more time to get stuff done at work. I have more time to go to the gym.

I can work with that.


Speaking of gym, I've worked out using my tablet + the treadmill as a walking desk. Problem is, it has to be one specific treadmill (or two, if they ever fix the second one like that); the others don't have enough of a "shelf" to support the tablet's keyboard.

On the positive side, it's really really fun!


It's so cold out... (how cold is it, Lyn?)

So cold my hair freezes when I go to my car (that's pretty normal, Lyn).

So cold the schools keep closing (that's not that unusual, either).

So cold that when I took Oli outside, he lasted a minute before politely asking to go inside - and that, that is strange.


And... Mobbing Midnight! It's getting there, it's getting there.

I'm really excited about this, guys. Not just because it'll pay me SFWA professional rates. Not just because I get to be in an anthology with some awesome authors. But because it's outside of my normal story, and I like being challenged. I never would have written this particular story without this anthology, and I think that's awesome.

For $12, you can not only help me get closer to two of my new years' resolutions, you can also have a lovely anthology full of great stories. I'd call that a win-win situation.

On tumblr? Reblog this post for a chance at a free copy of all three anthologies - not just Mobbing Midnight, but Fight Like a Girl and What Follows (featuring my story "Monster Godmother!")

Want to buy all three anthologies? ($25) Do it before Friday 2/20, and Fireun will record something - anything - for you.
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Over here, [personal profile] jjhunter has written out suggestions for a kit to survive delays in Boston's public transport.

But this is similar to my 6-hour-bus-ride-to-NYC kit, or the waiting-in-line-forever kit (I pack small, portable knitting as well) - generally, any time when situations beyond your control might mean you're waiting for just shy of forever. It's well worth a read.
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The Domain Name Fundraiser reached $50 - more than covering my costs for domain names.

That's also FIVE stories.

So tell me, what do you want to know about the worlds of Edally Academy and/or Inner Circle?

For Edally, could we have something from the older students' point of view about the first years?
For Inner Circle, something about their Change?
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I'm working on two stories right now - one for Mobbing Midnight, an anthology of Crow stories, and one for Queers Destroy Sci-Fi. Both are in draft form, and I'm flailing a bit about both, as is normal.

And then I got on the phone with my mom. I was telling her about Crow Cage, my story for Mobbing Midnight... and I started to find places, just reviewing the story in my mind, where my Mom would say "I don't get it."

And going from there, I was able to feel the points where the story needed to improve, and feel excited about it again. So: The Mom Test. Will someone mostly unfamiliar with my writing and the way I think be able to "get" this story, and, if not, how can I improve it?

And then I was talking to [ profile] cluudle about Scaling the Ivory Tower, my submission for QDSF. She said "tell me about your story."

I thought about it. I hemmed and hawed. And then I laid out an outline of what I WANTED the story to be. Again: clarification, brightening, new energy. I knew what I was missing, and I knew how it could get better.

Do you have a similar trick when you're stuck? Have you ever tried talking the story out with a friend - or a stranger - to get past the "what do I do now?" stage?

Mobbing Midnight's Kickstarter is almost to 10%!
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Outside Help - a crew that bounces from population base to population base, providing jack-of-all-trades outside help (they got their name from a challenge back in school where they provided, as you might guess, outside help).

Historian - a single woman (and perhaps a bodyguard Kept, later), moves a similar circuit, writing down people's memories of history and, a la Foxfire, everything they can remember about their profession pre-apoc.

Square Miles - a crew decides to rehab a portion of the US in square mile portions, laid out with a grid of walls, one square mile a year (the goal being a 10x10 mile grid when they're done).
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The Domain Name Fundraiser reached $40 - covering my costs for domain names.

That's also FOUR stories.

So tell me, what do you want to know about the worlds of Edally Academy and/or Inner Circle?

For Edally, could we have something from the older students' point of view about the first years?
For Inner Circle, something about their Change?
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Instructor Pelnyen’s frown went from irritated to stormy. “I see. Your teammate is limping, and you wish me to be her crutch.”

“No, sir.” Enrie’s voice was level. Tairiekie really had to learn how she did that. “No, I’m asking you to help my team-mate with concepts she is having trouble learning in your class.”

“The thing is, Lady Enerenarie, that this is a Basic Introduction to Philosophy Class. If Tairiekie cannot handle basic philosophy concepts, I have to ask why she is in this school at all.”

read on...
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I recently started following on tumblr, and there is discussion about how white people often have trouble "relating" to characters of color in fiction.

And it got me thinking.
Read more... )
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Crows, the email from April said. Just crows. An anthology of crows.

Ideas started flitting through my head. The Crow (the movies(s), the comics...). No. Crow Change. Neat... but not a story. Crow Therian. Snow White with crows instead of bluebirds. The corvids in the field outside my house. Crows.

Crows, it said, and I started thinking. I knew I didn't want to do another Fae apoc, not yet. I was pretty sure I wanted to use an urban fantasy setting I'd been bouncing around in my head, one set on a university campus much like the one where I spent most of my twenties (I had a protracted early-adulthood, okay?) And, obvious, it needed to involve crows.

And then my husband, brainstorming over croissant french toast stuffed with strawberries (we have the best diner) mentioned demons.

And Crow Cage was born.

I've worked with April before - on What Follows, where my Fae Apoc story Monster Godmother is published. I'm excited to be working with her again on Mobbing Midnight, and I'm excited to be working again with such a wonderful selection of writers.

Go check it out! Every little bit gets us closer to our goal. Annnd... if you you haven't bought What Follows yet, check out the $20 and higher levels - you can kill two birds with one stone!
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I've been watching [ profile] haikujaguar's talk of her walking desk with quite a bit of interest. I have a desk job, a desk second-job (writing), and, in the winter especially, sedentary hobbies (reading, TV).

Space & money constraints mean such a thing isn't in the cards for me right now. But I have this lovely tablet I bought for myself for Black Friday (Samsung Galaxy 4.0 Nook) and this lovely keyboard for said table my parents bought me for Christmas....

...and it works. I wouldn't want to try balancing anything bigger on the treadmill's magazine rack, and it only works on two treadmills at my gym (one of which is out of order perpetually), but I got on the right treadmill yesterday and wrote 569 words in 30 minutes. Not my top rate, surely, on either writing or calorie burning. But fun!

It's a case where multi-tasking actually does good. I like it. :-)

Now if only I could write while I drove...
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Jumping Rings Chapter 16 is up!

Mobbing Midnight: an Anthology of Crows - the kickstarter is live and already at $170.

My Domain Name Fundraiser raised $15, opening up a free answer-fic, once a question is asked.


I updated my Patreon Page. It's $1 from the new, saner incentive level.

And now I go back to the writing mines!
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Valran – Here

“Here.” Keldra Dre stood up and strode away from Valran. He swallowed until his throat no longer felt too dry to speak again.

“Here, ma’am?”

“Stay there.” She called it over her shoulder; if Valran hadn’t been so confused, if his legs hadn’t been falling asleep, he would have been grateful. As it was, he held still and hoped it was the right thing to do.

read on...
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Crows, crows, and more crows: Mobbing Midnight is an anthology focused on the brilliant corvid!

Crows are peppered through world mythology and folklore- sometimes serving as a sign of ill luck, other times a trickster.

From American crows to hooded and carrion crows, pied crows to jungle crows- they come in as many shapes and in as many environments as we can dream up.

And my story is going to be in there, along with stories by fourteen other awesome authors!

Tentatively titled Crow Cage, it's an urban fantasy tale of magic and mystery, following a murder of crows that are definitely more than they seem - and possibly more than that, too.

Check it out!
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The February Theme Poll has closed! The winner (we had two votes; I flipped a virtual coin) is Music and Song: Motif.

There'll be a few stories over that theme in the next 19 days.

Any prompts or suggestions?
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It's the time of year where I renew and (Which is being difficult at the moment), which ends up being... slightly more than the two serials have earned in tips since I started posting them.

If you've been enjoying either serial and have the wherewithal, please put a tip in the Author's cup:

For every $10 raised, I'll write an story, answering in character a setting-relevant question, asked by y'all and picked by reader poll. I.e., a targeted bonus story.

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First: A beginning of a story which obnoxiously cuts off just before the description,
Previous: A Bit of a Transitional Chapter, where Amrit and Mieve start to work .

Fae Apoc, approx. now.

Content Warnings: This setting, although not this ficlet, contains rape, mind control, and dubious consent situations.

This particular story contains kidnapping and slavery, bondage, violence, and will eventually contain Stockholm Syndrome.

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Addergoole-'verse, about 3 years after the end of the world. Warning: discussion of violence.

Also warning: it's a fragment

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To fill square one-two on my card for [community profile] trope_bingo. Story three of a new series.

First: The Tod’cxeckz’ri Paper Part I

Previous in Trope Bingo: The Tod’cxeckz’ri Paper Part II

Previous in Story: Standards

“Do you seduce every bounty hunter that catches you?” Yira Trembane had his hand halfway up Jahnan’s thigh, and it was creeping ever higher. She was having trouble focusing on the navigation - not a good idea, when using a WhatIf drive. She didn’t want to end up stuck in some alternate-history where he had captured her.

“You make it sound like I get caught a lot.” His hand slid just an inch further up.

Jahnan closed her eyes and thought about trees. “Your dataslip says you did. Seventeen arrests since you turned twenty, and half of those for escape-from-custody. How many times did you escape by seduction?”
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