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I write a lot - much in established settings, some in one-off universes.
Below is an index of my universes; each 'verse has its own landing page with an index of stories within.
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The Faerie Apocalypse is liveblogged at [personal profile] faeapoclive, [ profile] faeapoclive, and [ profile] faeapoclive. What what happens when the gods return to our world.
Stranded World (LJ Link), modern fantasy seen through the eyes of 4 siblings who work the webs of the world, each in their own way.
Reiassan (LJ Link), high fantasy in a world just recovering from centuries of battle.
Edally Academy (LJ Link), Steampunk Boarding School in the world of Reiassan.
Tir na Cali (LJ Link); technically modern fantasy, alternate-history timeline, primarily lifestyle-kink erotica.
Faerie Apocalypse (LJ Link), a dystopic modern and post-modern fantasy/apoc world. Faeries and gods live among us, disguised as humans, their culture underground.
Addergoole (LJ Link) is a school within the Faerie Apocalypse setting.
Doomsday is a school created by graduates of Addergoole, generations after the Faerie Apoc.
Vas' World (LJ Link): the team was sent to explore the planet for colonization. They could never have guessed what they'd find.
Dragons Next Door (LJ Link)is a fun high-fantasy-in-the-burbs setting with a few good-with-ketchup crunchy dark bits.
Facets of Dusk (LJ Link) is a mystery waiting to be revealed; come along for the show!
The Planners (LJ Link): When the Apocalypse came, they were prepared. Very Prepared.
Unicorn/Factory (LJ) of the costs of progress.
The Aunt Family (LJ) - a mysterious family with some very strange magical artifacts.
Space Accountant (LJ) All Genique wanted was a nice vacation.
Shadow Rebellion (LJ) It all started with the shadows moving...
Science! (Lj) Why haven't Mad Scientists taken over the world yet?
Fairy Town There's something about the city. Something in the water, maybe?
Inner Circle (LJ) Getting to the Inner Circle can take a lifetime - or cost you your life.
Setting Nursery - these one-off stories may blossom into settings some day (incomplete)

All of my writing here is crowdfunded and crowdsourced; comments and suggestions keep the gears spinning and donations keep the power on.
My Donor landing page is here (and on LJ); you can tip (tips go in a general pool to sponsor longer stories, voted on monthly), sponsor an already-written story, or commission a story to be written.

Once a month I open up a call for prompts; the Giraffe Call's landing page is here and on LJ.

I hosted a 30-days of flash fiction meme: its landing page is here (LJ Link)

Want more? There's always more to read!

Addergoole, my ongoing webserial

Tales for the Sugar Cat, my ebook

Kazkah Press, a flash-fiction webzine

 photo ShiftingHearts_zps419ea943.jpg
Shifting Hearts,
a therian anthology:
It is said that the eyes are the windows
to the soul, but what if the soul that looks
back isn't as human as you first thought?

Wikis of setting information currently exist in various stages of completion:
Addergoole: the Original Series - semi-defunct, but has information still being migrated to the below wiki
Addergoole Year Nine - and beyond
Faerie Apoc
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(see what I did there?)

Commissions are always available at the low, low rate of 2¢/word, with a minimum commission of $4/200 words.
$20 commissions and higher will be discounted to $5/300 words or 5/3¢ a word. Just because I always wanted to charge in fractions.

To commission a story, a piece of demifiction, or any other work of creative writing (even poems, I can do poems), sent me an email at thornealder/gmail, leave a comment on this post, or sent me a PM on Dreamwidth or Livejournal.

I reserve the right to turn down any commission, but will complete any commission I accept.

I take payments by Paypal (also thornealder/gmail), by paying-for-my-Dreamwidth-time, or other methods by negotiation.

I will begin work on your piece as soon as I receive payment. Commissioned works will be posted on my blog, here, when completed.

Don't want a commission, but want to say "thanks?"

Cool! I always appreciate tips, and they help to unlock extras - more posts on the serials, for instance.

There's Paypal, of course, but there's also Patreon: subscribe at any level from $1 to $50/month and open up incentive levels to get even more fiction!

And in conclusion, this is a conclusion.
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It's been a weird summer, and an even weirder week.

The weather's been off all summer - spring storms and autumn chills through July and August, grey days and damp nights and not a day in the nineties - hardly a day in the 80's! And I've been a little off, too. Not entirely sure why, but it's been a bit harder to get excited, and bit harder to hold on to energy, all summer - all year - long.

These things happen, and as we go into September, I'm trying to muster energy to ... well, to have energy.

The weather might be chilly, but it's lovely for hiking; I want to do more of that in the next few weeks. Then there's the wedding - Best Friend Evar is getting married at the end of the month - AND she & Fiance are coming to visit this weekend!

(gonna be so much good food, and so much awesome hanging out, and so much... everything!)

(I don't get to see them often; they live ~4 hours away and are Very Busy People)

So! There are things to be excited about, and one of my goals for September is to work on remembering that.

The other goals: remember I'm trying to lose weight, not gain it; and actively work on submitting stories to anthologies/contests.

Oh, and get that Kickstarter thing going.

I can do this!
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The ogres next door have moved out, but the new neighbors have a joyriding teen and a new infant whose cries can wake up the neighborhood. Sure, the wee little thing is adorable, but he belches fire when he’s colicky and needs asbestos diapers.

This series of short pieces follows the mostly-human family in their interactions with their magical neighbors.

Resetting the Timeline
Beginning - a slightly different take (donor perk)

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Out of sequence: )
Guest Fic! )
Same 'verse, different people )
Meta )

[personal profile] meeks'sketch of Diapering Dragons (

[personal profile] meeks'sketch of Over the Wall (

[personal profile] anke's drawing of Aud & Sage

Icon of Baby Smith, Icon of Gremlin by [ profile] djinni
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A commissioned continuation from (I believe) [personal profile] thnidu.

After Gonna Be a Samurai

and Going to Learn How to be A Samurai.

Being a samurai took a lot of discipline. That's what the books had said. Discipline and hard work and kimono and...

And apparently it took math classes, too, history classes, watching tv shows called anime from before the collapse, and, peh, being nice to all his fellow students. Even the silly ones.

And it took listening to Miss Ascha as if she were his sensei. Which, Austin supposed, she really was. And that meant more math and history and geology and, well, more being nice to his fellow students.

He bowed very politely to Sianna. If she wanted him to learn how to waltz, well, he guessed he was learning the waltz with her.

I don't have a strong mental image for Austin yet (except touseled light-brown hair), but Sianna looks more or less like this

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This is written as @inventrix's commissioned continuation of this drabble posted on the Addergoole Facebook (also the first ~100 words of this piece).

Luke folded his wings against his back and tried not to stare.

When Cynara had come to them, to Regine, saying “I built a school,” he hadn't know what to expect. Hell, when she'd started building the CITY, he hadn't know what he'd find.

What he saw was... children, and teens, moving from building to building, smiling, their grey-and-black-and-white uniforms adorned with splashes of color and their interactions adorned with what sounded like playful rivalry.

He'd come anticipating a mess to be dealt with, or a boot camp to be... handled.

He didn't quite know what to think about this.

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Written to @ShingetsuMoon's prompt (here but spoilers-ish) for Friday Flash

The machines started small on Earth, as they had on every planet so far.

They found the brightest, the cleverest, the most innovative - people and dolphins, elephants and corvids, apes and chimps. They picked them off, one by one or in groups.

A smart guy dies in Oxford and a grifter dies in New York City, who's going to make the connection? A murder of ravens goes missing - who notices? An elephant at least makes a stink when she falls dead.

They noticed the dolphins first - but it was a group of researchers who noted it, and they weren't far behind. Then the chimps, signing "help us, help us," until the virus destroyed their brain.
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I have "write a more-please" on my writing list, but when it comes up, I often find myself paralyzed by choice. (This is not helpful for writing & directly in counter to the purpose of the list!)

Thus, I'm asking you guys to help me narrow it down. Pick one to three things you'd most like to see continued and comment here.

(For completests: I created a morepls: fulfilled tag for things I've, well, written more to, but I didn't backlog. If you see something that needs the tag to be changed to "fulfilled," either change the tag yourself or leave a comment on the post that I should change it.)
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Another picture from the series I've been posting, from your 8/17 hike. Taughannock Creek feeds into Cayuga Lake (one of the Finger Lakes) at the base of the park; you can't really see the lake in this picture because sky & lake blend together, but it's there.
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Thimbleful Thursday will post a writing prompt (usually an idiom) each Thursday, along with a wordcount goal between 100 & 500 words.

The goal is to write a fic within the next week featuring the prompt in some way - inspired by, taking the idiom literally, twisting it on its head, your choice - and staying within 10% of the wordcount goal (for example, between 180 & 220 for the 200-word weeks, between 450 & 550 for the 500-word weeks, and so on).

I'm pretty excited about it, but, then again, it's my site. ;-)

Check it out!
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The Writer-Moving-Out-of-My-Attic has posted a lovely Inspiration Wednesday post:

But what if you’re absolutely feeling burnt out and desperately need away from it all?

…Well, it sounds to me like you need a vacation. You need to have an adventure.

It's a nice one, and one I plan to try.
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To [personal profile] inventrix's commissioned continuation of Gonna Be a Samurai.

Austin was going to be a samurai.

He was going to a samurai school, and he was going to have a samurai teacher, and he was going to learn how to be a samurai.

“It says in the letter that they gives you a full education, Austin. Math, science, history, literature, life skills. I wonder what they mean by life skills?” His mother shook her head. “Nothing about being a samurai.”

“But you saw him! You saw Professor Inazuma!”

“And I saw Director Doomsday. I must say, that's an ominous name for the head of a school.”

“Wasn't there a note on that, too?” The welcome letter had come with quite a stack of welcome-information, including a small bio on each of the teachers. “She was... what's a prepper?”

“Something from the before world. But that's okay, she's probably from the before world, too.” Austin's mother shook her head yet again. “Are you sure you want to do this, Austin? I don't think it's going to be all samurai training.”

“I don't care! I'm going to be a samurai! Please, mom? Please? I'll work extra hard all summer!”

“Well, let me talk to your father...”

Austin was going to be a samurai.

He looked at dismay at the uniforms available. “But what about hakama and kimono?” Kilts and pants and plain white shirts were so boring. Especially compared to Professor Inazuma's clothes... “Do I have to wear boring clothes?”

“Austin, they've nice clothes. Don't be rude.”

“We have kimono.” The nice lady behind the uniform counter smiled at both of them. It took Austin a moment to realize that that was Principal Doomsday, the head of the school. The weasel ears had thrown him off for a moment.

So had the strange smile. She continued, as if unaware of the panicked surprise on Austin's face. “That's one of the things I actually did prepare for. Here are your kimono,” she added a hefty stack of black, just like Professor Inazuma's, to Austin's pile of uniform clothes. “And Miss Ascha is waiting for you over there.”

Austin was going to be a samurai.

He was going to be a samurai, even if he had to take classes in math and reading - some of the kids here couldn't even read! - and how plants grew, and poetry. Even if he had to share a room with girls - and other boys, including the ones that couldn't read. Even if everyone else thought this school was about growing up to be a teacher or learning how to be a doctor or even, in Sianna's case, a silly ballerina. (Were there even ballerinas anymore? At least they knew teachers still existed!)

He was going to be a samurai, after eight years of classes and then, Professor Inazuma told him, maybe more classes still. But he could start learning right away, not just the math and reading and farming and stuff, but really learning.

“I'm going to be a samurai,” he informed Sianna. And he got to start today!

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To [personal profile] kelkyag's prompt(s).

::You know how to do this. You know how to win this.::

"So does everyone else here." Liezhta strapped the talking stick to her back - talking stick, ha, her ancestors had possessed a horrible sense of humor - and tried to ignore its whispers.

It didn't work, of course. Ever since her aunt had passed down the family goat-crook (and what family had goat-crooks they passed down? Liezhta's of course, the family that produced more goat-wives and goat-husbands than any other three families on the mountain), ever since she'd first wrapped her hand around the ancient, twisted root-wood stick, the blasted thing had been talking in her head.
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Taughannock Falls has three trails: one along the gorge on each side, with stairs down to the bottom, and one along the water, ending in a viewing platform for the biggest falls (Falls can be seen in these pics, taken several years ago: ~ (Yes, I was showing off my shoes. Merrel was doing a contest where if you tweeted pictures of your shoes outdoors, you might win something. See also & (the latter of which is also at Taughannock, on the other side.).).).

This is looking down from the southern edge of the gorge at the viewing platform.

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So, I got a lovely donation to the Giraffe Call to pay for two non-donors get get a 500-word continuation.

I rolled the dice, and the results are

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[personal profile] alexseanchai
[personal profile] thebonesofferalletters

Please collect your 500-word continuation at the customer service tent!

(drop me an email (thornealder/gmail), send me a PM, or comment on this post)
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At $25, T. & I get take-out. Thai, I think, though it may be Indian. Reached!

at $40, I will commission a piece of character art from a crowdfunded artist

At $50, I will write an extra fic for everyone.

At $75, three prompters chosen at random will get an extra 500-word story written to their prompt

At $80, I will commission another piece of character art from a crowdfunded artist

Remember, every Giraffe Call tip not only gets you MORE WORDS - 100 words/$1 - it also gets you a second story written to your prompt AND moves the ticker along towards that $50 mark, where you'll get YET ANOTHER fic (and so will everyone else).

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Courier jobs were, sometimes, risky. They were sometimes people who didn't want messages to go through, sometimes people who hadn't heard don't shoot the messenger.

It paid immensely well, however, and Cory was willing to take quite a few risks for the money. Risks like taking packages over closed borders into war zones. Risks like delivering people to and from situations where they didn't, legally, belong.

Risks like carrying a very lovely hand-written note to a very lovely, rich woman.

Cory swallowed and reminded himself of his Californian-style manners. Look down, smile, stay polite and speak when you were spoken to. He'd prefer the Middle East. He'd prefer North Korea.

"You're certain this is for me?"

"Yes, your ladyship." Cory had practiced in front of a mirror. He practiced every time he had a mission.

"And did you read it?"

"No, your ladyship." Of course not, your ladyship.

"You weren't even a little curious?" She still sounded bored. Bored was good.

"I'm not paid to be curious, your ladyship." Which meant he never gave any indication that he cared in any way what was in his messages.

"And you are paid to be polite." Oh, dear she was sounding amused.

"Very well, your ladyship." Very, very well, your ladyship.

"Come here."

"Your ladyship?"

"Come. Here."

Ten feet separated Cory and the Lady. He liked those ten feet, his standing position and her lounging on the couch.

On the other hand, he knew better than to say no to a Lady in Tír na Cali. "Your ladyship." Cory bowed, deeply, the way he'd practice.

"You're cute, and you know your manners. Very cute." Her hand darted out and grabbed his chin. "I think I'll keep you."
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Chapter Seven

Classes and Challenges

“Do you think the classes are going to be hard?”

By prearrangement, Saydrie, Enrie, and Tairiekie had met up in Dienvyes Hall for breakfast before heading off to the Biology and Medicine Hall for their first class of the day.

The weather was still warm and their new uniforms were just about right for the pleasant early-harvest-season morning so they were taking the shortcut through the courtyard, rather than taking the long way through all the classroom buildings.

It wasn’t the first time Saydrie had asked that question, but over breakfast it had been easy enough to bypass. Now, alone in the courtyard with their team, Tairiekie thought he deserved a real answer.
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To [personal profile] rix_scaedu's prompt

"Let me see."

The gate-keeper had four legs, which wasn't the weirdest things Capri had seen on this trip. The fact that they were giraffe legs was kind of interesting, at least.

"See?" Capri made the nothing-to-hide gesture, jacket held wide open. "I left my weapons at the front gate, as instructed." And if that wasn't an uncomfortably vulnerable feeling, Capri didn't know what was.

"Drop your pants and your Mask."

Oh, that was.

"Excuse me?"
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...Giraffe Call commission rates are significantly lower than my standard rate?

PLUS Giraffe Call commissions get you

* a second fic written to your prompts
* Movement towards group goals, such as more stories.

Giraffe Call rates ($1/100 words) are available until I finish this round of stories:

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Request a continuation of any giraffe story & help me support other artists.

At $25, T. & I get take-out. Thai, I think, though it may be Indian.

at $40, I will commission a piece of character art from a crowdfunded artist

At $50, I will write an extra fic for everyone.
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So, the Brassica part of our garden is going nicely...
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To Three-Word-Wednesday (Today's words are entanglement, death, heartless).

This one wrote itself - helps I've been watching a lot of Supernatural.

She intended to avoid entanglements.

They were a bad idea in her line of work - they led to uncomfortable explanations, teary goodbyes, jealous shouting matches, and, on a couple regrettable occasions, death.

So she tended to stay away from emotional connections.

There were liaisons, of course - she still needed human contact, and her cousin was, while pleasant, her cousin. Not the sort where you'd spend the evening cuddling, watching TV, necking, even when the job didn't get in the way.

But she avoided anything more... long-lasting than a bump-and-cuddle.

It had gotten her called heartless, a time or thirty. It had gotten her called a lot worse than that, too: slut was a favorite, tease - although she never really deserved that one - bitch. But in her line of work, she was used to being called bitch.

And who wanted an entanglement with someone who called you a bitch, anyway?

But sometimes, despite all that, she found herself caring. The job could wait for a day or a week, she'd say. Her cousin could handle this case on her own. She wasn't actually heartless, after all. She needed human contact. But the problem with entanglements was, they tended to twist you up in knots.

And there you were all tied up, when the job called. Safer to just avoid emotional connections altogether.
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To [ profile] wispfox's prompt

Morning came, and Lazhman slipped out of the house and into the herd. When he could, he slept among the goats, too, but the census-counter was in town, and everyone had been pressuring him, act normal, Lazhman. Act like a person and not a goat.

Lazhman had no interest in such things, but he did sometimes like bread and stew and, to be fair, didn't have the stomach the goats did. So he spent most his time among the herd, let his beard grow like a goat's and his hair as well, twisted two braids to look something like goat-horns when nobody was looking, and spent just enough time in town to convince people to keep selling him bread and stew.

He'd done that, last night. Now he could sit out on the hill near Copper and Counter and the other goat, watch the clouds and the river move by, and have no cares except the wildcats and the occasional bandit.

"Hello there."

What? Words? Lazhman snorted and looked around.

"Hello." She'd snuck up behind him, how had she done that? "I'm Liegya." The census-taker, that's who she was. "I'd like to talk to you."
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12:04 pm August 29th, 2006
Care & Feeding of the [Lyn]...

Painting with broad strokes, it's generally a good idea to not tell me things unless I ask for information. I'm a bright girl; I know a lot of common knowledge things and am good about asking for information when I don't know something. I get irritated when I'm told things that a moment's thinking should suggest I already know.

But, worse that that... ye gods, don't ever tell me what I'm thinking, what I want, what I'm feeling. Not to put too fine a point on it, but you don't know. Yo're not in here, and assuming you know what I want/feel/think more than I do is an onforgivable arrogance.

Feel free to suggest that my words and my actions don't seem to be in line, of course ("You said you liked him, and then you spit in his coffee. That doesn't seem to make any sense" but not "Bah, you don't like him!")
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“We already have monitoring in place...”

“Clearly is it not enough!” It was a roar. It needed to be more. Caitrin dropped her voice to a very quiet, calm, analytic tone. “This cannot happen again.”

(to @Kuro_Neko's commissioned request for the staff yelling at Regine.)
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Photo taken by my lovely husband, directly into the sun, which explains the strange woobly glare.

It was a very nice hike, too! Not too warm (not a problem this summer!), not too cold, down the side and back up again, all nicely shaded except when we went over the bridge to get this shot.

I'm very spoiled living this close to so much pretty.

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In the world of the Circled Plain, most of humanity lives within walled cities, protected from the monsters outside.

The cities' walls are nested, circle within circle within circle, and the richest and most powerful live the deepest in the city.

They call the social and economic climb from the outer rings towards the inner the Ladder. The climb is hard, but there are always ways to jump rungs.

Jumping Rings
Taslin and Valran have both knelt in service to climb the ladder.
But they will have to make it through their ten years before they'll see the fruit of their labor.
Jumping Rings updates every other Tuesday.

Chapter One: Taslin (LJ) Kneel
Chapter Two: Valran (LJ) Kneel
Chapter Three: Taslin (LJ) Duck
Chapter Four: Valran (LJ) Duck
Chapter Five: Taslin )LJ) Thrust

Other Stories
...This turned out a little creepy... (LJ) Marri & her Patron, Biccon

Teswarnen Eshmarn, the Second Circle Deputy Oligarch of New Indapala
(LJ) - character information

Worldbuilding 1: Architecture (LJ)
Worldbuilding 2: Inside and Outside (LJ)
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A sub-setting of Addergoole and the Fae Apoc, Doomsday Academy is what happens when a fae graduate of Addergoole decided to build something better.

It features Addergoole characters from two generations as professors, and an all-new cast of students. The school experience runs from ten years old to 18, covering a wide swath of education not often found in the post-apoc world.

And post-apoc it is. Set approx. forty years after the titular Faerie Apocalypse ("the Disaster" "the Collapse"), the world is a far different place. Monsters still roam the blasted countryside, and cities are mostly destroyed shells. The human/fae population are just beginning to move past bare survival. Electricity, running water, telephones - these things exist, but mostly in sheltered enclaves.

That is the world into which Cynara brings Boom Town and Doomsday Academy.

I Have this School (LJ)
A Drabble of Addergoole meets Doomsday (Facebook)

The Professors
Doomsday Academy: First Day of Math (by [personal profile] inventrix)
First Day of School for First years (LJ)
First Day of History Class (LJ)
First Day of Survival Class (LJ)
First Day of Law Class (LJ)

The Students
Aquilina at School (LJ) at least 4 years in.
Gonna Be A Samurai (LJ)

The Parents
The Tower (LJ)

The City
The Year Cya Didn't Keep Anyone (LJ)
Tweets: Planning a City (LJ)
Takes a Village to Build a City (LJ)
Boom Town: Center Street (LJ)
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So, Djinni has another icon day open! and I decided I'd put together all the icons he's done for me that I can find.

 photo jamianolder_zpseaad4a21.png photo akaterina_zpse8a7a9d6.png photo Fishel_zps6ba23767.jpg photo Fernley_zpsa853fd03.jpg

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 photo 359_zps56d74fc4.jpg

Chapter Five: Taslin


Thrust. That was step one. Step two was definitely don’t get thrust into. Taslin danced out of the way of her larger opponent’s blade and, because she could, made a twist out of it so that she could then go for another thrust, this one a move that looked far more complicated than it was.

The audience - such as it was - cheered. Her opponent - such as he was - barely managed to dodge in time. Her teammates - such as they were - shouted encouragement and his - such as they really, really weren’t - hissed and yelled.

Taslin loved it. She slapped him in the face with the flat of her blade - not grandstanding, she told herself, she could tell Gan she’d done it because she wanted to get him angry.

If she’d been trying for that, it worked. He bellowed in rage and came running at her, head down and sword out.

It was too easy. It had to be a trick. If it was a trick, if he was actually planning this out, his off hand would come up like thus.
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To [personal profile] kelkyag's commissioned continuation of Older Witches, etc.

Aunt Family has a landing page here on DW and here on LJ

Evangaline modern-era. After Unexpected Guest, Followed Me Home (LJ), In the Cards (LJ),
Big Bad Witch (LJ), Frog Pancakes (LJ)
, and Older Witches.

The boy in front of her - the teenaged young man in front of Eva - was licking his lips drumming his hands on his lap. “This is what we’re going to do.” She leaned forward a little, just enough to read as serious as possibly. “There’s a second place on the property. Technically, it’s on my sister’s land, a cottage. And since my sister is a happily married matron with a passel of kids, she isn’t going to be the sort of person people raise eyebrows at.”

Robby blinked at her. “You’re - what? Giving me a place to crash when it gets bad?”

“I’m giving you a place to live. Rent-fee until you graduate from school, and then we’ll negotiate.”
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Cynara had sent him an engraved invitation, which showed up fifty-one weeks to the day since her last letter had arrived. An actual engraved invitation, the curly font requesting the honor of his presence for a "Demonstration Day" at Doomsday Academy.

(to @inventrix's commissioned continuation of this drabble on the Addergoole Facebook Page.)
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To [personal profile] ellenmillion's prompt.

It was going to be Autumn soon.

Cameron could feel the shedding, even in human form, the tail changing, the teeth trying to rearrange in a jaw that wasn't even, technically, there. Season changes were always like this, and it would just get worse until the first full moon of autumn.

It was time to move from the lake cabin up the mountain to the cold-is-coming place. When the change had first started happening - just as high school was ending - Cameron had tried to live with people. There was, rumor went, such a thing as a extrovert shapeshifter, a social-creature creature-feature.

That had lasted exactly one year, one cycle of the changes, three hundred sixty-five days of trying to be two things at once while the second thing kept changing. There might be extrovert 'shifters, but they were not like Cameron.
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(I regret that I no longer know who tumblr-blogged this. But it's pretty fun)

tiny blue mantis. it wears a lot of eye makeup. it lives in a cave with its parents.

From a site that also brings you a monster generator:

Thespian deer-being who likes dapper clothing

This is a lot of fun!
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Eight 20,000-word novelettes, following the 8 students starting a year of Doomsday.

One character has viewpoint for each novelette, and each one has its own plot. Nothing too dark, nothing too light - the first book stars 10-year-olds & it ain't Addergoole, but on the other han, it's post-apoc fae-apoc, not the nicest world.

Each novelette covers another year - so, Book One: "Joe," First Year; Book Two, "Anne," Second Year, etc.
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Written to [personal profile] wyld_dandelyon's prompt, set in the Doomsday Academy, at least 4 years in.

The compound had always been full of kids - cousins, siblings, unknown-relations; Aquilina's mom & her people made kids like it was going out of style.

The first three years here at Doomsday had been much the same - the First Years got put into a dorm room, all together, and they stayed together until they Changed or otherwise moved on to a Mentor.

And now... now Aquilina was cy'Law, having very politely and conveniently Changed over the summer break, and she had, for the very first time ever, a room to herself.

It made sense, of course. Her new wings took up a lot of space, and she was still getting used to not hitting things with them.

But it was quiet.

Her bed was big, and covered with soft plush comforters, and her dresser was bigger than the one she'd shared with a sister and two cousins at home. The mirror was almost big enough to get in all of her Change, which was something of a feat. She could sprawl out and not run into anyone at all; even though the room had little more than the dresser, the mirror, the bed, and the desk, it was still spacious.

And way too quiet. Aquilina hopped off the bed and opened the door.


For her first three years at Doomsday, Aquilina and the rest of her yearmates had cheerfully herded from class to class, splitting up only for clubs and not even for all of those.

It was strange to move now with her cy'ree instead - a small cluster of Law students with their bright green-and-orange silk ties and socks, murmuring in the code Aquilina was still learning. Stranger still to peel off from the group on her own and join the rest of the fourth-years in their first class of the day - Earth Science, with Professor Sweetflower. And it was downright odd to sit down in the midst of pink-and-green, blue-and-blue, gold-and-blue, red-and-red, and so on. They might not have all Changed, but they had all changed over the summer.

When Professor Sweetflower stood up, though, a wave of relief swept over Aquilina.

"Hello, students," the Professor began, in her honey-and-wildflowers drawl, "and welcome to your first day of Earth Science."

Some things might change - but some things never did. It was nice to know the teachers, at least, were constant.
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Djinni has an Icon Day Open!

What what what do I want?

Recent "need an icon" that have come up:

* Reynard
* Baram
* Saydrie/Enrie
* Lyn-the-writer (less important)
* clockwork Apoc

Also, go get an icon for yourself!
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So, if I was going to rearrange the currently-sloppy Reiassan Wiki so that it was readable/useful:

* What categories would you look for when reading about a fictional world?
- if you know Reiassan, are their Reiassan-specific categories?
* what do you look on a fictional world's wiki for?


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