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"Because everything is better with the end of the world."

Welcome! Below you can find hundreds - thousands, really - of posts, many of them fiction.

I write a lot - much in established universes, some in one-off settings. Much of what I write ends up here. In addition, you'll find homesteading blogging, the occasional crafts-and-clothing post, and journals of my wine-tourism of New York State.

Here (and here on Livejournal) you'll find an index of my universes. Each 'verse has its own landing page with an index of stories within.

My Donor landing page is here (and on LJ); you can tip (tips go in a general pool to sponsor longer stories, voted on monthly), sponsor an already-written story, or commission a story to be written. Or you can become a Patreon Patron and unlock even more fiction!

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Last chance~

The Poll controls the Prompt call

The prompt call controls the ideas

The ideas control the stories

Stories are the mind-killer.

I must not story.


The Stories control the...


Anyway: Vote! Closed!
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June was a busy month for Patreon!

You can find all of the stories here; for the low price of $1/month, you can read all patron-only stories.

Stranded World
A Tangled Knot - a story of tangling (Free story)

Love Stories
Ashes and Love - a tale of enduring love
The Warlord's Cat - like a cat loves its human (Free story)
Five Locks - forbidden love

Tír na Cali
Leaving the Land of the Free - and wanted to be a slave
Fox Hunt - with a 2-legged "fox"
Sale Price - on a slave, no returns (Free story)

Check them all out here!
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“They think you're human, you know.” Tony wasn't looking at Romanoff; he had his head buried in his new favorite suit and one arm in what would be, if the suit were a person, the sort of compromising position that the tabloids would love to catch him in.

He didn't have to be looking at her, of course; JARVIS was looking at her and relaying the image. Tony didn't know if Romanoff knew that, but she did raise one elegant eyebrow at Tony's ass. “Think?”

“You and Clint both. Rogers, the big guy, they know what they are. Thor -- Thor is his own jumbo-sized issue, but I think you and I both know what he is. But you and Clint, the rest of the team thinks you're human.”

“And you think you know differently.” She'd shifted her posture. Tony might not have noticed, but JARVIS did. She had three -- no, four -- weapons on her body, not counting the exquisite weapon that was her body.

Of course, she was standing in Tony's workroom, which meant she was surrounded by his weapon. It could go either way.

Tony didn't extricate himself from the suit. “Look. I could be wrong, in which case you can say I'm crazy, which will only be the third or fourth time today.”
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Crossover of Avengers and Fae Apoc and thus turning both of them into a bit of an AU, including there being super-science in fae apoc now.
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A Tangled Knot, the last of the April Patreon stories, has been posted:

The sun was out and, therefore, so were the students.

They sprawled across the quad, some of them making an attempt at reading, but many of them soaking up the first real warmth of spring without any concern for academics...

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Check it out!

April's theme was Stranded World. May's was Love Stories. And June's was Tír na Cali.

Want to help decide July's theme? Vote in the Poll!
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(I didn't win, so here's last week's microfic at 110 words. Check out the MicroBookEnd page for the photo and prompt.)

“Big freaking deal.” Jenny and the rest of the mean kids kicked at the chalk letters. “So you have a list. Ooh, I see, it’s a ‘wish list.'” Jenny snorted. “Cute.”

Trying to get them to help had been dumb.

“Here, let me see.” Jenny snatched the chalk out of Maris’ hand. “You wished for a new dog? Right.” She scribbled at the bottom of the list. “Twenty dollars. Uh. What?” She jumped, but the list was already pulling her in, replacing her with a twenty, the way it had given a dog when it had taken Maris’ brother.
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July needs a theme!

Why, Lyn, you ask? Well, so that I have a base from which to do my Patreon prompt call!

Well, what's that do, you ask? Well, then I write stories! Two for the Patreon patrons, and at least one for everyone (that's you)!

If you don't have a DW account, pls. vote in the comments.

I will close this poll July 1 at or around 8 p.m. Eastern time.

Poll #16804 July Theme Poll
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 9

What Would You like the July Theme to Be?

View Answers

Fae Apoc (Setting)
6 (66.7%)

Survival (motif)
1 (11.1%)

Facets of Dusk (Setting)
0 (0.0%)

Demifiction (type)
0 (0.0%)

More, Please (continuations)
7 (77.8%)

Weather and the Outdoors (motif)
2 (22.2%)

micro-flash-fiction (type)
0 (0.0%)

Gender & Sex (motif)
3 (33.3%)

Obsession (motif)
1 (11.1%)

Hurt/Comfort (motif)
1 (11.1%)

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Sale Price, the third of the June Patreon stories, has been posted:

"They don't put slaves on sale."

Ellen made a point of window-shopping the slave store every time she went to the mall. It reminded her what she was saving up for, what she was working overtime for.Her maternal grandmother had been a freed slave and the best cook in southern Tír na Cali; her grandfather had cleaned floors for a living until his seventies.

A Patronage of just $1/month will give you access to the rest of the Patreon stories!

Want input into the story prompts? A Patronage of $5/month lets you prompt to your heart's content and for $15/month you will get your own personal story!

Check it out!
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I was listening to Keith Urban's Raise 'Em Up on the way to work today, and... this is what I got. A moment of Cynara as the world burns.

Lift your tear-filled eyes
Up to the sky
Comin' home you've been gone too long
Tonight we're gonna
Raise em' up

Boom Ranch, 2012

She hung up the phone and leaned back with a thump, glad there was no-one around to see her.

Tulsa was gone. Three more friends and 300 hundred thousand other people she'd failed to save.

She indulged herself in a moment of grief. Then she picked up the phone again.

"Catriona? This is Cynara -- ah, Máire the Red. I'm glad I caught you. I'm glad you're okay." She knew she sounded cheerful, upbeat, casual. She had a lot of experience sounding stable when she was shaking inside. "Look, I don't know what arrangements you've made, but some friends and I bought a ranch up in Wyoming, and there's a nice piece of land next door where I'm putting together a tent city of sorts. Running water, electricity..." Her voice caught for a moment. "It's as safe as we can make it, Cat, and that's pretty safe."

The rest was just details -- location, call sign, what to pack. Cya resisted the urge to tell her "pack everything. Pack it all; this isn't going to blow over." Instead she made herself sound calm, practical. Bring what you'd take for a three-week camping event. Bring stuff you like to work on, bring your crafting supplies. Bring friends, anyone you really trust. Bring yourself, fast. As fast as you can pack.

She hung up the phone and indulged herself in a moment of hope. Then she picked up the phone and dialed again.
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Fox Hunt, the second of the June Patreon stories, has been posted:

Ariana shifted in her saddle and tried not to look nearly as bored as she felt. This was her mother’s sport and her grandmother’s, not hers, and it bore as much relation to actual tracking as Duck Hunt did to being an army sniper.

Her family still thought it was fun, somehow: they stuck a fox tail on a slave; the slave then dutifully ran through the woods. They sent dogs after him and then, in the grand tradition of the fox hunts, rode the poor schmuck down. Afterwards, he was rewarded, coddled, and praised; the better run, the more praise. Everyone got drunk and praised themselves on how good a hunt it had been.

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Leaving the Land of the Free, the first of the June Patreon stories, has been posted

The letter from Jordy had said D- The rumors are true. They really can do it. Ruby slippers forever. -J

It had been in Jordy’s bubbly, heart-dotted-i’s handwriting, even if the envelope had been machine-printed. It explained everything, and at the same time, it opened up so many more questions.

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Five Locks, the last of the May stories, has been posted:

Five locks clicked open almost silently, quietly enough that the guard noticed nothing. In the cell, the prisoner shifted cautiously, not believing she could be free.

Down the hall, another prisoner started shouting loudly, as if he was being stabbed by a thousand pins. The guard, new on the job, hurried that way, swearing loudly the whole way....

A Patronage of just $1/month will let you read all Patron-only posts! Check it out!
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Written to [personal profile] inventrix's request/commission after I Should Visit, Part I, and Part II; 1,785 words

"...we will see you to the gate and bar your entrance.”

Regine raised her eyebrows. “You think you can?”

Cynara smiled back at her. “I think it would be a very interesting exercise for all of us. I also remember, very clearly, something that Luke taught us a long time ago: individually, a single fae may be stronger than another. In a group... it is rare that you will find a single fae stronger than fifty fae.” She folded her hands and smiled. “You can sign the paper. Or you can leave.”

Regine a second look at the paper. It was a short contract, agreeing to much the same items that Drake had sworn -- that she would came in with no desire to seek military knowledge or advantage, that she would do no harm to the staff or to the children, that she would leave if asked to leave. “Do you seriously believe that I am a danger to students?”
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May's free story, to the theme "Love Story" and to @dahob's prompt, has been posted!

You can find it here.

“He loves you very much.” The ambassador’s eyes followed the warlord’s slave as he left the room. He moved gracefully, like a predator. The chains around his wrists and ankles, shiny and decorative for all their strength, seemed to hamper him not at all... (Read on.)
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Are there sites on which you read fiction, fan or otherwise?

I know of AO3, and I've at least heard of although I haven't heard anything specific about it.

I know some people post fiction on Deviantart, but I dunno how much feedback/audience that garners one.

And I used to read Potter fic on Fiction Alley, but that was a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.

Are there any other fandom-specific sites?

I can and do plan to use the Google machine, but anything where someone already knows the community would be super helpful.
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(Livejournal shows the tweets better; I suggest clicking through & reading them there)
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(I didn't win, so here's last week's microfic at 110 words. Check out the MicroBookEnd page for the photo and prompt.)

Urban vampires live among us.

The rural breed is nearly extinct; vampires like hectic fear and the country is slower, tireder. The last rural vampire retired to a farm college where he feeds quietly off of grad students.

Urban vampires, however, live on. They dwell in the places between mirrors, in the arching walls of glass, in streetlight reflectors: not in the shadows, but in the excess of light.

It’s said that they love elevators. They can be seen there sometimes, hiding behind your stacked reflections. A camera might capture them – or release them.

But perhaps there is no need to fear, and it is all just a legend.
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A glance at my post count for this month suggests there should be tumbleweeds rolling across the dusty, empty plains of my blog. Where'd Lyn go? Off into the aether somewhere...

The truth is, I've been doing a pretty decent clip of writing, but I started trying a new system, and, while it's getting me writing done, it's all being pretty behind-the-scenes stuff.

Right now, what I've got is 6 projects, one/day, that I focus on for all or most of that day: A Doomsday piece I'm working on with @inventrix, Edally Academy, Inner Circle (Although I may have to drop one of those for sanity's sake), submission stories, the two Addergoole Staff go to Doomsday stories, and Patreon. The idea was that if I reached my wordcount-+-25% goal on any day, I'd work on other smaller things, but that just hasn't happened, not before 10 p.m. any night.

On the other hand, I'm making good progress on those projects! I had a couple slow weeks the 1-6th and 7th-13th (first garb, then sick), but last week was all zoom, zoom, ZOOM! Focusing on a single project the whole day means I'm less likely to lose track of where I am -- but only focusing on it for a day means that I don't get antsy and bored with it. Win/win!

...except the lack of posting, which I need to find a way to fix. <.
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The June Theme Poll is closed. The winner is Tir na Cali!

Tell me, what have you always wanted to know about Cali? *evil grin*
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The poll is here:

Right now, Tir na Cali and "Weather/The outdoors" are tied with three votes each and Fae Apoc is coming in a close second with two votes!

Vote to determine what I'll write about this month!

Support my Pateron - - to read the patron-only material and to leave prompts for each theme!
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The weather said rain, rain from 5 p.m. on. The sky said rain, heavy clouds hanging overhead. The air said rain; it dripped with moisture, making the moderate temperatures seem hotter, stickier.

And yet it would not rain, will not rain. It sat sticky and icky until sunset, when the drop of temperature brought some relief. And still, the promised rain, the threatened rain, will not come.

It rained yesterday, of course, heavy thunderstorms that knocked out roads in some areas and flooded downtown Watkins Glen. It rained Friday, a wild storm that turned Lake Ontario muddy. It will likely rain tomorrow.

But today, today it will not rain.
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Ashes and Love, a love story of sorts set in the Fae Apocalypse, has been posted on Patreon.

A Patronage of just $1/month will let you read all Patron-only posts! Check it out!
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I will write at least one public story, as well as the two for the Patreon rewards, this month or early next month, based on the chosen theme.

(I know I still owe some April and May fiction; please bear with me as I get caught up again!)

If you don't have a DW account, pls. vote in the comments.

I will close this poll Wednesday afternoon at or around 7 p.m. Eastern time.

Poll #16766 June Theme Poll
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 6

What Would You like the June Theme to Be?

View Answers

Fae Apoc (Setting)
3 (50.0%)

Hurt/Comfort (motif)
0 (0.0%)

micro-flash-fiction (type)
1 (16.7%)

Demifiction (type)
0 (0.0%)

Vas' World (Setting)
1 (16.7%)

Obsession (motif)
0 (0.0%)

Survival (motif)
2 (33.3%)

Tír na Cali (Setting)
4 (66.7%)

Vas' World (Setting)
0 (0.0%)

Weather and the Outdoors (motif)
3 (50.0%)

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(I didn't win, so here's last week's microfic at 109 words. Check out the MicroBookEnd page for the photo and prompt.)

“Double points if you find one the right color.” The junkyard stretched on for miles, acre upon acre of beehives, feral dogs, and cars as wrecked as the world around them. Joey and Zeph were perched an old truck, surveying their realm from a central vantage.

“Who cares about color?” Zeph scoffed. “If it runs, it’s going to be a miracle. If it hauls, we’re in.”

“If it runs and LOOKS good, then we’ve done what nobody else has in fifteen years. That’s the thing, little sister.” Joey posed, wrench and crowbar pointed to the sky. “If we do this, no-one, NOBODY, will be able to follow our act.”
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[personal profile] rix_scaedu is having a very important prompt call! (

Rix needs to raise money for a new laptop so that we can read the end of the Nai story ( (Which Rix writes on that laptop, which is dying). Go leave a prompt, leave a tip, enjoy the story, leave another tip ;-)

Right here:
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Written to [personal profile] inventrix's request/commission after I Should Visit and Part I; 1,431 words

The buildings were almost entirely stone, or, at least, things that would qualify as Eperu; according to Regine’s records, that was one of Cynara’s best Words, although Meentik had not been one of her Words at all. They were made with skill and grace, not generally more than three stories tall, and their architecture echoed both Hopi buildings and northeastern brownstones. Bright banners and signs hung from many walls, and the shops lining Main Street seemed to be doing a brisk business. Regine noticed three clothing vendors, each with their own specific niche market; a yarn-and-thread-and-cloth store with three people spinning in the center of the store and one weaving in the back; a baker, a butcher, a candlestick-maker; a cheese store with the fragrant odors of ripe cheese wafting out. The list went on. Nothing was particularly high-tech, but everything that one needed to live somewhat comfortably seemed represented.

“It seems to be a thriving town,” Regine allowed carefully. “I do, ah, see some people who appear poor.”
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I have been quiet for a couple of reasons.

The first is that I started focusing on longer works, with the intention of working on one project each day of the week (Mondays for my Doomsday-with-Cal project, Tuesdays for Edally, Wednesdays for Inner Circle, and so on). (You can see one of the few exceptions here. If I don't win the contest, I'll post it here, too.) The results of this experiment have been mixed... probably in part because of the second reason.

I spent almost every moment last week that I wasn't at work working on My First Garb (technically, second garb, but the first one was in my early 20s, soo), a kirtle/cotehardie based on but with back-lacing and belled, lined sleeves. For My First SCA Event (for realsies, although back in my early 20s I attended a few fencing practices and one baronial meeting, and I've been to one fencing practice locally, when Rion was living in my attic).

The kirtle came out pretty nicely. I got a couple compliments on it, despite it's non-period and slightly time-travelling elements. :-D :-D There are a few things I'll fix, but I can fix those later.

And I had a blast. People were friendly, everyone smiled, I was with my friend Q and his giant giant giant dog Mouse, so any time I got stressed out, I could hide behind the dog (which I did more than a couple times). Q. & his girlfriend were also really patient with my need to ease into the whole "people" thing. I'm already looking forward to "when can I do another event?"

Of course, then I immediately got sick and spent Tuesday and Wednesday unable to write a word. But that's okay, I'm better now, and wrote 1300 words on a submission yesterday. Yay!

(and I've been spending every spare minute pinteresting, googling, and generally wondering "okay, what do I make/acquire next?" Current list, possibly not in order: Feast Gear (I have some), Belt, Cloak (brr!), tote/haversack/pilgrim's bag.)

*cough* So how've you all been? What are your current projects?
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Imagine a world very much like ours, except, through some twist of fate, a major comic book publisher managed to create a female super-hero whose path followed something like Batman's/Superman's in our world.

She got a long-running TV show in the 60's, movies in the 70's, then a reboot in the early 90's and another reboot around 2010. The comic strip has spawned dozens of side-lines. There have been animated shows and even a brief musical. Fanfiction abounds. Fan wars abound.

She would have first appeared in a Wonder Worlds Comics (Often called, because of its logo, V4 or V4C) in the mid-30's.


She needs a name. It needs to be a woman or lady or anything that isn't girl, please.
It also needs to be not something that already shows up on a Google search, 'cause this is showing up in to-be-published work. <.<

I would like for her to have a super-power of some sort, and a secret identity.

edited to add: now I have two! Waterwoman/Liquid Lady and the Aerialist!

I'm leaning more towards Bruce Wayne than Clark Kent in this secret identity, even though such heros don't usually have superpowers.

She needs at least 2 sidekicks, pref. with catchphrases, one male and one female.

A trademark villain or two wouldn't be bad, either.

And anything else you can think of!
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Written to [personal profile] inventrix's request/commission after I Should Visit; 1,447 words

“I’m impressed.” Regine snorted dryly. “She’s managed to reinvent bureaucracy.”

“Just a few more forms, ma’am, sir.” The guard - human, Regine was nearly certain - smiled a tight, efficient bureaucrat’s smile and brought forth another ream of paper. Where had Cynara even found a papermill? “Now, are you bringing any animals into the city?”

“This is a short visit to see an old student. We’re not immigrating.” Next to her, Feu Drake said nothing, only smirked inscrutably as he’d been doing for hours. “No, there are no animals with us. Tempero Intinn Rodger--”

She had quite a bit of practice sliding Workings such as this into conversation, but utterly none at doing so when a klaxon started blaring. She faltered, frowning; the door to the tiny waiting room thumped open.

This guard was openly displaying her Change: sharp, short horns and very large wings. She was also wearing Captain’s stripes and a frown. She hit a button, and the klaxon silenced.
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I am making a kirtle/cotehardie in a hurry, based off of this page.

Since the original plan was for a T-tunic, I'm a little short on length in my original fabric. I decided to make a virtue out of necessity and hem the thing with a deep (~9") guard of a brighter cut of the same fabric.

Right now, what I have is a dress (sleeveless, working on that too) with 10 different hemlines, up to 6" different in length (I had some math errors, I think, or some measuring errors).

Since the hem is going to be an encased hem, I can't just sew a strip to the dress and then hem it at the bottom.

So: What's the easiest way to get a level hem while attaching a deep guard to the bottom of my dress?

Additionally, aesthetically - should I add a strip of the brighter material to the end of the sleeve (which will be belled), inserted just above the elbow as a band, or both?
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Written to Kuro-Neko's commissioned continuation of Survival, of Fae Apoc, sometime in late 2011/early 2012.

Three, two... “Are you saying...” Ross Wetherschilde spoke slowly, as if not quite wanting to get to the end of his sentence. “...that there is a ‘fae’ onboard this life raft?”

“Of course that’s what she’s freaking saying, you freaking nincompoop!” Tanya Jones spoke fast enough for three Ross Wetherschildes. “The question is, how does she know! And who?”

“I think it’s obvious, don’t you?” Yonrit thought she knew every voice on the raft, but this one made her open her eyes: small, sardonic, and very quiet. Aah, the slender woman who had barely spoken since the crash, of course. “There’s one way to know for certain that someone is fae.”

She met Yonrit’s eyes; Yonrit didn’t look away. Around them, the conversation seemed to roil and bubble.

“...stab ‘em with rowan, that’s how!”

“Iron, you hang a horseshoe on your doorway.”
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Leave a Light On(4)

Every evening, just before dusk, Margolotta lit the two blue lamps by the front door. They burned all night, every night, even when oil was scarce, even when they had been struggling the worst. It had been fifteen years, and still she walked out the front door and put a flame those lights every night.

"For guests," she said, whenever asked. The roads weren't safe to travel at night, and no guests came after dusk. But still, she lit the lamps. "For guests."

On clear nights, she'd wait on the front porch, staring down the road. He'd promised he'd come back, and she'd promised she'd leave the light on.

written to May 28th's Thimbleful Thursday prompt.
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If you haven't yet voted in my poll, please take a look.

If you don't have a DW account, you can vote in the comments.
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Knowing Doomsday
Celebrity, and
[personal profile] inventrix's Under Arrest

Dysmas’ jaw was broken, a shattered mess of pain. And his ankles were itching with the particular irritation that suggested hawthorn. He was blindfolded, his hands bound, and he was stuck - well, he didn’t know where he was stuck, but the chains tethering his ankles had very little give.

He wondered how Leofric had caught him - or if the dumb cy’Luca even had bothered looking for actual offenses. Either way, he’d been ready for Dysmas. The blindfold, the broken jaw... the kid might not have even been able to handle being Kept for a year, but Luke’s lessons must have done some good.

And now - now what? Dysmas squirmed. He couldn’t get out of the bindings, couldn’t Work anything. He tried to speak, only to find that he couldn’t even properly shape a Word soundlessly right now.
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I have too many for-fun projects floating around, and it's clogging up my focus!

Which of these would you prefer I focus on?

Poll #16732 Project Focus
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 11

Which Non-Commissioned, Non-serial story should I focus on?

View Answers

Trope Bindo (Foedus) (Jahnan & Yira)
3 (27.3%)

Doomsday: Kallie (the 8-year 8-story 8-kid plotline)
3 (27.3%)

Fires of Gobann (apocalypse)
0 (0.0%)

Luke Visits Doomsday
7 (63.6%)

Reynard and Elle (new Buffalo)
1 (9.1%)

Metafanfic (Kendra writes fanfic of HP)
1 (9.1%)

Amrit And Mieve (Beekeeper)
1 (9.1%)

Pet Play (Dog, Tony, and Henri)
2 (18.2%)

Clones (Katherina and her identicals)
2 (18.2%)

Fanfix (The Pevensie kids go to Valdemar)
5 (45.5%)

(if you do not have a DW account, pls. feel free to vote in the comments)

("whichever you want" is not a helpful answer in this case :-P)
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Dean Storm (Kailani)

Tempest, her granddaughter and a doctor

Petra, daughter of Taro, the Dean's bodyguard.

Kavan Pensus (seems to teach martial arts; male)

Houses: possibly by this comment -

Motto: "We Learn so that we might improve."
"To learn, ergo, to improve."

Professor Heron (name pending)
5 ft. 8 in. tall., slim athletic build, mid back tight curls black hair.
bluegrey eyes, ebony skin.

waterbird related Change; Significant physical Changes include hands and/or feet
Innate ability can transform furnishings in some way.

She teaches Transfiguration?

She teaches applied mathmatics and was a friend of Reid Solomon's. While she had no interest in the original program, she liked the idea of teaching fae children.
Her best words are Yaku and eperu.


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