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"Because everything is better with the end of the world."

Welcome! Below you can find hundreds - thousands, really - of posts, many of them fiction.

I write a lot - much in established universes, some in one-off settings. Much of what I write ends up here. In addition, you'll find homesteading blogging, the occasional crafts-and-clothing post, and journals of my wine-tourism of New York State.

Here (and here on Livejournal) you'll find an index of my universes. Each 'verse has its own landing page with an index of stories within.

My commission rates are here (and on LJ); you can tip (tips go in a general pool to sponsor longer stories, voted on monthly), sponsor an already-written story, or commission a story to be written. Or you can become a Patreon Patron and unlock even more fiction!


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I'm trying to put together an [profile] all_bingo "Finish It" card here.

It was pointed out to me that I have far, far too many unfinished stories to sort through.

So I started looking through the second page of my more, please tag: here

This is just a few suggestions of things someone has said "more, please" to that I have not finished. I will add to it as I find time.

Stranded in Winter - Autumn is stuck in town in winter
Space Accountant
A Reason - and Accidental, and bunking arrangements, etc (Genique got Married?)
Matchmaker, Matchmaker - Sabine didn't intend to collar Holles. But...
About That... Fridmar in an unexpected possibly-romantic situation with a student? i.e., Lyn is not great at consistence.
Aunt Family
Then and Now - Radar and his kitten
Romance was never this convenient to handle - Mark Faine, Mark Faine, Mark Faine. How many of him are there?
Falling From Grace - ...not sure what to say about this one.
this one didn't get a more please but it could use one.
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Chapter One: Trouble at the Stamen

Chapter 2: The Stamen End

“Aurora, do you really think we should bring Billow and Nimbus down there if something strange is going on?” Nimbus’ father was leaning down over the hole in the center of the island, tutting at Nimbus’ mother, who was already far down the narrow tube. He didn’t hear Nimbus coming up behind him, although he must have heard Billow, still waiting halfway down the steep climb, complaining.

Want access to this serial and much more?

Pledges for my Patreon can be had for $1, $5, or $7/month.

Interested? Check out The Expectant Wood and pledge today!
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The stairs up had never seemed so long and so exposed.  Enrie walked up them as quickly as she dared without drawing attention.  They didn't want those people to know what they’d overheard — or that they knew what it meant.  They didn’t want to lead them straight to the Coffee Treaty, either.

Read on:
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Part I:

Giles was frowning over a map when Buffy and Willow popped back into the library. Using a ruler and several colored pencils, he’d marked all over it, drawing what looked like a giant asterisk.

“Looking to teach art class?” Buffy flopped bonelessly into a chair. ”It looks like you could use a little work.”

“Oh, I don’t know.” Willow sat down much more primly. ”Mrs. Edenburgh has gotten a bit shaky lately. Ever since that problem on Parent-Teacher night last year…”

“But there’s shaky and then there’s, well, then there’s Giles. No offense, Giles.”
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Want something written? Be the 1st to comment on each of the xposting sites with a topic/link and I'll write you 100-250 words in the next week
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I have 3 posts currently open for feedback:

Patreon May Theme Poll - will close 5/5 at 5:55 (Eastern time)

"Finish It!" - what stories do you want to see me finish? I need a total of 30...

...and speaking of finishing, I was already planning on finishing a fdomme story, or at least progressing it. Tell me which one?
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“This is the deal,” his mother said. She had the grim look on, the one that, when he was younger, had meant punishments he couldn’t avoid and a week of having her Disappointed in Him, which, if he’d been forced to think about it, he might have admitted was usually worse than the punishments. He squirmed, because whatever was coming, it wasn’t going to be fun.

“The deal,” he agreed cautiously...

(read on...)
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And we're back! Sorry for the delay, guys, I had written myself into a hole...


Enrie looked down at her notepad, scribbled down a note, and then glanced up at Saydrie and Taikie.  They were both frowning, their heads tilted towards the nearby treaties section.  Why?

“...thought we’d found it all, but…” Oh.  It was barely a whisper, but when her pen stopped moving, she could...

Read on:
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In response to this meme, I have posted sex-headcanons for the following three characters:

Agmund Fridmar (Addergoole)
Winter (Stranded World)
Robbie (Aunt Family)

The original post is still open for more comments~
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Hello! It's time for the May Patreon Theme Poll!

These polls determine the theme for Patreon writing for the month, spurring the prompt call and from there several stories.

Want to check out my Patreon? Look here.
For just $1, you can read all the Patreon stories; for $5/month, you can prompt in the prompt calls! (for $7/month you get a private story!)

Don't have Dreamwidth? Please feel free to vote in the comments.

Poll #17461 May Theme Poll
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 4

What should the May 2016 Theme Be?

View Answers

Stranded World (Setting)
3 (75.0%)

Inner Circle (Setting)
0 (0.0%)

The Planners (Setting)
0 (0.0%)

Gender & Sex (motif)
2 (50.0%)

Survival (motif)
0 (0.0%)

Weather and the Outdoors (motif)
2 (50.0%)

Hurt/Comfort (motif)
1 (25.0%)

Rebirth (motif)
0 (0.0%)

Demifiction (type) (non-fiction in fictional settings)
0 (0.0%)

More Please (type) (continuations of extant pieces)
3 (75.0%)

For setting information, check out here.

This poll will close on 5/5/2016 at 5:55 p.m. Eastern time.
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The Doors were a rumor, a whisper, something the magi murmured about beyond closed doors. They had never found one - until it turned out that it wasn't the Doors they hadn't been able to find, but the openers.

Now Alexa, the only Opener known in her home reality, works with a team of scientists, explorers, magi, and soldiers to discover where these Doors can take them. And it will be quite a ride!

February Worldbuilding Q30

In the Storm (LJ) [Cole, intro]
Intro (LJ) [Alexa, intro] [Friend/donor perk]

Into the Doorway, an introduction

Through the Door (LJ) [Alexa]

Trouble in Doubles (LJ) [Josie]
Kissing One'sself (LJ) [Cole]

Last in Line (LJ) [Peter]

The uniform (LJ) [Cole]

falling, falling, falling down (LJ) [Xenia]
Still Falling (LJ) [Josie]

Wishing a Merry Christmas (LJ) [Cole]

Wet, Messy, Dirty (LJ) Josie/Peter

Gender Play (LJ) [Alexa/Xenia]
The Stars (after Gender Play)

Underneath (LJ) [Josie]

On the Subway ()

The Sweet Rose of Morning (Did not Xpost) [Cole]

The Beginning (LJ) [Donor Perk] (Cole)

G for the Gate - The Golden Gate

Cloaked - The team lands in a interesting world.

Deep in the Autumn Air



Fitting In (LJ)
Give-me-something-fun-to-write Storylet 4 (LJ)
Wrong Door (LJ)

Back up back up (LJ), a crossover with [personal profile] djinni's Ekwara
Target (LJ), a crossover with Tir na Cali
Through Another Door (Live Journal) There are others who walk between worlds...
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I finally put together a list of my publications!

And on the same site, there A listing of all the places you can currently find my writing...

...oops, gotta add AO3. Well, it'll be updated quickly!

More Maps!

May. 2nd, 2016 08:18 am
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I finally got a picture of the rivers, national boundary, cities, and now wild-rice roads for my new map project:
Read more... )

And this past Friday, for #fridayfiveminutemap, I did a draft of my map for the Cartographers' Guild April-May Lite Challenge (link to follow when their site's not down): a campground.
Read more... )
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okay, guys, there's this -

So, much in the spirit of [ profile] rix_scaedu's recent "More Character please" prompt request and "More Story please posts, I'm offering this:

Tell me what you want me to finish/work on

Give me 30 things (6 are for me to pick) - with URL if available - that need to be/you want to be completed/continued/furthered, and I will add them to my bingo card, to be worked on over the next 2 months.

If I get more than 30 (I accept this is entirely possible), I will put them all on a list and randomize out the first 30, or pick and choose ones I like, as I see fit.

The List
Daxton and Esha
Arisse and Chress
Kidnappers in "Dragons Next Door." (2 votes!)

Shahin and Emrys
Cúmhaí :
Space Accountant: A Reason - and Accidental, and bunking arrangements, etc (Genique got Married?) -

Autumn] - no specific story chosen yet
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This is written to [personal profile] wyld_dandelyon's prompt to my "Wild Card" square of this [community profile] ladiesbingo card from 2014.

Aunt family, rather early on in Eva's story, I think.

It was a quiet evening, a Friday on the edge between autumn and winter. There was a fire roaring in the wood stove - their family liked to do things old-school when they could - and the lanterns were all filled and ready. Nights like this, the power liked to go out, and if there was one thing the family as a whole agreed on, it was that being prepared was far better than cursing the darkness.

Especially considering the darkness had a tendency of cursing back people like them.

Eva was playing cards - gin rummy, a relatively safe pursuit - with one of her older aunts. Aunt Karaleen had celebrated her hundred-and-third birthday just a few months ago, and while nobody would ever say one of their family was going senile, she did tend to forget what decade it was now, and she had a habit of wandering combined with the family's trademark stubbornness. About the only way to keep her in one place for any length of time was to entertain her, and tonight was Eva's turn.
Read more... )

Is there more
Aunt Family
in the cards?
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The Baroness and the Pauper

A story of Tír na Cali

Nora shifted from foot to foot. She felt awkward and uncomfortable; standing here, in the manor house, she felt grubby, her skin itchy. “Look, if this is about the thing with the overseer...” She’d only been a slave for six months. She’d spent most of it getting in trouble, and most of that annoying the overseer. Who worked for this woman, this… Baroness.

Inside her shower, the Baroness... (read on...)

You can get stories like this every month!

Support my on Patreon - pledge just $5/month to prompt stories every month and $1/month to read them all!
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Okay, I have a lot of "male captive" stories (for a reason), all of 'em hanging around unfinished.

(please feel free to suggest others, this is just off the top of my head):

Reynard and Elle
Mieve and Amrit*
Daxton and Esha ***
Arisse and Chress **
Jahnan And Yira...

Which one should I focus on for the next, say 5000-10000 words of entertaining not-currently-for-profit fic?

(These may turn into books of the self-pub variety at some point...)

(*s mark "votes", since I didn't feel like making this a poll and I won't treat it as binding, more like recommendations)
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Part I -
Part II -
Part III -
Part IV -

Regine pulled up the computer program that kept all of her student data, glad once again that she had upgraded her machines just before the catastrophe. You could still buy computer parts in a few select enclaves, but their methods left something to be desired and they almost always included as much spyware as actual computer.

She performed a search on extant and incoming students into the school, and then performed the search two more times. “That…” She stared at the screen with a decidedly unpleasant feeling before finally raising her voice. “Hayley!”

“Yes, Director Regine?”

“Call in Luca Hunting Hawk and Michael VanderLinden. Now.”

~Read more... )
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E-mail box clean out continues!
This is to a combination of [ profile] lilfluff's and [ profile] rix_scaedu's prompts here

"I don't believe in aliens." The elf lord stuck his chin out and glared at the gathered others. "There is life aplenty on this planet, for one. For another, the stars are gods-lights trailing across the ceiling of the world. There is no place for these 'alien beings' to come from."

Others on the council nodded their heads. "There are the gods, but they do not visit this planet except in cases of extreme emergency." A grey-haired elf ticked off points on her long fingers. "There are us, the fae of Underhill and the Hidden Vale. There are humans. There are the water-borne, who are neither fae nor human. That is more than enough for anyone to deal with."

The messenger cleared his throat uncomfortably. Up until a week ago, he hadn't believed in aliens either - and until half an hour ago, he hadn't believed in elves. "Be that as it may, ma'am, sir, everyone... but the aliens want a breeding pair of unicorns, and you are our last hope of finding any."

Tip Box ;-)


Apr. 27th, 2016 11:12 am
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 Hey, has anyone heard from [personal profile] kuro_neko00 ?  I realized I hadn't heard from them for a while....

If they've just stopped reading my work, that's fine, but I worry when people vanish.
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Buffy the Vampire Slayer ~ Addergoole

“Hey Giles.” Buffy strode into the library at Sunnydale High and dropped an envelope in front of her Watcher. “Got some weird mail. Figure you can do the research on it and get all Watcher-y or something.”

“I am certain I can be all... Watcher.. y.” Giles held the envelope by one corner and stared at it. “Buffy, if you'll excuse me for a moment, I need to look at this in private.”

“Whatevs. Just let me know if something needs slayage. I'm going to go work on my tan.” She pivoted on her heel towards the door, only to stop inches short of the swinging door. “Ooor not. Hi, Will.”

“Oh, hi, Buffy.” Willow barely seemed to notice her. “Giles? I got some totally weird piece of mail, and I'm having concerns.” Willow stuck her head and one hand in the library door, displaying an envelope hanging in a plastic sheet protector. “I looked this place up, and their web site is totally legit, but it's spooky, in the 'maybe too legit' sort of way, if you know what I mean, which I bet you totally don't, but that's okay, because... oh. Could you see if maybe I missed something?”
Read more... )

Part II:
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Go check out [personal profile] lilfluff 's prompt call to the theme "alternatives."

He's taking prompts to his last two bingo cards, as well as more general prompts and "more of xxx"

Go prompt!  

Edit: Fluff has a landing page of sorts here which serves as a good starting place for his work.
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Don't Cry, Baby 

a repost from 2013

Addergoole, beginning of Year 13 - originally posted here and slightly edited. (One of only two retro posts I could find involving rain/showers!)

“Don’t cry, baby. When you cry, the sky cries with you.”

Amaya’s daddy had said that to her, growing up. He’d point out the window at the encroaching clouds, or at the storm or the shower, and say the same thing, every time.

When she tripped and skinned her knee, “Don’t cry, baby..."

continue reading (free for everyone) on Patreon - here
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Part I -
Part II -
Part III:

Cya was not smiling. It was very important for some reason that she was not smiling.

Regine had lived with Michael and Luke as her crew for quite some time, and she could predict with some accuracy what they might say in this situation.

“She’s not playing a game.” Luke had said that on more than one occasion. “Even when she is laughing, she is not playing, any more than you are. It’s important to remember that.”

Michael did not like to talk about Boom quite so much, although he seemed quite fond of Cloverleaf and several of their other projects. When he’d been advising Regine about this trip, he had said a few pertinent things, including “Remember you’re talking about her children and descendants. Remember how biased even you can be about your own blood.” and “If she smiles, she’s comfortable, confident. If she stops smiling, you might do well to be worried.”
Read more... )

Epilogue -
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Okay, I'm ready to start planning the Addergoole Book One Kickstarter. The book is drafted, so step one done (it's been drafted for well over a year...)

Things I know I need:
* Cover art/layout
* Editing

Things I might like:
* Layout done professionally, both e- and paper book
* internal art/poster art

Things I maybe Need:

From those basic lists, what am I missing?

In addition, if you were going to support this sort of Kickstarter, what sort of reward tiers/stretch goals would you like?

(Note: this sort, because I know Addergoole is not everyone's cuppa tea.)
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In response to this meme, I have posted sex-headcanons for the following three characters:

Rozen (Addergoole)
Doug (also Addergoole)
Ruan (Aunt Family)

The original post is still open for more comments~
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Pantry Cooking and Bird Eviction

This weekend, the major projects were cleaning up the pantry cupboards in our kitchen and evicting a bird family from our house framework.

Our "pantry" is the five cupboards on one side of our kitchen where we keep mostly dry ingredients and a few meal mixes, along with "oh this looks cool." So we pulled everything out, made a few things, tossed a couple things in the compost, and cleaned it out.

We made: sweet bread with a pecan-royal jelly filling, tapioca (well, we started it) from non-instant tapioca (soak overnight), black cherry gelatin, orzo and yellow lentils with curry and grape tomatoes, and then, for lunches, barley-split pea soup with cream of broccoli soup mix, broccoli stems, and dehydrated vegetables (and some ham).

The bird problem was, ah, less fun.
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...from [personal profile] d_generate_girl:


Give me a character, and I will write (up to) three pieces of sexual headcanon for them.
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Saydrie was quiet.  Taikie was quiet and frowning.  Enrie was holding a book in front of her, quiet, and feeling vaguely embarrassed by the whole thing.

Finally, Saydrie cleared his throat.  “That’s… well, I’m not all that surprised, I have to admit.  They don’t really like the team system, I m

Read on:
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Folchir's Fort.jpg

While I was looking up maps, I encountered the premise of "friday 5-minute maps." And, while nobody had been active on any of the tags in a while, I thought it looked fun.

So here's my first idea: Folchir's Fort.

This stands (loosely) where on my big map project there is a red star - 'cept it's been long enough (approx 1500-2000 years ago) that the river has moved. The bigger houses are meant to be almost longhouse style: communal big buildings thrown up quickly, because shelter was needed.

(I gotta say, some of the maps in the Google Plus community are amazing for 5 minutes!)

Now taking suggestions for the next few fridays worth of maps.
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first: A Door in the Wall
Second: On the Other Side of the Door
Third: The Call Comes Again
Fourth: New Travelling Companions

It could not be hugging Horses forever, of course. Susan reluctantly released Leffen’s neck and stepped back, curtseying again to make up for her lack of manners. “My apologies again. Herald Soleck, Companion Leffen, you have a mission for us?”

“I do, yes. The first step of that mission is rest, however, and outfits more suitable for Valdemar. You have come from very far away, I believe, but we wish it not appear such to outsiders. Can you stand a short walk? Perhaps a candlemark?”

Susan could hazard a guess at a “candlemark,” but it did not really matter. She nodded at Peter’s raised eyebrow; she would walk all day if she had to, to be out in nature again, and to be on a mission again.

“We can walk that far,” Peter agreed. “As long as the terrain’s not too harsh.”
Read more... )
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I had a fun idea for trope bingo but uh...

Jan 1: Signups open
Jan 15: Bingo posting begins
April 15: Last day to request a first card
April 30: Last day to request a second card
April 30: Last day to post bingos for This round
May 1: Amnesty beings
June 30: Amnesty ends
July 1: Next round begins

So it'll have to wait. Edited to add: There's [community profile] genprompt_bingo, thanks [ profile] rix_scaedu!

(the idea was something like: Make a list of settings of mine that are cross-over-able;
make a list of fanfic settings I can comfortably xover into. Roll a die for each, write one or a whole bingo series in that. repeat.)

Speaking of... what settings of mine are good for crossing over? Or maybe - any you can think of that AREN'T?

(And did Kink_bingo go away?)

FanFic settings:
Marvel CMU
DC/Batman (comics)
Dr. Who, mostly modern
Criminal Minds
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Harry Potter
Star Wars
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Chapter One: Trouble at the Stamen

“Mem! Pearl! Come onnn.” The nearer you got to the center of the island, the steeper the terrain got, the further ahead Nimbus’ mother and older sister got, and the more her little sister Billow complained about it....

Nimbus and her family are on an ordinary expedition to the Center of the island of Aereaxera when things start getting a bit noisy.

This fantasy adventure story takes place in and around the sky islands of The Aereaxerer archipelago. It will post once/month (although it will start at 2 posts/month to catch up) and is available to all Patreon patrons.

Supporting my fiction on Patreon costs as little as
$1/month and gives you access to stories above and beyond those posted here on Dreamwidth/Livejournal.

Interested? Check out The Expectant Wood and pledge today!
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With the posting of a Summer story a moment ago, the Stranded prompts I opened to a tiny group of people (for reasons; I might try that again some time) are completed.

The list:
The "Festival" series:
A Wink...
Nothing Could Possib-lie Go Wrong (Summer)
Places One Doesn't Go (Winter)
At Home (Spring)
Sight and Sense (Autumn)

The others:
The Thing About Tangling... (Spring)
The Words of Magic
A Drabble of Summer

I'll offer continuations at the Giraffe Call rate of $1/100 words for the next week
Tip the Thorne-Author
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More or less to [personal profile] eseme's prompt and a companion to Character Study: Melinda

Summer was always the last to go to sleep.

She liked the quiet moments at the end of the day, the way she could cuddle with a sleepy Bishop and Mellie until, one and then the other, they headed off to their giant cobbled-together bed. She liked stroking their hair and their backs while they watched TV or studied together - sometimes, despite all advice, both at once. She liked sleepy late-night kisses.

And then she strolled the house alone, listening to the noises the old place made, picking up this and that. Sometimes she would whisper charms for her family, charms for her lovers. Sometimes she'd just stay up studying.

Tonight, she wandered out to the back yard and stared up at the stars. It felt like they were watching, reminding her to be good.

Summer stuck her tongue out at them and went back inside, where the lights were warmer and less distant.
aldersprig: an ancient-looking world map (map) pictures today because I made a muck up of trying to make the long rivers more curvy. <.<

Tomorrow I will trace the map and start clean with shiny new curvy rivers.

And some lakes, preferably ones that don't look like a troll-head. Those old troll dolls with all the hair.

I keep forgetting you don't need visible obvious rivers feeding into a lake (visible on a continent-scale map, that is). It could all be streams.

Pictures tomorrow!

(pre-curvied drawings can be shown here - - that at least decide placement of the rivers in broad scale)

Edit (again): Please ignore the awful scribbles that are the rivers. This is for basic city and border placement.
photo behind cut )
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“Thank you, Gianci.”  Enrie bowed politely, but her head was reeling.  Revolution.  Were they really talking about that?

It couldn’t be the first time, could it?  Not with the Bitrani still so unhappy after so many centuries under Calenyen rule.  “Thank you,” she repeated.  “I have to…” She gest

Read on:
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This follows after: Taking Chances, Betting on it, Betting Time, Bunking Arrangements, and Accidental.

It is a partial answer to [ profile] kelkyag's question here and is only a year and a half in coming...

"Spill." First Mate Cleonorayen Clyd flopped into the spare chair in Quatermaster Marist Irio's bunk without asking or even knocking. She made up for it by thunking down a thick bottle filled with a bluish liquid.

Marist grabbed two heavy-bottomed glasses and poured generous shots. "You're talking about the little accountant, right?"

"Bunk change. Bunk change, Marist, what on earth possessed you?"

"What? She wanted a bunk change, I gave her one. Pretty Marsey there is going to be a happy-if-confused young man for the next year."

"But he could have been that without a marriage contract. What are you up to?"

"Pitmaster." Marist threw back her drink in one swallow. "If the girl is in a marriage contract, she doesn't go to the Pit. And none of us want her going to the Pit... do we?"


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