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"Because everything is better with the end of the world."

I write a lot - much in established settings, some in one-off universes.
Below is an index of my universes; each 'verse has its own landing page with an index of stories within.
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The Faerie Apocalypse is liveblogged at [personal profile] faeapoclive, [ profile] faeapoclive, and [ profile] faeapoclive. What what happens when the gods return to our world.
Stranded World (LJ Link), modern fantasy seen through the eyes of 4 siblings who work the webs of the world, each in their own way.
Reiassan (LJ Link), high fantasy in a world just recovering from centuries of battle.
Edally Academy (LJ Link), Steampunk Boarding School in the world of Reiassan.
Tir na Cali (LJ Link); technically modern fantasy, alternate-history timeline, primarily lifestyle-kink erotica.
Faerie Apocalypse (LJ Link), a dystopic modern and post-modern fantasy/apoc world. Faeries and gods live among us, disguised as humans, their culture underground.
Addergoole (LJ Link) is a school within the Faerie Apocalypse setting.
Doomsday is a school created by graduates of Addergoole, generations after the Faerie Apoc.
Vas' World (LJ Link): the team was sent to explore the planet for colonization. They could never have guessed what they'd find.
Dragons Next Door (LJ Link)is a fun high-fantasy-in-the-burbs setting with a few good-with-ketchup crunchy dark bits.
Facets of Dusk (LJ Link) is a mystery waiting to be revealed; come along for the show!
The Planners (LJ Link): When the Apocalypse came, they were prepared. Very Prepared.
Unicorn/Factory (LJ) of the costs of progress.
The Aunt Family (LJ) - a mysterious family with some very strange magical artifacts.
Space Accountant (LJ) All Genique wanted was a nice vacation.
Shadow Rebellion (LJ) It all started with the shadows moving...
Science! (Lj) Why haven't Mad Scientists taken over the world yet?
Fairy Town There's something about the city. Something in the water, maybe?
Inner Circle (LJ) Getting to the Inner Circle can take a lifetime - or cost you your life.
Setting Nursery - these one-off stories may blossom into settings some day (incomplete)

All of my writing here is crowdfunded and crowdsourced; comments and suggestions keep the gears spinning and donations keep the power on.
My Donor landing page is here (and on LJ); you can tip (tips go in a general pool to sponsor longer stories, voted on monthly), sponsor an already-written story, or commission a story to be written.

Once a month I open up a call for prompts; the Giraffe Call's landing page is here and on LJ.

I hosted a 30-days of flash fiction meme: its landing page is here (LJ Link)

Want more? There's always more to read!

What Follows,
an apocalyptic anthology:
How would an Immortal deal with
the End Times? The world will
inevitably come stumbling into
apocalypse, and They will be
there to witness it.

 photo ShiftingHearts_zps419ea943.jpg
Shifting Hearts,
a therian anthology:
It is said that the eyes are the windows
to the soul, but what if the soul that looks
back isn't as human as you first thought?

Addergoole, a completed webserial

Edally Academy, a new webserial

Tales for the Sugar Cat, my ebook

Kazkah Press, a flash-fiction webzine

Wikis of setting information currently exist in various stages of completion:
Addergoole: the Original Series - semi-defunct, but has information still being migrated to the below wiki
Addergoole Year Nine - and beyond
Faerie Apoc
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A Meeting and an Education, the story of Zizny & Cxaidin meeting, has been posted on Patreon, free for everyone to read.

The hunters had been trying the mountain again and so sentries were being posted. Zizny was young and junior and so had pulled more than a fair share of sentry duty, but tek found that it was not so burdensome as all that. For one, tek generally got to spend most of the day lounging in the sun, watching the birds fly by. For another, tek occasionally got a chance to meet interesting beings.

read on!
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I'd gotten used to my children bringing home friends by the time Jin was in high school. Junie was a little socialite, even in kindergarten, but Jin - Jin was a one-child rescue wagon. He brought home stray dogs, stray erbiss, lost pixies - his entire 7th grade year had been devoted to creating an elaborate dollhouse for a family of Tinies...

Continued here; a Patronage of just $1/month will let you read all Patron-only posts!
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Written to [ profile] rix_scaedu's question here: Who were Agmund Fridmar's parents and who was his Mentor?


Artyom looked to his father, to his mother, and back to his father. Neither of them had shown any surprise when, four weeks ago, Artyom had woken in the middle of the night to find himself a cubit taller and four hand-spans wider. "Aren't you a great bear," Artyom's father had said, but he'd been smiling. Artyom's mother had just said "I'll write to Magnus."

Magnus, it appeared, was a Norseman a hand-span again taller than Artyom and quite a bit broader. He had bowed deeply to Artyom's mother and called her Star-Catcher, a name Artyom had never heard before. His bow to Artyom's father had been polite but much less deep, and he'd called him Gospodin Ivanov.

Artyom's mother was not a gentle person, but she was using her soft voice now, the one she used for hard things. "Artyom, this is Magnus, called the Winter Hound, and he will be your Mentor. He fought by my side, in the days when we were warriors."

There was a story there, Artyom knew it. But there was also no room for argument in his mother's voice. "Gospodin Winter Hound," he said, instead of arguing, and bowed deeply. He'd always known he might have a Mentor, if things turned out one way or another. It seemed gaining a cubit in height was one way for things to turn out.

"It will be a long voyage, young warrior. Say goodbye to your parents now, and, should all be well, you will be saying hello to them in some years as a new person."

Artyom nodded again. There was no point, he could tell, in saying that he didn't want to leave, that he had no wish to be a new person. Things had been decided. He bowed to his mother and to his father. "Good-bye," he said. His voice cracked, but he ignored it and, politely, so did they. "I will return."

His mother's hand landed hard on his shoulder. "You will return to us, my son. Go now into the hands of your Mentor, and may the gods guide your steps."

Artyom turned to the gigantic Magnus. "Sir. I am yours to teach."

see obsolete Russian units of measure.
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I had so much fun writing the four world/character/storybuilding stories yesterday that I want to do more! :-)

But I'm still really busy with Sekret Projeckt. :-(

So! No promises I'll get to any of these, much less all of them, but here goes:

For Addergoole/Doomsday/FaeApoc, Dragons Next Door, or Reiassan/Edally, ask me any world/character building question that can be answered in fiction form.

For example: How did Akatil end up at Addergoole (I've already answered that one, short form), Where did Aud go to school? (another one already answered ;-)... I think you get the idea.
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"You tore the city down?" Ric's voice was the tone usually used for discovering someone had murdered a pile of babies.

The woman in front of him held up both hands placatingly. "We took pictures. We took pictures of everything and I used a flyer to get photos from the air. And everything written was saved and put in the library. There's some artifacts you might find interesting in our museum - that is, if you take the job."

They were back to the job again. "Why me?" Ric frowned. The woman spread her hands in an expressive shrug; Ric plowed on. "I mean, you said that your power could find anything. I can understand that." Finding your missing pen didn't register as all that strange; Ric, it seemed, could grant wishes. "But why me? There have to be plenty of teachers in the world, even Ellehemaei teachers - even teachers from Addergoole."

For a split second, it seemed as if the woman was blushing. She coughed and looked away. "I know your father."

"...that's nice. I mean, I don't." He'd met his father - four times now, if his count was right. That was different from knowing him.

"I Kept your father. I've Kept quite a few people, over the years. One a year, more or less, since my second year. So... quite a few."

Ric's mother had been Twelfth Cohort, his father something earlier. He'd lost track of the years, but he was pretty sure they were somewhere in the late 30's or early 40's of Cohorts now. If this woman was older than his father... "That's quite a few Kept. So, again... why me?"

"Well, 'child of someone I've Kept, who happens to have the skills I need, might be interested in the job, and could benefit from it' - that's a pretty refined search to start with. And I mayyyy have," she dragged the word out, and again Ric thought he might see a blush, "limited it to only a few of those Kept. My favorites, as it were."

"That's a pretty specific power you have."

"I've pushed its limits. I like pushing its limits." She smiled brightly. "You don't have to answer today, you know." Her smile slipped easily back into a professional expression.

"You brought a teleporter today."

"Well," she looked back to where her teleporter was waiting, reading a book and seeming to pay them no mind, "he does make things easier."

Ric looked her over again. She was clean, her (dyed-red) hair, her fingernails, her clothes. Her clothes looked new, too, brightly colored and with no patches or thin spots anywhere. She looked rich. "Does this job pay?"

She grinned at him, as if she knew she had him. Well, she probably did. "That all depends on what currency you want to get paid in."

Ric is Athanaric; he is the son of Hroderich, who I don't see in any stories except as a mention (Cya Kept him directly before Pellinore. Hroderich is a grandson of Aelfgar (as is Howard; Leo is Aelfgar's son; Aelgifu is his daughter... Aelfgar has a lot of kids...)

Also new Djinni Icon!
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Set c. 1829, written in response to [ profile] cluudle's question on the last story.

It is possible Regine would never have noticed the woman.

She was a half-breed beggar, sitting in the halls of the mighty because the humans would not have her, or so Regine assumed. She was skinny, wretched, and here, here in the stronghold of the Grigori in America, she was un-Masked, her doggy ears flapping and her doggy tail twitching under her skirt.

Regine dropped her a dollar, because she could spare it, and then another dollar, for Falk, and would have thought nothing else of it, except that the wretched woman tugged at her skirt.

"Lady, there are things you must know."

"There are many things I must know." Her father was already walking on ahead. She knelt down to look at the woman, intrigued despite herself. The half-breed reached out and grabbed Regine's hand with both of her own. She blinked, and her eyes were white, with lightning in them.

"The storm is coming, Lady of the Lake. The waters will rise and all will be flooded out. All will burn, all will die. The storm is coming, Lady, the fathers are coming back. And everything will be destroyed."

"Regine! Regine, what are you doing? You are going to be late to the meeting."

"I am sorry, Father." She was thirty years old. She was married, with a young child of her own. She let her father take her hand as if she were a toddler, the storm in the half-breed's eyes still flashing in her mind.

"I don't know why we let those half-breed mutts in here anyway..." her father was muttering.

"Because the storm is coming, Father." The truth was as clear to her as day, as sudden as lightning. "And we will need them."

Her father did not listen, of course. But that was all right. She would find those who would.
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Set ~1890, in response to a conversation with [ profile] cluudle last night.

Content notes: this includes allusions to some of the most awful stuff in the Addergoole 'verse, but mostly in passing.

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So, I tried this, and wrote to the first suggestion I got!

Write about a teacher.

Okay, first, a real teacher. Or a series of them. I don't remember much about my school teachers, but certain moments stick out. Mr. Lynd, who taught Global Studies, Really Liked Japan. A lot. My 5th grade Social Studies teacher Really Liked Hawaii. A lot. It led to a certain amount of tuning them out, which means I know about the slippers thing for Japan and ah, pineapples for Hawaii. And that's about it.

Actually, it was really hard to engage in history/world studies classes, and I don't know why. I'm fascinated by those subjects now - why wasn't I back then? Then again, I've always learned history best when looked at through a lens of fiction...

Real teachers were a long time ago for me. The fictional ones are a bit more recent, but some of them have traits borrowed from various real teachers.

Instructor Pelnyen, in Edally Academy, reminds me a bit of teachers I've had who thought I wasn't living up to my potential. If I took some time to get into Kaatzie's head, he'd be a lot more like my high school Physics teacher.

Kairos, in Addergoole Year 9, will end up being like my Social Problems professor, Darwin Davis. And as for the rest of them in Addergoole - To be honest, other than Mike, Reid, and Luke, I'm still working on developing personalities for them 6 years later. Pelletier and Valerian suffer the most from this, but many of the others are very thin indeed.

Somehow, the first time I was writing Addergoole, they seemed very secondary to the whole school experience. *cough* I wonder what that says about my IRL teachers?
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The thing was, certain things they'd had to figure out right away. Food, potable water - even in places near a grocery store, the store only had so much stock on hand, and no more was coming in.

Shelter was relatively easy - there were a lot more houses and other buildings than there were people, now, even if you did take into consideration those buildings ruined by the war, of which there were many. But protection from the threats of the world - monsters sentient and not, cold and rain and snow, storms and fire and bears and lions - that took work. And when that was all managed, people worked hard on forming community, on rebuilding society, and stocking up enough food to survive lean times and enough weapons to keep the food.

Clothes were not remotely a priority. Most people in 2011 in the developed world had far more clothes than they needed. If durable clothes were an issue, well, there were stores to raid and, if you weren't squeamish, or if you were desperate, which was similar, there were the homes of people who were dead or gone.

Eventually the clothes they had wore out, the clothing left in old buildings had rotted away or been eaten by the rodents. And by then, those that had survived had houses and food, security and society. Now... they needed cloth.
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If I were to do a series of Five Things... blog posts, what sort of subjects would you like to see?
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Chapter Twenty-Nine – When the World is Shaking, Do Not Stop to Rebalance Your Saddle-Bags

“You did, didn’t you?”

“Here.” Lusnyoot shoved the wrench into Tairiekie’s hand. “Fix it and stop asking questions.”

read on...
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Chapter Thirty – The Three Began it All; the Three End it All

“Talzhaab showed it to me. Right before she went missing, we had a long conversation about some things. She didn’t want anyone to overhear.” Davenpor smoothed his sleeves again. “There was quite a bit there about her device and her mechanisms. I have some of the plans back in my rooms. I tried to talk to the Chief Engineer of Akaizen House about them, but Kastesten has no use for Textiles and Tailors, and was… well, let’s just say, I began to think that she had just bundled Tal off somewhere and was saying whatever she could to keep me in the dark.”

read more: here.
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Taslin and Lansesh were serving as backup for the six-year Gladiator Rantoness Kallesh-Red in a five-on-three match against another Pit’s lead team. It wasn’t a fair fight. It wasn’t even in the same league as a fair fight. But Taslin was having more fun than she’d had in any match so far.

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Want to read anthologies featuring yours truly?

My story in Shifting Hearts, “Crossing the Line,” follows a feral-hearted woman as she deals with territoriality – and cautious affection.

“Monster Godmother,” in What Follows, is the story of an immortal fae and the humans that hate her, all struggling against an ending world.

“Company,” my story in No Place For Us, is also apocalyptic.  Sometimes the best thing to wash up in your nets is companionship.

The Amazon Links are all here.

You can find What Follows on SmashWords, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo here, or on CreateSpace here.

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No Place For Us is out! This anthology of post-apocalyptic romance features my short story "Company:" even after the end of the world, people need a bit of company.

And now in paperback!
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Fanfiction Disclaimer

Around Elephants, a story for #FridayFlash and Thimbleful Thursday
The Club, for Thimbleful Thursday

Patreon Stories - for Patrons Only
After the Storm, Kailani after the apocalypse
An excerpt from a novel not yet written, Rin & Girey
A Twisty Problem, a story of Dragons Next Door

Serial Stories
Broader Education, a story of Edally
Remembering the Fallen a story of Jumping Rings

Life in Alder Trees
Projects I am Working On Right Now
Why I Won't Be Doing NaNoWriMo in 2015
Brainstorming for CAMP Nano
Generators and More Generators
Trying Out New Recipes

and more )
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Chloe D'Aushinger had been arrested quietly in the middle of the night, with no notice to her family or to her not-inconsiderable business interests. She had spent three nights in the Pietierre "Hospital's" more uncomfortable basement rooms before being just as quietly released on the recognizance of three people she had never met before.

Rene, no-last-name-given, took the lead. He was a tall man, wearing a taller hat with a very wide brim, which shadowed his face rather effectively. "Mme. D'Aushinger, I would like to welcome you into the club."

"I really must be getting back to my family..." Chloe had been saying that for days. She had met with opposition of every sort - rough, direct, soft, indirect, hinting, threatening. Rene simply bowed, so low it was amazing his hat stayed on.

"While your lodgings are lovely, for the next week, I'm afraid it will be necessary for you to enjoy our hospitality. We've moved your family already, one at a time. Your home is being watched."

A second shadowy figure coughed. Nicholle. She, too, was missing a last name. "Rene..."

"This is the time and place when we can say things, Mlle. She will have to learn soon enough to hear those things not said. I believe her days under the Pietierre have begun to teach her what words you cannot utter. But I feel she needs to understand a bit more before we move her." Rene said this all at once, as if hurrying before Nicholle could cut him off.

The third figure, Ane, had not spoken at all. But from the breadth of shoulders and the thick hand provided to Chloe to shake, she had no question why the good gentle was there.

Which was more than she could say for herself. "I'm afraid I really don't understand." Chloe drew herself up, straightening her shoulders. She looked where she thought Rene's eyes likely were. "I annoyed some powerful people, yes. When those of-"

"The thing is," Rene interrupted, "when you say 'those of my ilk,' as you were going to, you don't yet know what your ilk is."

"That," Nicholle took over, "is what we are here to correct. As Rene said... welcome to the club."

Written to Marh 12's Thimbleful Prompt. In the same universe as Around Elephants, which I believe needs a setting name (And MAY be the same setting as Edora & Rodegard)
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Set in the early days of Earth's admission into the Foedus Planetarum. To the Thimbleful Thursday prompt for March 19, "Green as Grass."

The maintenance team on Luna Station 7 were drawing lots. Johanna, Curtis, and Al had rotated back home - or, in Al's case, onto the space liner he'd been trying to get onto forever. That meant they were getting three new workers, and while two of them were maintenance veterans, none of them had worked Se7en, with its particular peculiarities, before.

"Oh, come on." Angie stared at the green button. "I do not want the greenhorn again. Every time. Every time." There were rules about how long you could stay at a particular station. Angie, Clyde, and Taylor had managed to avoid all of those rules, while Emily was coming up on the end of her time and had yet to come up with a suitable workaround. "Why is it always me?"

Clyde wasn't going to tell her that he'd learned to feel the differences between green, white, and black buttons, and if he wasn't going to tell her, Emily wasn't going to point out that they made different sounds. "It'll be fine, Angie. You're so good with the new ones. You scare them just enough. And besides, it's not like this one's new-to-space." Emily flipped through the dossiers on her tablet. "Kalienkari Shefor. Last tour of duty as a bureaucrat on Jacoba Two, right at the edge of Earth space. So he-or-she will have their space legs."

"Well," Angie grumbled, "better than Curtis, at least. All right, bring them in."

They cleared the buttons off the table, and Emily, as junior, went to get the newbies. By the time she led them in, she was clearly trying not to laugh.

They knew that other variants than Terran humans worked the stations. Being Luna, however, they'd always gotten Terrans. "Angela Rodriquez, this is Kalienkari Shefor, your new trainee."

The man, for he was certainly that, had skin the brown of tree bark and hair - and even Angie had trouble not laughing - hair as green as grass.
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The conversation in the room was lively and despite a scarcity situation in much of Urbetania, the wine and the food were coming at an equally lively pace. Gatherings like this happened rarely, and when they did, they so very often had to happen in secret. To be out in the open, blithely chatting away in Bergier's grand dining room while servants moved in and out around them - that was far more luxurious than the fermented grape juice they were sipping.

It wasn't a victory. They all knew that, and they all took pains to avoid that word and any related synonyms. Victory came with far fewer conditions and far more freedom. But the Premier had taken the first, hard-won steps, and for that, they would drink happily.

In a room and a group such as this, there were many things not said: they did not speak of victory, of course. They did not speak the name of their group, or any of its myriad nicknames. They didn't whisper any fault of the Premier, except the widely-accepted jokes about Mme. Premier's choice in scarves, which was atrocious, and her taste in shoes, which was impeccable. The well-paid servants could still be spies. The newly-installed chandeliers could still contain listening crystals. The walls could still contain listening tubes: in short, anything they said, anywhere, could still be used against them, and that would turn their non-victory into a solid defeat.
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Written to Kuro_Neko's commission. The 0th Cohort were a test year before the First Cohort of Addergoole, and, as documented in Addergoole: Year Nine, many things went wrong. This is where things started going south.

“And for your homework tonight, class, be sure to read Chapters Seven and Eight of the History of the Americas text. And start thinking about your mid-term projects - yes, Nyla?”

Nyla’s hand was up. That didn’t seem like a good idea to her. Her hand was up and her lips were moving and how had she let herself get talked into this?

Oh, that was right. Because Professor Valerian liked her. Because she was the one with the leaf-green eyes and the forest-green hair and the tree-professor thought she was cute.

Nyla missed juvie.

She coughed. “Professor Valerian? We heard a rumor that this school has some unusual graduation requirements.”
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This is fanfic of [ profile] cluudle's lovely series of storied titled A Small Mistake (warnings for "abuse of power, teacher/student relationship, piles of mind control for everyone.") It's just a beginning, but I was thinking of students watching Kayla, and...sounded too much like his father. And because they all believed that his father had been brilliant, there was no way he could say to them, "look, my dad made a stupid mistake. If he'd survived it, he could have learned from it. I can learn from it, and I'm certainly not going to make the same mistake he did."

The problem was, nobody thought it was a mistake.

But what he couldn't say to the heros, he could say to the headmaster of Hero Bridge Academy. They were more than willing to hear that the great hero had been stupid, and they were more than willing to ask him in detail what he would do differently, in his father's tights.

Ayler knew that the heroing community would take his "defection" as a sign that the blood was bad, that his father must have gone rogue. But Ayler had no siblings and his cousins were well-established already. He wasn't hurting anyone but himself - and they'd left him no choice.

Ayler knew what he was going to do. He sat in the lunchroom and watched them, the kids of supervillains, the ones who had been kidnapped, the ones who had no choice but to be here. Junior heros did it all the time; he didn't see why he shouldn't, too.

He was going to form a team.
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Yesterday, we had Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Crispy Baked Tofu with Honey-Sesame Glaze for dinner - because we had tofu that needed eating and brussels sprouts in the fridge, so I googled "Tofu & brussels sprouts." There's a surprising number of options!

It was tasty! We cut the soy sauce by half, but that was about the only change we made. Filling, too - a good balance of protein, fat, and vegetation. And the sauce wasn't as sweet as you might think. If we do it again, we may cut the soy sauce down more & use molasses instead of honey.

On St. Pat's day, for dessert, spousal unit said "potato cookies."

Okay. We can do potato cookies. I've been wanting to experiment with potato flour/potato starch more anyway, because it's Reiassan's primary starch.

After some googling, we made Uppåkra, which aren't at ALL Irish, but we did dye them green. Tasty recipe - I 1/4'd it, and it made 6 cookies. I added 1/4 tsp salt, because we never have salted butter in the house, and rather than rolling them, scooped-and-flattened. They taste a bit like shortbread cookies and a bit like sugar cookies. But I think they need more flavoring.

All in all, a good experimental week.
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Written to the Three-Word Wednesday Prompt: Annoyed hushed pain. Sparked in part by following several "abandoned places" blogs across the social media platforms.

"Shit." Harry landed hard on the floor, spitting out profanity in a hiss of pain. "Shit, shit, fuck."

"Quiet." Jayden held up a warning hand. "They're still here. They have to be."

"Where are you, children?" The voice was robotic, monotonous. There was no way it could sound annoyed. And yet, somehow it did. "Children, you come out and play now."

"I told you..." Harry was holding his hand over his shoulder; blood was seeping out round the edges. "The old places are fun, but only as long as you don't go into the locked rooms."

"Hsst," Jayden hushed. She shouldn't have opened the door. She knew that. But it had been there, just beckoning: KEEP OUT, the letters still bold and bright when everything else in the abandoned hospital was grey and dingey. "Shh..."

"Where are you, children? It is time to play with Clownbot." Was the robot coming closer? Would it see them if they moved?

"I'm sorry." She moved closer to Harry. "I knew better." The blood wasn't stopping. They were in a hospital, a hospital... but there was nothing left here to save him with.

"Children, you belong in the junior ward. You need to play in the junior ward with Clownbot. You need to do it now."

"Fine." Jayden stood up and stepped around the corner. "Harry, go for the door. Come on, Clownbot." All she had was a crowbar and a flashlight. It was going to have to do. "Let's play."
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After the Storm, available to Patreon patrons, shows Kailani in a moment after the worst of the apocalypse has passed.
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No Place For Us, an anthology of post-apocalyptic romance stories, will be published on Monday 3/23/14. Keep an eye out for my story "Company" - because everything, even romance, is better at the end of the world.
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 photo Book One_zpsh4jro6de.jpg photo Book Two in Theory_zpsqppfeopl.jpg photo Book Three in Theory_zpsrvxr6s1w.jpg

So, I was introduced to Canva and spent some time playing around there.

It's a lot of fun!

And, um. "Fires of Gobann" is the novella I'm planning on writing for Camp Nano... but *cough* then "Floods-" and "Forests-"... would be the sequels. Um. <.<

But it was a lot of fun!!
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Posted here for Patreons: an excerpt, or at least a concept sketch in words, from rewrite 10,000,00 of the Rin & Girey novel.
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This story comes some time before There Are Lessons You Only Learn in Pain, Chapter 20 of Edally Academy.

It is written in reply to [personal profile] inventrix's suggestion to this request for questions, after the successful Domain Name Fundraiser.

Kaatetzie watched the problem children - his private name for them, although Pelnyen called them something similar - exit his class, the three of them thick as thieves again. Kaatetzie knew what would happen if he asked them about their tiff: Tairiekie would jut out her chin and tell him “We are supposed to be a team. That is what we were assigned to do.”

Pelnyen hadn't been the only one to complain. Libkazaari had, as well, presumably taking it up with Kaat because he taught Mechanics. Other teachers had mentioned this trio in particular to him. Kaat found it amusing - and just amusing, because every student, especially every first year student, was trouble in their own special way. Edally was built to foster trouble.
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I'm writing this now in hopes that I will remember it come October.

I'm not going to do NaNoWriMo this year. I am going to try to not do it ever again.

Reasons why:

* It's hell on my wordcount. Seriously. I might put out 60-84K during November (The year I did 84K, I forgot about Christmas...), but then I don't put out almost anything at all for December and January. I'd much rather do a steady 25-30K month

* I forgot Christmas. I neglect life stuff. I neglect spouse stuff. That's ridiculous.

* I was doing it because everyone else is. There's no reason I can't pick a project and do 25, 30K on it, playing along with everyone else.

(warning, the below is a bit grumpy)
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I like the concept of Nano. I like the sprints, I like focusing on one project for a month. I do like the sense of achievement, but for me, getting to 50K always seemed a little slim. "Yes, I can do this. Okay. Now what?"

But I don't like the two-month hangover, and I don't like the sense of isolation and frustration that comes with trying to deal with the rest of the Nano community.

So I won't be doing Nano this year.
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 Hello my friends!  

I am pondering a short romantic apocalyptic adventure novella for Camp Nano, because everything is better with the end of the world.  The main characters are 2 former Addergoole students - new characters. 

So, apoc = 2011-2012 (Ag years 16-17).  She graduated at the end of Yr 13, 2008, he, in Yr 11, 2006

I can, if I HAVE to, push this 2 years earlier, but I'd rather not. 

  • descriptors for both of them?
  • What can she have done in three years to have become very-affluent-to-rich?
  • What was he doing in the meantime?

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A Twisty Problem - the police call Audrey in for a tricky neighborhood dispute.  

The Patreon is just $15 from the next incentive level - a new serial! With Edally: The Angry Aetherist nearly wrapped up, this is a good time to be thinking ahead!
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 I needed a genre. I found:
A list of generators 
A blog post subject generator 
a series of generators, including 
the genre blender.  (I got historical/fantasy/romance.)
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This is an answer to [personal profile] kelkyag's question asked here for International Women's Day: "What does Junie want to do when she grows up? (At any value of 'now' you feel like writing about.)"

Junie as a child is very torn about what she wants to be when she grows up. She sometimes wants to be a ballerina, sometimes an ambassador to one of the far-flung nonhuman settlements. Sometimes she wants to do her mother's job, and act as a cultural translator; sometimes she wants to be a wizard like her father (and like her brother). For a week, she wanted to be a dragon, until she realized that was not biologically possible. As of "now," being the kidnapping-Junie storyline, she wants to be a lawyer and an FBI agent.
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This is an answer to [personal profile] clare_dragonfly's question asked here for International Women's Day: "Tell me whether there were any woman presidents in the world of fae apoc."

Fae apoc's world governments follows the same pattern as our world up to 2011, so there was never a woman president of the US while it was whole. However, in the years after the apocalypse, remnants of the US government held together - first in bunkers and then in a small area of the East Coast, heading up into Ohio. In that time, many of the presidents were women, and continued to be as the decades progressed.


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