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"Because everything is better with the end of the world."

Welcome! Below you can find hundreds - thousands, really - of posts, many of them fiction.

I write a lot - much in established universes, some in one-off settings. Much of what I write ends up here. In addition, you'll find homesteading blogging, the occasional crafts-and-clothing post, and journals of my wine-tourism of New York State.

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I need... a 1000-word story idea that showcases one of my settings. Any setting. Except Unicorns.

Pick a setting, give me an idea?

They might all get written, eventually.
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This fic is set a couple years into Yoshi's attendance at Addergoole (Yoshi being Cynara's oldest son; Ruki/Sigruko mentioned below is Leo's older daughter, by Aelfgifu). I'm not 100% happy with Regine's voice in this, but I wrote this for fun, so... here's Regine losing an argument.

"I did not anticipate this." Regine glared at the notes in front of her as if they were personally responsible for her current predicament.

"You should have." Laurel Valerian was pulling no punches today. "It's what you wanted, after all."

"This - this violence is not what I wanted!" Regine frowned at the notes again. They'd had no fewer than four instances where students had come far too close to being expelled - and in one case, the only reason that nobody had been expelled had been that the boy hadn't been trying to kill anyone. He'd left them hung upside-down in full view of a camera, but the story his victim was telling was that the boy had held a knife to their throat and whispered "If I wanted you dead, you'd be gone."

The other instances, Luke, Agmund, or Shou had caught before it had turned into murder. That one, nobody had noticed until it was done - and that worried Regine.
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Other students mentioned:
Adorlee is Magnolia's oldest, by Mike. Mags lives at the Ranch, with Boom (mostly with Howard), raising her children and Shiva's (Shiva vanished in the war) (Shiva is also Magnolia's half-sister, and her crew).

Eryk is Shiva's oldest son (by Ty).

Kishmish is Shiva's youngest daughter (by Nikita)

Viðrou is Cynara's and Leo's son, the second child for both of them.

cy'ree is "my students, those I Mentor."

sh' is "daughter of the mother." Yes. Mother.

Think that's everyone.
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“He’s your cousin.” Karen’s mother made the word sound positively scandalous.

“It’s not as if he’s my first cousin or something,” Karen countered tiredly. She’d already had this conversation with a sister, two cousins, and her mother’s aunt Betty. “To find a common ancestor — and only one of them, I might add - you have to go back up two family splits to a great-grandmother who married three times. Gerry down the street is more related to me than that.”

“But…” Her mother made a distressed noise. “You’re not supposed to… supposed to…”

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Find Chapter 1 here
Chapter 2 is here
Chapter 3 is here
Chapter 4 is here
Chapter 5 is here
Chapter 6 is here
Chapter 7 is here.
Chapter 8: here
Chapter 9: here

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Next bit will be R-rated. I'll put it aside in its own chapter for those that prefer not to read the smexy stuff.
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Okay, so, because of reasons, I want to have an idiomatic "thank you" for Calenyen.

And, because thank you is such a loaded concept, I wanted it to mean, essentially, "good shot."

Like, the thing you say when your buddy just caught the enemy/the giant cat that was about to kill you with a well-aimed spear. It's a thanks for assistance, without acknowledging debt owed.

So we have "shot" in the sense of an aimed attack with a distance weapon: vettu

And then we have good, a modifier meaning skilled and accurate: -one (like the end of loan)

Vettutone, "good shot": "Thanks for the assist."
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Enrie lifted her chin and met the Head of her Academy's gaze without flinching.  "The original is safe, Head Wiltemika.  I didn't dare have it anywhere it could be found while Lirnilalie and Ilonilarrona  were snooping around, talking about destroying it all."

Wiltemika's chuckle now had a bit o

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Since I Finished a Bingo in Ladies' Bingo...

Now Taking Suggestions for [community profile] hc_bingo!

Suggestions can either be a generic prompt like "Bites, okay, what about an animal attack in Fae Apoc... a /wyvern/ attack?" or specific like "Restrained: Amrit and Mieve."

(Except not those two because nyaaah)

My hc_bingo card )
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Written for my [community profile] ladiesbingo card after Change and with a nod to Strange

Short Summary: The unicorns keep the water clean for the villages, but the price they demand is maidens... and their children are born from those maidens.

Content Warning: The unicorns in these stories are heavy on the rape metaphor, and it's very heavy in the below story. Also, violence, via unicorn horn, discussed in the past tense.

I think this has an ending but it wasn't sure.

People, as a rule, were not very good at keeping secrets.

The more unusual the information, the worse they were at keeping them close.

There was a girl in Shepachdar's tavern, and she was a unicorn-born who hadn't changed, already an anomaly.

There was a foal in Lastowe that had changed early, and it had grown wings instead of a horn, strange beyond strange - and yet it seemed to be needed.
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To fill a bingo on card one of my Worldbuilding Bingo Card: Culturebuilding. Fashion - Body Types, Housing Arrangements, Fashion - Clothes, Entertainment

In my new world for my YA paro-drama, different characters (although my protag appears in discussion)

"Come on, Shekie, you're going to be late." Miagreth burst into the older-girls' bedroom, her Daybreak-finest twirling as she did a couple pirouettes. For a couple years, it had looked like Miggie was going to be in the Home Office dance corps, but she'd been shoved out in favor of a General's daughter and a Corporal's niece. Their family line was not military-oriented, so Miggie was left dancing for fun and entering reports for a cigarette manufacturer for her vocation. She tugged on her cousin's arm. "You look fine. The dress is beautiful. Come on."

"I don't know." Shekleen twirled around three times in front of the mirror, frowning. "I think it makes me look flat."
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"Well."  Wiltemika sank down into a chair and held her head in her hands.  "May they be truly gone and not simply waiting for the right time to plague us again."

"Head Wiltemika," Libkazaari protested.  "What is going on?"

"With any luck, the evidence I have previously put forward against th

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This weekend... we drank beer.
(note: I started this last week. I'm a little behind on weekend blogs. So... The weekend before this past one... We drank beer)

I'm serious, that was almost the entirety of Saturday.

Rewind... So, probably a couple years ago (we don't drive this road very often), a place that had been selling Amish furniture and barns ("Thee Amish Market," sigh) went out of business, only to be replaced with... a beergarden?

On the Finger Lakes Wine trail, this has been happening more and more over the last couple years - wineries go under, but breweries are going up everywhere - so a place to taste all that beer seems not all that unreasonable. But T. and I had only stopped by once, and kind of forgotten it.

Until he send me an e-mail: "Brewfest."


We haven’t hit a wine festival this year. We’ve hit a lot of wineries… but only one or two breweries, and no festivals.

Well, the year is almost over… time for beer!

So, we showed up at 12:30, got our little ½-pint (technically 3/4 -cup) glass &12 tasting tickets each, and stared at the 20 tables of eager local breweries, just waiting to get us tipsy.


Or maybe a little drunk?

Local breweries have, pleasantly, gotten past their “all hops all the time” thing, which is nice, because I am not actually a fan of hops. At all. I had some nice pumpkin ale, some very nice hefeweizen, some stout, a really good rum ale…

...after that it gets a bit blurry. We also had tacos, kielbasa, and maple sugar candy, walked around the place about 20,000 times, and tasted at least one hard cider.

It was pretty awesome. And it was also pretty much all of Saturday. We hit the grocery store, we got home, we napped for an hour… and it was dark.

Then we had some dinner, etc, and all was good with the world. All in all, a pretty awesome way to spend a Saturday.

And clearly, it left me beer-hazed for a week, and I totally forgot to write a conclusion and post this.

So... This weekend. Well, this weekend, we made like homeowners. We went to Lowe's. We cleaned up the house. We organized the garage. (We ate at China Buffet). And I burned brush. So much brush. I can almost see my squash patch again.

And now that I've found my squash patch (almost), I'm planning on covering it with coffee grounds, eggshells, ashes, and cardboard. Oh, and peat moss.

Maybe next year we'll actually grow squash again. :-)

And maybe next weekend, I'll remember to post a blog post in a reasonable amount of time....

Well, let's not get crazy.

So: that was my October weekends so far. How about you guys?
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"Now that that little travelling curiosity show is over," Lirnilalie muttered, "we can get back to business.  My papers--"

"As I told you already," LIbkazaari interrupted, "your papers aren't here.  The only papers that are here belong to the Students here and to the school."

“Then you won’t

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"I'm telling you, one more run, that's it. Just one more score, and we're on easy street." Pell leaned back against the fence, grinning. "And this last one was a sweet one, wasn't it? In, out, smooth as butter, no hitches at all."

"Why is it," Kell mused, "that every time you say something's going to be smooth, I start to worry?"

"Well, that, my friend, is because you have no faith in me at all. Now, look, I've got all the info already. My source set me up good. You, me, Fell, the three of us in and out and kabang, we never have to see each other again, we never have to see nobody we don't wanna see again."

"This source." Kell made the word sound sour and dirty, "that's the question. They get, what, a quarter of our take?"

"Yeah, uh, something like that." Pell shifted from foot to foot.

"And they give you the locations. But you've never seen them. You just dead-drop the money and get the information the same way?"

"Yeah? And?"

“And you never thought that was the least bit hinkey?”

“Why should I? I mean, Fell set us up. Fell’d worked with them before, and I know Fell from that Southwest job, you remember. Hellion set that one up.”

“And Hellion is such a good judge of character, too, aren’t they?” Kell’s headshake was more sad than upset. “Seriously, Pell, something’s just a little off about this.”

“Come on, Kell,” Pell wheedled. “Think about the money. Think about Easy Street. Not having to do anything else like this ever again, if we don’t want. Not having to work if we don’t want.”

“If it sounds too good to be true...” Kell muttered.

“Well, it’s not like this job is going to be a simple one or anything. We’re going to have to work damn hard for this last score. But once we do…”

“Easy street.” Kell wasn’t that hard to convince. People that were didn’t usually end up in their line of work. “All right. Let’s go.”

The building was just as the plans had suggested; the target was just where they were supposed to be, the security as easy as hacking a baby monitor. Pell handled the extraction with customary finesse while Kell handled the getaway car.

“See?” Pell drove into the drop-off site. “Easy-peasy, easy street.”

“You know,” Kell agreed slowly, “you might actually be right for… what’s that smell?”

“You’ve done quite well in acquisitions,” the voice over the car radio purred, as the gas knocked them unconscious. “But now I want you in a more front-and-center position in my slave shops. As merchandise, I think.”

Written to this week's Thimbleful Thursday Prompt: Easy Street, and part of my d/s 'verse. Probably.
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In the same very wide world as The Tod’cxeckz’ri Paper

Everybody knew the Tojibarri stole people. It was the first thing you learned when you were in the Corps: when you were on a Tojibar-held territory, you went in pairs or triples, you didn't drink or eat anything you hadn't brought with you, and you never went into their forests in less than a group of twelve.

Everyone knew it, and yet Unther hadn't ever met anyone who'd known anyone who'd been stolen by the Tojibar. Yes, they traded in slaves - many of the Ring worlds did - but most of those slaves were one of the three Variations on humanity common to the Tojibar territories. Not great, doing that to their own people, but not Corps business, not something Unther could fix on his own, and not a threat to someone wanting a drink.

Thing was, they'd been using the buddy system and everything. And Unther had been sitting in the back of a public park, his back to his partners, shoulders touching. Sure, they'd been a little bit relaxed, but they'd been on duty for fifteen Central hours; it was time for a break.

He'd sipped his drink - fruit juice, not even fermented. He'd taken a bite of his energy bar. He'd bounced his shoulders off Kay and Gwinn. And then he'd lost consciousness.
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Enrie swallowed around a dry throat and watched the scene unfold.  Libkazaari stood up, watching Lirnilalie levelly.

The woman, in turn, raised one eyebrow in clear doubt.  "I've never heard of a school project that led to students hiding, running away from adults and stealing things from r

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First, some more Links:
I keep thinking of all these fun, serious sorts of topics, and then realizing I really want to write about fashion.

Well, then why not? It's on my worldbuilding bingo, clearly I'm not the only one that thinks about it.

And in some situations it can make or break your story.
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Chapter 9 in my answer to the "guy has umpteen wives" trope
Find Chapter 1 here
Chapter 2 is here
Chapter 3 is here
Chapter 4 is here
Chapter 5 is here
Chapter 6 is here
Chapter 7 is here.
Chapter 8: here

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Was this good news?  It was pleasant to hear that Libkazaari didn't like Lirinlalie, and yet... "House Monitor," she said carefully, "I am concerned that, if Lirnilalie is being treated as royalty, if we reveal these papers here, there will be no pleasant result and a great deal of

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I'll fill this in as time allows from the below list, but this is my [community profile] allbingo card for the "Finish It" challenge... number THREE (ah-ha-ha-ha)

Clarisse (II) B is for Beryl and her Boys (V) Shenanigans (V) How The Family Does things (V) Over the Wall (V) Heroes (III)
Where Do Unicorns Come From? (V) Duty (VI) Rumors about the Family (IV) Bianna (I) The Enemy's City (III) Take Me (II)
Exhaustion (IV) Carrying the Spirit (V) Road Map To.... (I) Bless the Cat (IV) In the Attic(IV) An Argument of Magic (II)
Cumhai & Begley (III) Change (I) Abrelle (III) Linguistic Tricks (IV) Far Weston (III) You'd Better Watch Out (VI)
Packing (II) 9 (III) 18 (VI) 16 (IV) 24 (VI) 19 (I)
30 (VI) 12 (VI) 2 (II) 1 (I) 25 (I) 20 (II)

working oncompletednextPartial Finish

At any point, I may sub out one of these for another suggested one or something else I need to finish.

The numbers (those that remain) correspond to the list below. This was arranged from the [community profile] allbingo public card, your suggestions, and's list randomizer.

The Roman numerals are another way of getting a bingo - do, say, all of the (I) instead of a line or a square or such.

see links here -

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After Æ is for Ash, for the Finish It! Bingo Round Two.

This came out super-weird, in part because Æ is for Ash seemed like a complete story to me as was. So it's... tangential? Sort of? Also, it didn't want to end.

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I'm filling this in slowly from the below list, but this is my second [community profile] allbingo card for the "Finish It" challenge.

8 (II) 11 (V) 35 (V) 23 (V) 29 (V) Daxton and Esha (III)
5 (V) 6 (VI) 4 (IV) 13 (I) 15 (III) After the Night (II)
34 (IV) 17 (V) 7 (I) 28 (IV) 22 (IV) Lies, Damned Lies... (II)
27 (III) 31: The Silver Road (I) 3 (III) 14 or 26 (IV) 36 (III) Child of the Unburnt Ash(VI)
32 (II) 9 (III) 18 (VI) 16 (IV) 24 (VI) 19: A Discovery in Depth (I)
30 (VI) 12 (VI) 2 (II) 1 (I) 25 (I) Hidden History, Misplaced Beads (II)

working oncompletednextPartial Finish

At any point, I may sub out one of these for another suggested one or something else I need to finish.

The numbers (those that remain) correspond to the list below. This was arranged from the [community profile] allbingo public card, your suggestions, and's list randomizer.

The Roman numerals are another way of getting a bingo - do, say, all of the (I) instead of a line or a square or such.

see links here -

1 An Argument of Magic.
2 Shenanigans. (There are multiple snippets without immediate followups, but it's mostly all one thread.)
3 Willard:
4 The Portal Closed.
5 Duty.
6 The Cat's Paw.

7 You'd Better Watch Out.
8 Rodegard -- and Esedora.

9 Road Map To....
10 Space Accountant: A Reason - and Accidental, and bunking arrangements, etc (Genique got Married?) -
11 Fated.
12 The Hazards of Magic.

13 Fifty Years.
14 Over the Wall left off in the middle of the discussion, just as it was taking (yet another) interesting turn.
15 Tilden:
16 Where Do Unicorns Come From?.
17 The Strength.
18 Aetheric Cleansing.
19 Discovery.

20 Three Glass Beads, Peacock Blue.
21 Strange Favors
22 Rin and Girey, and more Rin, with research.
23 Clarisse:
24 Unicorn-Chaste.
25 Heroes (and earlier branches).
26 Change.

27 Exhaustion.

28 How The Family Does things -- at resting point/chapter break, but there could be more.
29 Boy Trouble, which is rather skew from the previous.
30 Trash and Treasures.

31 The Silver Road.
32 Far Weston.

33 Æ is for Ash.
34 Skill and Dreams.
35 In the Attic.

36 Rumors about the Family.
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First, some other people's Preptober-related links:

Find Your Story Plot By Asking These 7 Questions
NaNoWriMo Triage Center: Helping You Get To 50K
Some Writing Worksheets
5 Ways to plot your novel

I was all ready to start this post with “Oh bog, I forgot technology”... and then I remembered that I’d covered it in a handwave in the basic questions post.

So, with technology handled, at this point, I look at my story, and see what I need to know to get it started.
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This follows You'll never know the murderer sitting next to you.... in theme and character, but is several years later, very soon after the apocalypse.

This story involves threats of murder, rape, and other violence against women, children, and men. It involves actual murder and violence, mind control, and stone-cold bluffing.

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“We have some ideas about what it could mean,” Enrie offered. “The fact is, it’s not signed, and that’s huge.  And it doesn’t show up in normal history books, but I found references to it in at least one aether-embedded book in the treaties section.”  That one, she’d brought the original for.  She

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Enrie stared at House Monitor Libkazaari's door. She looked at her friends.  She swallowed around the bile in her throat and looked back at the door.

"I can hear you out there.  Unless you're here to discuss the merits of saddle-throwing positions, come in."

Enrie's cheeks flushed and she d

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The world is the one I've been building. It's at least 200, maybe as many as 5-600 years past a society-destroying apocalypse that left people spending years just trying to survive.

(go fig; it's one of my worlds)

I want a feeling of old names that have shifted, a vowel changed, an add-on. For example, variations of names here.

I need (at least) three people born around the same time in the same country:

* Our protagonist (female)
* Her love interest (male)
* His love interest (female)

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All right, so far I have:
  • An urban-fantasy post-apocalyptic setting, several generations (probably 2-400 years) after a major catastrophe.
  • Magic which is limited in scope but, within that scope can be very powerful. It is only wielded by 5-10% of the population, and only about 10% of them have any formal training. Exactly what it can do is going to depend on the story for the moment, as will how it works.
  • The government of [country] is intrusive, totalitarian, and controlling, although it loses some control in the remote areas. It covers a country approximately the size of Texas. It is not necessarily malevolent but it is intent on being in control.

Places to go from here include:
The Physical World
  • Geography: what sort of place is it? Are there mountains? Lakes? Islands? Oceans? Is it flat and boring? Hilly and gorgey?
  • Climate: How much weather does your main location get, and of what sorts (obviously not an issue on a space ship, unless you want it to be)

The Governmental World
  • How much does the government interfere with people’s day-to-day lives? Do they even notice it?
  • How granular is the government? Are their regional leaders? How far down (state/town/ village?) do the governments go?
  • What are the leaders called and how do they become leader? (Queen, hereditary; Innermost Circle, wealth-boosted meritocracy; President, representative election by proxy votes).

Where I’m going first:
Family life: What is the family structure, and how did it come about?
  • Who did your protagonist(s) grow up with? Is this common?
  • Who is responsible for child-rearing? Education? Punishment? (are children punished?)
  • What age is adulthood?
  • Marriage? Does it exist? How does it relate to child-rearing, if at all?
  • How much is the state involved in the government?
  • Potential family units include:
  • Polygynous: One husband, many wives. Common in fantasy. Not my fave.
  • Polyandrous: One wife, many husbands. (See Wikipedia). An option that intrigues me here is fraternal polyandry.
  • Polygamous: all the spouses, everywhere! Group marriage, in this case, since polygamy covers both of the above options. This includes Line Marriage, a la Heinlein.
  • Single-parent households.
  • Extended families as a household (Addergoole’s Shahin, for instance, grew up in an extended family of her mother, her mother’s sisters, and her mother’s mother).
    ...You know, all of these are based on a dual-sexed human species. If you’re going alien… well, you’re well outside of my expertise, but have fun! Five-pointed marriages, anyone?

I’ll note here that what kind of upbringing characters have had will color what they expect out of their life — what partners they may or may not be looking for. Is their family (or their government) going to arrange a marriage for them? How do they feel about that? Are they looking for a partner, three partners, a line marriage to join? It may not be their primary consideration, but even the lack of a consideration is worth a note.
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Written for my [community profile] ladiesbingo card riffing off of The Strength. See also Deborah's Tag..

Short Summary: Aunts in the Family hold the magic, channel it, and generally direct the family - although the older women (grannies and mothers) often hold as much secular power, if not more. Aunts are childless, unmarried...

...except sometimes, it seems, when they're not.

Pearl was worried. She was more than worried, she was terrified. More than just terrified, she was living in fear of her grannies and sisters, a fear that no normal woman would have grounds to understand, much less feel.

She'd kept it a secret as long as she could, and that had been months longer than she'd thought she'd be able to. She'd used every charm she thought safe and some she wasn't sure about; she'd used every deceit and a few fashion tricks from her friends not in the family. Those friends knew - and if the grannies found out that, Pearl was doubly and triply doomed. She'd gone out of the family for help.
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They were really doing it.  They were carrying everything they had found, and they were taking it to an adult.  Enrie swallowed around a lump in her throat.

"There are so many ways that this could go wrong," she whispered.  They'd picked the route to the House Monitor's office least likely to p

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After a brief conversation with Rion the other day, I thought I'd talk about limiting scale.

The thing about worldbuilding in a fantasy or sci-fi world is that your space if effectively limitless. On a fantasy world, you might only have one planet, but you also have the possibility of other planes (or underground worlds, or sky-worlds, and so on).

Sometimes, that's a bit much, and you want to keep your characters in one place and/or just focus on a small area of world-building.
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okay, so I have listened to too much Hamilton over the last few months, and I woke up with this line in my head:
    I’m a girl in a world in which
    My only job is to marry rich
    My father has no sons so I’m the one
    Who has to social climb for one
    Satisfied (

Historically, this is untrue, but it got me thinking, what about a situation where it was?

And, uh, being me, slavery ended up involved. (Have I ever told you about like the first time I can remember slavery being involved in a fictional world of mine?)

“Take the knee,” she urged.

In another world, in another place, she might have said Join the priesthood and be my confessor, and then we can be together. He may have given her the same face as he did in this one: dubious skepticism.
“Marry me,” he countered. “Be my bride, and we’ll change the world together.”
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From the Family Library
Jason's Roses
Alternative Professions
Cousin Artemisia
Rosaria, Cady, Lily
Relative values: Families
Aud and Zizny Back Fence
A Murder to Solve Early Morning
Summer Solstice
Everything Changes Enemies
Regine & Cya
A Battle / Fight / Confrontation Teenagers
Beryl and Chalcedony.
Wild Card
Wild Card
Deborah's backstory
Sensory Deprivation
Close Crop/Zoom Wabi / Sabi It will be a Terrible Scandal
Grannies/Aunt misdeeds
Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics
Electromagnetic Waves
Virginity / Sexual Inexperience All the Dead Characters are Living Together Alpha / Beta / Omega Mutation / Transformation
Outsider POV

This is [community profile] ladiesbingo, which means each prompt should involve the relationship between women.

Now taking prompts! I'll mark the squares above as they are prompted, and your prompt has a better chance of being written if it is in line with previous prompts (so I can make a bingo, you see).

Any setting of mine and any fandom I can write comfortably is up for grabs. Not sure about the fandom? Feel free to ask!

Edited to add: The prompt explanation post
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"I can't get her to talk," Aijen complained. "I've tried everything. I sang to her. I bribed her. I took her for long walks on the beach. I left her alone and snuck up on her to see if she talked to other people. I fed her the best foods I could find. I hired people to make her fancy clothes and the most fashionable shoes. And nothing. I remember her sweet voice. I can hear it in my dreams. But she'd clammed up and nothing I do can to get her to talk again."

"Aijen," sighed his dear old family retainer, "you've never read the Little Mermaid, have you?"

Written to Last Week's Thimbleful Thursday Prompt: Clam Up
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Who do we take it to? turned out to be a question of some contention.  The six of them collected had at least twelve ideas of people they could take their information to, ranging from the Emperor himself to regional Governors all the way down to the upperclassmen in any number of classes, from

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Reynard was swaying. He wasn’t sure when it had started, but he realized, as the woman’s — Elle’s — his owner’s hand landed on his shoulder that he had been leaning to one side, muttering.

“When’s the last time you ate?” She sounded angry. Reynard didn’t look up at her; if he had, he was pretty sure he’d have fallen over.
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