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I write a lot - much in established settings, some in one-off universes.
Below is an index of my universes; each 'verse has its own landing page with an index of stories within.
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The Faerie Apocalypse is liveblogged at [personal profile] faeapoclive, [ profile] faeapoclive, and [ profile] faeapoclive. What what happens when the gods return to our world.
Stranded World (LJ Link), modern fantasy seen through the eyes of 4 siblings who work the webs of the world, each in their own way.
Reiassan (LJ Link), high fantasy in a world just recovering from centuries of battle.
Edally Academy (LJ Link), Steampunk Boarding School in the world of Reiassan.
Tir na Cali (LJ Link); technically modern fantasy, alternate-history timeline, primarily lifestyle-kink erotica.
Faerie Apocalypse (LJ Link), a dystopic modern and post-modern fantasy/apoc world. Faeries and gods live among us, disguised as humans, their culture underground.
Addergoole (LJ Link) is a school within the Faerie Apocalypse setting.
Doomsday is a school created by graduates of Addergoole, generations after the Faerie Apoc.
Vas' World (LJ Link): the team was sent to explore the planet for colonization. They could never have guessed what they'd find.
Dragons Next Door (LJ Link)is a fun high-fantasy-in-the-burbs setting with a few good-with-ketchup crunchy dark bits.
Facets of Dusk (LJ Link) is a mystery waiting to be revealed; come along for the show!
The Planners (LJ Link): When the Apocalypse came, they were prepared. Very Prepared.
Unicorn/Factory (LJ) of the costs of progress.
The Aunt Family (LJ) - a mysterious family with some very strange magical artifacts.
Space Accountant (LJ) All Genique wanted was a nice vacation.
Shadow Rebellion (LJ) It all started with the shadows moving...
Science! (Lj) Why haven't Mad Scientists taken over the world yet?
Fairy Town There's something about the city. Something in the water, maybe?
Inner Circle (LJ) Getting to the Inner Circle can take a lifetime - or cost you your life.
Setting Nursery - these one-off stories may blossom into settings some day (incomplete)

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Once a month I open up a call for prompts; the Giraffe Call's landing page is here and on LJ.

I hosted a 30-days of flash fiction meme: its landing page is here (LJ Link)

Want more? There's always more to read!

What Follows,
an apocalyptic anthology:
How would an Immortal deal with
the End Times? The world will
inevitably come stumbling into
apocalypse, and They will be
there to witness it.

 photo ShiftingHearts_zps419ea943.jpg
Shifting Hearts,
a therian anthology:
It is said that the eyes are the windows
to the soul, but what if the soul that looks
back isn't as human as you first thought?

Addergoole, a completed webserial

Edally Academy, a new webserial

Tales for the Sugar Cat, my ebook

Kazkah Press, a flash-fiction webzine

Wikis of setting information currently exist in various stages of completion:
Addergoole: the Original Series - semi-defunct, but has information still being migrated to the below wiki
Addergoole Year Nine - and beyond
Faerie Apoc
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He'd never noticed her.

She'd changed her hair color and gotten a haircut. She'd gotten not just one but three promotions at work, one of them directly over him.

He still didn't notice her.

She saved his life in the middle of the Fae Attack, and he brushed himself off and muttered cursory thanks while eyeing the blonde from IT. She saved his life again when the hell-hounds came running through - and the blonde's life; no reason to let her die.

He still didn't notice her.

So she set his world on fire, stepped out into the street and burned it down around his ears, leaving only him alive.

To today's Thimbleful Thursday prompt, "Set the world on fire," 110 words.
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Chapter Fifteen – Taslin – Here

“Here.” Reshnel pointed at a spot on the contract. “Sign here, and here; and you, Jervennon of Cecby, there, and there. It is done.” The Master of the Gladiators stood. “I will leave you two to get acquainted. Your next match is the day after next, Taslin. Sir, I will send a runner for your bank note.”

He left the room, leave Taslin and Jervennon sitting across a table from each other.
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I'm trying a new thing, wherein I start at one end of my bookshelves and work my way through, and post something about the book when I'm done.

I've never done book reviews, and I'm not sure these will count as such. But they'll tell you something about the book, or, at least, that's the hope.

The first book to be so read is Titan by John Varley.

The first thing I noted: This is a used copy, not the original cover according to Wikiepedia but what ebay says is a 1980 cover. And there's so much hype. It's written like this guy will be the next Robert Heinlein - and if he hadn't been on my dad's bookshelf, I'd have never read him.

I read Wizard, the sequel, first, several times, as is my wont, because that's the one Dad had on the shelf, growing up; I think I found Titan in a used book store & recognized the cover. This was not my first read of Titan, but it had been long enough that I'd forgotten most of the plot.

Two things stuck out enough that the story itself got a bit lost in them:

First, this would make a phenomenal web comic. Check out this fan art. Pastel centaurs (well, most of 'em are pastel) with two sets of genetalia! (oh here's a pastel one).

All of the imagery is like that, and the story, rambling and disconnected as it can be at times, would probably work great in webcomic form.

Secondly... holy seventies, batman. Now, this is me we're talking about. Sex in scifi doesn't bug me. But I hadn't noticed, on the first read, how Look We Have Sexual Freedom the story read. There's the incestuous clone-twins, the "we sleep with everyone" discussion, the awkward lesbian crush subplot, the rape... of course there's a rape. What story with a female captain would be complete without that? O_O In short: yay, you have sex. Maybe have a plot, too?

I actually did enjoy the book as a whole, but found myself skimming large portions of it, and rolling my eyes at ever larger portions. It might have been better on first read... but it's probably going back to the used book store now.
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He was gorgeous. He had perfect pecs; six-pack abs; smooth skin; short, perfectly-tousled curls; stunning green eyes; and white teeth. He was just enough taller than her to be pleasant, without being so tall as to loom, and, dressed in nothing but blue jeans and a leather collar, he looked absolutely to die for. And he was hers.

The icing on his scrumptious bright-smiled handsome-eyes striking-nose cake (and now she wanted to lick icing off his nose - and she could!) was that this absolutely delicious chunk of manliness had volunteered. He'd signed up for the collar, the leash, the half-nudity, and five years of complete and utter servitude. And the slightly-dazed smile on his face suggested that, so far, he wasn't regretting it.

She'd watched his recruitment video. She was sure he'd watched her placement video; it was a required part of the matching procedure. And then, because this was her first time doing this sort of thing, she'd watched his processing by remote camera.

She heard that recruits got to keep the abs, etc., when they were done. And that, that was the sprinkles on the icing (She had to try that, really, really had to try that). Not only had he volunteered, but this new, shaped-to-order body was as new to him as it was to her.


To January 23rd's Thimbleful Thursday prompt, approx. 200 words
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First: A beginning of a story which obnoxiously cuts off just before the description,
Previous: IAmrit is Introduced to His New Life.
Fae Apoc, approx. now.

Content Warnings: This setting, although not this ficlet, contains rape, mind control, and dubious consent situations.

This particular story contains kidnapping and slavery, bondage, and will eventually contain violence & Stockholm Syndrome.

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This story is from the middle of a RP, so requires a bit of background. Short version: Vanyel (yes, named after that Vanyel) got himself stuck in an unpleasant Keeping (not awful, as these things go, just not great) and has just been released. He's hiding in his room, like you do.

Addergoole, approximately 12 years after the apocalypse.

Read more... )
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When I want to write tiny fic.

Two ways to go:

1) Leave me a prompt with one of the following themes/ideas:
-a) Sun, the sun, solar energy
-b) Space Opera
-c) variants, variances, varying

2) What's your favorite one of my settings? What makes it your favorite?
- Leave me a prompt based around that idea.

This is open just this weekend, and just for as many prompts as I feel like sandwiching between submissions, commissions, & editing. I'll write 100 words to each prompter, 50 more for each of the theme ideas above you manage to get into your prompt.
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Edally Academy doesn't have a page at all!

(Neither does Jumping Rings, but that's less worrisome)
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It was brought to my attention that the Addergoole TVTropes page (, which I thought had been deleted for PWP problems, is still active.

And um, it needs help. The tropes have no descriptions, spoilers, or bad (inaccurate or silly) descriptions. They are often not cross-linked. There are some missing, the description is okay (straight off the main page; I can't complain too much) but I think fails to cover exactly how dark Ag is.

So... I don't know how many entries yet, that's open to negotiation, but let's start with, I'll write 250 words (related to the tropes in question, somehow, or something else at your request) for the first 5 entries people fix. Comment here with fixed things.

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Did you know that I have a Patreon?

If you enjoy reading my fiction here - or at Edally Academy, at Jumping Rings, or Addergoole - please consider becoming a Patron. Every little bit helps support my writing time and gets me closer to my goal of being a full-time writer.

Any donation at all gets you access to at least one Patreon-only microfiction a month! $5 or more a month lets you vote in the monthly theme poll, and $7 a month will open up a secret flash fiction each month when the total donations reach $75/month.

In addition, for every $15/month of Patreon donations, Edally Academy will post an extra chapter; for every $20/month, Inner Circle posts an extra chapter, meaning your monthly donation helps fund three different goals!

The first donation level is $75, and we're currently at $19. Fifty-six dollars to go!

At $75, my writing is helping fund more than just my take-out habit. This level is where it actually starts helping to pay the bills. And at $75, I'll write two flash fictions (~750 words) a month for Patreons - one for all Patreons, and one for those at the $7 or higher level.

Check out that and all the other incentive levels today!
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[ profile] rix_scaedu has a prompt call open from now through Monday morning her (Australian) time.

The theme is "change and the challenges and adventures that come out of it." Prompting is free; tipping gets you more words, as does signal boosting.

(Boost, boost.)

So go prompt!
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This story starts in the middle of Doug Gets a Hug and ends after it. Doug, Ana, and Teal are Addergoole characters.

The girl had a boy. So help him, Doug was not going to make it through her four years sane.

She - Ana, Anastasia the dancer, Ana the pert, Ana oro'Willow - didn't exactly have a boy, because Teal himself had an oro' at the end of his name, and his Keeper was the possessive sort. But when Teal and Ana danced - and Teal danced, of course he did - Doug could watch the sparks. And that wasn't all he could watch. It was a good thing neither Keeper was in the habit of visiting their dance practices.

He wasn't going to survive the next four years, but it might be a fun way to go crazy.


She'd been waiting for him the day after Willow left, leaning against his apartment door and wearing a little trenchcoat that was unseasonable, unneeded inside, and entirely tantalizing.

She'd at least waited until they were inside his apartment - but not until the door was all the way closed - to show him exactly how much she wasn't wearing underneath. And then, for several athletic, dexterous, and wonderful hours, she'd shown him quite a few other things.

Doug was happy. He was actually smiling, something he couldn't quite remember doing before, or at least not in quite a while. But, being himself, he couldn't help poking at it.

"What about the boy?" She had her head pillowed on his chest, so he was talking to the top of her head. "You like him."

She looked up at him, a smile dancing on her lips. "Nobody ever said I only had to 'like' one person." The smile slipped, her expression and her voice suddenly serious. "Did they?"
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To fill square one-two on my card for [community profile] trope_bingo. Story two of a new series.

First: The Tod’cxeckz’ri Paper Part I

Jahnan had one of the richest bounties of her career literally in her grasp. She also had an earring that said that she’d married him under Tod’cxeckz’ri law and a paper telling her how to get rid of him and the earring, and a Tod’cxeckz’ri clerk smirking at her from behind the safety of his counter.

She ran her thumb down the list. “Okay. First choice is your parole officer. Kill two birds with one stone that way.”

“No way.” Yira Trembane shook his head. “I am not going within a star system of that maniac if I can avoid it.”

“You know the terms of your parole included not leaving the star system.”

“Why they were stupid enough to parole me in the first place I’ve never figured out.” Yira smirked. “He’s out. How about my ex-wife? Well... my first ex-wife.”
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the trope part )

Next for Story: Mad in Atter
Next for Trope Bingo: Coming up
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[personal profile] ysabetwordsmith posted an interesting concept here in response to the "fixed point in time" time-travelling concept:
    Time Jenga. There are not fixed points in time. There are load-bearing points in time. They cannot be altered while the weight is resting on them, because it pins them in place. ...
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The universe is a wide, large place, far larger than we originally imagined.

“There are over a hundred different human variants in the Known Universe, Yira, and, say, a hundred, two hundred nations, colonies, and cultures for each variant.”

Hundreds of millions of humanoid peoples roam the galaxy in this space-opera setting.

Jahnan & Yira - the Tod’cxeckz’ri Paper Story
This story is somewhere between a buddy/Odd Couple comedy and a romance, and begins with a bounty hunter/captive relationship.
It includes, so far: bondage. Unwilling (but legal) imprisonment. Dubcon D/s (at least in theory)

Description: Jahnan (LJ)
Trope Bingo, The Tod’cxeckz’ri Paper Part I (LJ)
Mad in Atter, Jahnan & Yira for Thimbleful Thursday (LJ)
Standards, a story of Jahnan and Yira for #3WW (LJ)
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First: A beginning of a story which obnoxiously cuts off just before the description,
Previous: In Which Mieve Considers Her New Purchase.
Fae Apoc, approx. now.

Content Warnings: This setting, although not this ficlet, contains rape, mind control, and dubious consent situations.

This particular story contains kidnapping and slavery, bondage, and will eventually contain violence & Stockholm Syndrome.

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Some Stories
Observing, a side story of the Unicorn/Factory
The Bishop Speaks, a story of FairyTown
Impossible Projects, a story of Science!
The Ramifications of Hair, a continuation of Tir na Cali

Check out This story, written in 2012

Kink/Fluff/Angst Meme: Jamian
Turn left Story One: Baram's Elves
Turn Left Story Two: The Damn Cat

A New Year, some new goals (a blog post)
December Meme Day Eighteen - TV Shows

Tir Na Cali Landing Page Updated Description
The Four Undramatic Plot Structures, a Cartoon
A Rough Timeline of the Faerie Apoc, Part I
Thinking about creating a new bingo community - feedback requested
Stranded World Landing Page Updated

Other People's Fiction
Check out Tapestry, by my friend Wysteria
And Dragon Wars, by my friend Becka Sutton

Edally Academy: The Angry Aetherist Chapter Twenty

more stories )
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Rin/Girey/Reiassan has a landing page here. The prompt was "something hot;" I ended up with something cold. Whoops!

"Remind me again why we're up here?"

It was snowing; it had been snowing since they left the capital - no, in truth, it had been snowing since before winter had properly arrived. Southern-born Girey was miserable in the cold; Rin's first tour of duty had been further north than this, and she was in her element.

"Well, we're up here to check on a few problems that have been brought to the Emperor's attention. And we're up here because it's harder to assassinate us on the road." They were on one path out of seven to their destination, neither the most obvious nor the most hidden. "Ah, here." She tilted her head. "A way-station. We can thaw out your bits."

"My bits?" It was impossible to see his eyebrows through the layers of hood and scarf Girey was wearing, but Rin could hear the raised-eyebrow tone in his voice.

"Your bits." She stifled a chuckle. "It'll take a while to heat up, but it looks unoccupied."

Half an hour later, they were down to three layers of clothes, their coats and hoods dripping dry by the doorway. The fire was burbling along merrily in the fireplace, and the tiny cabin was warming up quickly. "So." Rin raised her eyebrows. "How are your bits doing?"
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May/June 2011: the first sightings of portals from Ellehem and suspicious activity begin.

October/November 2011: The violence of humans controlled by the fae and returned-gods-related natural violence are in full swing.

January/February 2012: Fights between returned-gods and fae-who-remained are a common occurrence as those who remained - Nedetakaei & Shenera Endraae alike - work to keep the Returned Gods from taking over.

March/April 2012: The armies of the world are fully involved.

May 2012: "Nukes work," Russia reportedly tells the US, "but only if they don't see them coming."

June-October 2012: All-out war, ending not so much in a truce or a win in a pyrrhic victory for human troops: the fae invaders are nearly destroyed and the gates to Ellehem are sealed shut, cauterized. But there are few human troops left, and large parts of the world are devastated and ruined.

2013-2015: Starvation and disease take millions of lives. Many people have migrated out of cities, but the countryside is hostile; many people move all over the world, looking for safe places. Monsters and returned gods, hungry humans and just-as-hungry fae roam the place, attacking settlements for food or supplies.

2015-2020: People are settling in. Those that survive have mostly learned how to survive. Many live in the barest of subsistence living; some live in a decent level of low-tech/off-grid comfort, and a few have managed to salvage pre-Collapse technology and standards. The monster count is still high - the returned gods brought with them many creatures and made more here; there are hungry fae of all types, many very angry at the state of things, and unscrupulous humans are still to be found. Smart people live in walled settlements and do not talk to outsiders. Almost every corner of the world is cut off from the rest.

See also: Deaths in the Faerie Apocalypse
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Feeya is a roleplay character in a currently-unknown year/Cohort, but post apoc. If she could spell, she'd spell her name Fille.

This story involves violence and some bad French.

Read more... )
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Made me think about the troubles in plotting I sometimes (often!) have.
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First: A beginning of a story which obnoxiously cuts off just before the description,
Previous: In Which Amrit is Amazingly Eloquent.
Fae Apoc, approx. now.

Content Warnings: This setting, although not this ficlet, contains rape, mind control, and dubious consent situations.

This particular story contains kidnapping and slavery, bondage, and will eventually contain violence & Stockholm Syndrome.

The man in Mieve's back seat - who she had nicknamed Fuck You, since that seemed to be the only words he knew - seemed to be having trouble with the hood. He was squirming, clearly trying to get out of the shackles and chains, and rubbing his head against the car seat like a cat, trying to dislodge the hood. It was buckled on; it wasn't going to go anywhere.

“You might as well relax.” She pitched her voice louder than normal; the hood was very thick, designed to muffle sounds as well as light. “You're not going anywhere.”

“Uh oo.”

“I begin to see why they gagged you. Do you know any other words?”

“Uh oo eye-ay.

“You certainly are eloquent.” The auction house hadn't specifically said he'd been Kept already, Mieve knew - but the gall of them selling a fae slave they didn't Own was pretty appalling. Then again, she'd just technically bought a fae slave she didn't, by fae law at least, Own, so she couldn't exactly throw stones.
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Per [personal profile] kelkyag's request, this comes after The Grey Line (lj), Productive, The Governors (LJ), Right & Wrong, and Cleaning House.

Unicorn Factory has a landing page here on DW and here on LJ

They were moving the river.

Ansel stood, a hand on the unicorn foal nobody else could see, and watched them. They were shifting their water-catchers and moving in rock, lots and lots of rock.

"It's all right," Ansel assured the foal that was also his sister. "See? They're going to clean the water."

She headbutted his hip, using her jowl and nose to avoid poking him with her tiny-but-deadly horn. Ansel chuckled. "It's going to be okay." He pointed at the rock they were bringing in. "Someone decided to learn. And once they decide to learn, things begin moving."

She made a noise somewhere between a whicker and a whinny. Ansel, in return, petted her mane. She didn't speak, not the way humans did. But she knew more clearly than any of them what was good and right and what was wrong.

"It'll be fine." And because she believed him, Ansel found he, too, believed it.
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Honestly, can't tell if this is kink, fluff, angst, or all three

Sometimes, he just needed to get away.

He slipped on a different Mask, did his make-up the same way, and rolled vinyl pants up his legs. He slid on fishnet and big stompy boots, and headed out to a club that only knew him in this face and this guise.

You didn't need to be an Empath, place like this, to know who was sick and who was dying, who was hurt or grieving, but Jamian used every power his Change had given him. He whispered a healing here, a soothing there, flirted with an angry man and took away his disease with a caresses and some nonsense words.

At the end of the night, he went home with a tired nurse with a healer complex, and let them both relax for a while.
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This story is posted out of sequence, because I STILL haven't quite finished Square Two on my Foedus [community profile] trope_bingo card. It will require some filler, I think, but will probably come after Mad in Atter

Written to the Three-Word Wednesday Prompt: Distracted, genuine, modest

New to the setting? Jahnan is a bounty hunter who has caught Yira and is attempting to return him for the bounty. However, Complications Ensue.

Yira Trembane's hand had landed on Jahnan's knee and was sneaking slowly up her thigh.

“I should have left you in the handcuffs,” she muttered. Getting to their next destination would not be a difficult navigation - if she wasn't distracted.

“It's not like I can reach any of the navigation from here.” Yira wiggled the fingers of his free hand in the direction of the input panels. “Or like I can get out. Your ship's got that handled.”

The Maru's “Guest Chair” was holding Jahnan's prisoner firmly, bands pressed against his chest, forehead, lap, and ankles, but his lower arms had been left free, because, as he pointed out, he couldn't reach any navigation instruments

He seemed to be doing some instrument-free navigation of his own, however, his fingers squeezing and creeping, squeezing and creeping. “Besides,” he purred, “you're a very attractive woman. And it's a very small ship.”

“You know,” Jahnan picked up his hand and moved it to his own lap. “I might be more flattered by that if you had a single genuine, honest bone in your whole body.”

“Oh, don't be modest.” He moved his hand back to her knee. “You must know you're an attractive woman.”

She moved his hand again. For such a big man, he had surprisingly delicate fingers. “There are over a hundred different human variants in the Known Universe, Yira, and, say, a hundred, two hundred nations, colonies, and cultures for each variant. At absolute smallest estimate, that's ten thousand different definitions of attractive... and the last time I checked, your natal variant and nation is quite different in their tastes than mine.”

He set his hand much more gently on her knee. “And within those ten-thousand-plus nations, there are also millions of people, each with their individual tastes, which often don't match the variant or nation's average. Or you wouldn't find me attractive, either.”

Jahnan left Yira's hand where it was this time.
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Tír na Cali

"Redheaded magic ladies who kidnap sex slaves and also there are catgirls."
- [personal profile] inventrix

Slavery, abduction, and magic, high fantasy and erotica, all in an alternate-history version of the American West Coast, where Washington State, Oregon, California, and Baja California are all part of a hierarchical, matriarchal monarchy called Tír na Cali. The nation is ruled by a large extended family who call themselves, privately, the Tuatha de Danaan, and who purportedly worship pleasure and sex.

While the two worlds diverged long, long ago - when the Tuatha de Danaan first recognized their own power, centuries past - the most visible split from modern history occurred during the 1800's, when the West Coast seceded from the United States in the midst of the Civil War, a move set in place almost a century before by the Tuatha.

In this world, the US never lost its puritanical sheen, in direct response to the licentious nature of their enemy to the West, the Californians. And the Californians, who hold power in part due to the royal family’s psychic powers, continue to steal young adults from the US to serve as their slaves.

Temporary add-on landing page here.

Stories Include:
Harem )

Planning a Family, a glimpse at history
Vegas, an abduction story
I Serve, a microfiction of the conflicts of service.
Come the Dark, a story only loosely Cali.
Turning Tables, a cautionary tale
Playing Dollies, a love quadrilateral, Tír na Cali style - available in Tales for the Sugar Cat
Princely, a fairy tale retold in Tír na Cali - available in Tales for the Sugar Cat
Hallowing New Ground, loosely Tir na Cali, in space.
Guitar(LJ link), a story of fighting back.
A Rescue Into Slavery (LJ)
Too Hot for Prime Time
Too Hot to Handle, a continuation of Too Hot for Prime Time (LJ)
When in Rome (LJ)
Revenge of the Pumpkins (LJ)(after the Too Hot stories)
Not Stockholm'd
Window Shopping (LJ)
The Goddess' Rocky Path (LJ)
Gods (LJ)
Sport (LJ)

Prisoners 16 & 23 excerpt
Excerpt (LJ)

Wrong Brother? ()after "Can we be that Close?" (no xpost). [Donor Perk]
Brothers and Brotherhood (LJ)

Fish )

Slave )
Small Words (LJ) (donor perk)
Fred (LJ) (Slave School)

Tea )

Vineyard )

There are a few Cali/Criminal Minds crossover stories, and the love meme thereof:
Morrigan/Reid, Luke/Regine, Linden/Luke (LJ) Love Meme

[personal profile] kc_obrien has written three stories in this setting as well

[personal profile] lilfluff has written several stories in this setting, for which he needs a landing page. Recovering is the most recent. (lj)

An untitled novella is still in process:
Cali-Novel 11b (LJ)
Cali-Novel 11c (LJ)
Cali-Novel 12a (LJ) [Beta group]
Cali-Novel 12b (LJ) [Beta group]
Cali-Novel 13b (LJ) [Beta group]
Chapter 13c into 4 of Novel (did not xpost) [Beta group]
Chapter 14 of Novel (LJ) [Beta group]
Cali-Novel Ch17-most (LJ) [Beta]
Cali-Novel 17-end (LJ) {Cali-Beta}
Chapter 18A (LJ)

The Collar Job is an ongoing Tír na Cali/Leverage (TV show) fanfic. Its landing page is here (and on LJ).

February Worldbuilding Q6
February Worldbuilding Q23

Cali Catpeople
A subsetting of Tír na Cali, the Cali Catpeople are a new series focusing on several Californian-born and a few kidnapped American slaves who are transformed, through the body- and gene-altering magic held by a few Californian nobles, into feline-human hybrids, taking on some physical and mental characteristics of wild cats.

The long-term plans of the scientists perpetrating these transformations are still unknown to their research subjects; read along with these hapless kitties to discover their fate.

Stories Include:
Anger, a story of instinct and ownership
Origins, the transformation of one research subject - available in Tales for the Sugar Cat
In Training, a microfiction - - available in Tales for the Sugar Cat

Little Lost Kitty Girl (LJ)
The Little Lost Kitty Girl at Home (LJ)

Ninja Kitty (LJ)

Down in Kitty Town (LJ)

Entering Kitty Town (LJ)

Lab Rat (LJ)

Image by [ profile] lady_bealzabub

Icon is by [ profile] djinni and is of a generic Cali noble.
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From the Turn Left meme here:; off of this story: in the Beryl/Damn Cat sequence, an AU.

They had gotten the cats distributed, gotten everything sorted out, all but one angry Siamese cat. The big old tom had clawed, bitten, and, when the vet had mentioned fixing, he drawn blood on four different people.

"Some cats," the vet mentioned, "you just have to put down. You can't leave him wandering, not knowing what he might have..."

She went quiet, because the cat had gone completely still. He wasn't looking at the vet; he was looking at Beryl. His eyes, she noticed, were blue.

"I think..." she said slowly " long as you don't try to castrate him, he'll behave just fine now."
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From the Turn Left meme here:; off of this story: in the Baram's Elves sequence, an AU.

When the first creature broke through - fell through, really; her hedges were hungry and she'd taken lessons from Valentina as well as Valerian - Jaelie speared him to the ground. "Submit," she demanded.

He coughed blood on her shoes, blood that slowly began eating at the leather of her boots. "Bitch," he spat out. "I submit."

Viatrix's blade hesitated.

"You're mine, then." Jaelie twisted the spear. "Say it."

He spat again, the acid in his blood beginning to dissolve her pants. "Yours, fine."

Once he'd fallen, the battle went quickly. The rest either submitted or died, leaving Via, Aly, and Jaelie with four angry returned-God Kept between them.

After the third act of near-disobedient, nearly-deadly sabotage in a week, Baram - who had been grumblingly patient - put his foot down. "No Kept in the house. No other men in the house."

The women took stock. Something was going to have to change. "I'll go." Jaelie stepped forward. "I'll... do something with them, and come back."
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2014 didn't exactly suck for me, it just - happened. I seem to have lost large parts of it, didn't get a lot done until the last three months, and gained a bunch of weight.

But new years are a lovely time to start fresh. So this year, I'm going to try to be more aware of lost time and of lost plans.

Of course, as I'm writing this, I'm sick as a dog, and my only plans for today are to rest, drink lots of fluids, and take a short walk out to the barn for some firewood.

But starting as soon as I'm better!

I'd like to submit 4 stories for publication/month.
I'd like to earn $200 from writing (donations, commissions, publications, etc)/month or $2400/year: this is an arbitrary figure picked because it's possibly-doable while being a challenge.

I want to finish a rough draft of Rin/Girey.
I want to do the first Addergoole Kickstarter
I want to draft one other novel.

I would like to lose 3 pants sizes in my preferred brand/type jeans. That's about 14lbs/pants size for me, or 42 lbs over the next year.

I'd like to exercise at least 2x every week for at least 30 minutes

I'd like to have an updated author page done by end of February.
I'd like to make significant progress (finish a stage) on a house/home project for three weekends out of every four I'm home.

Very Other
I'd like to have a process in place for handling failure that is more adaptive than "man, I suck," panicking and moping.
I would like to leave more detailed and helpful comments on others' writing.

I think that's enough :-)

What about you? Any changes for the New Year?
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This belongs to the Foedus Planetarum setting and the Tod’cxeckz’ri Paper Story.

Previous in Story

"I suppose we could try my father," Yira Trembane had suggested. They needed an acceptable relation to void their contract, and visiting Yira's mother had turned out messily-at-best. "It's just... he lives on Korsakoff. I don't think he's going to be much help."

"I visited Korsakoff once." Jahnan wince. "It was..."

"Memorable?" Yira's teasing come out rough-voiced.

"Ouch. Yeah. Something like that." She leaned back in the seat of the Maru and closed her eyes. "I landed..."

    Nehanani Jahnan set down her little star-bouncer on the neglected landing field of Atter, Korsakoff's largest city. There were only two other ships in the field - a Foedus bureaucracy ship, probably census or taxes, and her quarry. There was dust over her quarry's ship, but Korsakoff was known for its heavy dust that coated everything - he could have been here a day or a week.

    She fitted a filtered mask over her face. Korsakoff's air wasn't exactly poisonous - but it wasn't any fun, either. Not if you wanted to leave anytime soon. Chances were, her target was just down the road. Unless he'd thought to mask, hoping she'd - ha - forget.

    She found Fess Entiror in a bar, just inside the city limits of Atter. The bartender aimed a desultory wave her way, and passed her a drink. Jahnan paid and headed for the table where Fess Entiror was already talking.

    "...and so I headed into New Malibu..."

      And there, in the middle of the town, there was this statute, this giant thing, larger than life, of a naked woman, with her hand... well, there's ladies present. And there, sitting at the base of the statue, with his hand... sorry, ladies, well, there was my target.

      And the moral of the story is, never go into New Malibu drunk, or you're just going to end up a sitting duck for whoever's hunting you."

    There was no point in talking to him; he had the glazed eyes and rambling speech patterns of someone already suffering from Korsakoff Syndrome. Jahnan couldn't resist, anyway, as she slapped the cuffs on him.

    "And the moral of the story is, never go to Korsakoff when you're on the run from the law, or you're going to end up mad-ass in Atter, waiting for whoever's hunting you."

Yira coughed. "Or, well. Maybe we could just visit my stepfather, the first one."

To January 8th's Thimbleful Thursday prompt, approx. 400 words
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Written to [ profile] flofx's commissioned prompt: "Bishop Macnamilla says 'The elders did not listen to me. They were squeamish' in Faries in the Church. Just what happened between Macnamilla and the elders? How much did he tell them of what he wanted to do?"

Fairy Town has a landing page here.. This story is set a few decades or more before the "current" storyline.

Bishop Tanner studied the young priest standing in front of him. "Father Macnamilla. I see you are visiting us yet again."

The others on the diocese's council of elders shifted uncomfortably. Bishop Tanner didn't fault them for that - Father Macnamilla brought an aura of discomfort with him. But they needed to remain firm and in control, or the hot-headed priest would be causing them more than just discomfort.

"I will continue to visit you until you listen to reason. I will continue to visit you until this diocese does what needs to be done."

Bishop Tanner cleared his throat. "I'm sure that it appears to you..."
Read more... )
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via [personal profile] recessional

Comment with characters, ones I usually write or not, and I will write a few sentences of kink, angst, fluff or an AU for them. Feel free to tell me which option you'd like and provide details, or just toss character names.
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As always, I'll write 150 words/$1 of paid Dreamwidth time, within (3days)x(#dollars) if someone will renew my DW time. <3
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Because of a variety of systemic problems I've had with [community profile] kink_bingo over the years, most of which I really feel are "it's not them, it's me," I've been thinking about creating my own sexytimes and kinkytimes type of bingo community.

If you would have an interest in participating:

* What sort of prompts would you like to see? Specific prompts? Categories?
* What sort of prompts do no Definitely Not Want?

* How about achievements?

* And, as a community, are there things you're rather see/not see?

As an example, if I create a bingo community, it will not be "fanfic with orgfic tacked on;" I'll try to make the language & rules include both original fic & fanfic (It's a small thing, but it frustrates me endlessly).

So what about you?

Also, what should I callll it?
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I have updated the Stranded World Landing Page here - - and in honor of that will take two prompts for Stranded World
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“So,” Winter explained to his younger sisters, “the world is like a giant spaghetti squash.” He jammed his fork into their dinner. “Everything looks solid, right? But,” he twisted the fork, “if you grab thing just the right way, you can see how it’s all made of long strands. Except in the case of the world, the strands are magic.”

His three younger sisters, used to taking Big Brother as the authority on everything, were still dubious.

The siblings Winter, Autumn, Summer, and Spring each manipulate and read the strands of the world in their own way, while attempting to live within the world as normally as possible. The Stranded World is contemporary fantasy, slice-of-life with a magical overtone, following the threads of their lives.

Strand-Workers and Strand-Working Organizations (LJ)
Triva Tuesday
A Week of Settings
Magic in Stranded World
Magic in Stranded World - Summer's Magic
February Worldbuilding Q7
February Worldbuilding Q12

Stories include:
When the Time Comes Around (turn, turn, turn) (LJ) all four siblings.
The Language of the Strands (LJ) Eugenia/Meta

Freedom - Autumn/Winter
The Deep Inks (Autumn)
Revived (Autumn), sponsor for $25
Pastiche (LJ), a vocab drabble
One for the Road, Autumn being musical
Bringing Home the Bacon (LJ), Autumn and men

Community Lines (Winter and Autumn)
Holding the Ways (Winter and Autumn), sponsor for $7
Love Meme (LJ) (Autumn and Winter)
Stepping Around, a drabble (Autumn)
Lines of the City (LJ)
Laying the Foundation (LJ)
Enclosed (Autumn)
Keeping a Hold on Things (Autumn, following Enclosed)
Kith and Kin (LJ), Autumn's travels
Beautiful Morning (LJ), Autumn and Tattercoat
Marked (LJ), Autumn and Tattercoat negotiate their relationship. - not finished yet!
Love Letters (LJ) Autumn and her love
Colder Weather (LJ), Autumn in a triste moment, related to Love Letters
Not That Kind Of Girl (LJ)

Tangles & Knots (LJ)
Untangling Knots (LJ) after Tangles & Knots

Having Fun, Autumn and Spring at Faire, followed by
Orange Juice (DW), Autumn and Spring AFTER Faire.
Spring Equinox, another individual at her Faires
Rude Roommates (LJ) Autumn, and Ghosts
At the Movies (LJ) Autumn, with more ghosts
Stranded in Winter (LJ)
Like this and Like that (LJ) Autumn dances

Ax Fight
Mud Fight

The Deep Inks is also my nanowrimo novella for 2011:
part i here / or here
part ii here / or here
part iii here / or here
part iv here / or here
please ping me if you'd like to be included on the beta filter.
Nano XII (LJ)
part ix here/ here
part x here/ here
part xi here/ here

South Like Medea's Toga (Summer) and
Horse's Mouth (Summer, directly following Medea) - - available in Tales for the Sugar Cat
Meeting the Parents (LJ) - Summer and her dates.
Fishing (LJ) Summer, Bishop, and Mellie.
Roses (LJ Summer
"Straight Now?" (LJ), Summer's friend Basil
14th Shot, someone else at their theatre club
Icon Flash: Summer
Seeking roommate (LJ) Summer, Bishop, Add
Evening in the Sunset (LJ) Summer, Melinda, Bishop

Summer on the Half-Shell
Summer off the Half-Shell

A Favorite Place - Autumn/Summer
Summer Description & Djinni Signal Boost (LJ)

the Water Knot (LJ), Summer and Winter
Inveigle (LJ), a vocab drabble

Tangled (Spring)
Day Job, Spring, following Tangled
Tangling isn't just a walk in the park (LJ) Spring & Lance
Normalizing - Spring in school
Chilly Spring

The Way Things Flow (LJ), a story of Winter - sponsor the next section for $15
Order (LJ) an Iconflash for Winter

Preparing for Thanksgiving (DW) - all four siblings
The Family that Knots Together (LJ) - Just after Preparing
Five Visits (LJ - the whole family
The Unexpected Gift (LJ), Autumn & Tattercoats
A Christmas of Melancholy (LJ)

Bingo! (LJ) 5 100-word stories, including one Stranded

Fiametta, a story in the same 'verse, not the same family.

Icons by [ profile] djinni are of Autumn, Winter, Summer, and Spring

Picture of Autumn by [personal profile] meeks -

Winter and Spring
Winter and Spring
Art by [profile] elmenora


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