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"Because everything is better with the end of the world."

Welcome! Below you can find hundreds - thousands, really - of posts, many of them fiction.

I write a lot - much in established universes, some in one-off settings. Much of what I write ends up here. In addition, you'll find homesteading blogging, the occasional crafts-and-clothing post, and journals of my wine-tourism of New York State.

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The Aereaxerer archipelago hovers high above the Nevilla Forest, wobbling ever so slightly on stems up to a mile high. This unlikely feature is the home of the Expectant Wood serial story, available to Patreon readers.

These posts open to all
The Serial Family (Patreon)
Name the Serial Family (LJ)
The Serial Islands (Patreon)
A five-minute map of the islands (LJ)

The Serial
These posts available to Patreon patrons

Nimbus and her family are on an expedition, exploring the Center of Aereaxera, the biggest island in the Aereaxerer archipelago. But something is amiss at the center of their world...!

Chapter One: Trouble at the Stamen (Patreon)
Chapter Two: The Stamen End (Patreon)
Chapter Three: The Slippery Stamen-End (Patreon)

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Chapter One: Trouble at the Stamen
Chapter 2: The Stamen End

Chapter 3: The Slippery Stamen-End

Billow wasn’t screaming, or whining, or even whimpering. She was holding very still, slowly sliding towards the center of the stamen-bottom. Nimbus felt something tighten in her chest, but she didn’t have time for panic. She dropped to the ground, splaying her feet out and seeking some purchase, and reached for Billow.

She couldn’t quite reach, and if she moved any further forward she was going to end up on the wrong end of the slope.

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Pledges for my Patreon can be had for $1, $5, or $7/month.

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Thimbleful 1.png

They'd grabbed a couple barrels and a door to make a "bench"; they'd hung a curtain, or at least a ratty blanket, over the room to make a "private" courtroom, and they'd pulled in five people to witness, Carter Westcott to serve as judge, and Ardell Aspen to serve as prosecutor.

There was no defense. I wanted to say something about that; I was one of the witnesses, because I hadn't moved away from the curtain quickly enough - me and four others who'd been loitering around, wondering what they were going to do with Barton after - well, after. But considering the mood of our little community of stragglers, I stayed quiet. I've regretted that for years. I didn't want to end up there, where Barton was... but still.

The prosecutor read off charges. Barton could hardly say he wasn't guilty - I mean, they'd gagged him, but that didn't matter when he'd grown feet three times normal size and big furry ears - but they made some pretense that it was a court and not a murder.

If I'd only gotten to him before they'd found him, maybe I could have helped in. Instead, I stood witness to his "conviction" in the most half-assed trial I'd ever seen.

And his would not be the last I'd witness, either.

This is written to yesterday's Thimbleful Thursday prompt
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Part I:
Part II:
Part III:
Part IV:

“Who knew that vampires could be so stupid? I mean, obviously, vampires are often stupid, but is it me, or was that beyond the stupid? And then the look on that girl’s face, like you had just performed some sort of arcane act of killage…”

“Well, technically, she…”

“Clearly,” Giles cleared his throat, “I cannot allow you to go out unsupervised in a strange city.”
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For Five-minute Map Friday tomorrow, I'm thinking of doing a quick map of Aud & Sage's part of Smokey Knoll

I KNOW I've identified harpies and pixies and centaurs nearby, but I can't FIND them.

What I have so far is:

the Brownies across the street.
Ogres (dragons) next door - cavern-and-castle system - waterfall

The neighborhood around it [Smokey Knoll], the Retibya Heights, is a, ah..."
"It's an affluent upper-class human neighborhood..."

the Brownies across the street....

"(The harpies)...Their great-grandchildren live down the block from me"
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(Last Friday's post, whoops)
first: A Door in the Wall
Second: On the Other Side of the Door
Third: The Call Comes Again
Fourth: New Travelling Companions
Fifth: Complications and then Complications
Sixth: Stranger Things

The ride – or walk, for Peter, Edmund, and Soleck – was not difficult, and it ended far sooner than Susan was ready for it to. They rode into a small village which seemed to grow out of the side of the hill, or maybe, like children’s toys, to have been tossed down along the slope. Leffen had no more trouble with the steep slope than he had with any other terrain, climbing up it as if it were a flat meadow.
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May 26, 2012: I was working through a flash fiction for every icon I had (unsurprisingly, I never finished).

This one was for this icon:

Shooting Star

Icon by [personal profile] later_tuesday

Yeah, the first one of the Asteroid-hits took us by surprise. I mean, shooting stars didn't hit the earth that hard very frequently, and when they did - crater, some rock, that was it.

Nobody expected there to be sentient life, not in that first one. And, because the government did a quick and thorough job of covering it up (I know, I was there), the rest of the world wasn't expecting the second one, either, or the third.

By the thirty-seventh of these Shooting Stars, everybody knew. Hobos who lived in shacks in the desert knew (and I'm not counting that guy who got superpowers because the asteroid almost landed on him).

continue reading The Shooting Star Problem here.
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Bleed for it. Enrie didn’t know if she liked that.  She didn’t want anyone to get hurt.  She didn’t…

She didn’t want things to stay the same.  She kept stewing over things as they made it through their classes.  Riensin and Kekdela were’t talking to them; Tesdes probably wasn’t, either

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The ogres next door have moved out, but the new neighbors have a joyriding teen and a new infant whose cries can wake up the neighborhood. Sure, the wee little thing is adorable, but he belches fire when he’s colicky and needs asbestos diapers.

This series of short pieces follows the mostly-human family in their interactions with their magical neighbors.

Resetting the Timeline
Beginning - a slightly different take (donor perk)

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Same 'verse, different people )
Meta )
updated May 25, 2016 from present back to Mar. 25th, 2015 - last update August 29, 2014.

[personal profile] meeks'sketch of Diapering Dragons (

[personal profile] meeks'sketch of Over the Wall (

[personal profile] anke's drawing of Aud & Sage

Icon of Baby Smith, Icon of Gremlin by [ profile] djinni
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Woven Together is a flash fiction about the problems with fate:
“The thing is, we’ve known each other forever.” Glenn leaned back in her chair until she could see Jake, sitting way on the other side of the dining hall. ”I mean, preschool. And I’ve had a crush on Jake since... oh, when we started doing crushes? Third grade maybe? And Jake...” She twisted her head the other way until she could see ‘Kota, sitting off with the theatre kids. ”Jake wants ‘Kota. I mean, even before we knew about...” Her hands took in the whole realm of sexuality in romance in one short, broad gestures.

“And Dakota?” ...

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Written to today's  Three-Word Wednesday prompt: Happy-go-lucky, Ignorant Joyous.  Fae Apoc setting, post apoc.

Eurion remembered a time when common wisdom had said it was bliss to be ignorant. 
It was an odd time to be musing on that, he supposed, as he picked through the wreckage of a former suburb. 
He understood the concept, of course: "what you don't know can't hurt you;" you were supposed to be happy-go-lucky and full of cheer if you didn't know what horrors awaited you. 
These people - these people probably hadn't thought of themselves as ignorant.  They'd been teachers or lawyers or accountants.  But then everything had fallen to shit, and the things they'd needed to know hadn't been the things they'd known.  
Ignorance might have been bliss in the old world, but the mess in front of Eurion was hardly joyous. 

Done with 3WW? Check out Thimbleful Thursdays!
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Never Try to Steal a Dweomer
Backpack Gremlins (LJ)
Hunting Junie I (LJ)
Hunting Junie II (LJ)
Hunting Junie III (LJ)
Red Covers (LJ)
Bounty (LJ)
Team D (LJ)
Victimization (LJ)

This runs to 3800 words.

There was a man - a human man, a bog-standard boring kidnapping human, normal and plain as they came - picking up an unconscious dweomer child, and Kelkathian and Azdekious were doing nothing at all to stop him.
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I'm filling this in slowly from the below list, but this is my [community profile] allbingo card for the "Finish It" challenge.

Rin's parents, and Rin's father, and ...
Carrying the Spirit.
Arisse and Chress (V) Take Me (V) The Hazards of Magic (V) Fated (III) Edally (α)
Robbie meets Radar (V) B is for Beryl and her Boys.
How The Family Does things (IV) Fifty Years. (I) King(maker) Cake.
Aetheric Cleansing. (II) Novella(α)
You'd Better Watch Out. (IV) Rin & Girey (V) Unicorn-Chaste (I) Discovery (IV) The Enemy's City (IV) Æ is for Ash. (II) Landing Pages (3 big) (α)
The Portal Closed (III) Bjorn (I) Mikary (III) Over the Wall (IV) The Cat's Paw. (III) Far Weston. (VI) Ghost Story I(α)
Daxton and Esha (II) Jin/Hostage Situation (III) A Locked Chest is Locked for a Reason (VI) Wild Card(IV) Legacy Cat (VI) Charming (I) Kickstarter(α)
The Strength (VI) Shahin and Emrys (VI) Unicorn Strokes. (II) Gremlins/Junie's kidnapping (I) Aetheric Cleansing. (I) Three Glass Beads, Peacock Blue (II) Submission(α)

working oncompleted

At any point, I may sub out one of these for another suggested one or something else I need to finish.

The numbers (those that remain) correspond to the list below. This was arranged from the [community profile] allbingo public card, your suggestions, and's list randomizer.

The Roman numerals are another way of getting a bingo - do, say, all of the (I) instead of a line or a square or such.

see links here -

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“There will be other races,” Saydrie offered cautiously.  “And other times for you to go interesting places… with interesting people.”

“Hey!”  Taikie’s wisdom was short-lived.  “We’re interesting people.”

“We are.  But, rumors about the nature of ‘teams’ aside, I do not think we’re the intere

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This is set a little over a decade before Cya Keeps Leo. Well, the end bit is a decade-plus; the 'finding' parts are earlier.

There were things Cya looked for when doing student recruitment.

She looked for slaves she could justifiably rescue, children born into slavery that would Change if given the right environment and would thrive or at least survive at Doomsday. She looked for children that would need rescue, kids that were living in fae-unfriendly places that risked being slaughtered when - or if - they Changed.

She looked for post-Addergoole conceived children born to Addergoole students, "third kids", they called them.

She looked for children with unusual powers - her own power, which showed up immensely rarely; teleportation, which was uncommon and very useful in this post-collapse world; mind control, which was thankfully rare and required careful handling; telepathy, although she had only found one of those in all the years she'd been doing this.

She also looked for kids who were the right age, whose parents were fae or Faded, who could make it to Doomsday or who could accept her help moving to Doomsday.

And in all cases, she started looking for kids who were much younger than Doomsday age. She wanted to be sure that the parents knew about the school in time to make a decision.

Sometimes she found them early. Sometimes she didn't find them until it was almost too late. She hadn't figured out the patterns yet.

Sunny, she found when she was five, running around the family ranch doing child-sized errands while carting three kittens in the kangaroo-pouch of her jacket.

Kerr, she found three days before school, working in a landfill mine on a chain gang with twenty other children. She set her jaw and made a note to come back soon to deal with the slave-owner.

And Aron she had to keep finding; his family-group kept moving around. But she convinced his mother the same way she'd convinced Sunny's family - with shameless bribery.

There were others that year, children from as far as her teleporter could reach, and one she'd made him make three jumps to reach. It was a full year of twelve, and, considering the mix, Cya quietly gave Ascha a raise.
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Enrie looked helplessly between Taikie and Kekdela’s retreating back.  “Well.”  She glanced at Saydrie, who looked a little confused and a little abashed.  “Taikie, you know, Riensin…”

“I have absolutely no interest in anything involved with Riensin,” Taiki answered shortly.  “None.  He could fo

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Part I:
Part II:
Part III:

“Look, all I’m saying is, we should just tell them thanks but no thanks. This isn’t the sort of thing I’m going to do. It’s not the sort of thing I can do. And besides that, well, why would I want to go to some stuffy old boarding school when I can stay here in stylish, fun Sunnydale?”

Buffy was still complaining as they loaded up Giles’ car Friday after classes, and Giles was still ignoring her.
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This story is from March; I wrote it but couldn't quote get it to work out quite the way I liked it, so I wrote something else. But here it is: a glimpse at a test-Keeping in Doomsday Academy.

The collar was new and stiff-feeling, even though Enguerrand knew that there was supposed to be a Working on it to soften it. He tugged on it anyway. "Are you sure I'm going to be welcome?"

Faris draped an arm around Enguerrand's shoulders. "Certain. For one, any plus-one is welcome at a cy'Sweetflower party, and for another, you're mine, remember? Anywhere I can go, you can go."

"I'm new to this," Enguerrand reminded his Keeper nervously. "You did your own test-Keeping last year. This is my first time."

read on...
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The story that began with this little series...

A Wink...
Nothing Could Possib-lie Go Wrong (Summer)
Places One Doesn't Go (Winter)
At Home (Spring)
Sight and Sense (Autumn) completed here on Patreon.

The man glared at Summer through the tilted fence panel. He wasn’t a pleasant-looking man; he had stringy hair and a weedy beard, a greasy, pallid complexion and notable body odor. But he was an important man, at least at the moment. “This is a private party!”

Summer’s cheeks were flushed and she was just about ready to die. She’d gone through this fence before — with her mother, when she was very young, then later with Winter and Autumn, and later still, all five of them together. She’d stepped a little sideways, and… what had gone wrong this time?

She coughed. “Sir, I’m sorry... (read on...)

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May 19, 2011: [community profile] dailyprompt: "eight line poem" and "I want to be alone."
I wrote something with placeholders for names and, as I went... I realized that the placeholders made more sense than names:

“I want to be alone.” [3] stared down at her notebook, the pencil limp in her hand.

“Now, honey, you know it don’t work that way.” [2] cuddled her briefly.

“It oughta,” she sighed.

“Now don’t let the bosses hear you talking that way,” her teammate scolded. “They’ll start thinking you’re defective, or, worse...

continue reading Alone Together here.
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There's a rage, it seems, for Farm-to-Table dining; there's a few restaurants open in Ithaca right now that tout it and it gets play in some blogs. In short, it's local food delivered to local consumers - in restaurants, it's high end stuff made with low-food-miles food. I find it an interesting movement, but I live in the Frozen North, and I like my oranges, and my fresh produce in December, and so on.

There's also - as we found out when we were taken out to a fancy place for dinner for our birthdays in Troy a few weeks back - a trend for buttermilk-fried ramps right now. And let me tell you, they are delicious. Ommity nommity tasty, with just enough onion flavor. We bought some ramps from our local farmer's market and tried it out - so good
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ramps picture source:
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In the world of the Circled Plain, most of humanity lives within walled cities, protected from the monsters outside.

The cities' walls are nested, circle within circle within circle, and the richest and most powerful live the deepest in the city.

They call the social and economic climb from the outer rings towards the inner the Ladder. The climb is hard, but there are always ways to jump rungs.

Jumping Rings
Taslin and Valran have both knelt in service to climb the ladder.
But they will have to make it through their ten years before they'll see the fruit of their labor.
Jumping Rings updates every other Tuesday.

Chapter One: Taslin (LJ) Kneel
Chapter Two: Valran (LJ) Kneel
Chapter Three: Taslin (LJ) Duck
Chapter Four: Valran (LJ) Duck
Chapter Five: Taslin )LJ) Thrust

subsequent chapters posted here.

Other Stories
...This turned out a little creepy... (LJ) Marri & her Patron, Biccon
Meeting (LJ) another Servus
The Flow and the Fountain (LJ) - why one doesn't use too much magic
Remembering the Fallen (LJ) - how the Flow changes one
Now Hiring (LJ) - fic around demific
Meeting the Archmage (LJ)

Teswarnen Eshmarn, the Second Circle Deputy Oligarch of New Indapala
(LJ) - character information
The Lands of the Circled Plain (LJ) a setting story for 3WW

Worldbuilding 1: Architecture (LJ)
Worldbuilding 2: Inside and Outside (LJ)
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I've been trying - with some success - to keep my postings to some sort of schedule. I thought it might keep me on track if I posted said schedule here.

I may be off by up to a day on any given post.

Edally Academy
Weekend blog post

Patreon "Bonus" post - a flashback, something I missed from the month before, or just a story not yet posted for the month

Edally Academy
Buffy fanfic

Patreon - alternating weeks story & serial until serial is caught up

Edally Academy
Narnia Fanfic into Valdemar

Of course, other fiction will be posted as finished/as whim hits/as commissioned/etc.
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“So… what do we do?”  Taikie hissed her question under the noise of the dining hall; it seemed like, as momentous as that had felt to Enrie, nobody else had noticed.

“We give her a day and a night to decide.  And… when she decides that she doesn’t want to turn herself in, we take it to House Mon

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This is what started the Stranded World - a short story, more the beginning of a tale than a story in and of itself, and the very beginning of my first NaNoWriMo novel, continuing it. The novel itself is, uh, not good. But this part, I think, is nicely indicative of the world & of Autumn.

Originally posted November 3rd, 2010 - as a Three-Word Wednesday!

“I heard you did divinations.”

It had been a quiet day, grey and chilly for early August, and Autumn had been putting the final touches on a new drawing of Grandmother Maple. The man’s intrusion was so unexpected, so sharp and abrupt, that only quick reflexes saved her from spilling her inkwell and ruining the whole thing.

“You want the blue tents over in Psychic Alley,” she answered without looking up, carefully capping her ink and setting her pen down.

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Elves are wonderful. They provoke wonder.
Elves are marvelous. They cause marvels.
Elves are fantastic. They create fantasies.
Elves are glamorous. They project glamour.
Elves are enchanting. They weave enchantment.
Elves are terrific. They beget terror....
-Lords and Ladies by Terry Pratchett

Alwin was giddy. She'd touched him. She'd brushed her hand over his, and she had smiled at him!

The lady had called herself Titania. When everyone who happened to be nobody at all was claiming gods' names - there was that thing with "Zeus" in Greece, that thing with "Hera" in New York City, and nobody really wanted to think about the problems with Czernobog in Buffalo - it wasn't surprising that a beautiful woman would take on a beautiful name. But she wasn't standing in the center of town declaring her godhead like those nutcases, or trailing fanatic followers like some of the others - Bast. Bast had been a bad case, according to the news.

No, she was just sitting in a bar - some might say "holding court," but Alwin thought they were snobs. She was just sitting at The Last Dock, drinking beer and smiling that enchanting smile at everyone.

Alwin's smile faltered. Her gaze had moved on from him - of course, she had other things to thing of, other things to worry about. But she was smiling at Joe from down the street now, and her fingers were brushing over his hand now.

He'd have to get her to look at him again. He'd have to do something to get her attention.

Alwin finished his beer and picked up a pool cue.

for the 3-Word Wednesday prompt here

From the middle of the apocalypse blogged on [ profile] faeapoclive and [ profile] FaeApocLive
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“You can’t do this,” Ulunumani repeated.  “Do you know who I am?  Do you know who he is?  Do you know who our parents  are?”

Saydrie answered for Enrie.  “Who you are  — who your parents are — is exactly the point.”

“Oh?”  Ulunumani took another step forward.  Enrie didn’t turn around, though

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I was minding my own business yesterday, doing the dishes and thinking about something on the news, when bam, an idea hit me.

I was playing the "what if" game: "What's his story? Why did that really happen? What if it happened this way?"

That idea is gone, sadly... I didn't write it down... but it sparked the idea for this post.

When I was a kid, I'd ask my mom or dad while we were driving: "tell me about that silo out there" or "tell me about that chimney" (around here, you can often find chimneys sort of hanging around with no house). "Tell me why this road is named Hubbel... why this is named Euler."

(there's another story there, too...)

And my mom would tell me about the monkeys in the silo, or my dad would tell me about Hub Bill, who wanted the world to revolve around him, or the You Learns (our road is pronounced you-ler, not like the scientist, oddly).

Writing is like that. You look at a thing. You ask a question. And the question leads to a story.

Tell me about that chimney, mom. Tell me about Reed Road, Daddy.

Tell me about that guy walking down the street. He's carrying bags on a ski pole like a modern yoke. What's his story?
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A sub-setting of Addergoole and the Fae Apoc, Doomsday Academy is what happens when a fae graduate of Addergoole decided to build something better.

It features Addergoole characters from two generations as professors, and an all-new cast of students. The school experience runs from ten years old to 18, covering a wide swath of education not often found in the post-apoc world.

And post-apoc it is. Set approx. forty years after the titular Faerie Apocalypse ("the Disaster" "the Collapse"), the world is a far different place. Monsters still roam the blasted countryside, and cities are mostly destroyed shells. The human/fae population are just beginning to move past bare survival. Electricity, running water, telephones - these things exist, but mostly in sheltered enclaves.

That is the world into which Cynara brings Boom Town and Doomsday Academy.

I Have this School (LJ)
A Drabble of Addergoole meets Doomsday (Facebook)

The School
Setting Notes (LJ)

The Professors
Doomsday Academy: First Day of Math (by [personal profile] inventrix)
First Day of School for First years (LJ)
First Day of History Class (LJ)
First Day of Survival Class (LJ)
First Day of Law Class (LJ)
First Day of Camping Club (and on LJ)

The Students
Aquilina at School (LJ) at least 4 years in.
Gonna Be A Samurai (LJ)
Sweetbriar's Escape (LJ)
(Sha-la-la-la-la-la) Don’t be scared (LJ)
Ask Questions

Second Thoughts, 3rd Thoughts
The Facility - on Patreon

The Parents
The Tower (LJ)

The City
Train-of-Thought Cloverleaf Worldbuilding considerations (LJ)
Cloverleaf: City Write-up (LJ)
The Year Cya Didn't Keep Anyone (LJ)
Tweets: Planning a City (LJ)
Takes a Village to Build a City (LJ)
Boom Town: Center Street (LJ)
Venison (LJ)
Aging in Cloverleaf on Patreon
Soft Target (LJ)
Character Study: Tijana the Knitter (LJ)

The Apiary
Building the Apiary (LJ)
Job Interview (LJ)

The World
Road Trip Write-Up the Beginning of a fic (LJ)

The City & Cya
Pick-Up Lines (LJ)
The Doomsday Room of the Cloverleaf Museum (LJ)

Doomsday and Addergoole

An Educational Visit
I Should Visit
Part I
Part II
Part III
Part IV
Part V
Part VI

A Deal is Made - Regine and Cya
Part I -
Part II -
Part III -
Part IV -
Epilogue -

Trouble in Cloverleaf - Luke & Leo
First part here
Second part here
Third part here
Fourth part here
Fifth part here
Sixth part here

A Change in Routine
[personal profile] inventrix's Let's Pretend
Class is in Session
A Brief Reunion
[personal profile] inventrix's Unexpected Visitor
Lessons in the Dojo
[personal profile] inventrix's from RP logs
Education and Collars
Trouble in Paradise
[personal profile] inventrix's Mistakes were Made
Stolen Goods
A Reconciliation

AU! The Hawk comes to Doomsday (LJ)
AU! The Hawk in Cloverleaf (LJ)

 photo Austin_zps4b2589db.png
Austin, from the Samurai stories, art by [ profile] djinni

completed from present to Jun. 4th, 2015 and before August 26, 2014
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Getting into the legendary Empress Edaledalende Academy of Higher Learning at Ileltedez was just the first step; what will Tairiekie do now that she's here? How will she and her new teammates get along, and how will they cope with teachers and staff that just don't like them?

The Angry Aetherist posts Wednesdays; any week Paypal Donations reach $20, there will be an additional chapter posted on Sundays.

You can find the whole story on

The Angry Aetherist

Chapter One (and on DW) Welcome to the Academy
Chapter Two (and on DW) Welcome to House Akaizepennen
Chapter Three (and on DW) An Introduction to Aether
Chapter Four (and on DW) Discovering the Power Structure
Chapter Five (and on DW) Into Threes, Nines, and Eighteens
Chapter Six (and on DW) New Friends and New Teams
the story continues on

The Prequels

Getting Ready (Tairiekie) (and on DW)
Getting Ready: Saydrie (and on DW)
Getting Ready: Enerenarie (and on DW)
Almost There: Saydrie (and on DW)
Almost There: Tairiekie (and on DW)
Tairiekie a Year Earlier (LJ)

Character notes

Enarienarie (LJ)
Saydrie (LJ)
Instructor Getalréta (LJ)
Iesovyenyie (LJ) (Taikie's Roomie)
Gaikvya (LJ) (Taikie's Roomie)
Kotnelbyotke and Ledryainryie (LJ) (Enrie's roommates)


Inter-universal Women's Day: Empress Edaledalende (LJ)
Broader Education (LJ)- Kaatetzie
Top Of Class, Bottom (LJ) - Lielbyim (an older student)

Naming Rights Auction (and on DW)

Edally Academy is part of the Reiassan setting in the Steam Era.

Draft Map of the School

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The Cartographers' Guild does a monthly Lite Mapping Challenge, so I took my Five-Minute Map sketch and ... made it better.

Not perfect, but better.

And then I had a small panic attack, and then I submitted it.

It's one of Rin & Girey's campsites, early in the story.

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Taikie frowned for a moment.  Enrie thought she was taking in her rather pessimistic assessment.  Then she burst out laughing, a wry chuckle that quickly turned into a proper chortle.  “Then we paddle on stone here, and next week I’ll come up with a mechanism for that, too.  I can’t believe nobody’

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~~It's Spring! It's time for all the chores~~

We've come to the time of year when I can almost rely on the weather not being frosty overnight - it reached the 70's yesterday! (Low 20s C) - so now is the time for all the yardwork, and planning all of the house stuff.

I've started keeping a notebook, writing down everything that I need/want to do on the house. I think a couple basic things in the bathroom & the foyer are first there - especially the things we already have everything for.

But that's this weekend. I started on the garden way back in March - the peas I planted are coming up; the carrots & beets aren't. But that means it's time for another round of seeds of both of those.

We won't put starts in the ground until Memorial Day, but my Egyptian Walking Onions, Horseradish, mint, chives, and oregano are already up from last year.

And I've been making fire!

We have a Giant Brush Pile I've been working on knocking down, with the help of an electric chipper-shredder (mostly last year) and a small fire pit. Now that's fun - sitting out there feeding wood into the pit, the table ton my lap, writing in between chopping up wood for the fire.

And last year's firewood is mostly cured, so it moves into the garage now - it's stacked along the garage door wall for the first year, to get the sun - to make room for the wood we'll be ordering in a week or two. It's hard, satisfying work with direct, tangible results. I like it.

Of course, today it's raining. Maybe I'll work on a skirt this evening.
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May 12, 2012: My "Call of Nature/Origins & Creations" Giraffe Call.

And I wrote two throwbacks: the origins, or some of them, of Baram:

"Monster." The witch twisted in Barypos' arms and spat in his face. "Monster. Cretin. Beast."

He lay his knife at her throat. "Soldier." Her language wasn't his, but they were close enough, and a warrior learned what he had to, fighting in these lands that weren't home. "Father. Son." He shrugged in apology. "I fight where I have to."

"You killed my husband. My son. My baby."...
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... and the Aunt Family's houses...

"Here." Carrie and Thomas glanced at each other, and then back at the land, and nodded.

"The road's almost here, it won't take us much to bring it this far. We'll put the main house right on the road, and then we can build two more there and there," Carrie pointed down the road a ways, "and a small place over there."

"Woah, woah." Thomas grinned at Carrie. "The small house is for your sister, then? Sarah? What are the others for?"
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Enrie smiled and nodded and note-took her way through class, not letting herself look at her teammates for too long. In the glances she took, she could see that Taikie was pale and worried-looking; Saydrie looked bitter, a surprising and unpleasant look on his face.

Instructor Kaasmasik, she

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Part I:
Part II:

“Hey, Buff, Will. Giles-man.” Xander strolled into the library, took in the scene, and froze. “Uh. Maybe it’s just me, but generally the library involves less glaring and anger and more, you know, research and punning and wisecracks? I know I was a little late, but that didn’t mean you couldn’t start without me.”

“Oh, hello Xander.” Giles blinked owlishly and looked away from Buffy. You could nearly hear the pop of the air as he broke what had been a death-glare staring contest a moment earlier. “Buffy, Willow, and I were just discussing a small field trip we might be taking.”

“Won’t be taking,” Buffy corrected. “It’s ridiculous, and I’m not doing it.”

“Might be taking,” Giles disagreed.
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