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I write a lot - much in established settings, some in one-off universes.
Below is an index of my universes; each 'verse has its own landing page with an index of stories within.
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The Faerie Apocalypse is liveblogged at [personal profile] faeapoclive, [ profile] faeapoclive, and [ profile] faeapoclive. What what happens when the gods return to our world.
Stranded World (LJ Link), modern fantasy seen through the eyes of 4 siblings who work the webs of the world, each in their own way.
Reiassan (LJ Link), high fantasy in a world just recovering from centuries of battle.
Edally Academy (LJ Link), Steampunk Boarding School in the world of Reiassan.
Tir na Cali (LJ Link); technically modern fantasy, alternate-history timeline, primarily lifestyle-kink erotica.
Faerie Apocalypse (LJ Link), a dystopic modern and post-modern fantasy/apoc world. Faeries and gods live among us, disguised as humans, their culture underground.
Addergoole (LJ Link) is a school within the Faerie Apocalypse setting.
Doomsday is a school created by graduates of Addergoole, generations after the Faerie Apoc.
Vas' World (LJ Link): the team was sent to explore the planet for colonization. They could never have guessed what they'd find.
Dragons Next Door (LJ Link)is a fun high-fantasy-in-the-burbs setting with a few good-with-ketchup crunchy dark bits.
Facets of Dusk (LJ Link) is a mystery waiting to be revealed; come along for the show!
The Planners (LJ Link): When the Apocalypse came, they were prepared. Very Prepared.
Unicorn/Factory (LJ) of the costs of progress.
The Aunt Family (LJ) - a mysterious family with some very strange magical artifacts.
Space Accountant (LJ) All Genique wanted was a nice vacation.
Shadow Rebellion (LJ) It all started with the shadows moving...
Science! (Lj) Why haven't Mad Scientists taken over the world yet?
Fairy Town There's something about the city. Something in the water, maybe?
Inner Circle (LJ) Getting to the Inner Circle can take a lifetime - or cost you your life.
Setting Nursery - these one-off stories may blossom into settings some day (incomplete)

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What Follows,
an apocalyptic anthology:
How would an Immortal deal with
the End Times? The world will
inevitably come stumbling into
apocalypse, and They will be
there to witness it.

 photo ShiftingHearts_zps419ea943.jpg
Shifting Hearts,
a therian anthology:
It is said that the eyes are the windows
to the soul, but what if the soul that looks
back isn't as human as you first thought?

Addergoole, a completed webserial

Edally Academy, a new webserial

Tales for the Sugar Cat, my ebook

Kazkah Press, a flash-fiction webzine

Wikis of setting information currently exist in various stages of completion:
Addergoole: the Original Series - semi-defunct, but has information still being migrated to the below wiki
Addergoole Year Nine - and beyond
Faerie Apoc
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Cya leaned against the wall and stared blankly at her office. The principal's office, ha, and how much time had she spent there growing up, a lifetime and a world and kids, grand-kids, and great-grandchildren ago.

"This is the year."

The boy - man, give him that - at the desk didn't look up. He was shuffling papers, and probably regretting ever talking to the redhead leaning on Maureen's fence. "Which year? It's the eighth yer of an eight-grade school. It's a full roster year."

He might not even know. "It's the year my granddaughter - mine and Leo's - comes to school."

That caught his attention. "You and Leo, err, Lightning-Blade? Inazuma?"

Cya didn't mean to chuckle, but the look was so - so very. This one was so much more thoughtful than so many of the boys she'd Kept, so much more serious. And he still got that look.

It was different than the Howard look, she mused. But then again, she'd never had a child with Howard.

Yet. They were still young, as fae went. There were always possibilities.

The boy - man - her Kept recovered quickly. "I thought Leo was... I didn't think you two had..."

"He is and we didn't." It had stopped hurting when she said that. Hell, she's known that before she'd known she was in love with him. "But we're fae. We have two children together, Viddie and Mai. And Viddie's third child is Sweetbriar."

"Oh!" He glanced at the roster. "Sweetbriar... sh'Ce'Rilla, that's a mouthful."

She couldn't help but chuckle. "Orlaith - 'Rilla's mother - tells me when she & Silas had her third, she told him 'no punctuation.' Some people have strange ideas of appropriate names."

"Like Cyndequil?"

"Like Cyndequil." She patted his head. "How your father even- That's another matter. Like that."

Cyn shrugged it off. "So - your granddaughter?" He did the math. "Your first one not promised to Addergoole." He did some more math. He was good with math, after all. "It makes me wonder..."

Cyn might look like so many of the other boys she had collared over the years, but she had chosen him for far different reasons. Cya let him think. He usually ended up somewhere interesting.

He shot her a look that was half guilty and half pensive. "...maybe I ought to start thinking about my own third."
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I hope I got him right I hope I got him right

"Solon? Solon Dragon-Chaser?" Leo was leaning over Cya's shoulder, looking at her list of parents-of-potential-students. "Solon Dragon-Chaser, hunh. Surprised he's still alive."

"The people in the town he's in called him Scholar Solon."

"Yeah. Heh." Leo leaned back, smiling. "We called him that, too, or Doctor Solon. He had always read a book on something, whatever we were fighting."

Cya resisted taking notes. "What happened to him?"

"He went off to one of those enclaves, you know, the ones in the middle of the old cities? Up north somewhere, I think. Something about a woman." Leo trailed off, staring off into space.

Cya didn't know what to do when he did that, had never known, so she did what had served her well for decades: ignored it. "The clerk in their town - it's a farm town now, one of the ones that stayed out of the war and pretty much didn't change except the walls?"

"Mmm." Presumably, Leo had seen those, but, just as presumably, some place that bordered itself against gods and bandits alike had not been high on his visiting rota when he'd been monster-hunting. Cya didn't like to ask, and so she didn't.

"Well, the clerk was very helpful. I told him I was looking up family that had gotten scattered." It was a story that served her well in some towns, the ones less scarred and thus less suspicious. "She'll be ten in July."

"Solon Dragon-Chaser's daughter?" Leo grinned. "Yes!"
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OKay, so far I have five intros:

The Birds, the Birds
Chaos & Madness
I'll Take This One
Pick a Card
Leaving Home

Still taking character trait prompts Here.

I also have Sianna, Sweetbriar, and Austin the Samurai Catboy. (Sianna's intro here).

2 and three might be the same character, in which case I still need one more. 4 is a boy, and also the trickster good with magic. 5 is probably dark-skinned and either blonde or blue-eyed.

I have these suggestions still:

Someone who was raised thinking Faeries Are Bad. - that is not 5 but could be 1-4
a purebred Mara Change. (those 2 @inventrix) (that could be almost any of them - later)
kid with some kind of special needs? Physcial handicap? (@dahob)

I need to put them all together.
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Nano project #5 is the first novella in a series of 8, following 8 students through their 8 years at Doomsday Academy.

That means, of course, I need to figure out 8 students. Three I had pregenerated: The Catboy Samurai and his best friends Sianna the dancer and Sweetbriar the prickly. The other five...

Here's a little something about one.

I'm about to the point where I have to start deciding if these are 5 different characters or bits from the same people. Also, I could use more: on LJ or on DW.

The birds were following you.

The birds had always been following you, as long as you could remember.

But you were leaving home, now. You were leaving everything you'd ever known, and the birds - the birds were still following.

The loud ones were yelling at you, which wasn't the most fun in the world, but it was worse because you were on a wagon with other people, all of them heading towards Boom Town, Cynopolis, and they were starting to look at you funny.

A sparrow landed on your shoulder. "Oh," the nice lady next to you exclaimed, "he must be hungry."

You didn't have the heart to point out that the dull coloration meant that the little bird was a girl. "Just lonely," you said instead. "There aren't that many sparrows around here."

From the look on her face, it may not have been the safer answer.

Story Idea

Nov. 20th, 2014 08:18 am
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Okay, so this is what came to me in the shower this morning:

A technomancer Addergoole grad in school for/just graduated from college for rocket science is faced with the apoc.

Using her college roommate's concept drawings for an FTL ship and substituting magic where human tech isn't there yet, and pulling in the skills of a diverse team of misfits, she puts together an escape ship to bring a smallish population (1000 or so) away from the mess that is Earth.
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after but without smooth transition from A fragment of Luke at Doomsday; another thought that was on my mind.

Luke noticed his tour guide was looking at him strangely. "What?" He stretched out his wings.

She cleared her throat thoughtfully. "I'm cy'Doomsday, sir, you know that."

"I know that." It finally sank in. "Why is a succubus under Cynara Doomsday?"

She laughed at him, a cheerful guffaw as if he'd just made the best joke. "What, should she only have minks who find things? Should Professor Inazuma only have antlered people who throw lightning? At least we'd have a chance of filling out a cy'ree with that qualification." She shook her head, still grinning. "I've never understood that idea. We pick our Mentors by common interests."

Luke coughed and forced his wings closed. "Succubus powers..."

"I'm sorry, sir, but it's a power, like strength, or setting things on fire, or making trees grow." She shrugged, managing to actually look apologetic.

Luke decided it was time to change the subject. "You were saying... you're cy'Doomsday?"

"Do you know what our motto is, sir... no, I'm sorry. Of course you don't."

Luke hadn't known cy'rees to have mottos, at least, not official ones. "No."

"It's 'be prepared.'"

"Of course." He meant it dryly. She smiled and dimpled at him.

"Exactly. And so, sir. When I knew you were visiting, and I was going to be your tour guide... I prepared."

She paused; it reminded Luke of Mike just before dropping a bombshell. "You do know, sir, that your wife's parent is a professor at this school... right?"
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Nano project #5 is the first novella in a series of 8, following 8 students through their 8 years at Doomsday Academy.

That means, of course, I need to figure out 8 students. Three I had pregenerated: The Catboy Samurai and his best friends Sianna the dancer and Sweetbriar the prickly. The other five...

Well, here's a little something about one.

The school was big. It wasn't big-big, not like the ruined city you'd seen once, but it was still big, and it was inside a city, a not-ruined city with walls and houses and animals.

And it was busy, everyone going here and there and everyone talking to everyone else. There didn't seem to be any order. There didn't seem to be anyone in charge.

There were people in collars, sure. Everywhere had people in collars. But you saw one of those people in collars telling someone not collared what to do - and the not-collared person went and did it!

You found a quiet place where you wouldn't be in anyone's way, a little platform up in a tree. It didn't look like anyone had been using it recently, so you probably weren't breaking any rules.

From here, you could watch the students and teachers - you assumed they were students and teachers, but it wasn't like any school you'd ever seen - the strangers and the slaves, and try to figure out where everyone fit in.

It didn't seem like anyone did, that was the thing. And, more than that, there didn't seem to be any place for you to fit in.
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First words: Marie steadied the lemonade pitcher with her free hand and ducked her head down, hiding her expression. (I know you were all wondering what happened to that lemonade!)

Last words: “Well, you did say I was supposed to be your assistant. I imagined that would require, mmm, a certain level of assisting you.”

I think I'm going to put aside the Despot of Santa Roux now. It's at 13,608 now and it's all over the place.

Time to move on to Slip Contact!

Total words: 36,798

I met [personal profile] clare_dragonfly last night!
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This isn't in line with the other Luke/Doomsday stuff, coming, probably, after all that, but it was poking at my brain.

"I'm noticing," Luke looked around the lunch hall, "a lot of familiar features."

Cynara grinned back at him, clearly reading at least the subtext he'd meant and maybe some other text as well. "Of course. Where did you think I was getting my students?"

"I..." He coughed. "Well, you're well known." He hadn't done enough research by half, had he?

"'Oh, they're Boom, good people to trust with your kids' educations?'" She chuckled. "We're on three generations now, Luke, of people having kids after school so they had children they didn't have to give to Addergoole."

"It's not like we hold on to our students forever."

She raised her eyebrows at him. He flapped his wings back at her.

She changed the subject without conceding or pressing her point. "The one you were looking at? The horned blonde? Not a Boom kid - nor Forest Manor, or any of our other close family." She smirked. "I assume you'd know if they were yours."

Luke coughed. "Aelfgar had a lot of children."

"Yes, he did. And a lot of them went to Addergoole." She flicked her fingers in the direction of the teenager. "That one's grandmother had three more kids after school."

She saw it sink in, Luke assumed, because she smirked at him in a manner far too much like her former Mentor.
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First Line of Yesterday: She leaned back from his hand. Nobody had told her she had to obey him; then again, after a couple slaps from the slave factor’s crop, nobody had needed to tell her she was supposed to obey anyone. It was rather self-evident.

Technically, I've already posted the last line of last night; it was part of Pick a Card, one of the previews for Doomsday.

But the last line of The Despot of Santa Roux Finds Love is: They were, too. Marie steadied the lemonade...

A grand total of 35,456 words written, 2,482 yesterday. This keeps me at my one-day-ahead-of-par, which makes me happy.

58% done with my 60K word goal!
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This one's a bit darker than the otherones. Probably because I came up with it myself. <.<)

"I'll take that one."

The red-haired woman strode into the shop where you were working and pointed right at you.

The foreman coughed, stuttered, and, rather than throwing her out, ran and got the boss.

You weren't stupid. You kept working. This could be a test.

The woman stood there, not watching you, but watching the place. Her nostrils flared and she rolled her weight back onto her heels. You glanced at the exit, at the other workers in the shop, and back at the exit. If she decided to bring this place down on your heads, you thought you might be able to get out, but the littler kids on the other side would have trouble.

Maybe it wouldn't come to that this time; this angry visitor could be different than the last one. Maybe the foreman had learned.
Read more... )

Whoops, note. "said the words." The kid doesn't really know quite what's going on there, but that's the transference of Belonging of zir mother to the redheaded lady.
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Nano project #5 is the first novella in a series of 8, following 8 students through their 8 years at Doomsday Academy.

That means, of course, I need to figure out 8 students. Three I had pregenerated: The Catboy Samurai and his best friends Sianna the dancer and Sweetbriar the prickly. The other five...

Well, here's a little something about one.

"Okay, pick a card."

The caravan driver was being very patient, and you could tell. Then again, you'd been dropped on the caravan with two bags and a crossbow, and you were pretty sure that she felt bad for you.

And, really, you'd been dropped on a caravan with two bags and a half-sized crossbow, you were (you were pretty sure) just a few weeks away from your 10th birthday, and, while you didn't really count the people that had just dumped you as parents, they were the only family you could remember. If you were going to take advantage of the fact the caravan driver was tolerating you, well, who could really blame you?

Besides, when you did particularly good magic tricks, she gave you an extra treat. You were a growing kid, right? Hopefully. You needed all the food you could get.

"All right, you've got your card in your mind, now put it right back in here, and I'll just shuffle these up, just like this." The guy you'd once thought was your father had taught you to shuffle, as well as several other card tricks. "And there we go. Is this your wallet?"

The cute smile was the trick. If you got that wrong, then you weren't doing adorable magic tricks, you were a pickpocket. It was a thin line.

You held your breath. Slowly, the caravan driver smiled.

Today, you got to be a cute kid doing cute tricks.
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Written this way so I don't have to put specific characters w/ specific intros until I'm ready

"All right." Mom was being more cautious than normal, which was saying something. Three holstered weapons showing, never mind how many were hidden. Behind her, Uncle Tedd had the rifle out of the holster and his free hand on the gate.

Until today, the gate had been the end of the world. Until today, the world had consisted of two hundred acres of woodland and pasture and garden, fenced in with 10-foot-tall wire fencing and then with a wall twenty feet inside that and something magic and weird inside that. Until today, the world had been ten people, fifteen during the wintertime. Until today, the world had been very small.

Today, a woman in a wagon was waiting by the gate, and Mom and Uncle Tedd were checking all their weapons. Today, Uncle Tedd was staying home - which never happened - and Mom was leaving. Mom, and you. Leaving the farm. That never happened. That was never supposed to happen.

You clung to the bag Mom had handed you, and tried not to stare at the lady driving the wagon.
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Tell me something about a character for Doomsday (example, via Trix: They have never been to a city or large town!) and I will write a bit of an intro involving that something.

Other ideas: who their ancestor is and how that happened (Addergoole ancestry, famous person ancestry, what have you), why their change is going to be xxx, hobby, fear.

Reminder: this is approx 35 years post apocalypse, and the world they are growing up in is a mess.
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last line of last night: “And spunk. It'll be interesting to see if that lasts. I hope it does. It's always more fun when they have spunk.”

First line of yesterday: The bell downstairs rang. They were out of time to argue.

I'm at 32,561 words! And I wrote 2,460 yesterday.

Par for yesterday was 30,000, so I'm back on my trend of being one day ahead that I started on the second day of the month.

I *did* have to back up and start again from another direction, but all the words count. I can use most of 'em in revisions!
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A While Ago, I asked for suggestions for what sort of traits would you enjoy reading in Doomsday students.

I got these suggestions:
Someone who was raised thinking Faeries Are Bad.
Someone who is Really Damn Good at Workings.
A purebred Mara Change. (those 3 @inventrix)
kid with some kind of special needs? Physcial handicap? (@dahob)

I'm coming to the time when I need to have these 5 characters fleshed out - 3 boys and 2 girls, to go with Sianna, Sweetbriar, and Austin.

So wanna tell me something about one of these five 8-year-olds?
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"What should I wear? What should I pack? Do you think they'll like me? What do you think they'll be like? Do you think I'll get to dance?"

Sianna wasn't really asking the questions. They were popping out of her mouth far too quickly to really expect anyone to follow them. But she had to get them out. There were so many questions, so many things she didn't know. "Is it warm there, like the time we spent a year down south? Is it cold, like when we spent time in Uncle Martin's cabin? What's it like? What are the people like? Are they going to be mean, like those people..."

Sianna's family traveled, they had always traveled. But they traveled together. And when they had been summering in a nice place on the outskirts of a really really big wheatfield, a spotted redheaded lady and a dark-haired man with the same nose and spots as the lady had shown up to talk to Sianna's parents.

It had been one of those kids-go-play conversations, all hushed tones and some flailing of hands on her Mama's part (and a bit more angry flailing of hands on her Daddy's part, and that had been the weird part. Daddy didn't get angry. Sometimes he got furious, but furious was an entirely different sort of thing from angry. Mama got angry).

But when it was over, Mama and Daddy, the redheaded spotted lady and the dark spotted boy had all been polite smiles, but polite-and-real smiles, not the weird fake ones. And Sianna had been going off to Doomsday Academy in the fall.

"Why do you think they call it 'Doomsday;' it sounds kind of mean. And why can't you guys come with me?"
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Read Special Visitor by [personal profile] inventrix, set in Doomsday Academy.

If you're reading Trix's stuff (or anything I link to), please remember to comment! Inventrix loves comments (as do many of us)!!
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Last line of yesterday: She leaned backwards instead of away from him. “Because you’re lousy at taking notes.”

First line of yesterday: It had been a fun contrast - especially since they were both so attractive, and both so determined.

I'm on The Despot of Santa Roux Finds Love, which might be in the same Clockwork Apoc setting as To Ashbury, or might be in another apoc 'verse.

Words yesterday were 2,546, which brought me to 30,101, or just over 50% of the way to goal!

(chart is visible here:

Back to the Word Mines!

How've you all be doing?
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We've been watching Alton Brown on TV for years. We watched Good Eats nigh-on religiously, watched Next Iron Chef when there was nothing else Alton-y to watch, and watch and love Cutthroat kitchen.

We're the sort of people that brine our turkey every year; I make biscuits by Alton's recipe for our soup and we do own two of Alton's cookbooks. I think it's fair to say we're fans.

So when the live show was coming to Hershey, PA, well... that's only four hours away. We've driven three and a half hours to Albany three times between September and October (there was a wedding); we can drive to Hershey.

T and I don't take many vacations. We used to do conventions with the Camarilla™, back when we belonged to said world-wide live-action Roleplaying game, and we did Dragon*Con once - in neither case did we pick the hotel. We've turned weddings into vacations for ourselves - again, we didn't pick the hotel. I think this may be the first time we've chosen the hotel... ever.

Ahem. Alton Brown.

The show was awesome. I hadn't done a lot of research about it, so I didn't go in expecting anything in particular - but it was everything I could have wanted. He ranted about food, he did wild food tricks, he sang. It was two hours of pure Alton.

My only sad point? He took audience questions via twitter w/ selfie. Awesome... except for the 1% of us (me) that came sans smart phone.

But all in all - awesome show. I don't think we learned anything about cooking, but we had a lot of fun. (Also, in his song about EZ Bake ovens, I got to examine how lucky we are to live in a sub-sub-culture where the fact that my husband does 9/10 of the cooking is entirely acceptable.)

Back to the hotel. So, I was a little hesitant about staying in a Howard Johnson (hotel snob), but it was the only one on the main drag that was a) well-reviewed and b) had a king-sized bed. So.

Turns out, it has a phenomenal restaurant underneath, and an absolutely tasty brunch place right next door. So not only did we get to listen to our favorite TV-food-personality, we got to eat delicious food, too!

All in all, a very good vacation, & back home in time to feed the kitties.
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I point you to this tag for previous Djinni art.

Thoughts include: Clockwork Apoc (Emilia? What's she look like? The Mechanic? How about her?)

Meritocracy, my kitty? What sort of hat indicates meritocracies?

My Rock/Hard place or my subby Ace boy or my Older woman Younger guy from the last prompt call? What do THEY look like?

Cynara? Something else Doomsday?!

(I picked Cya. Trix & I are doing the Cya/Leo family tree)
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Written to the Three-Word Wednesday Prompt: Crucial, malignant, yearning
Also written as a tiny character study for my next piece of my #nanowrimo: The Despot of Santa Roux Finds Love

"Listen, it's crucial that we get this shipment across the 'basket." Marie frowned at the steamboat driver, because she had yet to find that smiling did any good.

"And it's 'crucial' that I get paid." Marcus Wainwright grinned back at Marie, which he could get away with because he had the boat and what she had was a pile of fruit and wheat and a deadline.

"And we get paid at the other end of the 'basket. Mar- Mr. Wainwright, we've been doing this for months. Years."

"And that was all well and good, because you always paid. But then when my boat got attacked by bandits - well, I was out two good boat hands and the price of your shipment. I need to get paid, Miss Tanner."

Marie took a breath. Marcus Wainwright was the most vile businessmen, the most malignant tumor on the face of the river, the most obnoxious handsome smile that she had ever seen. But he was the captain they had, the only captain that was willing to traverse the dangerous and bandit-and-slaver-ridden 'Basket. Or, at the very least, he was the only one still alive. "If I can get you two more boat hands for this route, will you do it?"

"Where are you going to find two boat hands on this short of notice, Miss Tanner? I've combed every river town this side of the 'basket. Have you been hiding them up your skirt?" He leered nastily in her direction.

She set her jaw. "In a manner of speaking. The boat hands I'm mentioning would be my brother - who I suppose people might think had hidden behind my skirts, although it's a lie - and myself."

If nothing else, it was worth it, whatever may come, for the stunned look on Marcus Wainwright's face. And maybe a trip on a riverboat would solve this stupid yearning she could not seem to get rid of.

And it would, for all time, get her brother rid of the rumour that he hid behind her skirts.
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“If you go down the end of this passageway…”

“Saydrie!” They said it in concert, which just caused Saydrie’s cheeks to get redder and his shoulders to hunch forward more.

“I was going to tell you. But I wanted to tell you both at once and…”

“Mmmf.” Tairiekie glanced at Enrie. “I think we’re… I think we’re okay doing things together now.”

read on...
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Please note I'm very tired and I'm not entirely sure about... like 9/10 of this piece. After Discoveries about Doomsday.

Luke leaned against the hallway wall for a minute, his wings splayed from a portrait of George Washington to one of Geronimo. He found his hand reaching for a weapon he'd politely not carried into town, and pressed his palms against his thighs instead.

Nehara's gaze caught it all. "Sir?" She tilted her head, her voice softening. "Is... everything all right?"

Carefully, he folded his wings. Damnit, he had better control than this. "Learn something new every day."

"As long as you live, my grandfather likes to say. And, being fae, that can be a long time and a lot of learning. Or so he says." She bowed her head. "Sorry. I know, I'm just a kid."

Luke know he wasn't the most observant of guys - if nothing else, this new revelation rubbed that in - but he could tell that was out of as much character of Nehara's as he'd been able to pick up already. "Hey." He flapped his wings at her, just enough to get her attention. "I've been best friends with a succubus for centuries. I can notice a thing or two."

Her lips curled, just a little bit. "We don't have many, here. Succubi."

"Jut you."

"Well. Ah. You noticed."

"I noticed." He coughed. "I can notice something, once in a while. Even if I missed..."

"Something we're pretty sure sa'Feu Drake meant everyone to miss?" She flashed him a bright smile. "Their crew is called 'Boom' for more than one reason, sir."

"And we've been waiting for the explosion for decades."

"Sonic boom, sir. I think that's what it's called."

"Sonic..." He closed his wings tightly. "By the time we hear the sound, the explosion is already past."

"Pretty sure you're standing in the 'pit' sir."
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Priming the pump again. Writing a little non-Nano to get myself going.

Caroline swallowed. "You're sure... sir?"

"I'm sure." Jaden handed her the leash. "I promise you, I am certain about this, and no negative repercussions will come down on you for this."

She took the leash as if it were a snake. "You said..."

"I said a lot of things, and most of them were wrong. I'm sorry for that, but this, I'm fairly certain you want this."

"Well, a little bit, yeah.... but you're in charge. You're the Keeper."

"And I'm still your Keeper. But for the next day, you're in charge. As long as you keep to the rules-"

She found herself smiling. "I'm not very in charge if I have to keep to rules, am I?"

"Well..." It was interesting, to watch him smile. "All right. You have a point. It would be better if you kept any overt stuff inside the room, okay? It's easier to protect you if people don't think you're topping from the bottom."

She pondered that. Things were safer, being with him. "All right. So-"

"So, for the next twenty-four hours, I promise to do whatever you say, as if I were Kept. And for the next twenty-four hours, none of my orders hold sway over you." He dropped to his knees. "In effect, I'm all yours."
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This is a break from Nano, essentially: Kyle, Lady Maureen, and his succubus half-sister (Ivette) are Addergoole characters; the setting is Tír na Cali..

Kyle woke up in a small concrete room, on a small, hard bed, wearing nothing but his skin - his Masked skin, he checked - and with the familiar feeling of a collar heavy on his neck.

And it was heavy, the sort of thing only sadistic or control-freak Keepers put on their Kept. He touched it; it felt plasticy and thick, hard and not giving at all. And locked on.

Okay. Memories. He needed some of those. He'd been out at a bar - well, that sort of thing happened when you were in college, and he didn't want to be that strange. And then there'd been the weird rainfall, and he and Dave and Jerry had hopped through it to a bar none of them could remember seeing before. And then... then there'd been a redhead.

He tried not to think too much about how much redheads did him in. He knew more about his mother than he ought to, and he knew more about himself than he ought to, and that being said, she hadn't looked anything like either his mother or his succubus half-sister, except that she'd had flaming red hair.

So bar, alcohol, redhead... "Fuck." He ran his hand over the collar again. "Fuck, fuck, shit." Well, once he could get to a phone - assuming he didn't have orders not to - he could probably get in touch with his mother, and Lady Maureen could probably make this go away.

He didn't feel guilty about that. He ought to feel guilty... shouldn't he?
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Gardening - well, anything really, but today I'm talking about gardening - is a learning experience. Even harvesting.

This weekend, we learned:

Hot Peppers: The very tip of a hot pepper isn't indicative of the rest of the pepper.

T. cut off the tip for me to taste, to gauge hotness so we knew how much to put in our enchiladas. Nothing. So he sliced off another tiny slice.

Burning, so much burning. Drinking milk, drinking cider, crying. Well, not quite crying. So much burning.

Turns out those were the ghost peppers. Whoops!

Hot Peppers, part II: When drying hot peppers in the oven, check the oven before turning it on to make cookies.

Then again, it's not the first time we've learned that. You could smell the capsaicin all the way in the other end of the house.

Carrots: Can overwinter just fine in the garden, just mulched over a bit. Also, given a raised bed with fresh compost + peat, they go wild. These things are huge!

(Also purple. But that was on purpose).

Kale: a fitted queen bedsheet works great as a row cover on frosty mornings, esp. for a 4x6 foot raised bed. On the other hand, kale doesn't give a shit about frost and the bed we didn't cover was just fine.

Tomatillos: aren't supposed to get ripe. Also, if you plant a tiny free tomatillo plant and let it go, it will take over a whole bed.

Broccoli: get huge! if you let it flower.

And, considering the tomato blight and the ridiculously sad squash harvest, we're really glad we don't depend on our garden for our food.

All in all, an educational week!
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I challenged Capriox to write 25 words about hair as a warm-up and, um:

Avery didn't think about her hair, more than you had to to keep it from falling off of your head. It was there. Brown, a little bit greasy when she ignored it too long. Hair. Kendra's hair, on the other hand, was a thing of beauty, twists and turns, braids and beads and the whole thing looking like a modern art project. On the other hand, Kendra didn't like her shoes, not at all, and Avery had bought every single pair of shoes in her size at the goodwill, the Salvo, and the Thrifty Shopper.
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Try out Thimbleful Thursday for very small writing prompts!

This week's prompt is Red Tape, and the goal is from 450-550 words.

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First Line of Yesterday: It was the goose they had to go after, though, no matter how wild.

Last Line of Yesterday: "...And then a storm came up."

I wrote 2,540 words yesterday, for a total of 15,150.

This is where I was going to be done with this story. <.< I think I can wrap it up in about 1000 more words.

Par for yesterday (my style) is 12,500, so I'm still maintaining my one-day-ahead lead.

At this rate, I will finish on 11/24/14! (probably still won't)
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First Line of Yesterday: “You really hate her, don’t you?”

“You know why.”

Last Line of Yesterday: signs that anyone or anything had lived here since the buildings fell. Maybe they hadn’t. Maybe this was a wild goose chase.

I wrote 2,515 words yesterday, for a total of 12,612

Par for yesterday (my style) is 10,000, so I'm maintaining my one-day-ahead lead.

At this rate, I will finish on 11/23/14! (no I won't.)
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Got a lovely package today from [personal profile] kelkyag! Thank you so very much!!

(The card is on my bulletin board right by my desk now <3)
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First Line of Yesterday: “Ah, but then you wouldn’t get your fee.” Guisswin smirked up at her.

Last Line of Yesterday: “Definitely boredom. I would rather die of staring at your face all night than be rescued by [name name2].”

I wrote 2,518 words yesterday, for a total of 10,095

My goal is 2500/day with skip days; I wrote on my Sunday skip day so I'm one day ahead, almost exactly.

Names Needed
You, miss. Are Emilia [dadslastname], [motherdaughter].

(Emilia Carina, daughter of Arcelia.)


“...are you trying to cheer met up, Carlotta [last name] [motherdaughther2]?”

(Carlotta Novara, daughter of Larettia)
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First line of yesterday: She shoved Guiesswin to the decks as the streaks of silver dove from the sky.

Last line of yesterday: “If you say [name name 2], I will drop a rock on you and leave you here for the Blanks to find.”

I wrote 2506 words yesterday, bringing my total to 7,577.

People & Places named/Need Naming:
...  So four hundred [town town] dollars..."

are now Wyvian dollars, from the town of Wyverness.  Thanks, Sky!

[Name Name], who brought Guiesswin over the mountains, and [Name Name 2], another who does Emilia's job, are still unnamed.  Rix suggested a surname of Morgernstern for one of them. 

In Addition

I need a [west place], equivalent to the eastern edge of the Breadbasket, and another name for Boston. 

And now I write. 

Note: RTF editor in Dreamwidth is SO not worth not typing in <>.

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The below is another guest post, this one from Nasim Mansuri!

What I learned from the years I did NaNoWrimo (and from the years I didn’t)

I wrote my first novel ever during November 2008. I was twelve years old.


When I decided to take on the challenge, I did it mainly to prove that when I said ‘When I grow up I want to be a writer’ I actually meant it. I quickly immersed myself in the forums, and after deciding on a fantasy novel that involved travelling, metaphors and a unicorn, I wrote it.

I learned that it is possible to come up with an idea only a few days before you begin to write it, and succeed.  I learned that it doesn’t take a wise person with decades of accumulated experience to write a novel. Becoming a successful novelist isn’t really a distant, unattainable goal; in fact, successful novelists themselves aren’t really that distant: names I recognized from bookstores popped up in pep talks, and many of the people I spoke to in the forums had links to their latest published novel in their profile.

In 2008, I learned that I can write a novel in 30 days, and more importantly: I can become a novelist.

Read more... )

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John Scalzi has written a blog post titled "A Quick Note on NaNoWriMo," which is definitely worth a read.

I do want to offer some encouragement to folks who are wondering if the “just power through a novel in a month” idea is a good, useful or even sane idea. So, lean in, people, and here my secret...

Go read it to find out more!
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First line of midnight: “I need to get to Ashbury.”

Last line, when I was beginning to get groggy, that very much needs a re-write:

The bar was across the walkway from the repair shop, just down the way from Emilia’s shop.

1,769 words last night!

People that need naming:

“So.  Who brought you over the mountains?”

 “[Name name.]  He’s one of the ones that told me about you.  He said…” 

“You could take [name name 2]’s airship, certainly. But I thought you wanted to get to Hours-March.”

And a town:

...  So four hundred [town town] dollars,..."

 Extant names are: Emilia, Ashbury, Hours-March, Mortin (Mortin subject to change; the last three are places).



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