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A Pact
The Pact Slips, Part I

Doomsday Academy, a couple weeks after "The Pact Slips, Part I"

Content: implied sexual suggestion

"I... I want to know. And I don't trust anyone else."

For Kerr, that was a speech. Still, Aron had to ask. "Anyone?"

"Any other guys," Kerr grumbled. "And you..."

His shirt was already off. His roommates were already gone for the weekend, heading off on some trip Kerr had begged off of. Aron swallowed.

Kerr shifted backwards. "Unless you don't like guys...?"

"No, no..." Aron leaned in for the most gentle kiss he could manage. "I like you just fine."


"I want to know," Astarte demanded. "I want to know what's so hot about you."

"So hot?" Sunny would have been worried, she thought, if it had been anyone but Astarte. "What do you...?"

"Why Kerr would have broken the pact. Why you? Why...?"

"I could ask Aron the same thing, couldn't I?" Sunny raised her eyebrows. Not that she'd have to ask Aron... Astarte was gorgeous in an entirely different way than Kerr was. "Or you could just try and find out."

"Try?" The anger that had rushed Astarte in like a storm faded away, and she sat down, looking stunned. "You mean..."

"Well," Sunny smirked, "It's not like we're really holding to the pact anymore..."



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