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We're back to Morphambuary for another two bound morphemes!

I've just started playing with bullet journaling, so today's going to be a Day Name for Calenyen.

From an earlier post, I have:
From the god/dess Alivetta/Alibetto comes alittao, the art of instrumental music in Bitrani; in Calenyena, this becomes Litvaano, music (as played), and Libbaano, music as sung.

This has led to things related to music and song ending up with the suffix -v/baano.

Foremost among them is the name of the first day of the week:
bikbaano, Song-Day.

bik- by the way, is a shortening of bikdie, day; bik is used in all situations where the day is modified (holiday, song-day, birthday)

For Old Tongue, I'm going to pick another of those add-ons that are often marked by a single diacritical mark. This one, noen, means "now", but only as attached to a verb: Stand Now, come now, destroy now.

Classically, it is marked by three lines \|/ to the top right of the ideogram it is modifying. In texts using letters instead of ideograms, noen is sometimes written out and sometimes marked at the end of the word, as if the word was an ideogram.

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Date: 2016-08-26 01:07 am (UTC)
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Ooo, I like that "now" is so thoroughly useful in Old Tongue that it has a special glyph :D


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