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Some people take "be prepared" as not only a motto, but a life goal. The Planners 'verse follows one group from inception, through the edge of apocalypse and out the other side, into the time centuries past a world-breaking disaster.

Character List - here

The Real Power (LJ) - where it all began

Modern Era
Looking Forward - Letty
Bookstore (LJ) - part of the planning is storing information
a Growing Plan (LJ)
Rose of the City (LJ)
Training (LJ) - a Planners retreat, maybe

Artists Wanted (LJ) What IS it the Alma J. Morton Center does?

Promises Broken
Passing Knowledge - Adeline, a Head of Household (story for sale)

Before the apoc
Phoenix Trees (LJ) - the Planners as a geriocracy
Beginnings (LJ) - working on that geriocracy problem
Keys (LJ) - Be careful who you hire
Down, Down, Down (LJ) - The things you find...

Against the Planners (LJ) - not everyone was thrilled with their preparedness
Ants, Grasshoppers, Magpies (LJ) - and some weren't thrilled with how they handled it

Reunited, 5 years post-Collapse

Inside the Walls ()

The Cathedral (LJ) - the Library
Hello (LJ) - in the Library, Tess/Thomas
Forbidden (LJ) - in the Library, Tess/Thomas
A Kiss Under Duck & Cover (LJ) - Tess/Thomas
Beginning with a Kiss Tess/Thomas

Breaking In (LJ)
Sedulous (LJ) - a drabble

Three Inches (LJ) - outside of all the other stories

Far-future: the "Anthropologist" sub-series
The Anthropologist's Journal (LJ) - captured by the Wild Tribes!
Wedding - how the Wild Tribes wed
Taken Prisoner (LJ)
Coming when you Can Sometimes the Wild Tribes are harsh
Hunting (LJ) [Donor Perk]
The Study of Emerging Cultures (LJ)

What do the Wild Tribes wear (LJ) (postpostapoc)
February Worldbuilding Q1

Related Links
IRL Planners (LJ)

Icon of the library by [personal profile] meeks; icon of the Anthropologist also by [personal profile] meeks


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