Mar. 26th, 2015

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Chapter Twenty-Nine – When the World is Shaking, Do Not Stop to Rebalance Your Saddle-Bags

“You did, didn’t you?”

“Here.” Lusnyoot shoved the wrench into Tairiekie’s hand. “Fix it and stop asking questions.”

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If I were to do a series of Five Things... blog posts, what sort of subjects would you like to see?
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The thing was, certain things they'd had to figure out right away. Food, potable water - even in places near a grocery store, the store only had so much stock on hand, and no more was coming in.

Shelter was relatively easy - there were a lot more houses and other buildings than there were people, now, even if you did take into consideration those buildings ruined by the war, of which there were many. But protection from the threats of the world - monsters sentient and not, cold and rain and snow, storms and fire and bears and lions - that took work. And when that was all managed, people worked hard on forming community, on rebuilding society, and stocking up enough food to survive lean times and enough weapons to keep the food.

Clothes were not remotely a priority. Most people in 2011 in the developed world had far more clothes than they needed. If durable clothes were an issue, well, there were stores to raid and, if you weren't squeamish, or if you were desperate, which was similar, there were the homes of people who were dead or gone.

Eventually the clothes they had wore out, the clothing left in old buildings had rotted away or been eaten by the rodents. And by then, those that had survived had houses and food, security and society. Now... they needed cloth.
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So, I tried this, and wrote to the first suggestion I got!

Write about a teacher.

Okay, first, a real teacher. Or a series of them. I don't remember much about my school teachers, but certain moments stick out. Mr. Lynd, who taught Global Studies, Really Liked Japan. A lot. My 5th grade Social Studies teacher Really Liked Hawaii. A lot. It led to a certain amount of tuning them out, which means I know about the slippers thing for Japan and ah, pineapples for Hawaii. And that's about it.

Actually, it was really hard to engage in history/world studies classes, and I don't know why. I'm fascinated by those subjects now - why wasn't I back then? Then again, I've always learned history best when looked at through a lens of fiction...

Real teachers were a long time ago for me. The fictional ones are a bit more recent, but some of them have traits borrowed from various real teachers.

Instructor Pelnyen, in Edally Academy, reminds me a bit of teachers I've had who thought I wasn't living up to my potential. If I took some time to get into Kaatzie's head, he'd be a lot more like my high school Physics teacher.

Kairos, in Addergoole Year 9, will end up being like my Social Problems professor, Darwin Davis. And as for the rest of them in Addergoole - To be honest, other than Mike, Reid, and Luke, I'm still working on developing personalities for them 6 years later. Pelletier and Valerian suffer the most from this, but many of the others are very thin indeed.

Somehow, the first time I was writing Addergoole, they seemed very secondary to the whole school experience. *cough* I wonder what that says about my IRL teachers?
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