May. 1st, 2015

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The Meme Master Post

R is for ritual that helps cement history

This is a sibling piece with N is for Nereid, O is for Octopi, and P is for Poinsettias.

One reason the Empire had become - and managed to stay - the Empire was because it understood the purpose of information. There were, on the official Empirical payroll, people whose job it was to travel to all corners of the Empire, however closed-off, however dangerous, and disseminate and gather information. It was their job to assure that the will of the Empire was the will of the whole Empire, and their job to assure that all the secrets of a great sprawling land were properly catalogued. These Informers moved in circuits around the Empire, so that they understood the whole land and so that they grew none too attached to one place.
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Things Unspoken

...And seriously creepy. Did I mention the creepy? - [ profile] kelkyag

The world is a continent-spanning empire, and other places that are not the empire and thus less important but no less interesting. The era is that of steam engines and ridiculous fashion, of public shows of manners and private displays of lewdness.

The empire consists of many nations. Every one of them has their own secrets, their own governments. Each nation is semi-autonomous - but only semi. For the Empire rules over everything.

And if strange things creep in the shadows? Well, in the end, those things too are ruled by the Empire.

Prince Rodegard Visits the Imperial Capital (LJ)
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Around Elephants (LJ)
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N is for Nereid
O is for Octopi (LJ)
P is for Poinsettias (LJ)
Q is for Quietness (LJ)
R is for Rituals (LJ)

Needed: a City Name (LJ)
A Draft Map of the Unspoken World (LJ)
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The Meme Master Post

S is for the shore, and the sky, and the storm

I was going to do another piece of Things Unspoken for this, but:

a) I just posted one, and I like to wait for feedback before posting the next.

b) I'm waiting for a city name and it seems weird.

c) I've written about Nereids and Octopi and am a bit tapped on oceanic things

d) Sea-and-sky will always be Kailani to me.

(I am writing this in Written Kitten Sky, and this is the pic as I begin)

So I'm going to talk about Addergoole and Kailani.

Kailani was, as far as I can recall, the first character I came up with for Addergoole. Her name was almost certainly the first - it means "sea and sky" in Hawaiian, a name picked to suit her perfectly.

In the world Addergoole is set in - the Faerie Apocalypse - the names fae fathers give their children have, or are supposed to have, great meaning and significance. Every father spends some time in meditation - some take this duty far more seriously than others - contemplating their child's future. Even those who have not a bit of foresight will often gain some insight during this ritual, and those who take their duty seriously will use that insight in naming their child.

(Some don't. Aelfgar, for instance, who names his children things like "Elf-gift" (Aelgifu); Shadrach, who named his first two children after himself: Chander, Chandra).

Kailani's father knew what he was doing with her! Sea and Sky is a perfect name for this relatively stormy personality. She has a strong affinity for the water and the wind - both in terms of personality and in her magic. Her physical skills - dancing, fighting, riding - have a fluidity about them given to her by the water and the wind. And she will see calm at first, utterly laid-back, and then the storms will roll in and she will blow her top.

All of the main characters - and most of the background characters - in Addergoole have some story behind their name, but I'm the fondest of Kailani's, even now.
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In the Tir na Cali setting, how widespread are gifts/powers outside of California?

The Tuatha de Danaan, the leaders of Tir na Cali, would have you believe that there are no psychic powers such as theirs anywhere outside of California.

This is, of course, ridiculous.

Even though the Tuatha attempted to bring every relative with them when they left Ireland, it is likely they missed a few, just for starters. And it's not like all the Irish stayed in Ireland.

For another, the Tuatha were only one of three bloodlines of known psychics in Ireland, to say nothing of what might have happened with other bloodlines. While they did their best to wipe out the other Irish bloodlines, again, it's safe to assume they missed some. And when they moved to America, the Tuatha did not know about recessive genes, and thus it's likely they missed many who carried the grey-eyes-and-power linked genes as a recessive.

What the Tuatha were, at the time they left Ireland and certainly in the present time, were the only bloodline to self-select for power so intently and so continually. Other nations had small lines of psychics; the power would pop up from time to time in many different places. But without the concentrated breeding for the best powers, no other nation on earth has as many or as strong of powers as does Tír na Cali.

And while runaways do happen, however tightly California tries to hold on to its power source, the US knows enough to look for grey-eyed (or slit-pupiled yellow-eyed, etc.) people. If Californian slavers don't grab them first, anyone who has the look - or makes the mistake of demonstrating some psychic power - is sucked up into a secret government facility, never to be seen again. There are rumors that Russia and China do similar things, for similar purposes - to replicate the power that Tír na Cali has.

In the general non-Californian population, less than one in 6,000 people have psychic powers as recognized by Tír na Cali, and less than one in 1,000,000 have any sort of strong psychic power.

Written to [personal profile] lilfluff's prompt here.

I still need lots more worldbuilding prompts! Check it out!
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The Stranded universe - what do strands look like to those who work them?

There are several posts on Strand-Working magic at the beginning of the Stranded Landing Page

The Strands look a little different to everyone, but for the most part, they look to the othersense/third eye/call-it-what-you-will like multicolored glowing lines. Some are thick, some are thin, and everyone interprets the colors a little bit differently, but almost everyone who can perceive the Strands sees them this way.

(Of course, there are tricks for hiding what you've done with Strands, but that's an entirely different story).

Written to [ profile] rix_scaedu's prompt here.

I still need lots more worldbuilding prompts! Check it out!
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