Jan. 31st, 2017

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It seemed that being in the favor of the Emperor, at least for the moment, had a few immediate benefits.

One of those was being in charge of the imperial bureaucrats as they searched the Library. Enrie had never been in charge of people before and she found it very educational. She had also not

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Find Chapter 1 here
Chapter 2 is here
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Chapter 8: here

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Chapter S16: here

You can skip Chapter 11 without losing the plot.
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MARKED - 2.13

“I think I heard something coming from over here,” the flower murmured. Benoir gave Nilien a light push, sending her through the door first, and followed soon after, Ember scooting in just as he closed the door.

He started up the ladder so quickly that he was already halfway up by the time Nilien managed to get Ember onto her shoulders and get started. When she reached the top, though, he was still waiting for her.

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