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Tír na Cali

"Redheaded magic ladies who kidnap sex slaves and also there are catgirls."
- [personal profile] inventrix

Slavery, abduction, and magic, high fantasy and erotica, all in an alternate-history version of the American West Coast, where Washington State, Oregon, California, and Baja California are all part of a hierarchical, matriarchal monarchy called Tír na Cali. The nation is ruled by a large extended family who call themselves, privately, the Tuatha de Danaan, and who purportedly worship pleasure and sex.

While the two worlds diverged long, long ago - when the Tuatha de Danaan first recognized their own power, centuries past - the most visible split from modern history occurred during the 1800's, when the West Coast seceded from the United States in the midst of the Civil War, a move set in place almost a century before by the Tuatha.

In this world, the US never lost its puritanical sheen, in direct response to the licentious nature of their enemy to the West, the Californians. And the Californians, who hold power in part due to the royal family’s psychic powers, continue to steal young adults from the US to serve as their slaves.

Temporary add-on landing page here.

Stories to start with:
Fish Story(LJ link)
Tea with HER and following stories (see below)
Second Pressing

Stories Include:

Harem sub-setting
Gifted, part one of a triptych of two slaves, one Californian-born and one American, and a royal lady.
Keyed Up, the second in the triptych
Restraint, the conclusion.
Learning to Serve, a continuation (Lj Link
(LJ Link)
Preparing the Stage (LJ Link)
Waiting Uncomfortably (LJ Link)
Aftermath (LJ Link)
Make You Mine (LJ Link)

Planning a Family, a glimpse at history
Vegas, an abduction story
I Serve, a microfiction of the conflicts of service.
Come the Dark, a story only loosely Cali.
Turning Tables, a cautionary tale
Playing Dollies, a love quadrilateral, Tír na Cali style - available in Tales for the Sugar Cat
Princely, a fairy tale retold in Tír na Cali - available in Tales for the Sugar Cat
Hallowing New Ground, loosely Tir na Cali, in space.
Guitar(LJ link), a story of fighting back.
A Rescue Into Slavery (LJ)
Too Hot for Prime Time
Too Hot to Handle, a continuation of Too Hot for Prime Time (LJ)
When in Rome (LJ)
Revenge of the Pumpkins (LJ)(after the Too Hot stories)
Not Stockholm'd
Window Shopping (LJ)
The Goddess' Rocky Path (LJ)
Gods (LJ)
Sport (LJ)

Prisoners 16 & 23 excerpt
Excerpt (LJ)

Wrong Brother? ()after "Can we be that Close?" (no xpost). [Donor Perk]
Brothers and Brotherhood (LJ)

Fish Story(LJ link) starts in a sushi bar.
and Falling(LJ link) takes us out of it.
Limping There(LJ link) carries us further, slowly.

Slave School:
Frying Pan, Fire (LJ Link), from [personal profile] lilfluff's prompt regarding a slave school.
First Day (LJ Link)
Final Exams (LJ Link), from [ profile] wyld_dandelyon's prompt of the same name.
Small Words (LJ) (donor perk)
Fred (LJ) (Slave School)

Tea with HER (beginning) (LJ)
Tea with HER (continuation) (LJ)
Tea with HER (continuation 2) (LJ)
Tea with HER (continuation 3) (LJ)
Tea with HER (continuation 4) ()
Tea with HER (continuation 5) (LJ)
Tea with HER (Completion) (LJ)

The Vineyard:
Second Pressing (LJ)
Planting Future (LJ)
Success (LJ)

There are a few Cali/Criminal Minds crossover stories, and the love meme thereof:
Morrigan/Reid, Luke/Regine, Linden/Luke (LJ) Love Meme

[personal profile] kc_obrien has written three stories in this setting as well

[personal profile] lilfluff has written several stories in this setting, for which he needs a landing page. Recovering is the most recent. (lj)

An untitled novella is still in process:
Cali-Novel 11b (LJ)
Cali-Novel 11c (LJ)
Cali-Novel 12a (LJ) [Beta group]
Cali-Novel 12b (LJ) [Beta group]
Cali-Novel 13b (LJ) [Beta group]
Chapter 13c into 4 of Novel (did not xpost) [Beta group]
Chapter 14 of Novel (LJ) [Beta group]
Cali-Novel Ch17-most (LJ) [Beta]
Cali-Novel 17-end (LJ) {Cali-Beta}
Chapter 18A (LJ)

The Collar Job is an ongoing Tír na Cali/Leverage (TV show) fanfic. Its landing page is here (and on LJ).

February Worldbuilding Q6
February Worldbuilding Q23

Cali Catpeople
A subsetting of Tír na Cali, the Cali Catpeople are a new series focusing on several Californian-born and a few kidnapped American slaves who are transformed, through the body- and gene-altering magic held by a few Californian nobles, into feline-human hybrids, taking on some physical and mental characteristics of wild cats.

The long-term plans of the scientists perpetrating these transformations are still unknown to their research subjects; read along with these hapless kitties to discover their fate.

Stories Include:
Anger, a story of instinct and ownership
Origins, the transformation of one research subject - available in Tales for the Sugar Cat
In Training, a microfiction - - available in Tales for the Sugar Cat

Little Lost Kitty Girl (LJ)
The Little Lost Kitty Girl at Home (LJ)

Ninja Kitty (LJ)

Down in Kitty Town (LJ)

Entering Kitty Town (LJ)

Lab Rat (LJ)

Image by [ profile] lady_bealzabub

Icon is by [ profile] djinni and is of a generic Cali noble.

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From: [personal profile] alatefeline
Not my cup of tea but well written nonetheless.


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