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[personal profile] piratekitten has declared February world-building month.

And now I'm catching up in March!

The question post is here, please feel free to add more questions!

The twenty-seventh question comes from [personal profile] wispfox and is for Unicorn/Factory

here did the unicorns originally come from?
Nobody knows, and everyone has theories.

The people who live in the Villages, the ones who used to sometimes lose a daughter or possibly just misplace her for a while to the unicorns, they say that the creatures were born out of the deep canyon that lies four day's journey east of Easton.

Certainly the first that the people in the Villages can remember when there were very few unicorns, and those were sighted only in the easternmost parts of the country, only near that horrible canyon or the deep and impassible river that shoots out of it.

The Administrators and those who come from Centon City, the "Enlightened" and "Educated" folk, believe that the unicorns are a natural environmental response to changing factors; that something like a goat was pressed into service by nature itself to be a sort of cleaning service as well as a check on human population growth.

(There are, from that, two opinions stemming outwards: that that's a useful and reasonable thing for nature to do, and that nature ought not dare mess with mankind and its growth and creation - the second factor being that which has sought the eradication of the unicorns.)

There is a third point of view, a very quietly whispered one, that says that the mysterious and never-spoken-of, never-seen Governors created the unicorns for some unknown purpose.

My theory, as the author and world-creator, is a bit of all three. Certainly the Governors created the situation in which unicorns were needed; they may have evolved to fit a niche, but considering their relatively unique form of species propagation, natural evolution seems unlikely.

But they did come to the land in which these stories are set from the east, from the canyon, and they did come to fill a need both the land and the people had.

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Oh, _very_ cool. Thank you. :)


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