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(see what I did there?)

Commissions are always available at the low, low rate of 2¢/word, with a minimum commission of $4/200 words.
$20 commissions and higher will be discounted to $5/300 words or 5/3¢ a word. Just because I always wanted to charge in fractions.
For commissions over $35/2100 words, all words over that limit will be charged at a penny a word.

To commission a story, a piece of demifiction, or any other work of creative writing (even poems, I can do poems), sent me an email at thornealder/gmail, leave a comment on this post, or sent me a PM on Dreamwidth or Livejournal.

I reserve the right to turn down any commission, but will complete any commission I accept.

I take payments by Paypal (also thornealder/gmail), by paying-for-my-Dreamwidth-time, or other methods by negotiation.

I will begin work on your piece as soon as I receive payment. Commissioned works will be posted on my blog, here, when completed.

Don't want a commission, but want to say "thanks?"

Cool! I always appreciate tips, and they help to unlock extras - more posts on the serials, for instance.

There's Paypal, of course, but there's also Patreon: subscribe at any level from $1 to $50/month and open up incentive levels to get even more fiction!

And in conclusion, this is a conclusion.

possible commission?

Date: 2015-09-28 02:37 am (UTC)
From: [personal profile] chanter_greenie
Hi! I know you hardly know me - I'm the gal who writes the orange!verse of [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith's Schrodinger's Heroes project. I'm the one who squeed over us both having a Kendra. :)

I ended up reading Addergoole year 5 (not sure where I found the link, probably through your DW), leaping into year 9 and having a couple of the characters from the basement very much snag my interest. What I'm getting at is twofold. First, I'd love to commission a piece - say 500 words? - about the budding friendship between Zita and Amantia that we caught a glimpse of before Luke broke things up actually becoming a reality. Amantia really, really deserves to have some happiness in her life. If you're game and think that'd happen, that is?

The second thing is... well, possibly a little weird. The two who really grabbed my attention are Argent and Amantia, and I've been imagining what their kids would be like? Odd, I know. The details involve a crazy Addergoole situation - someone female (tenth cohort?) agrees to be magically father (like what Ioanna did, I think Professor Fridmar said), but also surrogate for obvious reasons. Maternal rights are Argent and Amantia's, and both parents are in both kids' lives as much as is feasible. And whoever this tenth is, she's a friend of both of theirs, so it's not as much of a creepy favor/bargain situation as it might have been? Flipping odd, sorry.

If that was a major overshare or otherwise creepy, I apologize. I have imagined two girls, though, maybe one 24th cohort and the other 25th. I can babble about the details if there's interest at all? If not, I'll knock off said babble.

Re: possible commission?

Date: 2015-09-28 03:24 am (UTC)
From: [personal profile] chanter_greenie
Eep! :) Hi!

Writing from Amantia's point of view would be fine with me. Poor kid deserves a chance to be a) happy and b) not under Sybil's thumb, as it were.

Re: the kids: Really? Okay. :) I've imagined two girls, probably a year apart with Argent and Mysterygirl's (not sure who she'd be, hmm) the elder. I've been calling Argent's daughter Karima, although I just looked it up and realized I had my Arabic translation wrong; I should've been saying Qadira. It means 'capable', and from the limited read we got on Argent, I think she might approve? It's not an unnecessarily bizarre name as names go, and I can imagine her appreciating that.

Anyway, Qadira sh'Argent. Tall but not overly so, on the slim side but again, not to any extreme. More of a sporty girl, but also intelligent and not ashamed of being so. She has a middle-range silver sense as an innate power, definitely from her mother's side. If someone is, say, wearing silver jewelry in a room, or carrying a spool of silver wire floss, she can get a read on its location and probably its quality. Her change turns her finger and toenails into retractable hardened silver digging claws that, when pulled in, look pretty similar to human nails in shape, just metallic. Her vision in near-darkness improves significantly (not sure if her pupils go vertical/catlike or not), but her irises might well glow, the hair on her arms and legs is largely though not entirely silvered, and the hair on her head acquires silver streaks. She doesn't turn things into silver by touch, though. What color were Argent's hair and skin before her change? This girl's not a jerk, I know that; both her moms did their best to teach their daughter right from wrong, and it took. In another universe, she might well be a Quidditch-playing Ravenclaw. I wonder if Argent herself might be the same... Qadira's best words are eperu (primary) and unutu (secondary), tempero (primary) and idu (secondary.

The other, younger one is Flora sh'Amantia. That name hit whoever Mysterygirl Tenth is over the head during the naming ceremony and wouldn't let go, although it did make her cry for her friend's situation; the story of Luke sending Amantia to the meadow after she delivered her vital warning got around. Flora's tiny like her mother, and is Amantia blonde? I might be wrong there. She's also a sweetheart, so another one for the not-a-jerk category. Smart, but not apt to use that intelligence for ill. Her innate power is an air purification/filtration ability, turned on and off at will. It's not perfect, but it does significantly clean air within, say, a meter-wide circle with Flora at the center. Again, definitely from her mother. Her change gives her darker, softly foliage green moth wings and the ability to fly to roughly ten feet in the air, as her primary domain is kaana, and vestigial antennae on top of her head. They're usable, with an accompanying lower-level increase in object sense through them. Her best words are kaana (primary) and huamu (secondary), idu (primary) and jasfe (secondary). She's not awful at hiko, but it's not one of her top four either.

I have to wonder if the proficiency with idu for both these girls doesn't come down from their magical father/second mom.

Date: 2016-05-01 04:34 am (UTC)
From: [personal profile] chanter_greenie
Heeeeey, not sure where to put this, so asking here before I just randomly send an e-mail. I know we talked about this at one point, but then I dropped the ball. I owe you a bunch of chatter about Addergoole basement students and Zeroths, if you don't mind my flinging said chatter at you. I have at least one, if not more than one, idea that I would commission for sure, if you share interest in said idea(s). Care if I e-mail them, and my file full of ramblings in general, to you?


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