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Jumping Rings Chapter 20

Tell-Me-What-To-Write Link Pile
One-Off Landing Page Updated and a very small call for prompts
I Made an AO3 account......and need fanfic prompts
World/Character-Building Fun Prompt Call - Dragons Next Door, Addergoole/Doomsday, Reiassan/Edally

Life and Stuff
A Random Blog Post: Teachers
Butch Clothing/Dressing/Tuxes/Suits links

Tweets about Reiassan Food
A piece of post-apoc fae-apoc that popped into my head

Whispers, a tale of Dragons Next Door, posted on Patreon
"A Meeting and an Education" posted on Patreon
Generations of Feud, a story of Planners' Verse for @lilfluff
Strands and Connections, a story of Stranded World, posted on Patreon
Proof Of Concept: a piece of story written in response to a tumblr post, bog help me
A Door in the Wall, a beginning of a fanfic of Narnia and ???

In Which Reynard does not have a Collar
Into the History of Addergoole, a story for Clare-Dragonfly
A Job Offer, a story of Doomsday Academy
You're... Welcome? Cynara and Leofric

A Vision to Purchase, a story of Addergoole's history.
The Storm Will Come, a story of Addergoole's history.
A Beginning, a story of Addergoole
Leaving the Swamp, a story of Addergoole's history.

Blogging A-Z
Inspector Caracal talks about Addergoole
A is for Apocalypses
B is for Bondage
C is for Costumes
D is for Dragons
E is for Elves
F is for Fires of Gobann
G is for Gifts
H is for Houses
I is for Islands
J is for Jewelry
K is for Knitting
L is for Lust
M is for Mountains


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