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2018-09-24 10:27 pm

Welcome to Alder's Grove

"Because everything is better with the end of the world."

Welcome! Below you can find hundreds - thousands, really - of posts, many of them fiction.

I write a lot - much in established universes, some in one-off settings. Much of what I write ends up here. In addition, you'll find homesteading blogging, the occasional crafts-and-clothing post, and journals of my wine-tourism of New York State.

Here (and here on Livejournal) you'll find an index of my universes. Each 'verse has its own landing page with an index of stories within.

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A loose posting schedule (and on LJ) covers weekly recurring posts; other things are posted as the mood hits.

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2017-08-18 01:37 pm


Okay, I would like to write more one-offs, people would like to read more one-offs, and I would lke to play with more concepts of the sort.


Taking prompts for one day on the theme of


Science, discovery, EUREKA!

There will be another prompt of random Emoji once I finish prompts for this one!

Support the Thorne-Author

Leave as many prompts as you want. I will write to at least one for each person, between now and, say, the end of September.

Tip Goals:

30 Patreon Patrons - one extra story written total
$20 in tips - I get take-out and write another story
$50 in tips - everyone gets another story written.
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2017-08-17 06:04 pm

Addergoole: A Ghost Story - Chapter 38: Arnbjörg

Chapter 38: Arnbjörg
by Lyn Thorne-Alder

Thursday, January 4, 2001

“Good,” Doug grunted, as Arnbjörg pushed back against his strike with a block and a shouted No.  “Fun power.”  He took a step backwards, nodded.  “Again.”

Again, and again, and again, blocking and pushing with her power and striking back, until sweat drenched her hair and she felt like her arms and legs were made of rubber.  “Good. Enough.”  Doug leaned against the wall and gestured at her.  “Walk.”

She paced the small training room, once, twice, until he gestured to her, enough, and leaned against the wall with him.

“Fun power,” he repeated, and then, “Aelfgar kids.  Always have fun powers.”

Doug didn’t say anything without purpose.  Doug barely spoke. Arnbjörg glanced at him, waiting to see what else he’d say.

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2017-08-17 07:47 am
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Time to Pare Down my Writing List Again

My to-write list has this habit of Expanding and expanding...

Things that WILL stay on the list: Ghost Story, Side Quest, Marked, Submission, tootplanet, and Patreon.

The rest of the list is open for suggestions as below:

Poll #18705 Paring Poll!
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What five things should stay on my writing list?

View Answers

Desmond’s Climb
15 (93.8%)

Team Sports
0 (0.0%)

Rin & Girey Drabbles
0 (0.0%)

Cya Stories
5 (31.2%)

10 (62.5%)

The Hidden Mall
8 (50.0%)

The Princess and the Tallest Tower
2 (12.5%)

Kael’s Tower
5 (31.2%)

Return to Sender/Old Debts and Old Favors
0 (0.0%)

Funerary Rites
12 (75.0%)

A Prompt Call
1 (6.2%)

Narnia/A Cat in the Closet
2 (12.5%)

Buffy Goes to Addergoole
3 (18.8%)

4 (25.0%)

Work on Edally already
4 (25.0%)

What else would you like to see?

Edited to add Links!
Desmond's Climb
The Hidden Mall
Princess & the Tallest Tower
Kael's Tower
Funerary Rites
A Prompt Call
Narnia (A Cat in the Closet)
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2017-08-16 07:55 pm

Patreon Posts!

Originally posted April 29, 2012

If Jean had learned anything in the five years he’d been married to Zoe (and twice that if you included dating), it was that when her family said “tradition,” the best thing to do was to shut up and get out of the way.

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The spellbook had been one of the best finds on the planet they had poetically called 17-5-12.

The original population had been something very close to humanoid, as far as the drawings, the records, and the shapes of the buildings showed.

Read On!

Warning: this one makes me cry to read it. Written on or around December 2010.


In the Northeast, every city, every town, every blink-and-you’ll-miss-it village has at least one, a grove of trees that will never know the cut of a saw.

Open to all “Trunk” Patreons!

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2017-08-16 02:06 am
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Side Quest - a Camp NanoWrimo Story - Fifteen: Singing of Fire

Fifteen: Singing of Fire

Diamond Raven was fussing at her as she walked over to the veiled Tzarin - but he walked with her the whole way.  Raizel didn’t listen so much to his words as she listened to his tone.  He wasn’t happy with her, no, but he was also worried for her.  Worried about her?  What could be all that dangerous about singing to a Tzarin?  He might laugh at her.  They all might.  Courtiers, she had heard, were like that.

She stepped into the brilliantly-veiled tent - as covered and as decorated as the Tzarin himself - and bowed.  “Prince, I hear you would have me sing for you.”

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2017-08-15 08:08 pm

The Pauper Princess and the Tallest Tower, Introduction

The wedding had been a fete to be spoken of for generations; the entire capital city had been invited. The Princess Zsófika was resplendent in her gown of pearls and sapphires, and if anyone noticed that her vows did not allow for the possibility of refusal, no-one mentioned it.  She was marrying the Emperor, after all, poor girl.  She was marrying the Emperor and tying her natal kingdom finally and entirely into the Empire.

The celebration went on for a week, the Emperor and his new bride at every event, the bride in a shining new dress every day.  Later, women who knew who to talk to would fight each other for the rights to this dress or that, as they would only touch the Princess’ body the once, and they were, both literally and in the more common sense, a king’s ransom, every single one of them.

And then the Princess went into the Tower, the Consort’s Tower, the bride’s Tower, the Tallest Tower, and the Emperor went back to the business of ruling a slightly-larger empire.

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2017-08-15 03:43 pm

The Hidden Mall Thirteen: Deep Water


Abigail noticed her feet touching water before her vision cleared. She was seeing spots, spots everywhere, then bright shining streaks of light.

Both hands clenched tightly. Hopefully, one of those people was “her” Liv. The other one, well, some other Abigail was probably looking for her.

Rick had said - he’d said something about Abigail and Liv doing something. Which meant that in a world with another Rick there was also another Abigail and so on.

She didn’t want to think about that in the context of the creepy-clown-factory mall.

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2017-08-15 01:11 am
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MARKED - 10.1

MARKED - 10.1

Ember and Nilien had been going back and forth about magic since they lost her pencil. Ember was of the opinion that Nilien ought to be cagey about what she told Lorque, while Nilien was of the opinion that Lorque was going to notice her being cagey, considering Nilien was not all that good at being sneaky at all.

By the time they got to the dining hall, they had agreed - well, they hadn’t really agreed so much as Nilien had declared that she was just going to ask people. Ember, of course, thought that was an awful idea, but Ember did not have to attempt to lie to its friends.

(Did familiars have friends? Nilien wondered who she could. Probably not Ember…)

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2017-08-15 12:14 am

Point of View (accidental repost)

View-Point This close to the capitol, the towns were pushed up next to each other like strung beads, snuggling up to the Emperor’s seat of power. You couldn’t go more than an hour’s ride without coming upon a way station or an inn, and in the larger towns, there were often several inns grouped

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2017-08-14 09:03 pm

Crossposting whoops!!

Sorry about that! I am doing an import to my "new" Wordpress bog at and um. *cough* Something went nuts.
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2017-08-14 08:41 pm
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Read My Story “The Greatest Victory” in Tales of the Sunrise Lands

It is said that the greatest of soldiers stands backed by every soldier in the army, and every soldier who came before.

It is said that the greatest of politicians stands backed by their entire district and their entire nation.

General Tsukushi Tada, it is said, held off an entire army with...

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Tales of the Sunrise Lands is available now from Guardbridge Books.
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2017-08-14 06:03 pm

Addergoole: A Ghost Story - Chapter 37: Leofric

Chapter 37: Leofric
by Inspector Caracal

Thursday, December 28, 2000

It was the worst Christmas break ever. Leofric was pretty sure that if it weren't for his cy'ree practice, Eriko wouldn't have let him out of the suite at all. As it was, he was missing his kendo lesson; it wasn't vacation, so he didn't have to go. At least that's what Eriko had said when he'd asked.

So instead, he was stuck here, in the suite, sitting to the side while Eriko watched a movie. Some kind of romance drama. He'd tried following it, but he was finding it hard to care about contrived angst when everyone in his own life had it so much worse.

Why Eriko hadn't decided to get rid of him yet, Leofric had no idea. He was constantly miserable. She was constantly crying, or angry, or crying and angry...

His musings were interrupted by a loud knock at the door. When he looked around, Cya was already getting up to answer the door, so he turned his attention back to how boring the movie was. It wasn't like it would be anyone to see him, after all, not while he was here. And if Cya was getting the door, he didn't have to worry about Eriko trying to make him do it.

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2017-08-14 05:45 pm
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Patreon Posts!


This week on our 1870’s farmhouse, we’re demolishing the ceiling(s) of the bathroom!

The first thing to do was pull out all the old insulation – and junk – from the attic side.  After our homeowners (us) pulled out eight or nine garbage bags of old cellulose insulation…

Take a Peek!

Originally posted April 15, 2013.  


It all began with the first of us, called, as was appropriate and due, the Alpha.

I never knew what other name the Alpha might have held, before this place, before Everything Else. But sometimes we called her Anna, or Angie, when we were being informal.

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Speaking of Magical dates…here is the Day of Magic in Fae Apoc!


In the world of the Faerie Apocalypse – Addergoole, Doomsday, etc. – there is something that is colloquially called The Blindness of the Gods, and something called a Mask.

Read On!

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2017-08-11 01:42 pm
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Side Quest - a Camp NanoWrimo Story - Fourteen: Walking with the Veiled Prince

Fourteen: Walking with the Veiled Prince

She missed the carriage immediately, but there wasn’t such a thing going from Esteronzerai to the train station for at least two days.  In two days, if she made good time, Raizel could already be on the train.

She and the Diamond Raven joined a small group of people leaving the fanciest hotel in Esteronzerai, all seeming to have the same thought she had.  It was a strange and mixed group, including a tinker with his cart and his apprentice, a furrier carrying what seemed like a whole forest of furs on her back, a woman who introduced herself as a librarian who was going to the capital to pick up some new books, she with a bodyguard, and a small retinue of courtiers gathered around a person wearing a broad hat ans swathed in veils.

They were, one of the courtiers explained, from Mipodek to the south, and they were also travelling to the capital, although they were taking their time about it.  It was supposed to be a trip of exploration for their young Prince - which was something like a Tzarin - to learn more about the lands around Mipodek.  Their Prince, it turned out, was the one in all the veils.  

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2017-08-10 11:29 pm
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MARKED - 9.8

MARKED - 9.8

Ember and Nilien scampered after Nilien’s pencil, but it had rolled out of sight.

No, not just out of sight, Nilien realized. They combed the immediate area, Nilien sitting down on the floor ungracefully to get a better view, and they could see no place the floor sloped, no crevices, nothing.

“You know,” she muttered at Ember, “A place where there’s a lack of surprising holes or passages is a little suspect in this place.”

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2017-08-10 06:01 pm
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Addergoole: A Ghost Story - Chapter 36: Cynara

Chapter 36: Cynara
by Lyn Thorne-Alder

Tuesday, December 26, 2000

“How do you get out of here?”  

Luke and Professor Reid had shown Cya the doors, but they’d done something to fog her memory.  She could see them — but she hadn’t been able to get back to the doors, no matter how many times she tried.  She knew they were there. They’d told her she needed an upperclassmen with her.  For safety.  She took that as for not running away.  

So now was lying next to Dysmas, a thin trickle of blood running down the side of her neck, fishing for the answer she needed. He was in the best mood during these times, and when he fed on her - more than he ought to, Dr. Caitrin said, but still not enough, not enough to keep him from feeding on other girls, bringing them into his bed right past her while Aviv played Go and chess with her like neither of them could see what was going on - Cya found she was in a good mood, too.  Inquisitive, but brave enough to test out questions and mellow enough to not mind when he treated her like a silly child.  It was the perfect time to ask him about the doors.  To see if he would help her find them again.

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2017-08-10 01:17 pm
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Just a little structural Rot (metaphorically)

(A personal blog)
(warning: Depressing)
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2017-08-09 12:07 pm

Belowstairs Stuff - More Beauty-Beast

First: M/m Keeper/Kept
Previous: New Information

Shel drove a small sports car which, he said, The Boss had bought for him. “It’s not mine or anything, it’s just, you know, image.”

“I know about image,” Ctirad agreed. He rode in the passenger seat, wondering what owning him - or, for the mundane people, what having him as, uh, an employed bodyguard one slept with Was that a thing, outside of Ermenrich? He was beginning to question everything he knew about life.


That was its own question, and he really didn’t know the answer.

Shel might, though. “So, uh.” Ctirad cleared his throat and tried not to be horribly uncomfortable. Mostly, he failed. “What does the boss have me for? A boyfriend, he said, and a bodyguard?”
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2017-08-09 11:06 am

Catboys In Cages, Continued, Commission

After Catboys in Cages, to [personal profile] rix_scaedu and [personal profile] thnidu's commissioned continuation.

Content warning: Slavery, bondage, ownership. Also catboy.

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