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Set some years after the apocalypse.


Jamian still loved the idea of summer vacation. The world had more or less fallen down around their ears; the resort towns were all boarded up, fallen down, or walled off into compounds; there was no office job to take a vacation from, no school to get the kids out of, and his kids were all out of the nest anyway.
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As far as I can tell, this one is from June 2012, and it, too, is a little weird, but I like it. And it’s an exploration!

"That way lies madness."

Althea's father had loved to say that, teasing them with it: "Me do the dishes? That way lies madness," commenting on current events with it, warning them off of bad choices in their teenage years.

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Not many apples showing in these pictures, but here’s a cat and a happy apple tree!

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Chapter 6: Arnbjörg
by Lyn Thorne-Alder

Friday, September 15, 2000

Arnbjörg wasn’t sure how she’d ended up walking back to her room with Jaya.  She’d managed to evade four of the creeps and two too-friendly sorts, but then there was the cute horned girl walking along next to her, tail bobbing along under that schoolgirl skirt.

“I was bummed when you didn’t show up to the dance Saturday.”  She grinned, a shy thing with a little head tilt.  “I was gonna ask you for a dance or two.”

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Honestly, can't tell if this is kink, fluff, angst, or all three

Sometimes, he just needed to get away.

He slipped on a different Mask, did his make-up the same way, and rolled vinyl pants up his legs. He slid on fishnet and big stompy boots, and headed out to a club that only knew him in this face and this guise.

You didn't need to be an Empath, place like this, to know who was sick and who was dying, who was hurt or grieving, but Jamian used every power his Change had given him. He whispered a healing here, a soothing there, flirted with an angry man and took away his disease with a caresses and some nonsense words.

At the end of the night, he went home with a tired nurse with a healer complex, and let them both relax for a while.
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To [personal profile] clare_dragonfly's request to this call for Addergoole prompts.

Summer After Year 9 of the Addergoole School

"Free at last."

Jaya's mother had the kids - all of them, which wasn't a kind thing to do to any being, but she'd volunteered - and Arna was well and truly done with school, and Jaya was on summer break and had five days off from work. They were, in all practical senses free. They'd gone to the lake.

"Free at last," Arna agreed. She had her lips against Jaya's neck, her arm and one leg draped over Jaya, and her breasts pressed against Jaya's side. She felt warm, and a bit sticky, and perfect. "And out of that place. I know." She held up one hand lazily. "I had it good. I had you, I had Jovanna, I had an easy time of it. But it's still nice to be out."

"I know." Jaya twisted until she could kiss her lover's forehead. "I had Ty, I had you. I had an easy time of it. But it's nice to have you out of it, too. It's nice to be here."

The cottage on the lake was a family property - Jaya's stepdad's family, but still family. Their bed was on the screened in porch, watching the lake; the chances of someone coming across them was almost zero. Still, it felt horribly daring as Jaya stretched, showing herself off to the water and the moose.

"It wouldn't be this peaceful with the kids here."

"Or with homework, and work, and everything else. But it's a nice place to hide for a little while." Arna tugged Jaya back to the bed. "Hide. And snuggle."

"Mmm." She pressed her lips against Arna's collarbone in agreement.
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October 3, 2004

"Give me... four years." Arnbjorg and Jaya were studiously avoiding each other's glances, holding their mocha lattes and watching the steam. "Four years, until I'm done with school. I know, the extra year..."

"I can wait for another year. Especially with the kids."

"I'll know by then."

"I hope so."

October 3, 2013

"Xandro, we have to go." Jamian handed another duffle to his oldest child. "Here, Dom. Food, clothes."



Dom and Xandro's objections rode over each other; they both stopped; Jamian sighed. He tried again. "Xandro. Bathroom. Dom. Food. It's not safe anymore."

It might not ever be safe again.


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