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This weekend was busy! In the fun way, albeit not the productive way

Friday night, I had dinner with [personal profile] kelkyag and [personal profile] sauergeek, who happened to be “passing through” (within an hour of me), at one of my favorite Finger Lakes restaurants, Stone Cat. We plotted and talked fiction and families and many other things, and then, oops, it was 10, so we departed.

Saturday, T. and I went to the Canandaigua Craft festival, where T> bought me an amber necklace and earrings and I bought me two more pairs of earrings from my new favorite local craft show earring vendor.

Then we took longer than planned to finish the drive, which ended at Capriox’s & Talkian’s house for a baby! shower! Baby shower! That was the chillest, most comfy pool-party/picnic/baby shower I have ever been to, and I have dozens of geeky baby onesie ideas in case another one of my geek friends has a baby.

(My contribution, along with some knitted burp cloths ‘cause nothing else got finished, was a John Deere onesie and slipper-socks.)
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How was YOUR weekend?
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Yesterday, for our 12-year anniversary, T. and I went out to the Keuka Wine Trail for a "Wine and BBQ" tour - each of the seven wineries gave us wine tastings (about 5/winery) and a small plate of food pairings - things like grilled chicken, pulled pork, beef brisket, with a little side corn salad or mac salad, something like cornbread, and usually a little dessert.

It was pretty awesome.

For one, Keuka Lake is lovely. It's a Y-shaped lake, with a lot of really nice vistas. Google Image Search doesn't quite do it justice.

For another, the food was almost universally tasty (There was one protein where I had to ask T. what I was eating - turns out it was pork - it was slow-cooked and very bland, very sweet).

And for a third, the wines were just good. Sometimes, on a tour, you get a winery where you're just... "mm. thanks. Bye." There was none of that - a couple thinnish red wines, but the Finger Lakes is not really known for its red wines.

In the middle of the tour, we spent an hour in Hammondsport, which is an adorable little village full of tasty food & neat antique stores.

All in all, it was a lovely way to spend a morning & afternoon.

And then, in the evening, we stacked wood ;-D
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This weekend was the Cayuga (Lake) Wine Trail Wine & Herb Event.

The 17 wineries on the trail (All alongside and many within view of Cauyga Lake) participate.

You start at one winery, where you get a map and a glass, and at each winery along the way, you get a tasting (2-6 types of wine or, in one case, cider), a potted herb (or tomato, or lettuce, or pepper) plant, a recipe using that plant, and a sample of that recipe, cooked (or prepared), usually with a wine pairing.

Seventeen wineries. 2 to 6 tastings at each. /falls over/

Okay, really, we did it over two days. We tasted seven wineries up the West side of the lake, spent an hour at the outlet mall, had Dim Sum and tea for lunch, and hit the much-more-spaced-out 3 wineries on the East side; Sunday we picked up the seven we'd missed on the west, stopping for lunch at Knapp Winery in the middle.

There was a lot of really good wine. Even wineries I'd blown off before as being not complex enough, too tannic, or just too boring, were in good form this weekend. Everyone had out their best wines, the food tastings were very good, and I have seventeen little plants to put in the ground or pots as soon as Last Frost is past. Even the food tastings were good.

If I have a disappointment with the event - and I'd say this is the only one - it's that I ended up with three basils, and I really would have liked one of them to be a mint instead.

But all in all, it was an immensely fun weekend of wine-ing. Will definitely do again.


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