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I write a lot - much in established settings, some in one-off universes.
Below is an index of my universes; each 'verse has its own landing page with an index of stories within.
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Want to read more? Peruse the archives below, or wait for a Giraffe Call to request new fiction.

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The Faerie Apocalypse is liveblogged at [personal profile] faeapoclive, [ profile] faeapoclive, and [ profile] faeapoclive. What what happens when the gods return to our world.
Stranded World (LJ Link), modern fantasy seen through the eyes of 4 siblings who work the webs of the world, each in their own way.
Reiassan (LJ Link), high fantasy in a world just recovering from centuries of battle.
Edally Academy (LJ Link), Steampunk Boarding School in the world of Reiassan.
Tir na Cali (LJ Link); technically modern fantasy, alternate-history timeline, primarily lifestyle-kink erotica.
Faerie Apocalypse (LJ Link), a dystopic modern and post-modern fantasy/apoc world. Faeries and gods live among us, disguised as humans, their culture underground.
Addergoole (LJ Link) is a school within the Faerie Apocalypse setting.
Doomsday is a school created by graduates of Addergoole, generations after the Faerie Apoc.
Vas' World (LJ Link): the team was sent to explore the planet for colonization. They could never have guessed what they'd find.
Dragons Next Door (LJ Link)is a fun high-fantasy-in-the-burbs setting with a few good-with-ketchup crunchy dark bits.
Facets of Dusk (LJ Link) is a mystery waiting to be revealed; come along for the show!
The Planners (LJ Link): When the Apocalypse came, they were prepared. Very Prepared.
Unicorn/Factory (LJ) of the costs of progress.
The Aunt Family (LJ) - a mysterious family with some very strange magical artifacts.
Space Accountant (LJ) All Genique wanted was a nice vacation.
Shadow Rebellion (LJ) It all started with the shadows moving...
Science! (Lj) Why haven't Mad Scientists taken over the world yet?
Fairy Town There's something about the city. Something in the water, maybe?
Inner Circle (LJ) Getting to the Inner Circle can take a lifetime - or cost you your life.
Setting Nursery - these one-off stories may blossom into settings some day (incomplete)

All of my writing here is crowdfunded and crowdsourced; comments and suggestions keep the gears spinning and donations keep the power on.
My Donor landing page is here (and on LJ); you can tip (tips go in a general pool to sponsor longer stories, voted on monthly), sponsor an already-written story, or commission a story to be written.

Once a month I open up a call for prompts; the Giraffe Call's landing page is here and on LJ.

I hosted a 30-days of flash fiction meme: its landing page is here (LJ Link)

Want more? There's always more to read!

What Follows,
an apocalyptic anthology:
How would an Immortal deal with
the End Times? The world will
inevitably come stumbling into
apocalypse, and They will be
there to witness it.

 photo ShiftingHearts_zps419ea943.jpg
Shifting Hearts,
a therian anthology:
It is said that the eyes are the windows
to the soul, but what if the soul that looks
back isn't as human as you first thought?

Addergoole, a completed webserial

Edally Academy, a new webserial

Tales for the Sugar Cat, my ebook

Kazkah Press, a flash-fiction webzine

Wikis of setting information currently exist in various stages of completion:
Addergoole: the Original Series - semi-defunct, but has information still being migrated to the below wiki
Addergoole Year Nine - and beyond
Faerie Apoc
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Jumping Rings Chapter 16 is up!

Mobbing Midnight: an Anthology of Crows - the kickstarter is live and already at $170.

My Domain Name Fundraiser raised $15, opening up a free answer-fic, once a question is asked.


I updated my Patreon Page. It's $1 from the new, saner incentive level.

And now I go back to the writing mines!
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Some Stories
Observing, a side story of the Unicorn/Factory
The Bishop Speaks, a story of FairyTown
Impossible Projects, a story of Science!
The Ramifications of Hair, a continuation of Tir na Cali

Check out This story, written in 2012

Kink/Fluff/Angst Meme: Jamian
Turn left Story One: Baram's Elves
Turn Left Story Two: The Damn Cat

A New Year, some new goals (a blog post)
December Meme Day Eighteen - TV Shows

Tir Na Cali Landing Page Updated Description
The Four Undramatic Plot Structures, a Cartoon
A Rough Timeline of the Faerie Apoc, Part I
Thinking about creating a new bingo community - feedback requested
Stranded World Landing Page Updated

Other People's Fiction
Check out Tapestry, by my friend Wysteria
And Dragon Wars, by my friend Becka Sutton

Edally Academy: The Angry Aetherist Chapter Twenty

more stories )
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Cleaning House (unicorn/Factory)
In Which Amrit is Amazingly Eloquent
Cali, Femdom, Catgirls, Part II

December Meme Finish-uP
Day Twelve - Fiction Characters
Day Fourteen - Books that Shaped my Life
Day Sixten - Something's Missing

Jumping Rings Ch 14 - Valran - Agree
Edally Academy - Chapter 19

And the rest )
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Stories Submitted in December: 1
Stories Accepted in December: 0
Stories Rejected in December: 1

Words written in December: 20,019
2014 total words: 422,180

Published in 2014:

What Follows: How would an Immortal deal with the End Times?

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What Follows is now available in print!

Feedback Requested
December Theme Poll

Arrangements, a continuation of Live-In - modern/IRL 'verse
The Border, a continuation of Itty Bitty Package and Courier Duty - Space/Colonies/?? 'verse
Next on the Tour, a story of Science!
Cali, Femdom, Catgirls in Tír na Cali
Discoveries on the Colony
A Physical Detail, just a minor thing (a writing exercise)

Jumping Rings - Chapter 12 - Choose
Edally Chapter 17 - Hit First, Reassess, Hit Again
Edally Chapter 18 - When Making War, First Make Tea

and more )
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The Highlights

My Serials
Edally Academy Interlude: Maiku Hall
Jumping Rings Chapter 9: Taslin - Hold

Feedback Requested
Yeeeee, thinking about another project (A poll)
Follow-Up Poll regarding a new serial
Romance Novel Readers: I have a question

Stories & Prompt Call
Sooo Close to $100
Prince Rodegard Visits the Imperial Capital
Amongst the Wrifflites for the Genderfunky Prompt Call
Check-In For Three-Word Wednesday
A Piece of Cake For Thimbleful Thursday

Other People!
Becka Sutton's Crowdfunding nano Project!

Annnnd the rest of the week )
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It wasn't a slow week, I can say that. It was just a slow week for posting.

Last Friday was all-errands-all-the-time, including over an hour at Lowe's and a good deal of time at a few other stores. I mean, we got a lot done, but writing wasn't part of it.

Then Saturday and Sunday were an awesome drive to Albany to visit our friends E.Mc. & Pivin - again, awesome, and again, very little writing.

Monday-Tuesday, I was working on a piece for submission. Wednesday I was editing & fretting about it, then submitting it. And a lot of this week has been planning Nanowrimo.

So if I've seemed quiet, in terms of blogging, I have been.

But this is what I posted this week:

Giraffe Call Stories
Probably a Rescue - [personal profile] technoshaman's commissioned continuation of A Rescue, of Sorts
Cuckoo's Egg - a story of Tír na Cali
Captive of the Night Witch - probably Fae Apoc
Not Rehabilitation - probably Fae Apoc
Interlude: A Brief History of the Empress Edaledalende Academy of Higher Learning at Ileltedez
Cleaning out Files - Population of the US in fae apoc post-apoc
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The Highlights

What Follows is Live!

Prompt Me
~Leave a prompt, get a microfiction~
Cave & Dungeon Prompt Call - Submissive or Captured Men

Edally Academy Chapter Twelve: If You Call It a Fish, People Will Expect It to Swim
Jumping Rings Chapter Seven: Taslin

Blog Posts
A beginning of a basic overview of starting a webserial
Everyone Else is Doing It: October Goals

Patreon Fic
Family Reunion, for the Genderfunk Call
The Shape-Wizard's Apprentice

A Few Stories
Hallowe'en's Past, a ficlet for the Genderfunk call
Rock, Hard, Now What?, for the Dungeon Call
(Not Actually Demifiction) of Inner Circle - Whoops for the Demifiction Prompt Call
The Lands of the Circled Plain, a... setting story? for #3ww

The rest of the two-weeks )
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The Highlights

Edally Academy has its own website!
Coming Soon! "What Follows," an anthology of the End Times - coming out next Friday!

Some Stories
The Haircut - Patreon theme story
Insult Atop Injury - Reiassan, for Thimbleful Thursday
Icon Flash: Order - a tiny story of Stranded World

Edally Web Page: I Still need your help!

My Serials
Edally Academy Chapter 10: May Our Failures be Small, Educational, and Overlooked by our Enemies
Interlude: From the Stables to the Home
Interlude: A New Look at History

Other People
Fallen From Grace, written to my prompt by K Orion Fray

The Rest of the Week )
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The Highlights

Edally Academy has its own website!

Some Stories
Beating Around the Idiom Bush
Gender Funk Test story-beginning (two stories of Spaaace)
Trek-Style Geek, for Three-Word Wednesday

Feedback Requested
Prompts Wanted: Demifiction for Circled Plain (Inner Circle)
Edally Academy is on Muse's Success! Please review!

My Serials
Edally Academy Chapter Nine: To Our Successes, May they Be Written Forever
Jumping Rings Chapter Six: Valran

My Life
Timehop of my own: 4 years ago today
Recipe try-outs: a quick review

Other People
Now Available: Not in Need of Quests, a Men in Fantasy Coloring Book! by M.C.A. Hogarth

The Rest of the Week )
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The Highlights

Some Stories
Cats and Grandmas - a Story of Aunt Family
Meeting the Archmage - a story of the Circled Plain
Oil & Water for Thimbleful Thursday

Feedback Requested
Ladies Bingo - Prompt a Square!

My Life, My Brain
Micro-Housing becoming a trend fascinates me
Gone Sailing!
Taughannock Falls

My Serial(s)
Edally Academy: The Angry Aetherist - Chapter Eight: Far From the Best

Other People
Signal Boost: LB-Lee's Writeathon
K Orion Fray's September Prompt Call

And the Rest of the Week... )
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The Highlights

A Few Stories
A Hero of Reiassan - Patreon Story, a story of a Reiassan Hero
Kittens, a story for the Giraffe Call
Where the Stars Went Out Fae Apoc, Apoc Era

Ask For More Stories
Giraffe Call! A Prompt Call - Leave a Prompt, get a fic. Theme: Animalia

Serial Fiction
August 12-August 19 in the Faerie Apoc
Edally Academy: The Angry Aetherist Interude: In the Onadyano Tower Dorms

A Piece of My Life
Blog Hop Stop: Fiction in the Alder's Grove
Tomato Season!

Other People's Stuff
"More than you probably want to know about canning" - tomato canning by Ranunculus
K_A_Webb Words Raffle

The Rest of the Week )
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The Apoc

In the end of May, 2011, strange things started happening all over the world. Follow along with [personal profile] faeapoclive, [ profile] faeapoclive, and [ profile] faeapoclive as the apocalypse unfolds


TOMAHAWK, Wisconsin; FARMVILLE, Virginia; CYPRESS, Texas(AP): What started in june in fort valley, Georgia with one man, Glen Carlson, has been spreading across the country: people creating giant five-pointed stars into their property, or, in some cases, into public land.

In Tomahawk, Wisconsin, Arlene Brady built the star, which she calls a “devil’s trap,” out of old pallet wood. In Farmville, Virginia, Lucas Gibson cut it into his wheat field. And in Fort Valley, Georgia, an entire family worked together to lay the star in white stone in their back yard.

What, exactly, the purpose of these stars is remains to be seen.
Read more... )

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The Highlights

A Few Stories
Through the Blank Plains
Robot - both in the Clockwork Apoc.
Bad Reception - in the Faerie Apoc setting.
The Daily Grind - for [community profile] dailyprompt: Every day, the same 'ol grind.

A Bit of My Life
The Hazards of Being Sick & Grown-Up
Spanish Rice (Recipe Blogpost)

My Webserials
Edally Academy: Interlude - The Dormitories
Jumping Rings: Chapter Four - Duck

Feedback Requested
A Meme! - Give me a line of a story I haven't Written
Character Motivations - Name any character of mine

Other People: Book Launches
Toad Words by [ profile] ursulav
Vinny the Armadillo Makes a Friend! by [ profile] haikujaguar
Some Things Transcend and 2nd Edition Even the Wingless by [ profile] haikujaguar

Other People: Prompt Calls
K Orion Fray has a Prompt Call open for fiction - the theme is revenge.
[personal profile] inventrix is looking for demifiction prompts for her Saeland (Invisible Dragons) setting.

The Rest of the Week )
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The Apoc

In the end of May, 2011, strange things started happening all over the world. Follow along with [personal profile] faeapoclive, [ profile] faeapoclive, and [ profile] faeapoclive as the apocalypse unfolds


ATHENS, Greece(AP): The Acropolis of Athens, built in the fifth century B.C., is an ancient citadel located on a high rocky outcrop above the city of Athens. It encompasses the ruins of several famous buildings, including the well-known Parthenon.
However, in the past weeks, the citadel has gone from ruins to complete buildings. The stone and marble gleam. Tapestries hang from the walls. And in the center of the Parthenon, a throne is being occupied by an eight-foot-tall man.

Read more... )

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The Apoc

In the end of May, 2011, strange things started happening all over the world. Follow along with [personal profile] faeapoclive, [ profile] faeapoclive, and [ profile] faeapoclive as the apocalypse unfolds

June 15-21

The Black Suits Are Coming to Get Me

Okay, this is getting pretty disturbing. Yesterday, the expensive-suit people came back - barged in, really - and dug through all of my roommate’s books again, and all of hew new notes. They mostly missed my stuff because I told them - the truth! - that I was working on a paper on monasteries and similar architectural artifacts.
But now I’m reading books in my closet, in the back room of the library, in the crappy cafe nobody uses. And those monks are pretty frighting. Maybe more so than expensive-suit people.
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The Apoc

In the end of May, 2011, strange things started happening all over the world. Follow along with [personal profile] faeapoclive, [ profile] faeapoclive, and [ profile] faeapoclive as the apocalypse unfolds

May 18-24

Read more... )
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Last Summary

Giraffe Call Summary

Escape from Rochester Landing Page

The Collar Job: a Table of Contents

Life and the Weather

Recipe Log: Corn Dog Muffins

The Leaves of this TreeBook

Far Weston - Unicorn/Factory
Addergoole/Criminal Minds xover V
So, Who are You? Addergoole Yr27
A Walk (K. Orion Fray Writing Prompts, Lovcraftian Police Procedural 'verse)
Bug - Blaecleah Addergoole Year 27
Think Before You Deal - Blaecleah Addergoole Year 27
Jumping Rings Chapter One - new serial!
The Collar Job Part XIV
The Collar Job Part XV (Tír na Cali/Leverage fanfiction)

Feedback Wanted

So, You've Managed to Survive the Apocalypse... and the immediate post-apoc no-tech horror...
"Where Does Society Begin?" from [personal profile] dialecticdreamer
I Need Some Gods, Please
BIGGEST QUESTION for "Escape from Rochester" (Camp Nano July 14 project)
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Last Summary


Read more... )

Feedback Requested

Read more... )

Life in These Finger Lakes

Read more... )

Writing Process

A scribbled outline

Fae Apoc Live

Read more... )
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February is World-Building Month
The Questions! (still need 4 more)
Other People Playing!
Day One - Planners
Day Two - Aunt Family
Day Three - Addergoole
Day Four - Fae Apoc
Day Five - Vas' World
Day Six - Tír na Cali
Day Seven - Stranded
Day Eight - Dragons Next Door
Day Nine - Unicorn/Factory
Day Ten - Aunt Family
Day Eleven - Addergoole
Day Twelve - Stranded
Day Thirteen - Tír na Cali
Day Fourteen - Space Accountant
Day Fifteen - Worldbuilding Meta
Day Sixteen - Space Accountant
Day Seventeen - Aunt Family
Day Eighteen - Fairy Town
Day Nineteen - Fae Apoc
Day Twenty-Four - Unicorn/Factory
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The Last Summary

Question du Jour: If I was going to put together of new and previously-written stories about one character from the Addergoole 'verse (or possible one pairing), who would you like to see?

Ideas for Longfics.
January Writing Status

Bingo, etc.
Read more... )

Addergoole for Fun
Read more... )

The Cat in the Window _ Wordless Wednesday

Edally Academy
Getting Ready: Enerenarie
Almost There: Enrie
Almost There: Tairiekie

Personal: Kitty and pipes
Personal: Kitty

Friday Show and Tell
Friday Show and Tell

February is World Building Month
Giraffe Call, A Summary
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Last Summary

My me-stuff:
Weight Loss - Week Two
Friday Show and Tell
Bamboo Flooring, Links and Thoughts

February is Coming (your attention requested):
February Long-Fic (Beta-Locked)
Giraffe Call Upcoming: Advance Notice Here
February World Building Month

And there's Bingo
Trope Bingo Card ([community profile] trope_bingo)
Random Bingo Card
OrigFic January ([profile] origifc_bingo)

And some Stories:Read more... )

Edally Academy is coming Soon!Read more... )

I've been writing some fan-fic/my-verse xovers...Read more... )

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So, this month is most of the way done.

The Last Summary

I've been working on my Pirate Nano - 25000 words of rewrite on Addergoole: Book One and 12,000 words of Other Writing.

Other Writing includes a lot of Bingo Card writing :-)
Read more... )
It's the time of year when I think about doing stuff with the house, so there've been some Homesteading Links:
Read more... )

I've been thinking about Neglected Settings, too.

And getting back to losing weight.

Next month
Among other things, will be World-Building Month - stop by and ask me some questions about any of my settings. I'll answer the first 28 questions!
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(In which I post a lot)
The Last Summary

stories )

Bingo! )

Signal Boost )

Homesteading )

And a challenge: pick something from the list of prompts and prompt to a neglected setting. I'll make the first four of such prompts my priority in bingos etc. next week.
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Your Response Requested
A Meme - pick a 'ship
Pirate Nano - what will you write in January?
OrigFic Bingo Card
Three-Sentence Fic-a-Thon - leave a prompt, answer a prompt, tasty prompts, prompt prompt
Be a Part of My World - the auction is closed; if you bid, you won. Please contact me for further details.

OrigFic Bingo
December's Card - Feel free to prompt any square, even if filled.
Column "O"
Column "G"

Written for mine own reasons
Unicorn/Factory - The Unicorn Bride Rebellion, Part I
Jasfe Unutu - post-Addergoole, Post-Apoc (new characters)
Linden-Flower Tea - Addergoole, staff
Octi/OTPi... a sillyfic

December Drabbles
Zzzzap, Rory, Year 6
So You Knew, Ceinwen, post-Yr9
About That, Agmund Fridmar, Yr~16
A Staff Meeting. Year 6
summary of earlier drabbles

Signal Boost
Shadow Unit - you should be reading this story
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My December Prompt Call is a Bingo Card; stop in and prompt any open square. A square a day, if you're so inclined.

My Be a Part of My World Auction is open for another day! Name something in my 'verse after a friend for the winter holidays!
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Be a Part of My World, an auction - your name, or a name of your choosing, forever emblazoned on the walls of my upcoming webserial.

Lexember is here! What words in Reiassan do you want to see/learn?

Three-Sentence Fic Fest - leave a prompt or answer one!

I've been writing Addergoole Drabbles to this request post, which is open until I have 25 requests!

Drabbles include:
Read more... )
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I'm going to write 25 December Addergoole Drabbles Give me an Addergoole situation you'd like to see, any year, any canon characters, and I will write at least 50 words but no more than 500 on it.

For those written already, check out the DecDrabbles tag.

and, if you want to write something yourownself:

I have a Thornes-verses 3-Sentence Ficathon open. Post a prompt (verse/character or pairing/prompt theme) or answer one with your own three-sentence fic.
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As the post-nano emotional hangover fades, I'm looking at December and trying to figure out how to harness all this energy.

Without, of course, burning myself out.

So, what I have is:
  • Edally Academy begins posting on about January 15. By then I need:
    • at least the first 8 installations edited, cleaned up, and second-drafted
    • a web page created
    • at least one ad ready
    • at least three teasers done

  • January's not-quite-a-nano project is Rin & Girey. By then I need:
    • to finish and smooth out the outline and figure out what, if anything, I need to change in the current iteration to make it go better in the outline.
    • to decide where it ends.

  • I have two submissions to get done in early December:
    • Superhero Romance for Good Mourning
    • 713/Kazka Oress

  • I need to wrap up and send Alder by Posts in one giant mailing of apologetic doom.
  • If I finish the submissions by the 10th, I am going to spend 15 days re-writing Addergoole Book One from the 10th-Christmas. To do that I need:
    • to finish the outline

This would leave me time for a Giraffe Call (it really would). The question is: is there interest? The last one brought in very few prompts and no $ at all. And while I love doing them, if you guys don't like them too, there's not so much point.

So, that's my December and January. What about yours?
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Fashion in Addergoole After the Apocalypse, a series of Vignettes (LJ)
Lazy Bidding (LJ)

That Guy/Girl/Squirrel
Tigg (LJ)
Reese (LJ)

Way-back Wednesday
Akatil Yixox (LJ)

Luke and Myst
Matters (by Rion)
Finale (LJ)
Finale, Turnabout (By Rion)
Yes (LJ)

Tír na Cali

Will That Be All? (LJ) Lord Tony and Miss Pepper

Aunt Family

Precedent (LJ) After Intimately Involved - F'locked


Thorne Thursdays
But We're a Cat Family! (LJ) Visiting Newfoundlands

Tasty Tuesdays
Babka for Easter (LJ)

Magic Mondays
Dragons Next Door and Jin (LJ)


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