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So it’s like this.

You live in an old house, and you know you always have to jiggle the handle. You don’t really think about it anymore. The house is standing. The heat usually works, the electricity is usually on, and the rent is cheap. You just have to jiggle the handle. And when there’s a storm you move stuff away from that spot by the window, and sometimes you go down and re-light the furnace. It’s not a young house, these things happen.

Your head hurts once in a while, and your joints ache when there’s a storm coming. You learned not to lift with your knees, but you can’t lift with your back, either, so mostly you don’t lift. You open doors with your forearm.

And then you find out there’s rot in your attic and it’s messing with everything else - the walls, the foundation, even that freaking heater. It’s why there’s a leak in the window and it’s even why the damn toilet handle needs jiggling.

Although you’re still not sure what’s up with the furnace.

Or with your joints.

But what you know is what you ignored because it was common place is suddenly, maybe, a critical failure.

And the carpenter is like, well, let’s poke one more hole in the attic and see what we can find out. Maybe it’s just something in your insulation.

Meanwhile, you’re like “so that’s where all those snakes came from. Can you do something about the furnace?”

It’s kind of getting cold in here.

Edited to add, on husband-person's suggestion:
I have a lot of tests, some really bad things it ISN'T, and no diagnosis. More tests incoming!
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