Jan. 1st, 2017

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Cal ([personal profile] inventrix, [twitter.com profile] InspectrCaracal) and I have started a new project for the new year!

In Marked, you follow along with the story of Nilien, a Wild Rune in an era where most Runes are created in the safety of the Academy. But more than just follow: you get to participate! Each daily (Mon-Sat) installment will be followed by a Twitter poll.

You, the readers, will decide names, details, and even what Nilien decides to do next!

Check it out: at the webpage, the Patreon, and the twitter: [twitter.com profile] MarkedSerial!
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January by the number starts here!
From [personal profile] novel_machinist's prompt "endings;" a piece of fiction

Everyone looks at "new beginnings" with wide-eyed hope, optimism, and to be honest, they should. New beginnings, clean slates, all that, they're made for optimism and hope and in most cases, they're made out of those things, too. You're not (usually) a new person, you don't have a new brain or new abilities. So you're hoping on a new place or a new date or a new notebook.

The thing is, out of those hopes are new people made, so I'm not going to tell you that they don't work, or that they're bad, or wrong, or anything else. No, the thing about "new beginnings" is that they're also endings. That old person, that old place, that old notebook, that old brain? They all end.

Good riddance to bad rubbish, you might say. After all, you wanted to get rid of that thing for a reason, didn't you? You wanted a change.

Good for you. And I mean that sincerely. Good for the ones that actually become someone new. Good for the ones that change their habits, their hobbies, their bodies, their brains. Good for you. You wanted a change, and you went about getting it. That's to be applauded.

But remember - even if just once in a while, even if just in the back of your mind, remember it was an ending. And remember The End, where all those things that didn't continue wandered off to.

That's me. I'm the gatekeeper, here. I'm the one that archives and stores, shelves and rearranges all those things that End. Which explains something, by the by. Because the longer something's been here, the further back in the shelves it is, and the less likely it is to get out.

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I wanted to get to the top of the leaderboard at 4theWords... so, ah. Here's a story about noodle monsters to [twitter.com profile] AlphaRaposa's prompt.

Content warning: Not a happy ending.

It was easy to overlook them, you know, not to take them seriously?

We landed on Toros V, in the Aothen System, not the first team but the first permanent installment, at the settlement they were already calling Sternport.

We didn't ask why they were calling it Sternport, and that should have been our first clue. It was Faebindor on the survey maps, after the three surveyors - common practice. But all the Lead Team called it Stern's Port, Stern's Fall, Sternport. And we thought it was just a Lead Team tradition.
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