Jan. 4th, 2017

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I've redone the milestones and the donation tiers. There's several new donation tiers at $3, $7, $10, and $15/month, including a peek into my trunk, a rifle through my recipe box, and access to my map case.

The milestones have changed to reflect the new tiers, too; the higher we get, the more recipes, the more trunk stories, the more maps you'll get. I'm excited about the changes! I think it'll be fun to broaden out the content here.

I hope you enjoyed the Christmas reposts. I think I'm going to try something like that - not every month, but when I can come up with a reasonable holiday theme. I've got content going back past 2008; even I've forgotten stuff from that long ago :-)

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This story was written for the November "Catgirls and other animal people" theme.


Ashana stalked through the world, her big boots soundless but her stride seeming to suggest thunder, windstorms, danger; her leather jacket belted around her like armor, like a warning sign; her knives hidden but her sharp edges no less visible.

She scowled at the world, a quirked eyebrow the only threat she needed to make most of the time: wanna make something of it? Most people were wiser than to try.

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