Jan. 14th, 2017

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January by the numbers continues (now two days off~)!
From [personal profile] kelkyag's prompt "Giant giraffes gambol gingerly;" a ficlet


The planet was smack between a planet that had been renowned for its local foods and one that had been amazingly good at providing raw materials, and, as such, it became a way-stop on the transgalactic trade route.

It if had not been right where it was, it was likely it would not have been touched; at least not until a new government came into power back "at home"; the current policy was that one settled on planets but one lived in some sort of concert with the local flora and fauna. Thus, the mining and farming those two bracketing planets did was of the careful, long-term sustainable sort, and the planets were tended with, as one might say, kid gloves.
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MARKED - 1.12

“A tour?” That had been on the agenda, hadn’t it been? “Could we rest for a minute, first? I know sitting on a train isn’t that exhausting, but I would like to sit on something not moving for a moment.” Nilien sat down on the edge of her bed. “What is it like here?”
“Well, if I gave you a tour…” ...

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I've mentioned a couple times that my parents are going vegan. For my mom, this isn't all that much of a stretch - she's been lackadaisically vegetarian my whole life - but for Dad, well, this is all new.

So I've been trying out vegan recipes for them. For the last three, four years we've been making Mom a jar of soup (I don't know why Dad doesn't like soup, I really don't, but soup is for Mom & cake is for Dad), and then a dessert for Dad as part of our Christmas presents to them. Part of the gift is perfecting a recipe so Mom can make it later, if she likes it.

Available for all $7-and-up Patrons!

Originally posted February 16, 2014. Set in my Faerie Apocalypse setting.


“I don’t think we can, exactly, call him ‘Old Man Winter.’”

Giselle was feeling argumentative. Of course, Giselle was often feeling argumentative.

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So, unsurprisingly (look at the user icon), [twitter.com profile] Midnight_blaze_ told me

A story about pegasuses!"

So, here's a story about a pegasus, set in a magical-apocalypse setting I created for a submission story I never finished (The concept being magical animals).

Lodestone could remember being an ordinary horse.

Not in words, not really; Lodestone remembered the taste of fresh grass and the sadder flavor of drought-dried pasture, the feeling of a saddle, the difference between a good rider and a bad rider.
Lodestone remembered being spooked. Being spooked was almost the hardest thing to get over. That, and the feeling that she needed her herd with her.

Lodestone missed her herd. But when the great brightness had come and the explosion had split the sky, something had changed. Not for all of them. It had been Lodestone and Jareth that the strange light touched, while the others in the herd remained...
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