Jan. 20th, 2017

A Request!

Jan. 20th, 2017 09:23 am
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My friends,

Today I am going to ask you to talk about me (and then, in fairness, I am going to offer to talk about you).

By this point, all 70-some people who subscribe to this blog know about Edally; you know about MARKED; you know about Addergoole and you know about my Patreon.

(You probably also know about Lady Taisiya’s Fourth Husband, Desmond’s Climb, the Beekeeper, and my sporadic crossover fanfic, about Dragons Next Door, Aunt Family, the Space Accountant and Things Unknown… I could go on all day).

But I would like more people to know about all of those things, and not just because I like meeting new people.
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January by the numbers continues (still three days off, meeps~)!
From [personal profile] kelkyag's prompt "Stylish scalloped skirts swish shockingly;" a ficlet.

There’s the faux-history that the sight of an ankle was once considered shocking. There’s the myth about limbs and their ability to raise heart rates, and maybe those myths and faux-histories are true. Certainly, in many places in the Empire, the ladies go bundled up tightly, covered discreetly from head to toe, and then men are thrilled at the sight of a wrist. In other places, it is the men who wear long-vests over scalloped tunics over loose pants, and women peer surreptitiously to see the curve of a man’s buttock or the line of his hip.

In Urhallo, where the summers are warm and the winters are chill but not freezing, the women wear trousers made of muslin and calico and dress-like vests made of starched linen; the women smoke the fellna-weed that gives them visions, and play cards all night under the moon.

The men dance for them, young and single men, their vests and jackets coverings their shoulder blades and sternums, their arms to the wrist, and hardly more than that. The man sway their hips and thrust them, hum their songs and shout them, whisper endearments and sing them.

The men in Urhallo — all of them, not just the dancers — wear skirts, swishy ones that flow with their movement or straighter, businesslike ones that don’t get in the way and still conceal their lines from prying eyes. The dancers wear skirts, short ones, with scalloped hems cut just so. And the viewers — male and female — all lean forward, hoping the skirt will give them a little view of what the swishy skirts hide.
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It felt strange to be back in school.  Their Instructors had all been told — well, something, at least — by House Monitor Libkazaarie — which meant that Instructor Pelnyen looked at them sideways but everyone else seemed to accept their absence with decent grace.  

There were projects to wrap up

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MARKED - 2.4

“I’m a new student,” Nilien agreed cautiously. The last thing she wanted right now was another lecture on being a “Weed”. “Am I needed for something?”

“Well, yes.” The teacher looked down her long nose at Nilien. “I am Administrator Sirin. I handle several crucial but often overlooked matters in ...

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