Jan. 21st, 2017

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January by the numbers continues (still three days off, meeps~)!
From DaHob's prompt "miracle;" a ficlet.

“There was a time,” Golbeck told his daughter, “when the gods came down every weekend. They would amaze us with their miracles, they would charm us with their dances, they would sing songs for the honor of our nubile youths. And then they would take those youths away, not to be seen for weeks or months or even years.”

“Time flows differently there,” Golbeck’s line-wife Tenrin put in. Her voice was dreamy and quiet, and her eyes were looking off somewhere that was not their home. “A day there might be a year or two here, or it might be twenty years — or only two or three nights.”

“Some people say, because of that, that the gods have not left us, but are merely napping. The gods do sleep," Golbeck commented, and now it was his turn to sound dreamy, lost in some past memory. "They nap, they rest, they snore like any common human does. But it has been so long-"
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MARKED - 2.5

“Red?” Nilien repeated, staring at M. Sirin in confusion.

Well, Ember nosed at the hem of the skirt, you don’t want it this color. And you certainly don’t want to go with orange or— the fox shook itself —pink. And red is the best color, after all.

“Yes, but…” She was a Rune.

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