Mar. 31st, 2017

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So, it turns out, when you get [personal profile] inventrix and I together, what you end up with is a whole lot of different timelines for the same characters.

This is as comprehensive as I can come up with a list of Cya-Leo-Boom timelines we might have posted stories for.

[personal profile] inventrix, if I’ve missed something, misrepresented something, or mislaid something, please let me know!

It appears that the turning points are:

1) When Leo (and thus Cya) gets sane. In canon, and in timelines that could be canon, that happens after Cya builds Cloverleaf, which itself is ~40 years after they attend Addergoole (see Ghost Story).
2) Whether Cya Keeps Leo or he swears an oath of obedience and service to her.
3) If/When they come to the realization that what Cya wants from Leo is not what Leo can provide
“Cya cried,” he says, a little too matter of fact, “because she’s accepted I’m not going to love her back.”
“…The fuck you say?”
“Not the way she wants, at least.”

“So, the basics are simple enough, you’ve got me,” he holds out one hand, “and Cya,” he holds out the other, “and we both care about each other way too much. The problem is, Cya has like a tragic romance thing going on because she wants me to be in love with her back, but like… whatever the hell I feel, it’s not that, and I don’t care what that stupid kid says,” he adds in an annoyed mutter, “I’m not going to go pretending to feel something I don’t when it’s just going to fuck everything up in the end and it’s none of his fucking business anyway.”
Leo pauses and clears his throat a little awkwardly. “…anyway, so. Her side, nice, fairly straightforward, normal romantic obsession. My side, some kind of weird martyr Kept knight thing. Which would be fine except like, the one thing Cya wants more than anything in pretty much the whole world is to be attached to just one guy who will actually, you know, love her back? You’d think after--” He stops himself from tangenting this time. “So since I’m obviously not that guy, I talked her into trying dating so she’s at least meeting people who aren’t fresh Addergoole grad Kept with issues.”
4) Whether they all flip the F out and kill everyone their first year.
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I might add links later. I might bribe people to add tags to things later - I’m totally willing to do that! But for the nonce, this is what I’ve got.
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We went to see Kong this weekend!

I found that I honestly really, really enjoyed the movie.

True, there were moments where the direction just failed on the dialogue, and there were some um, kinda uncomfortable choices made in the movie, and even though there were two women on the island, it totally completely utterly failed the Bechdel test, but I honestly didn’t go to it looking for depth or amazing dialogue.

I went looking for giant monsters.

And I was rewarded with giant monsters and pretty Tom Hiddleston and John Goodman and Samuel L. Jackson acting their asses off, and really really good effects, and… giant monsters.

Also, as long as you accepted that you were watching a kaiju movie, the plot was pretty good, too.
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I won't post pranks. I may post fun-fics entirely out of canon, but that is the most I will do.

I don't like April Fools' Day, I'll admit, and I'm not going to inflict it on others.
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Poll #18127 April Patreon Theme Poll
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Rebirth and regrowth (theme)
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Daffodils (theme)
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Click to embiggen.

I do not know WHOSE house the unlabeled red outline in the top image is, but it’s family.
The words on the lower image are “Aunt House,” “Church,” and “Diner,” from left to right, bottom to top.
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For Cal: This comes after a number of things, including Jeska and Carew wandering around the city talking, Convincing each other to tell their Keepers that they were jealous of… (in Carew’s case, Leo, and Jeska’s case, the cat)… and Carew doing some thinking. Sword/Lady timeline

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