Apr. 3rd, 2017

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Interlude: Ambrus
by Lyn Thorne-Alder

The first time he’d walked these halls, they’d been terrifying.   His footsteps had echoed, the collar around his throat had weighed strangely on him, and it seemed that everyone was staring at him.

More than two decades later, it didn’t seem as if much had changed.  There was carpet and paneling now, discrete drop ceilings and nooks that further broke up the sound.  There were students here now, filling the halls, lounging in the dining hall, exploring the library.  Ambrus was a student now, with a new twist on his name and a proud place in the Sixth Cohort.  And if there were children of his in every Cohort here (he was fairly certain there were, although there were still holes in his memory), well, he still looked young enough to be a student.  And he was still woefully ignorant enough to require the education, too.

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MARKED - 6.4

“Somewhere.” Nilien stared at Ember. “Really?”

I think… I think it is somewhere in the castle. Ember put both paws over its nose. Or maybe near the castle. My head hurts. I did not know my head could hurt like this.

She patted the familiar between the shoulder blades. “Ember says…” She looked down at her poor fox. “Well, that it’s probably in or near the castle.” The longer she sat, the more her ankle was reminding her what she’d done to it.

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