Apr. 6th, 2017

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Interlude: Kailani
by Lyn Thorne-Alder

“We’re not new kids anymore.” Kai looked around at the other Fifth Cohort students. Jamian was busy, but she’d talked Shahin into coming. Kendra was there, doing her best to hide in a corner; Channing was front and center. Elfred and Wyatt were there, along with Channing and Nydia. Kai had invited the entire Fifth Cohort. She was not really surprised that she’d gotten less than 50 percent attendance.

“He wasn’t a new kid last year, either. And he’s still wearing a collar.” Wyatt pointed a finger at Conrad. “What’s he doing here?”

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MARKED - 6.7

“So, she was clearly up to something.” Lorque sat down on Nilien’s bed with Chason’s map and her notebook. “But the question is, what?”

“Hoping to find me alone?” Nilien hazarded. “Or looking to do something to the room if we were at dinner? I should really check for another tracking spell.”

She petted Ember some more, both to calm it down and to focus herself, and studied her whole body with her magic sight. “Nothing. I suppose it would have been pretty obvious if she’d shown up and then poof, I had another tracking spell.”

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