Jul. 28th, 2017

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“Fore!… Damnit! I don’t know what’s up with me today, Jim, I just can’t swing a damn stick!”

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Originally posted Aug. 10, 2011


I think it's fair that I thought Farnah was male.

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This week on What an Old House, we’re doing some exploratory demolition in our 1860’s farmhouse’s bathroom.


Now this bathroom has some interesting features right from the get-go. You can see from the photos that the entire bathroom was covered in these 50’s-era Masonite panels.

Take a Peek!
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Each month, I ask you, the readers, to help me pick a theme for my Patreon. Then I ask all $5+ patrons to prompt me to that theme!

You can find my Patreon page here: https://www.patreon.com/aldersprig
and an archive of all my Patreon writing (and past themes) here: http://www.lynthornealder.com/read-me/patreon/#2017

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What should the August 2017 Patreon Theme be?

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Magical Dates (theme)
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Road Trips (theme)
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Holidays, Vacations, and Tours (theme)
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Smoke and mirrors (Theme)
2 (22.2%)

Castles in the sky (Theme)
3 (33.3%)

Cursed objects (Theme)
2 (22.2%)

Demifiction (type) (non-fiction in fictional settings)
2 (22.2%)

Things Unspoken (Setting)
2 (22.2%)

Reiassan (Setting)
6 (66.7%)

Stranded World (Setting)
5 (55.6%)

Facets of Dusk (Setting)
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Tír na Cali (Setting)
5 (55.6%)

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It was Dan’s idea to call it Chimera-Con, a fact which he would never after be allowed to live down.

Their little city wasn’t really big enough for real conventions, so the comic convention, the anime convention, and the furry convention had joined together into one, as Dan put it, three-headed fire-breathing monster of a convention.

Cute. Clever. And it drew enough attention that they actually got some decent guests of honor.

Hadley Storm was a well-known urban fantasy author, the sort of thing that everyone read for a couple years early in college. Nobody had expected her to show up.
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