Aug. 3rd, 2017

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Thirteen: Attracting Attention

She could only see the glow at first, but as she straightened back up, she could make out features - plains-people, plains-straight hair and plains-flat nose.  She bowed again, just to be safe.

“Oh, none of that,” laughed the voice.  Male, or male-like.  “We’ll take care of this place.  It doesn’t need these stones to be sacred, you know.  It doesn’t need anything but this place to be sacred.  But if you’re worried - and you look like you’re worried - there is something you can do.”

There was always something she could do.  “Yes, honored one?”

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Chapter 34: Arnbjörg
by Lyn Thorne-Alder

Tuesday, December 19, 2000

Doug had been not nearly as impressed with Arnbjörg’s new power as she’d hoped he would be, but he’d said “Interesting.  Work on that,” which she took to mean that it was at least an acceptable power — if not as cool as some of the others she’d seen — and as tacit permission to tell everyone and everything no.

She tried telling a door no when it was trying to close in her face, but it only hesitated for a moment before swinging shut.  She had told Rand no, which was very pleasing, if only to watch the look on his face.

She hadn’t quite been brave enough to try telling Luke no, but when it came to Calc class, she was more than willing to look Professor Solomon in the eye and say “No, sir.”

The look of surprise on the professor’s face was wonderful.  The way he coughed and took a step backwards.  “Well, isn’t that interesting.  Arnbjörg, please stay after class, and -”

“No, sir,” Arnbjörg repeated.

“Aah, ahem.  Well, then.  If we could take open to page seventy-two-”

“No, sir.”  This was surprisingly fun!

“Would you just shut up?”

She was not expecting that from Leofric, of all people, but all of a sudden he was glaring at her from across the classroom.

Arnbjörg smiled widely. “No.  No, I’m not going to.  I don’t have to, for once, and I don’t see why I should.”

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