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For [ profile] rix_scaedu's commissioned continuation of R is Running Away, itself after R is for Runaway

If you dislike the Tír na Cali setting, this is going to be everything you dislike and more.

The bolt cutters were proving to be a bigger problem than Rique had anticipated.

"What do you mean, not without a permit?"

"Well." The hardware store owner was about a hundred and thirty years old, and spoke like he'd lived that long by moving really, really slowly. "We couldn't have..." He played with his mustache while Rique bounced and tried not to twitch. "...runaway slaves... just cutting off..." He made a very slow chopping gesture. Slow enough that he could have been doing the wave. "Their collars." The look he gave Rique was a lot more piercing than he had any right to be.
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This is my alpha call's summary in whole.
Those marked with an ** are Addergoole setting; those marked with a * are in the greater fae apoc setting.

A is for Alpha
B is for Beryl and her Boys (Aunt Family)
C is for the Cats' Cruise *
D is for Dances Down in that [Dystopic] Underground School **
E is for Euphoric
- F is for Friendly Fiend Forgetting
G is for Great Deals!
H is for Holy Hot Hell Night, Batman **
I is for the Individual
J is for the Last Jubilee *
K is for Stolen Karma
L is for Llama Lawyers
M is for Mimosas in the Morning ** (Shahin & Ty Post-apoc)
N is for Notice
O is for the Open Order
P is for the Possum Postulate (Science!)
Q is for the Queen's Quilt
R is for Runaway (Tír na Cali)
S is for Shahin (see Mimosas first) **
T is for the Impossible
U is for Under the Weather Unexpectedly
V is for Vindicated (Viatrix, Baram's House-Elves) **
W is for Whisk(e)y (Ninefold)
X is for Xeno-Everything
Y is for Yoshi (Boom, apoc-era) **
Z is for Zoology Sparks (Aunt Family, Zenobia)
- A is for Antlers (Tilden, 3rd generation Boom) **
B Bizzare Beetles
C is for Creation
D is for Dungeon
E is for Emrys - Harder than Diamonds (Post-apoc) **
F is for Feisty Friend Felines of the Family (Aunt family, Beryl, DamnCat)
G is for the Gate (Facets)
H is for (I don't know why you say Good-Bye)
I is for Icarus Fallen (Third generation)**

K is for Kleptēs(after Karma)
R - Running Away (Tír na Cali)
I - is for the Interloper (After Individual)

Þ - The Þorn-Giants (Aunt Family)
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To a number of prompts, starting with Þ. Set in the Aunt Family universe.
"Once upon a time."

"And long, long ago."

"And long, long ago." Rosaria smiled at the children around her. The smile was as much a part of the story as the beginning, as their responses, and the pictures she could see forming in her head.

"How long ago, Aunt Rosa?"

"Long enough ago that the histories have faded into dust. That the stories have been retold until their shapes are lost. That the retellings have been repainted and made into movies."

"Really long ago, then."
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Magic Items in the Faerie Apocalypse World

In the Addergoole series, two magical collars have shown up to date: Conrad's, originally worn by Carter, and Garfunkel's, originally worn by Sylvia. They were created in two different ways, which nicely indicate the different sorts of magical items in Fae Apoc: Carter/Conrad's by Working, and Gar/Sylvia's by an innate.

The Thorne Girls created Carter's collar to respond to a certain emotional state (Hugr) and vocal volume (Kwxe) with an electrical shock (Hiko); they did this in a complex multi-part Working using Words that they had, in conjunction with Unutu (Worked things) which each of them also had as a Word. I.e., a Thorne with Hugr would lay down a working, and then one with Kwxe, and so on.

This sort of complex team Working takes time, energy, and the ability to work as a team, something the three Thornes had in spades. If a single person were to do a Working like this, they would need to possess all the Words to create a long-term if-then sort of thing (If the target's Hugr reads snotty, then zap Hiko If it reads actively antagonistic,, then ZAP Hiko). It would obviously take more energy, as well.
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For [ profile] rix_scaedu's commissioned continuation of R is for Runaway.

If you dislike the Tír na Cali setting, this is going to be everything you dislike and more.

Rique woke up in a cold room, half-covered by a blanket.

He remembered the woman, the hot dog - he knew better, damnit, he knew better - then falling over into her arms. He remembered waking briefly, tied up and in some sort of moving vehicle. He remembered the prick of a needle.

Drugs. He'd done his damndest to avoid anything remotely drug-like in the three months he'd been out on the street - not so much as an aspirin had crossed his lips, and he hadn't let a needle get anywhere near him. After his dad... that wasn't important now. What was important was getting out of here before things got really fucked up.

More fucked up. A quick peek told him he was naked under the blanket, a quick exploration of the room told him that there was absolutely nothing in there except him, the bed, and a dresser. No clothes. Not even a water glass. And no window.
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Rion prompted "I is for Icarus fallen," and ri has a character in Addergoole named Icarus. [profile] stryck prompted "Infamous," and thus it had to be THAT Icarus, too. Thus... this.

Icarus goes to school in Year 44. See the other Luke/Myst stories for his parents' romance

Why Akakios had chosen to name his son Icarus, Luke had never known, and probably would never try to ask. Talking to the alpaca-boy made Luke irritable on a good day; talking to him about his son made everything... so very Mara.

Icarus. The name was infamous, the story known even now, even twenty-five years after the world had ended. "Icarus?" a stranger would say, and then ask, every time, "has he fallen?"

Ha, ha.

Luke had considered Icarus his own since he'd built the boy's mother Mystral a house, his in parenting if not in blood. And, as with every other son he'd raised he felt it in his bones when the boy fell. Tripped and fell when he was running. Slipped out of a tree and broke his arm. Playing Superman, fell from the barn roof.

He was a boy. Boys fell. Luke reminded himself of this every time the boy came home with a new scrape, cut, bruise. Doug had fallen. Aleron had fallen all the time. Sons fell, grandsons fell; centuries ago, Luke had done his own share of falling.

None of them had been named for that tragic, fucking infamous fall.

It made Luke hover, and he hating hovering. Every time Chavva came running, "Dad! Icarus fell again!" his heart stopped. Every time he ran out to check the boy over, to pat him and Idu Tlacatl him and reassure him that it was all right, branches broke sometimes, every time, he worried it would be the last time.

It wasn't until the boy was ready to go to Addergoole that Luke wondered if Akakios, the fluff-for-brains, had been being metaphorical.
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I had a new donor this Giraffe Call!!

This means you get a "nonfiction" (i.e. worldbuilding) piece about the setting of your choice.

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For Rion's Prompt "A hello in a goodbye," along with some others for color.

"So this is goodbye."

He lingered by the door, hand on the doorknob. Waiting for... he wasn't sure for what. Something.

She nodded. That hadn't been, not really, what he wanted, but he supposed it would have to do. "Goodbye. Sayonara. Hasta la Never. Au re-not."

He flinched. "I get the point."

"Are you sure? You've always been hard-headed."

"I just don't understand why." He had meant not to sound plaintive, not to beg.

"And you never will. I could carve it in hieroglyphs on your forehead, and you would still not understand. Save us both the trouble, and leave."

He left.

The door swung open, and he stepped out of her life. "Good-bye."

She didn't answer; he hadn't expected her to. He turned his back on her, her room, and everything she entailed, turned around to face the hall and a new life.


She could have been the twin of the woman behind him, dressed in black instead of white, her eyes blue instead of brown, the same nose, the same hair, the same chin.

"Hello." Her voice, too, was the same. "Can I help you?"

"I was just leaving." He gestured at the door behind him, only to see that, where the door had been were only hieroglyphs on the wall. He looked back at her. "But this could be hello."
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For [ profile] rix_scaedu's commissioned continuation of K for Stolen Karma.

Kyrie was in a panic. A true, honest-to-goodness freak-out panic. He pulled against the ropes, even though they were cutting into his wrists, tugged and yanked and just gave in to the hysteria. He shouted at the woman, incoherent nonsense that really boiled down to "let me go, let me go, I'll do anything, just let me go."

She stopped his screams with a kiss that left him almost choking on her tongue. "If you are not quiet, I will make you be quiet."

It took a moment for that to get through the panic, and then Kyrie shut his mouth and nodded. When she seemed unlikely to rip any part of him out (She had claws. And when she had kissed him, her teeth had been far too sharp), he swallowed, and tried words. "You stole me?"
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Another take on [profile] cluudle's prompt. I didn't want to start another Facets story when I have so many hanging out there, but this just called to me.

"That. Looks ominous."

The team stared up at the gate.

"It looks beautiful."

It had to be at least a hundred feet tall at its apex.

"It seems rather expensive."

It was either made out of solid gold - unlikely - or gilded over the entire edifice.

"It seems rather gaudy."

The whole thing had been sculpted or molded with flourishes, pineapples,
arches, and scrolls. There was not more than a six-inch span of straight line anywhere in the entire structure.

"Not to mention shiny."

There were cabochons set into the gold, mostly yellow stones, reflecting light even more brightly than the metal did.

"And imposing."

It was, after all, a gate. The doors were not solid, but they were made of some sort of woven mesh. The largest holes through the mesh were the size of Alexa's fist, the smallest not wide enough to allow a hair through. The gate was set into an equally-shiny but black-silver fence, every bit as tall and every bit as impassible.

"Not to mention impossible." Peter's instruments did not seem to like the thing.

"Well." They stepped up to the gate, studying it. Glaring at it. Contemplating it, as were their wonts. Cole cleared his throat. "I say we knock."
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To [ profile] rix_scaedu's prompt and [ profile] kelkyag's prompt.

After Kitten Troubles and Auntie Kitty

Aunt Family have a landing page here.

"Well?" The Siamese kitten sat primly down on the edge of Beryl's bed and began grooming a paw.

"Well?" Beryl stared at the kitten. Physically, she looked like any other kitten. But her voice, such as it was...

"Well?" Radar echoed. He seemed as uncomfortable with the whole thing as Beryl was.

::Well?:: Her necklace wanted to get in on this, too, and that was just too much. Beryl took the necklace off and put it - him? - in the silk-lined box she'd found for moments like this.Read more... )
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This is for, I believe, Friendly Anon's "E" prompt, "Emrys.

It comes after/concurrent with -
Toy Soldiers
With Friends Like These...,
Cleaning Up and
this scrap (
S for Shahin

There had been any number of hard things in Emrys' life with Shahin.

Many of them had been, in retrospect, a very soft level of "hard," teenage drama, teenage angst and jealousy and anger.
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For @dahob's Prompt: Dungeon, Dragon, Demon, Dinosaur.

I could use prompts for D, G, H, and J, pls.

"I told you this was a dungeon crawl." Drew ran her gloved hand along the left-hand wall. "There's a demon - "

"That's not a demon, that's Damon."

"Take a good look at him and tell me he doesn't suit the role. Besides, he's between us and the treasure." Drew smirked triumphantly at D.D. "See? Dungeon crawl." Joking about it almost covered the tremor in her voice.

"Okay. So allowing that there's a Damon-demon, it's still just a bunch of passages under a building."

"With a dragon."

"That's got to be a dinosaur."
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For [ profile] rix_scaedu's commissioned continuation of I for the Individual.

The hardest part of negotiating with the elves, Irene soon realized, would be keeping a straight face.

They were so young. Not as individuals (ha), but as a unit, as a culture. They had, it seemed, no memory at all, no records at all, of the time before the Disaster. Nothing but road signs, which they had taken as icons of their new world.

Irene's people, the Arista, were not so young, nor was she herself so young, that the time before had faded. They had records, and, more than records, they had stories.

The elves had none of that. They had no oral history, no written word at all.
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To @daHob's prompt "creation."

They started with the earth and the sky.

They had a hemisphere, a blank, seven miles in radius, of force-shield, set upon one of the most blasted places, where the air, the ground, even the stone was blasted and useless. They set the hemisphere there, and they sent in their radiation-scrubbing nanites and their rubble-breaking-down machines and their chemicals, until the ground was level dirt, arable and fertile, and the air in there was breathable.

The sphere had been opaque; now they made it transparent, to let in the light. They set their machines to digging up a lake and a river, creeks and streams, to funnel the water of the sky in. And they set into all these tributaries filters, so that the water would be potable.
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To [ profile] stryck's prompt and [ profile] rix_scaedu's prompt.

I could use some prompts for D-J, please, except E and I, which are well-taken.

"That is... bizarre. Is that a Beetle?" Bennie stared at the.. it was probably a car. What else could it be?

The thing hurtling down the highway at hair-raising speeds was the general shape of a VW bug. And it was on a highway, and it was being, presumably, driven.

But the windows, if there were any, were not visible; what was visible instead were the iridescent wings of a beetle and, coming from the front, two long antennae. No wheels were visible, either; instead it looked as if the thing were simply running on spindly legs.
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To [ profile] stryck's prompt. Antlers will always remind me of @Inventrix's Addergoole character Leofric, and then of his son Vidrou, and so I took it out one step further to his son, by the girl in the icon.

Ce'Rilla sh'Orlaith by Accalon and Vidrou sh'Cynara by Leofric

Anyway! Forward to Year 41...

"He has antlers. Antlers, Eleri, isn't that adorable? Well, antler buds." Laufeia ran her hand over her new Kept's skull, pushing his sandy hair out of the way to reveal the little nubs that would be antlers in a year or two.

He didn't pull away, because he'd been ordered not to move. But he hadn't, yet, been ordered not to speak. "You should let me go."

"Oh, that's silly." Laufeia smiled indulgently at the boy and spoke over his shoulder to her crew-mate. "Isn't he adorable, El?"

"He might be right, Fei. You know that there's people you shouldn't mess with. He could be, especially if he has antlers." The redhead brushed her hand through the boy's hair.

He once again did not pull away. His eyes were fixed on Laufeia. "Your grandmother and my grandfather have a history. You should let me go before my grandmother finds you." He thought about that for a moment, and then altered his sentence a bit. "My grandmothers."

"And what about my grandmother, mm? And how do you know my lineage?"

"I made a hobby of lineages, before I came here. And I asked my family a lot of questions." He seemed to stretch, even though he still could not move. "You should let me go."

"I'm not going to let you go. That would be silly." Her laugh belied her nerves, trilling up too high. "Besides, I'm sure your parents were Kept, and their Keepers survived it, didn't they?"

"I'm not sure my sister's dad did, actually." The boy sounded more thoughtful than anything.

"Fei..." Eleri was backing away slowly.
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To [ profile] ellenmillion's prompt, with a side of [ profile] stryck's prompt.

Zenobia is an Aunt from the Aunt Family; her stories are here. Prompting her was [personal profile] kelkyag

Zenobia was taking an interest in zoology.

She hadn't done this solely, or even primarily, to irritate her family, although it served this purpose admirably.

It entertained her to speak to the relatives about other species that might exhibit the spark. "And what about octopuses? They have so many hands, can you imagine them reading a tarot? It would have to be a waterproof tarot, of course..."

That hadn't been the one that had really irritated them. Zonkey, Zonkey had really gotten to her nieces and nephews. They already thought that she was more than a little zany, and, of course, she was stubborn in her refusal to die or otherwise give up her position, but zonkies? Really? Worse was when she added two to the family stables.
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2011, just as the war began. Fae Apoc, for [personal profile] lilfluff's prompt

They had a Ranch.

At the moment, they were a bit crowded on said Ranch. It had one old farmhouse and a small cabin, and they had all of Mom's crew, and-then-some.

Yoshi and Viddie were sharing a tent, sometimes with Ruki, while Mom and Uncle Howard worked on building new houses - cabins, Uncle Howard called them. Yoshi thought they were awesome.

He knew, in a fuzzy way, that something bad was going on with the world. Sometimes he'd catch the grown-ups taking about it - Uncle Leo, usually, but sometimes the others. They'd talk about the gods that had come back.

He'd asked his mother, when he caught her attention between moving-supplies-around and building-buildings. "Gods? I thought we didn't believe in gods." She coughed and changed the subject, thus indicating to Yoshi that he was going to have to try harder.

He tried Uncle Howard next, only to get not only a brush-off but a half-hour lesson in house-building.

He knew better than to ask Uncle Leo, at least if he wanted an answer based in reality. Uncle Leo told the best stories, but they were still stories.

So he cornered The Refugee, Mom's latest Kept. He was still new, and didn't know, yet, how to avoid being cornered.

"So. Gods."

"Um." The Refugee - Gaheris, that was his name - blinked at Yoshi. "The ones in Vegas?"

"Yes. I thought gods were a myth."

"Oh." This one had also not yet learned to tell Yoshi to ask his mum. "Well. That's what they're called, because they're old. But they're a lot like your mom's crew, really. Just bigger and more powerful."

"Bigger and more powerful than Uncles Leo and Howard?"

"And smarter than your mom, and more clever than your Aunt Zita." Gaheris nodded solemnly. "They're very old."

"Wow." Yoshi wasn't sure he believed him. He wasn't sure that such creatures could exist. But it was something to think about, at least.
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All of my X prompts were to people for whom I had already written all of their allotted prompts, so I mushed them all together; have something strange for free.

When the Introductory Team went to a new planet, they made sure to bring samples of their culture with them.

There were three reasons for this.

The first was the human habit of hospitality and guest-gifts; if you were going to drop in on someone unannounced, it was polite to bring a present of some sort.

The second was to test for xenophobia. A new culture's response to common human artifacts would tell the Team a lot about the culture: did they fear the new? Did they step back from common, everyday objects?

The third reason was very related to the first and second, and was what the Introductory Team was all about, in the end.

When they landed on Cunnel Six, the Team brought three of their best xenolinguists, their xenobiologists, and their xenoempaths. They also brought their gift bag of common items - a xylophone, a box of xocolatl, knitting needles and yarn, bread, and so on - and their gift-giver.

Matthiew Ornan had done this now on seven planets. He bowed carefully to the first representative from the Xantusia people, and then, even more carefully, imitated their greeting as best as his human body could.

The Xantusia - an approximation of the words they used for themselves - looked to human eyes like large bipedal lizards; their greeting involved clasping their hand-like appendages together tightly and then turning their back on the person they were greeting. They made clicking sounds - the xenolinguist told Matthiew they were approval, and his own empathy agreed - when he did a similar gesture.

"We bring you gifts." He paused while the xenolinguist translated. "Things from our home, as tokens of our good-will."

He watched the Xantusia as it picked up the box of gifts, its claws tinkling over the xylophone. Early studies of their broadcasts had shown that the Xantusia had a similar instrument.

"Xinpahzian." It tinked its claws against it. "Lii-eer."

Matthiew needed no interpretation to recognize kin.

He bowed again, hiding a smile. If the Xantusia could be made to recognize them as kin, than the rest of his job would be so much easier.
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To [personal profile] thnidu's prompt.

"There's a reason it's called the water of life."

David was drawing circles on the floor of his dorm room, linked circles around a central circle, and in the middle of it all, an open glass of whiskey. "Uisce beatha," he continued. "Hey, Wayne, pass me that second bottle, would you?"

His roommate, who had been walking a careful circuit of the room, wanting only to get to his desk, his computer, his tequila, and his chat with his girlfriend, nevertheless passed over the second bottle. "More whiskey?"

"This one's whisky." He turned the label so it was visible, the missing E clearly absent, and poured out two shots, and then a fractional third shot. "No e."
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For @KissofJudas' prompt. Fae Apoc, Addergoole Grad.
Via is a character in the Baram's Elves sub-series; this takes place after she graduates and before she ends up at Baram's.

Via left the body where it fell, cleaned the weapons with three cloths and a quick Working, and left those sitting on the body's chest.

The man wasn't dead, yet. He wouldn't be dead, if someone got him to a hospital. And he was Faded, with enough strength to be held to an oath, so the chances were, in time, long enough time, he might heal. He might, however, wish he was dead.

"You've gotten a vindictive streak lately."

She should have been surprised to see the man standing at the mouth of the alley, but she found that she wasn't. "Could we take this conversation somewhere else?"
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To @RealBriGang's Prompt, with a side order of pretty much everyone eles's U (Except probably the Uranium; I couldn't work that one in. ;-)

Uma wasn't feeling well.

That much, everyone could tell. Her crowd of urchins gathered around her, bringing her little offerings - stories, food, drink, anything they could find in the ruins of the city, anything they could drag of carry or, in one case, force at broken-bottle-point into their little sanctuary.

They had thought she was immune. The olders had, one by one, gotten the Sickness and then had to leave. Some had come in with it, and been driven out just as quickly. Some had just gotten old, and, as they got old, gotten Sick.
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For [personal profile] itsamellama's prompt; after Time Travel Does Not Exist.

"So that's where that went." June flipped through her notebook. "Something's still missing, though." She glanced from her notebook to her machine, a closet-sized device that was covered all over in clockwork. Stepping inside was like getting into the middle of a time-piece, with the slightly threatening feeling that something was about to grind just the right way and crush one.

But it worked - it worked mostly, and with a tolerable amount of precision. Forwards and backwards, the machine worked very well enough. But it should be able to go sideways, as well.

She read her notes again. Still, she needed... hrrmm. "Well, then." She stepped into the machine and began turning the crank. The mechanisms whirred to life, as June cranked with one hand and flipped toggle switches with the other.

An unbiased observer would see that, moments later, the machine vanished from June Heruon's living room.


June stepped out of her machine into her living room, a sheaf of notes in her hands. She and Daniel had reached a critical realization, just as they were realizing, also, that they could not stay in love with each other with their daughter gone.

She stepped into her machine again, and popped back to the university. While Dr. Guddenkind had his back turned, talking to a young woman with brown hair and a red sweater, she swapped notebooks. With this piece of information, she and Daniel would be able to get sideways time travel right.
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To [personal profile] natf's Prompt of the same name. After Mimosas.
The hermaphrodite - known alternately as Ty, Tya, and Red Sun at Night, and now known as oro'Shahin - studied its mistress uncomfortably.

The mimosas, Ty thought, had been a good idea. They had melted a bit of the ice Shahin kept around herself like a shield, gotten the vestiges of a smile of out her. Ty found, and was surprised and enlightened by the discovery, that those smiles had become a bit of an addiction.

I will allow you in my bed, she'd said, when you have learned what it is to serve. And it had been, so far, an education. Not just in serving, although Shahin had been an apt and firm instructor. But in the life she and her people lived, in the hunt for the monsters that survived - and in Ty's mistress herself.
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For Rion's prompt.
"You have a thing for runaways, don't you?" Roberts leaned back against the wall of the van and smirked.

"I don't know what you mean." Reggie tried for prim innocence, but didn't manage to pull it off, ending up grinning instead. Prim really wasn't her thing. "I haven't picked up more than six or seven of them this month."

"Nine, counting the red-head."

"The redhead was a special case."

"There's always special cases, Reggie."
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For [personal profile] moonwolf's prompt, [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith's prompt, and [ profile] stryck's Prompt. I feel like it needs some polishing to get the point across better.

In a few generations, they ended up calling it the Queen's Quilt, when they remembered what it was, what it had, once upon a time, been, and who had created it.

A few generations after that, they remembered nothing but that the stars had been gods once, and not how the latter had become the former, or why, or by whose hand.

And a few more generations past that, they remembered only the names, and thought their ancestors had been fanciful. Qat, who created the world. Quaoar, the force behind Qat. Orion, the hunter. Ursa, the mother bear. How shiny and creative were our ancestors, how credulous, to believe such absurd things.
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For [ profile] stryck's prompt.

"It's the Possum Postulate." The new applicant seemed promising, for such a young face. Cara had thought, at first, that he was going to be an intern, but the boy - Platya Perdido Proda - fresh-faced and with no beard to speak of, although that could have been ancestry rather than youth - was signing on to be their new point scientist.

(The Lab had no "lead scientist" except Liam; Point Scientist was more or less "person who gets all the attention," and was always a newcomer.)

"Possum." She and Alex had gotten stuck with doing the interviewing after Liam had killed off three candidates - two in a fit of pique, one when his test experiment threatened to blow up the entire Lab.
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To [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith's prompt, as well as [personal profile] moonwolf's prompt, with help from several others.

Ordination into the Open Order was not as easy a thing as it would seem from the name.

The Open Order, after all, was not Open to all comers. It was not an catch-all, a dumping ground, a wastebin, no matter how much some of the other Ordinal Orders might think it so.

Certainly, all who found their way there were welcome to sit and pray in the Open Order's clerestory prayer racks. Many did, although the wide open (of course) windows meant that few stayed for long, despite available food and water, warmth and shelter.
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For [ profile] eseme's prompt, along with quite a few others.

The Department of Never had left a Notice on Neil's door.

He ignored it the first day, tired from work and grocery shopping, foot-sore and soul-tired. The second day, there was a a second Notice stapled above the first.

His eyes glossed over it, found it pink, and ignored it again.

The notice the next day was a slightly darker shade of rose, with larger letters. Neil had a late-night poker game with his friends, and ignored it. If the Department, the Nonesuch, the Agency of No really wanted to talk to him, they could come in and talk to him like normal people (not that they were normal. Not that, if rumor were true, they were people at all).
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The Random Number Generator has Spoken! We reached $40, and I chose a lucky winner!

[personal profile] ysabetwordsmith will have a second story written to her prompts!

Stories to Date:

A - B - C - D - E - F - G - H - I - J - K - L - M

Prompter Count: 21
Extra Prompt count: 1
Donator Count: 6
Total letters to be written: 28/26

Donations go towards summer renovations: still working on the foyer! I want to make a new bench, a storage area, and a slippers-for-guests arrangement. It's an 8x4 space; budget is $300.

If I get two new prompters, I will write a setting piece (setting chosen by poll) explaining something about one of my universes.

At $65, I'll write a third microfic to the prompts of everyone who donated.

At $75, I'll buy the accessories for the storage area. And post pictures!

At $80, I will write two extra 500-word continuations - chosen by prompters picked by random number generator.

Buy an Extension

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To [personal profile] anke's prompt. After Monsters and others.

"Mimosas in the morning?" Shahin studied her Kept, who had stirred up mix of orange juice - and where had Ty gotten that? She had to assume it'd figured out how to Meentik it up - and, even more improbably, champagne. "Hardly manly."

"Neither of us, my dear Keeper, can be counted as manly. You may be as tough as one by some estimations - although I'd say they're wrong. You're as tough as a woman, which I'd count as far stronger."

"You want something. And you've dangled far afield of your answer." Neverthless, she sat down, swirling the drink and watching the bubbles rise.

"Don't I always want something?"

"Well, often, at the very least. Is this poisoned?"
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To [personal profile] inventrix's prompt. With more than a little nod to
Gregory Maguire's Wicked series, which I have been reading.

The court-yard was turning quickly into a barn-yard.

It was intended to allow for Animals, of course; that was why it was outdoors. But it had been intended, by the worthies who had designed it, that there would be, perhaps, an Animal plaintiff or defendant, in a court otherwise composed of Humans of one ilk or another.

Not... this.

Judge Dernbian Occut stared at the court-yard. Stared, and then closed his eyes, which did not help, because he could still hear and smell the whole thing quite well, thank you very much. There was a bleating over there, and a complaining over there, and one rather young and incontinent Sheep had lost itself all over the pavers.
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For [profile] stryck's prompt "Kleptomania," and @KissofJudas' prompt "Karma, and what comes of it.

He liked to steal.

Kyrie had started small - pens and school supplies, cookies and lunch. He had been eight, then.

By high school, he'd moved on to small jewelry at the mall, and pick-pocketing in crowded places. By the time he graduated, he had three pawn shops that fenced his stuff for him, and an incredibly nice apartment in a building owned by one of the pawn owners.

Kyrie had a short attention span, and moved quickly on from small-change stuff to bigger things. Burgling houses was no fun - he liked the human contact, the actual threat and challenge of things where he could, at any moment, get seriously caught.
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Continued -
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For several prompts, primarily J is for Jubilee, from [personal profile] sharpeningthebones.

The party hadn't been going on for all that long, at least not in a global scale of things. Only a year or two.

It was the Last Jubilee. It was the Final Party. It had begun the day that D.C. fell. And it was going to go on until they ran out of gin and juice, or until they all died, whichever came last.

When Joey had begun the party, she'd expected it to last maybe a couple days. A week, maybe. She'd opened up all the doors of her house and invited everyone she knew to the party.
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To [personal profile] thnidu's prompt, with help from [personal profile] lilfluff's prompt and [personal profile] kelkyag's prompt

Probably fae-apoc-post-apoc.

"We hold that the individual must always be more important than the institution."

Iancu didn't so much explain his position as he declaimed it, his long, elegant fingers twirling outward in a poetic swirl. Below the dais, Irene rolled her eyes.

"Surely you must have some form of government, some form of rules. Infrastructure? Education? Legislation?"
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To [ profile] wyld_dandelyon's prompt.

Æowyn is a character from Addergoole: Year 9. This is set in Year 11.

The AC was broken in the halls of Addergoole, and the halls were, consequently sweltering.

Æowyn stripped off a layer, leaving her in a tank top and boxers, and tied her hair back in a ponytail. Things did not break in Addergoole, not like this, so it had to be someone's idea of a prank.

Æowyn didn't mind, not really. She wasn't cold-blooded, not like some of the snakey Changes she'd met, but neither did she mind the heat. Some of the others, however, were clearly having a harder time of it. Eluned looked flat-out miserable, and Kendrew, a Cohort after Æowyn and Eluned and with a Change and power based on ice, looked as if he was going to melt.

"Holy Hot Hell Night, Batman." She muttered it under her breath to amuse herself, and didn't expect an answer.

"Holy hot snake ladies, Robin."

"Holy... what?" she turned to follow a voice she didn't recognize yet. Almost didn't see him, as he'd managed to blend himself into a niche in the wall so well he was almost invisible.

"Holy hot snake ladies. Is Hell Night the day when they turn up the heat to see if we still sweat?"

Æowyn found a smile growing. He was cute, in a blonde-and-scruffy sort of way, if you could look around the edges of his apparent camouflage power. "In a manner of speaking. Do you?"

He wiped a hand over his brow. "Seems like it. You, too?"

"Despite the scales, yeah." She looked at him, dripping in a corner. She could feel her fangs against her lips. "Something spook you?"

"Don't tell anyone?"

"Cross my heart." She made the gesture across the center of her chest, and felt the settling-in of a promise.

"I thought I heard horses galloping. When it turned out to be a centuar.... I freaked out."

"Ah." She smiled. "So you do sweat."

"I just said... oh. Oh, it's that sort of day."

"Yeah." Æowyn remembered her first Hell Night, and the way another blonde-and-scruffy boy had terrified her. "It's that sort of day. Tell you what. 'Come with me if you want to live.'" She held out her hand.

"Terminator. The heat really is on, isn't it?" He studied her hand thoughtfully.

"I know a way to get out of the kitchen." She kept her hand held out, not entirely certain what she was going to do.

"I'll take it." He slapped his hand into hers and squeezed. She squeezed back, and led him out of the heat.
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To [ profile] cluudle's prompt

"I've just has some prime beachfront property open up. I've got a quaint one-bedroom bungalow on a cozy property that faces on the ocean..." Gilly had been one of the best realtors in the business. She could sell anything to anyone and had, at one point or another, sold everything.

That was Before.

"It's in Tuscon. Hello? Hello? Damnit." Gilly hung up and dialed the next number. "Sarah! Hi. I've got an adorable little beach front place down in Tuscon... Damnit."

By six p.m., Gilly was just about to throw in the towel. It wasn't her fault that it was the oldest scam in the book. It wasn't her fault the ocean had devoured Central America. It wasn't her fault she was stuck trying to sell... yes... oceanfront property in Arizona.

"And if you'll buy that," she finally added in desperation, "I'll throw the Golden Gate in free."

if you'll buy that.

I got some ocean front property in Arizona.
From my front porch you can see the sea.

Ocean Front Property, George Strait
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To [personal profile] imaginaryfiend's prompt

"Noornian. You know you're not supposed to do that."

"Know." The fiendling ducked its head. "Know. Forgot. Sorry."

Janet had been almost eight before she'd figured out that other peoples "Imaginary friends" hadn't been twee mispronunciations of what hers was - an fiend powered on imagination. By then, it had been too late, and the whole school knew that Janet had an "Imaginary demon friend."

Which was fine, really, except that, unlike (most) of the other students' imaginary friends, Noornian was visible to other people. Not all the time, no, but when it forgot to cloak itself...
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For [ profile] rix_scaedu's prompt.

"What did you do, Eustace?"

"Why does it have to be my fault?" Said at-fault fella stepped back, hands raised, trying to look innocent. He wasn't very good at it. It was the thought that counted, right?

"Because there are two of us who live in this apartment." Emily clearly wasn't counting thoughts. "And I know I didn't do it."

"Maybe it's a burglar?" He tilted his head towards the couch, and the mess all around the coffee table.

"A burglar that, what, came with a key?" Emily, in turn, tilted her head towards the locked and deadbolted door, the windows with their security grates, the view indicating that, as they had been yesterday, they were still on the twenty-ninth floor. "Or flew?" She looked down at their unwanted guest. "Well, I could believe flew, if the windows were open."

"See? See?" Eustace flailed with both hands. "See? It could entirely have been not my fault."

"Eustace. There is a stoned elf on our couch."

"Euphoric. It's not stoned, it's on euphorics."

"Why are you calling it it?"

"Have you looked under its fur?"

"" Emily wasn't quite that curious. "Besides, since when do elves have fur?"

"Since when do elves ride the Metro? I'm not entirely sure it's an elf. You can get the ears tipped by any good cosmetic surgeon."

"And what about under its fur?"

"Well, I can't think of a surgeon that would do that, but maybe an angry girlfriend. But I think that explains the euphorics."

"...Eustace. You're saying that the euphoric elf on our couch is... a eunuch?"



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