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Good morning everyone!

(or good afternoon, good evening, good night)

It’s Day Two of my Giraffe (Zebra) Call, and it’s looking to be a good one!

Check out the Call for prompts, read the stories I’ve already posted, and, if you haven’t left a prompt, go and leave some.

I’ll be here, writing about falling leaves :-D

read on…
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What is a Giraffe Call?
Once a month, on the second Saturday after the first Tuesday of the month, I open up a post calling for prompts on a monthly theme.

Why is it a "Giraffe Call?"
I was saving up for some pretty awesome giraffe-print carpet for the bedroom of Our New House. :-) Thus Giraffe. (I have a lot more renovations to go after the carpet! Currently up is my Foyer.)

What do you do on a Giraffe Call?Read more... )
Past CallsRead more... )
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This month, rather than a single prompt, I had several small prompts.

I don't think it worked as well as a single prompt, and probably won't try this again.

I do not think I had any new prompters (If I am wrong, please let me know), and the call earned $25 - enough for T. & I to get take-out this weekend!

MicroPrompt One: Mushrooms
Wise Mushroom (Fairy Town)
Trip-Tripping through the Apoc (Fae Apoc)

Fairy Rings (Fae Post-Apoc)
Fairy Ring Shortcuts (Fae Post-Apoc)
Terroir (Fae Post-Apoc)

MicroPrompt Two: Circles
Like Wolves (fae post-apoc)
Artist Wanted (Planners)
What Comes Around (Addergoole)
Oh, No, Not Again (fanfic)

MicroPrompt Three: Packages
Brown paper packages... ♪♫ (Addergoole)
Itty Bitty Package

MicroPrompt Four: Variant
The Three of Guldenton
Take Me, Unicorn/Factory
A Game (Space/Colony)
In a Fashion, Science!
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My Giraffe Call is open for twenty-four more hours here.

The theme is bad guys and villains. Please stop by and leave a prompt!

We're just $5 from everyone who donates getting a second prompt $10 from a livewrite, which means that your donation has an immediate effect:

Saturday, I wrote nothing, because we were out wine tasting and, while wine puts me in the mood to write, it's not really the place for it. (Note to self: take laptop, find cafes. Taste, write, taste, write, etc.)

Sunday, I wrote:
By the Time Anyone Noticed (and on LJ) - Addergoole Post Apoc
The Good Fight (and on LJ)
Back Around Again (and on LJ) - Addergoole, Ardell & Delaney
(funny how Addergoole comes to mind when thinking of villains... ;-)

Buy an Extension
More of What?
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This is a fill for my January 2nd card:

B1: A Favorite Place
Prompt: A Favorite Place
Verse: Stranded Universe
Summer knows her sister Autumn has a favorite place.

B2: Team D
Prompt: A Cunning Plan
Verse: Dragons Next Door
Whose brilliant idea was it to kidnap her?

B3: Time of Testing
Prompt: Test/Exam
Verse: n/a
"This is how we've tested since the dawn of time."

B4: Unwelcome Guests
Prompt: Unwelcome Guest
Verse: Addergoole/Baram's House Elves
In the middle of an apoc, most guests are unwelcome

B5: Victimization
Prompt: Victim
Verse: Dragons Next Door
Follows after Cunning Plan, above.
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This is my alpha call's summary in whole.
Those marked with an ** are Addergoole setting; those marked with a * are in the greater fae apoc setting.

A is for Alpha
B is for Beryl and her Boys (Aunt Family)
C is for the Cats' Cruise *
D is for Dances Down in that [Dystopic] Underground School **
E is for Euphoric
- F is for Friendly Fiend Forgetting
G is for Great Deals!
H is for Holy Hot Hell Night, Batman **
I is for the Individual
J is for the Last Jubilee *
K is for Stolen Karma
L is for Llama Lawyers
M is for Mimosas in the Morning ** (Shahin & Ty Post-apoc)
N is for Notice
O is for the Open Order
P is for the Possum Postulate (Science!)
Q is for the Queen's Quilt
R is for Runaway (Tír na Cali)
S is for Shahin (see Mimosas first) **
T is for the Impossible
U is for Under the Weather Unexpectedly
V is for Vindicated (Viatrix, Baram's House-Elves) **
W is for Whisk(e)y (Ninefold)
X is for Xeno-Everything
Y is for Yoshi (Boom, apoc-era) **
Z is for Zoology Sparks (Aunt Family, Zenobia)
- A is for Antlers (Tilden, 3rd generation Boom) **
B Bizzare Beetles
C is for Creation
D is for Dungeon
E is for Emrys - Harder than Diamonds (Post-apoc) **
F is for Feisty Friend Felines of the Family (Aunt family, Beryl, DamnCat)
G is for the Gate (Facets)
H is for (I don't know why you say Good-Bye)
I is for Icarus Fallen (Third generation)**

K is for Kleptēs(after Karma)
R - Running Away (Tír na Cali)
I - is for the Interloper (After Individual)

Þ - The Þorn-Giants (Aunt Family)
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I keep plugging away at the April Giraffe Call. At this rate, I'm not sure there'll be a *May* Giraffe Call... but the April one keeps going!

My Signal Boost Poem awaits more signal boosts (or art).

I have written so far:
A - B - C - D - E - F - G - H - I - J - K - L - M - N - O - P - Q - R - S - T - U - V - W - X - Y - Z
- A - B - C - D - E - F - G - H - I - J


Prompter Count: 23
Extra Prompt count: 1
Donator Count: 6
Total letters to be written: 36/26

And we've reached $70 in donations!

Just $5 from being able to get the accessories for the foyer; just $10 from 2 people getting extra 500-word continuations!
donate )
I'm excited! This is a much more energetic call than I've had in a while. And, once I get through all the prompts owed to people... on to the non-English letters!
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The Call (LJ)

We reached $45 in donation from three donors; there were 12 prompters. No new prompters or donors.

Oh HEY! You guys, I still owe you two setting stories from last month. What settings would you like to see expanded on?

We reached this level of donations:
At $40 in donations, everyone who donated will get an additional microfic written to their prompts. I will choose 1 non-donater at random to receive an additional microfic as well.

[personal profile] thnidu! You will get a second story written. Do you have a new prompt or should I write again from the first one?

The stories so far: Read more... )
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The Giraffe Call is Closed!

This call brought in $17.50.

I had 15 prompters, one new, and two donors, one new.

That means there are two setting pieces coming! What settings do you want to see what about?

If you donated, please let me know what you'd like to see continued.

The Call! (LJ)
The Linkback Story (LJ)

The summary: Read more... )
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A vacation in the middle dragged Day Three Writing out for Four Days, but I've finished the first prompt for everyone now!

Mini Call Day Two Summary (LJ)
Mini Call Day One Summary (LJ)

Read more... )

Donation Levels Reached!
  • [personal profile] lilfluff and [profile] kc_obrian have been chosen by random generator to have a second prompt written.
  • [ profile] ellenmillion has been chosen by random generator to have a 500-word-continuation written. Ellen, is there something you'd like to see more of?

If you have donated and not yet told me where you would like your donation words, please leave a note here.
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Yesterday's Theme was Transitions, and a little over an hour, I received five prompts:

Falling (LJ) (misc. May be Fairy Town)
Lab Rats (DW) Tír na Cali
Strange Favors (LJ) - from the December Giraffe Call, Addergoole Yr16 (this one doesn't count, but I wrote it in the last day)
Teaching for the Future (LJ) - unknown Apoc 'verse
Transfer of Power (DW) Addergoole: the next Generation
Into the Doorway (LJ) - Facets of Dusk

edited to add: An An Unnamed fragment

The last Giraffe Call of this month will be up in about half an hour! Stay Tuned!
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This Morning's Call was The Weather, and in a little over an hour, I received four prompts:

Mini Call One: The Weather
The Stars (LJ) (Facets, Alexa/Xenia)
Don't Cry Baby (LJ) (Addergoole Yr 13)

The Planet Called "Oh, Fuck, We're Screwed" (LJ)
Holy Fuck, It's Snowing (LJ) (Vas World, just after the one above)

There are two mini calls still to go:

Wednesday, 1/16/13, from 12:30 - 1:20 p.m. EST, with a theme of transitions


Thursday, 1/17/13, from 9:15 - 10:15 p.m. EST, with a theme of seven deadly sins.
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For the December Giraffe Call, I received prompts form 10 people, none of them new.
I received donations from 4 people totaling $65 - no new donors, either

The Stories:
Read more... )

A generous anonymous donor has given 500-word continuations to four people; chose:
[personal profile] kay_brooke
[personal profile] ysabetwordsmith
[personal profile] avia
[personal profile] lilfluff

Please collection your continuations at the courtesy window (below).

Those who donated, please DM, comment, or e-mail me with your continuation choices.

(Missed the Call? Have a good excuse? You can still leave a prompt on the call if you leave a good yarn with it. And if you want to see the linkback story continued - link back!)
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My October Giraffe Call here was a bit slow, on the grand scheme of things, but loads of fun!

I wrote 13 stories to 11 prompters, and had 3 donors, 1 new.

The Stories: )
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Theme: Addergoole Summer Camp
9 stories written.
9 total prompters, 0 new
1 people donated a total of $20, 0 of which were new.
$0 of donations were left unclaimed.
Stories )

We reached $20, which means two people may choose a 500-word continuation. The Random Numbers Say it's...

[personal profile] eseme
[personal profile] imaginaryfiend!

Please collect your 500 words at the service desk!

[personal profile] anke and [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith, please collect your 500 words from June as well!
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The June call was surprisingly popular for a mini-call!

Theme: Reiassan
21 stories written.
10 total prompters, 0 new
5 people donated a total of $60, 0 of which were new.
$60 of donations were left unclaimed.

I have drawn six names from the random-number hat. The following people please collect a 500-word continuation on any of the stories from this call:

If you have donated and not already claimed your donation words, please leave a comment telling me what you would like!

And the Summary:Read more... )
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Theme: Origins and Creation
15 stories written.
9 total prompters, 0 new
3 people donated a total of $41, 0 of which were new.
$41 of donations were left unclaimed.
Link to Call:
Summary:Read more... )

F.Anon, You have not yet claimed your April words.
Everyone who donated in May: What would you like to see continued?
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First: Vulture, I'm sorry, yours slipped the queue. I'll get it written tomorrow!!

Second: If you donated, please let me know what story you'd like to see continued. :-)

The April Giraffe Call:
Theme: Celebrations & Special Occasions
19 stories written.
17 total prompters, 0 new
4 people donated a total of $50, 0 of which were new.
Link to Call: /

Read more... )
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March was a tiny call, comparatively. I earned $40 and wrote 9 stories, not counting commissioned continuations.

First Rose (LJ) After 12 Roses and One

Homecoming (LJ) {donor perk}
Navigating Lannamer (LJ
Sun-on-the-Water (LJ)
Hooked (LJ) - Rin & Girey

Voices (LJ)

The Aunt Family
The Princess and the Hunstsman (LJ)
Big Bad Witch (LJ)
Frog Pancakes (LJ)
Princesses (LJ)
Heroes (LJ)
Sidekick (LJ) Evangaline & Rosaria

Graduation Plans (LJ)
Sequential Vignette (LJ) (Porter & Sylvia)
Trying (LJ) (Arundel/Sylvia Year 8)

Fae Apoc
Reality (LJ)
First Day of Work (LJ)
Deep Shit (LJ)

Bounty (LJ)

Tir na Cali
Fred (LJ) (Slave School)
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I must be feeling better...

I opened a Giraffe Call the weekend before last. It turned out to be a tiny one, probably because of the weird format of the call.

For that call, I have written:Read more... )
I have one drabble and about $25 of commissioned words left to write, and then I'll open up the poll for the continuation and the setting piece.

I'm still cleaning up January and February! For January I wrote:Read more... )

For February I wrote:Read more... )
And amazingly, stuff NOT for a giraffe Call:
Bus Stop (LJ)
Hunting Junie III (LJ
Red Covers (LJ)
Boy Trouble (LJ) [Donor Perk]
Golden Egg? ()
Tir Na Cali
Chapter 18A (LJ)
Addergoole Yr9:
Pet Wolf (LJ) (Ciara)
Addergoole Yr 14:
Pain in the... (LJ)
Packed Up, rewritten (LJ) [BEta]

Alder by Post
Issue Three Available (LJ)
Alder by Post: Mailed (LJ)
Gardening (LJ)
(Life in the Country)LJ
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Feedback Wanted!
Giraffe incentive: Podcast (LJ)
Feedback Roundup (LJ)
VOTE on upcoming THEMES (LJ)

PSA: Open for Business (LJ) Commissioning rates and notes

In the last week, I wrote for the February Giraffe Call: Read more... )

For the January Giraffe Call:Read more... )

And for no call at all:Read more... )

I also did a meme:
Ask me about my characters (LJ)
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For the February Giraffe Call (LJ):

39 stories written.
18 total prompters, 2 new
7 people donated a total of $80, 1 of which were new.
$5 of donations were left unclaimed.
Link to Call:

And the Stories!Read more... )
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Since the last Giraffe Update, I have written:

For February's Call LJ:Read more... )

For the Aunt Call:Read more... )

For January's Call:Read more... )

Non-Giraffe: Wolf in the Circle (LJ)

Alder By Post (LJ): the second issue is out!

I've rewarded myself (LJ) - things the Giraffe Call has helped fund!

Signals Boosted! (LJ)

Call for Call Ideas!! (LJ) - I need ideas for upcoming Giraffe Calls!
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The money keeps coming in, so I'm going to keep the call open another day!
Here on DW/Here on LJ

We are $5 from the next donation level, and $10 from our wheelbarrow!!
REACHED! Will update image tonight!

For January:
There's a poll up for the encyclopedia chapters - which settings do you want to learn more about?
I let my LJ paid membership lapse; if you don't have a DW account, please feel free to vote in the comments.

What story do you want a continuation of? (LJ)

For February:
I posted a summary (LJ) yesterday; I'll post another one tomorrow. It's been a slower prompt than the last one, but, considering I'm still writing January donor stories, that's okay!

The Linkback Story is up! (LJ). Please tell me if you linked to the call!

If you Tweet, I've created a new Twitter Account.

Donate behind cutRead more... )
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I'm not entirely done writing for this call, but I'm trying out the giraffe logger @Inventrix made for me.

Theme: In the City
63 stories written.
24 total prompters, 3 new
14 people donated a total of $251, 4 of which were new.
$136 of donations were left unclaimed.
Original Call:

If you donated and told me what you wanted me to write, I'm working on it. :-)

If you have not yet told me what you're interested in me writing, please let me know.

This month was HUGE!! And it made for a large, large amount of writing. Thank you, everyone!
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Behind the cut is a list of every story I have written so far for this Giraffe Call (January).

Rather than try to put them ALL on a poll, I'm going to ask you, first: which of these would you like to see continued? Then I will put all those on a poll :-)

Read more... )

Edited to add: that's 55 separate stories, counting continuations as part of the original. And I'm not DONE with the January call yet!

And More Stories:
Mission to Paris (LJ)
Presented (LJ)
Paying the Rent (LJ) (Baram's Jaelie and her Wish)
Fae Apoc:
Getting Over History (LJ)
Making New History (LJ)
Trusting in History (LJ)
Bug Invasion
Poison (LJ)

Fairy Town
Meeting Mr. Ting (LJ)
About the Want (LJ)
What You Need (LJ)
Guarding the Church (LJ)
Productive (LJ)
The Governors (LJ)
Right and Wrong (LJ)

(second edit. Added more stories, recounted, seems I was off by 10 last time)
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[personal profile] anke is holding a fishbowl! The theme is "Law and Order!" Go prompt her!
[personal profile] meeks posted her adorable pictures from the most recent SketchFest!
[personal profile] moonvoice has posted some gorgeous totem art!

Betas: Lair (LJ could use a look-over, pls.

[personal profile] smw wrote this absolutely awesome fic, "The Dream of Agathopia"
[personal profile] ysabetwordsmith posted here Fishbowl Report for the most recent fishbowl. She also posted this adorable poem yesterday! And this discussion on writing alternate history.
[ profile] djinni drew himself some icons, for once! Yay! :-)

And my writing over the last week:

Giraffe Call (Yes, still January's!): Read more... )
Non-Giraffe:Read more... )

Aunt Mini-Giraffe Call:Read more... )

Whew! All that writing tires my fingers out! And you know what?
This Saturday, 2/18, is the Next Giraffe Call!
The Theme is Wine and/or Roses!
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The Aunt Family Mini-Giraffe Call is closed! (LJ)

Over two days, I wrote 9 stories for 9 prompters and earned $20. This week, I will write a second prompt for each donor, and then their continuations.

Prompters who earned a free 500-word continuation are:
Friendly Anon
(chosen by

Fated (LJ)
Visiting Aunt Eva (LJ)
In The Attic (LJ)
Engraved Invitation (LJ), Ruan & Johias
Cleaning House (LJ) After What to do about Auntie X (LJ)
Accepting the Welcome (LJ) after Welcome to the Family (LJ)
Kitten Switchen (LJ), After Cleaning House
Visiting an Uncle (LJ) Rosaria, Evangaline
Glass and Steel (LJ) Zenobia!
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The Mini-Call is up! (and on LJ) Prompt on the Aunt Family series!

Since the last summary (and on LJ), I have written:

For the January Giraffe Call:Read more... )

Non-Giraffe Writing included:
Read more... )

And I've asked you, and asked you to ask me:
Pick a character to ask questions of! Any character of mine in any setting!
(and on LJ)
Ask Kendra here (LJ)
Ask Rin here! (LJ)
Ask Audrey Here! (LJ)

The donations reached an AMAZING $246!

Thanks to everyone who participated!
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The January Giraffe Call (and on LJ) has reached an unprecedented $241.31!


This means we've reached the ask-the-characters Chat Session donation level!! (hrrm. Now I have to figure out how to do that! :-)

It also means I get delicious cake (mm cake).

I'm writing like the wind, too, getting through prompts as quickly/reasonably as I can! We may have some backlog... O_O

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Since our Last Summary (LJ)

I have written for the January Giraffe Call (and on LJ):Read more... )

I have written for the December Call (perks & commissions):Read more... )

I have written not for any Giraffes:Read more... )

And I asked you more questions:
Mini-Call Poll (DW) (what time should I hold a livewrite for the Mini-call?
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The Giraffe Call is closed (and on LJ), but if you only left one or two prompts, please feel free to go add another 1 or 2.

Since the last update, I've posted several requests-for-feedback:
What do you want to know about my Settings? (LJ) (Stranded, Reiassan, Dragons)
Mid-month mini-giraffe-call poll (LJ) (what & When?)
Pretty Icons (LJ) discussion on possible February Giraffe Themes

I've posted three pieces from the last call:Read more... )

Two non-Giraffe pieces (in payment for an icon from @inventrix):Read more... )

And seven more Giraffe Pieces:Read more... )
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The Giraffe Call is Still Open (and on LJ)! It will stay open until this evening.

Also, if you have prompted but only left one or two prompts, please feel free to leave a couple more! We've gotten to the incentive levels where everyone gets at least 3 prompts written to, whether or not they tipped!

At $211, we are just $29 from reaching the next incentive level, where I will hold a chat session with characters! (At this level, I'll almost have paid off the carpet as well as the furnace bill!)

Claim your words! If you have donated to this call, or to any call, you can ask for $x100 words continuation on any story posted here!

Back to writing!

Linkback Incentive Story (and ON LJ)
Summary so far:Read more... )

Donate below

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The Giraffe Call is Still Open (and on LJ)! It will stay open until this Friday evening, or until I've written one prompt to ever prompter, whichever comes first.

Monday morning we reached the $201 goal - our furnace bill is paid for! (also, there will be another single-setting Call near the end of the month) At $211, we are just $29 from reaching the next incentive level, where I will hold a chat session with characters!

Claim your words! If you have donated to this call, or to any call, you can ask for $x100 words continuation on any story posted here!

Back to writing!

Linkback Incentive Story (and ON LJ)
Summary so far:Read more... )

Donate below

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The Giraffe Call is Still Open (and on LJ)! It will stay open until this Friday evening, or until I've written one prompt to ever prompter, whichever comes first.

Guys, I'm really excited at how close we are to the $150 incentive level! I'm bouncing up and down - and, I confess, I'm kind of curious to see if we can make it to the $201 level as well (not in the least because of the furnace bill, but I want to see how I handle a second Giraffe Call in a month, too). ;-)

As a reminder - if you donated to this call, or to any call, you can ask for ($x100) words of continuation on any story posted here. Several people from the December call have not yet claimed their words.

Back to writing!

Linkback Incentive Story (and ON LJ)
Summary so far:Read more... )
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And I'm finally done with all the microfic prompts!

If you donated, you may request continuations of stories, 100 words for every dollar donated (preferably spread out no wider than in 50-cent increments). Yay more stories!

Summary Two (LJ)
First Week Summary (LJ)
Read more... )

And the entire Call:
Read more... )
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It's been another busy week of Giraffe Writing. I'm nearly done with the second round of prompts - if didn't leave a second prompt, please feel free to stop by and do so!

Here's what I've written in the last week:
First Week Summary (LJ)
Read more... )
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Woosh! It's been a fun and busy week, and this is what I've gotten written so far!

I'm working on the second prompts for donors now, and then will be everyone else's second prompts, and then the third and then fourth prompts for donors! This was a busy month, and it will probably be mid-January before I do the donation-incentive long story and comment-incentive setting piece.

Thanks again to everyone who has participated!
Read more... )


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