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I had a fun idea for trope bingo but uh...

Jan 1: Signups open
Jan 15: Bingo posting begins
April 15: Last day to request a first card
April 30: Last day to request a second card
April 30: Last day to post bingos for This round
May 1: Amnesty beings
June 30: Amnesty ends
July 1: Next round begins

So it'll have to wait. Edited to add: There's [community profile] genprompt_bingo, thanks [ profile] rix_scaedu!

(the idea was something like: Make a list of settings of mine that are cross-over-able;
make a list of fanfic settings I can comfortably xover into. Roll a die for each, write one or a whole bingo series in that. repeat.)

Speaking of... what settings of mine are good for crossing over? Or maybe - any you can think of that AREN'T?

(And did Kink_bingo go away?)

FanFic settings:
Marvel CMU
DC/Batman (comics)
Dr. Who, mostly modern
Criminal Minds
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Harry Potter
Star Wars
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(I used the "column to text" feature in Excel.)
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To fill square two-three (presumed dead) on my card for [community profile] trope_bingo.

First: The Tod’cxeckz’ri Paper Part I

Previous in Trope Bingo: The Tod’cxeckz’ri Paper Part VI

“I am sorry, I truly am. But my safety protocols do not allow me to open for you.”

“Look, I’m a biological clone of your owner. For all genetic purposes, I am Nehanani Jahnan.”

“For genetic purposes, yes. But not for my purposes.”

Covair hissed. “You are a machine. You should listen when people tell you to do something.”

“I am an artificial intelligence, not an artificial stupidity. You are not Nehanani Jahnan. Therefore, I’m not letting you in.”
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To fill square one-four (caffeine failure) on my card for [community profile] trope_bingo.

First: The Tod’cxeckz’ri Paper Part I

Previous in Trope Bingo: The Tod’cxeckz’ri Paper Part V

No Ao3 standard warnings apply.

Nehanani Jahnan woke with a pounding headache, her head pillowed on something soft and warm. The sound of something thudding down next to her finished the job of shaking her into wakefulness.

She was - she had - "Shit!" She opened her eyes and sat up, sending stabbing pains through her temples. A bag landed near her feet, and her doppleganger-sister waved from the rigging of her ethership.

"We just need to borrow the Maru for a couple days. We'll be back to get you long before the food and water run out. Sorry!" She had to shout to be heard over the flapping of the sails; even the rigging was out of reach. "Have fun with your 'temporary husband!'"

"Shit, shit, no. Covair!" Jahnan lifted her voice to a shout, despite her headache. "Covair, it won't work! Maru won't work for you!"

"Oh, we can be very persuasive. Thanks, sis! We'll see you soon."
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To fill square One-Five (annoying sibling) on my card for [community profile] trope_bingo.

First: The Tod’cxeckz’ri Paper Part I

Previous in Trope Bingo: The Tod’cxeckz’ri Paper Part IV

If you are reading from Trope Bingo, Part IV is not part of the bingo but an integral part of the story.

No Ao3 standard warnings apply.

Nehanani Jahnan gestured at the vessel floating in front the Maru. The etherboat was a big ship, looking more like a sea caravel than any space-faring vessel - at least, any space-faring vessel in the universe Yira and Jahnan had come from. Its sails were tight against an invisible force - not wind, not out here, but ether. Two great air bladders held it aloft.

And captaining that thing: "Nehanani Covair is my sister. Or my doppelganger, but we've always gone by 'sister', and she's younger than me by a few years." She glanced at Yira, who nodded shortly. He looked more worried than interested, but since she hadn't released whatever hold the Tod'cxeckz'ret collar had on him, she couldn't really blame him for that worry. "I met her the first time I ended up in this splinterworld - Yeah. I've been here before. This is the fourth time. I think the Maru likes this place, and when the what-if drive gets... conflicting signals."
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To fill square Three-Five (au: steampunk) on my card for [community profile] trope_bingo.

First: The Tod’cxeckz’ri Paper Part I

Previous in Trope Bingo: The Tod’cxeckz’ri Paper Part III

No Ao3 standard warnings apply.

It wasn’t that Jahnan thought her captive was serious. He had just admitted to attempting to seduce the lion’s share of his captors, generally to escape.

It was just that it had been a while, and he was a handsome man, if you liked the type - which, she was finding, she did. And his hand was warm, and his fingers just strong enough, and all in all it was more than a little bit distracting.

She slid her fingers over the controls while Yira slid his fingers over her, setting the coordinates he’d given her and checking them - twice - against her navigation charts.

Then she threw the switch, just as Yira demonstrated exactly how thin her ship-silks actually were.
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To fill square one-two on my card for [community profile] trope_bingo. Story three of a new series.

First: The Tod’cxeckz’ri Paper Part I

Previous in Trope Bingo: The Tod’cxeckz’ri Paper Part II

Previous in Story: Standards

No Ao3 standard warnings apply.

“Do you seduce every bounty hunter that catches you?” Yira Trembane had his hand halfway up Jahnan’s thigh, and it was creeping ever higher. She was having trouble focusing on the navigation - not a good idea, when using a WhatIf drive. She didn’t want to end up stuck in some alternate-history where he had captured her.

“You make it sound like I get caught a lot.” His hand slid just an inch further up.

Jahnan closed her eyes and thought about trees. “Your dataslip says you did. Seventeen arrests since you turned twenty, and half of those for escape-from-custody. How many times did you escape by seduction?”
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Next: IV

If you are reading from Trope Bingo, Part IV is not part of the bingo but an integral part of the story.
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To fill square one-two on my card for [community profile] trope_bingo. Story two of a new series.

First: The Tod’cxeckz’ri Paper Part I

No Ao3 standard warnings apply.

Jahnan had one of the richest bounties of her career literally in her grasp. She also had an earring that said that she’d married him under Tod’cxeckz’ri law and a paper telling her how to get rid of him and the earring, and a Tod’cxeckz’ri clerk smirking at her from behind the safety of his counter.

She ran her thumb down the list. “Okay. First choice is your parole officer. Kill two birds with one stone that way.”

“No way.” Yira Trembane shook his head. “I am not going within a star system of that maniac if I can avoid it.”

“You know the terms of your parole included not leaving the star system.”

“Why they were stupid enough to parole me in the first place I’ve never figured out.” Yira smirked. “He’s out. How about my ex-wife? Well... my first ex-wife.”
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Next for Story: Mad in Atter
Next for Trope Bingo:
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To fill square one-one on my card for [community profile] trope_bingo. Story one of a new series. No Ao3 standard warnings apply.

“I need to claim this criminal as my lawful catch and bounty.” Jahnan repeated the phrase three times - once in Standard to the clerk, then again in Standard to the translation machine, and then in the local language - all while trying to maintain her hold on the criminal in question.

“Your Tod’cxeckz’ret is awful.” Her captive jerked, trying to pull away from her grip. Jahnan held on for life and profit. Not only did Yira Trembane outmass her considerably and have at least a decimeter in height on her, but he was slippery as all space and had gotten out of his bonds three times since she’d caught him. “Here, let me.” He looked at the clerk and spat out a line of Tod’cxeckz’ret, then translated into Standard. “She’s here to collect the bounty on me.”

“You’re awfully helpful all of a sudden.” Jahnan regained her grip on Yira’s forearm. She wasn’t losing this one, not again.

“Prisons are easier to get away from than you. Sooner I’m in custody-”
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Next:The Tod’cxeckz’ri Paper Part II

Tod’cxeckz’ret is pronounced with glottal stops in the apostrophes; the syllables rhyme with Todd, check, and whet.
Jahnan is pronounced with a hard J (John) and stress on the second syllable with a breathy sound on the H. Her full name is Nehanani Jahnan.
Yira is pronounced Yee-ruh.
Hon is pronounced on

The IPA for the above, courtesy of [personal profile] thnidu:
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My [community profile] trope_bingo card, because Rix had an idea and I like it

1 2 3 4 5
1 accidental marriage:
The Tod’cxeckz’ri Paper Part I
mama didn't raise no criminal rivals to lovers caffeine failure annoying sibling
2 kidfic secret child presumed dead monster is a mommy telepathy/mindmeld
3 the food poison incident kiss to save the day WILD CARD retail therapy au: steampunk
4 amnesia au: daemons sex pollen obnoxious in-laws screw the money i have rules!
5 empty nest animal transformation au: apocalypse deal with the devil day at the beach
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This is to [personal profile] rix_scaedu's prompt to my [community profile] dailyprompt here.

This fills the "locked in" square in the Trope Bingo Card.

Names from Fourteen Minutes' generator.

“All right. This is looking bad.” Richan frowned at the door.

“Looking. Looking.“ Cathuyet shook her head. “I'm not sure looking bad is the phrase you're looking for.”

“Would you shut up and let me work?”

“No. No, I won't. And I'll tell you why.” She pushed the lantern into her partner's hands. “Because we have twenty-five minutes to get out of here. Failure is in no way an option.”

“I know, I know.” Richan paced around the room for what had to be the seventieth time. “There could be another way out.”

“There is most definitely another way out.” Cathuyet's voice was level, but she wasn't paying her partner much attention anymore; she had a small ball of light floating over the lock mechanism and was tapping at things with a tiny hammer. “I can think of at least four.”
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au: crossover [au: space] locked in [au: alternate gender norms] [ hurt / comfort]
bets / wagers [unrequited love / pining] [ bodyswap] [ wingfic] [mind control]
matchmaker [ chosen family] [FREE

[telepathy / mindmeld} [ coming out (of the closet)]
trapped in a dream [ transformations] [road trip] [au: fantasy] [power dynamics]
au: college / highschool [fork in the road] [ presumed dead] [meet the parents / family] [futurefic]

So [community profile] trope_bingo gave me a card...

As always, I WILL write the first prompt; after that, I'll write at least one Bingo going out from that prompt and after that I'll write as the mood hits or as I'm commissioned to continue.

Note: although this is primarily a fandom bingo, I'm writing original fic for all, because this is me. Trope Bingo's Definitions.

My January Card, My December Card, and a couple bonus rounds are still open, too. I'd better get writing!
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To [personal profile] clare_dragonfly's prompt to this [community profile] trope_bingo card.

This fills my "au: crossover" square.

The stories before this:
Never Been Caught (and on LJ): First written, last in sequence.

Shots Fired (and on LJ): First in sequence

"Well, Crap, Where am I?" (and on LJ), after "Shots Fired"

Sweet Iced Tea (LJ), after "Well, Crap..." and before:

Refurbish and Sell

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To [personal profile] kelkyag's prompt to this card for [community profile] trope_bingo.

This fills my "Bets/Wagers" square.

This is in my Space Accountant setting.

It comes before Accident and after Taking Chances.

Genique planted herself between two handsome young pirates sitting together at a table Quartermaster Marist Irio had identified as the “young bucks” table. She looked between the two of them - they were less fresh than Basi, but still shiny, new, and very handsome.

“Hello.” She offered the taller of the two her hand. “I’m Genique. I’m the new bookkeeper.”

He stared at her hand for a moment. Genique looked him over quickly. Ah, blue tattoos around each ear and down into his coverall. Trenciscot Tertius.Read more... )

Betting Time
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To [personal profile] rix_scaedu's prompt to this [community profile] trope_bingo card.

This fills my "trapped in a dream" square.

This is in my Vas' World setting.

Um. This might need a warning?

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This is to [personal profile] rix_scaedu's prompt to this card, for [community profile] trope_bingo. It fills the "au: college / highschool" square.

As such, this is decidedly AU, with characters from my Addergoole 'verse.

Mike was lost. He straightened his cuffs and tie, checked his reflection in a trophy case (yay, tie, double yay, trophies), and wondered where he was. The school was new, sure, but how could he have gotten this lost before he'd even made it to a class?

"Hey, you the new guy?" The face coming into view up the stairs looked familiar; a quick glance back at the trophy case told Mike why. Broad nose, glower, short no-nonsense haircut, check. He was a lot shorter in person, though.

"That's me, The new blood." Mike shifted posture, trying to look shorter. "The dumb one who got lost before my first class."
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