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Book 2, Chapters 1-6: Denedien

“Now class.” Instructor Dainanan leaned forward, smiling.  “While this is a class mainly on theory, we are always going to have some practice involved.  So each of you has a small piece of linen and several colors of embroidery thread. We no longer know exactly how the ancients wove aether into their outfits, but what we do know is how they sometimes put codes and meanings into their embroidery.  Work in small teams, come up with a code, and see if you can work in something that your teammates can read.”

Denedien looked at his school-assigned teammates and stifled a sigh.  They were nice people. They were even clever people. Uzharrienie was even quite pretty.  Kivsi was very entertaining. But they had absolutely no interest in the finer things in life.

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Chapter 20-end, Book One: Davenpor (When much younger)

“Can you take pets to school?”

The carriage that went to Edally Academy from the middle of the country had five people in it, and four of them were students headed for Edally.  

Technically, the carriage went from Ossulund to Ilelteddez, but it had stopped in Kuddyinnie, the city where Davenpor lived, and three other cities.  Only Loonnoozhno had gotten on in Ossulund..

And only Davenpor had a carrier full of weasels.  “They’re not pets,” he explained. He had been explaining this for a very long time.  “They’re companions, except Lazlyu, who is more of a, well, a working weasel.”

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Chapter 12-18, Book One: Tesdes (and Kekdela)

“You!  You, come here, would you?  Come here.”

The girl grabbing Tesdes’ arm was dressed in such elaborately tailored clothes that he was surprised that she could move.  Her overvest was to her knees on one side and above her hip on the other, and closed with what had to be fifty teeny pearl buttons - and that was just one layer.

She was going to find the uniform she was carrying very boring, he thought.

That was secondary.  She was grabbing. Grabbing!  His arm.   He looked at her hand, looked at his arm, looked back at her hand.

She dropped his arm and shook her head.  “People! All right, yes, we don’t technically know each other, but you’re Tesdes, right?”

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I've been doing a bit of conlang over on Patreon this month as I play with people's names in Reiassan and their post-Edally titles.

But I realized that a core concept of Calenyen, the language, had no word: Use

Time to fix that!

Calenyen has three grammatical genders:

Useful/of Use

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War Prize

Nov. 26th, 2017 02:01 am
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Written sort of adjacent to Inspector Caracal's prompt. 

This is set in a earlier era of Reiassan than Rin/Girey and definitely earlier than Edally, although really we see almost no markings of era in the story.  


They had been walking for four days.

At first, Gianci had preferred the

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To Lilfluff's Prompt: this is set in the immediate post-war era in my Reiassan setting. The Calenyena have, after centuries of war, finally conquered the Bitrani. 

And now they need to deal with that conquered land.


“What did I do to offend the gods, the engineers, and the Empress?”  Tetatelai Mapmaker grumbled at her goat, her partner, and the world in general.  “Whose boots did I piss in, whose tent did I stumble against, what city did I misspell?”

“You know,” Openpennait Sword-bearer raised his aristocratic eyebrows at her.  “Some people would take this as an honor.  You are in charge of adding new territories to the Empress’ maps.  That’s an impressive duty.”

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Hello all,

I'm thinking of having a Winter Festival on Edally - that is, a week (or two) of guest fic covering Tienaabaa's festival, the festival that takes place in midwinter.

Tienaabaa is the deity of the blue - mind, water, sky, cold. They are the deity of invention, of thinking, of philosophy. Their festival is at the coldest time of the year, and often involves showing off new creations or inventions, ice sculptures, snow castles (depending on your climate~) and feasting on stored foods, especially those that will only store through half the winter and not all of it (They're practical people, the Calenyena). Gifts are hand-made in some way, never bought.

Is anyone interesting in writing a/several guest fics? Wordcount should be between 100 and 5,000 words, it should be set in Reiassan in the Edally era, and it should involve the Festival of Tienaabaa (Tienebrah).

We'll probably make this concurrent with our festival of winter, feasting, and cold, so the last week of December.
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Okay, so, because of reasons, I want to have an idiomatic "thank you" for Calenyen.

And, because thank you is such a loaded concept, I wanted it to mean, essentially, "good shot."

Like, the thing you say when your buddy just caught the enemy/the giant cat that was about to kill you with a well-aimed spear. It's a thanks for assistance, without acknowledging debt owed.

So we have "shot" in the sense of an aimed attack with a distance weapon: vettu

And then we have good, a modifier meaning skilled and accurate: -one (like the end of loan)

Vettutone, "good shot": "Thanks for the assist."
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Oh no, September is syntactical rules and I've already covered the easy bit, sentence order... wait, have I?

I covered Old Tongue's in JuLECTURary, but not Calenyen's.

Calenyen is Subject-Object-Verb, with most modifiers being tacked on to the end of words. Tense is added to the beginning of verbs (Goat-red food-low pasttense-Is-Loudly bleating-at).

Old Tongue Also normally adds modifiers after the subject of the modifier, a holdover from their system of diacritical marks in the original ideography.

I think Old Tongue does some funky things with tense, but I'm not sure what yet, or how. And I just learned about Anaphora and think Old Tongue uses this heavily.

Short post! But it doesn't take many words to say S-O-V, V-S-O. :-)
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I'm going through 365 Conlang thingies beyond #Lexember one month a day (or so) until I get bored.

Here is the Julectury ("Write a lecture, lesson or 140 letter pedagogical tweet each day explaining how your language works") which I wrote last week.
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I'm going through 365 Conlang thingies beyond #Lexember (which is missing October...) one month a day (or so) up to September.(?) I'm skipping DismayCourse, shhh.

So I'm in Juneme again... Document or add to your phonetic inventory a phoneme a day, or add a rule to your phonotactics a day, or a Sandhi rule a day

Calenyen Phonatactics:

There will never be two vowel sounds in a row.

When borrowing words from other languages, the Calenyena almost always put another consonant between two vowels: Reiassan becomes reisassan. (ray-uh-san, rey-suh-san). Generally, when doing so, they will repeat a previous or following consonant; Calenyen loves repetition.

Old Tongue Phoneme:

Eron, (e) as in shed

This sound is a minor glyph, one that is often written down on the text line. Its original meaning is remaining, left-behind, and it is often used to indicate those fae that did not leave for Ellehem in the great departure.

Morphambruary 1
Febmanteau 1
Polysemarch 1
Juneme 1
Augovernust 1
Morphambruary 2
Febmanteau 2
Augovernust 2
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I'm going through 365 Conlang thingies beyond #Lexember (which is missing October...) one month a day (or so) up to August. We're back around to Polysemarch...

...Today I get to go in circles!

The entry for the Thorne-Alder has this section on the Arran/West Coast name for the taxonomic definition:
The Alder belongs to the family of spear-leaf trees, adavijamin, where adavi is "spear-blade" and "jamin" is "leaf". In that family, they belong to the mainer sub-family, "mainer" meaning "grove" or "family group, tribe."

In typical calenyen fashion, the word mainer has been borrowed and mutilated into Calenyen - raimain.

(it is a common practice, when the letters in a loan word do not quite work for Calenyen, to move letters about or repeat letters. In this case, it likely started as "ramainer" and was shortened).

So... raimain is "grove".

And it has also come to mean those that stick together clannishly. A raimain is a clique, a tight-knit group that acts similarly.

Okay, I give up on trying to do another one of these for Old Tongue quite yet, and I want to hold off on doing something with DisMayCourse, so ON TO JUNE(me) it is.

(Sh), shenera, which can be down with the modifier -eleg (a curved shape like a sideways lower-case "c", down on the bottom of the writing to become savera, (s).

The glyph for shenera can also mean child, as the word does, and with the modifier, savera means bastard child.

Linguists theorize that the word savera came from the word savo, birth.

Morphambruary 1
Febmanteau 1
Morphambruary 2
Febmanteau 2
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I'm going through 365 Conlang thingies beyond #Lexember (which is missing October...) one month a day up to August.

And now we're on to Febumantau for a second round...

and that means I can do another day! Yay!

If bikbaano is Song-Day, then the second day of the week comes from a deity we haven't visited yet.

Which means we get to see a new deity.

This one is an old deity, one of the early Ideztozhyuha gods, Oonetoonen, from the roots Oonet, The Mountain, and noonen, climb (or oonen, a sacred climb): Oonetoonen is the deity of climbing mountains, of escape, of necessary things that are hard and painful.

And Oonetoonen's day is the second day of the week, biknoonen

For Old Tongue I'm going to start with a compound word in English, bondroll -
okay, this one requires a bit of background.

If one is Kept (a magical type of submission), the praise from one's Keeper (they who Keep you), is heady, pleasurable.

If your Keeper wants, they can get their Kept essentially drunk on praise - roll them with the Keeper-Kept bond.... thus bond-roll.

And in another calque...

Bond is tish, a lock, a seal.
Roll ends up being Otef - ote means wooziness; -ef verbs the noun.

Bond-Roll, translated directly ends up tishotef

(and never mind that there was already a word for that concept in Old Tongue...)

Morphambruary 1
Febmanteau 1
Polysemarch 1
Juneme 1
Morphambruary 2
Polysemarch 2/ Juneme 2
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We're back to Morphambuary for another two bound morphemes!

I've just started playing with bullet journaling, so today's going to be a Day Name for Calenyen.

From an earlier post, I have:
From the god/dess Alivetta/Alibetto comes alittao, the art of instrumental music in Bitrani; in Calenyena, this becomes Litvaano, music (as played), and Libbaano, music as sung.

This has led to things related to music and song ending up with the suffix -v/baano.

Foremost among them is the name of the first day of the week:
bikbaano, Song-Day.

bik- by the way, is a shortening of bikdie, day; bik is used in all situations where the day is modified (holiday, song-day, birthday)

For Old Tongue, I'm going to pick another of those add-ons that are often marked by a single diacritical mark. This one, noen, means "now", but only as attached to a verb: Stand Now, come now, destroy now.

Classically, it is marked by three lines \|/ to the top right of the ideogram it is modifying. In texts using letters instead of ideograms, noen is sometimes written out and sometimes marked at the end of the word, as if the word was an ideogram.

Morphambruary 1
Febmanteau 1
Febmanteau 2
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I continue on my I-missed-Conlanging adventure. Today is Julectury: Write a lecture, lesson or 140 letter pedagogical tweet each day explaining how your language works.

What I’m trying to create here would be two laypeople’s introductions to the languages, because man would it be cool if I could get enough vocabulary that someone could speak either of these languages. I’ll start with one small section of each language:
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Julectury 2
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I've discovered that I missed conlanging, and as I've missed many months of "365 Conlang thingies beyond #Lexember," I decided in the remains of August, I would cycle through the first 8 months twice of conlang-exercises twice.

We're up to June!

Juneme – Document or add to your phonetic inventory a phoneme a day, or add a rule to your phonotactics a day, or a Sandhi rule a day (but not all three, that would be absurd)

See? I'm learning things every day! I had to look up Sandhi rules and phonotactics... and I think I have to try Calenyen more out loud before I can realize and Sandhi rules.

Calenyen Phonatactics:
* Two consonants appearing in a row (ketbaa, Diedreddakak) are pronounced separately, and mark a syllable break between them (ket-baa, died-red-dak-kak)

* A single consonant between syllables can belong to both syllables (lanutez lan-nut-tez)

* a palatalized consonant on its own between two syllables (Pebyab) is pronounced at the end of the first syllable as non-palatalized and then as palatalized in the beginning of the second syllable (peb-byab)

Ketbaa - mother
Diedreddakak - button-maker
lanutez - goat-hair braid, a faker
Pebyab - tiny baby goat

Old Tongue Phoneme

Ofein, a letter making the sound "o" as in the word "oh" (this is either o or o̞ in IPA, I think)

The word ofein also expresses the concept exist and is pronounced oh fine.

Polysemarch 2/ Juneme 2
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Turns out I missed conlanging, and as I've missed many months of "365 Conlang thingies beyond #Lexember," I decided in the remains of August, I would cycle through the first 8 months twice of conlang-exercises twice.

And bog help me, it's Dis-May-course!:

Write a speech, novel, epic poem, folk tale, or chat log a day to fill out your examples of discourse. Or one of the above if you have a real job.

Okay, so I'm going to write a line. In English, there once was a man from Kalakaig...
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Turns out I missed conlanging, and as I've missed many months of "365 Conlang thingies beyond #Lexember," I decided in the remains of August, I would cycle through the first 8 months twice of conlang-exercises twice.

Today is Polysemarch – Add a new meaning a day to an existing word in March. This might be challenging for my Old Tongue vocabulary of 15-or-so words...
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Polysemarch 2/ Juneme 2
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As I said yesterday, I decided I missed conlanging, and as I've missed many months of "365 Conlang thingies beyond #Lexember," I decided in the remains of August, I would cycle through the first 8 months twice of conlang-exercises twice.

Today is Febumantau – Create compound word a day for February. It specifically says it doesn't have to be a portmanteau, but I decided to try for the challenge, especially since...
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If you are not already following Haikujaguar, I suggest you check out her post today - 581 Words: on Language as Intermediary.

Febmanteau 2
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I decided I missed conlanging, and I'd missed many months of "365 Conlang thingies beyond #Lexember," so I decided in the remains of August, I would cycle through the first 8 months twice.

Today, Morphambuary – Coin a bound morpheme a day in January.

Starting with Calenyena: Bekkut comes from two words no longer used on their own, beka, fish, and tukut, river. These words have been replaced with new words with similar meanings, but a bekkut is still a river-fish, and torkut, from Tora, grass, is still a river-grass.

In Addergoole/Fae Apoc's Old Tongue, there are a number of morphemes only used as modifiers of other words. In the old ideograph system, they are often modifying diacritics.

-eleg is one of those. It means base in the sense of baseborn: lower, less-worthy, illegitimate.

In the word shenera, child, this would become shener/eleg/a, for instance.

next: Febmanteau
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Morphambruary 2
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We went on a field trip Sunday!

So, we drove up to nearly where Sam grew up - about 3 hours, the northwest corner of the state, inasmuch as NY has corners. There's a rather big flea market there, that does a monthly EVEN BIGGER flea market. And we got stuff! Specifically, a picnic basket, a hand-held/hand-operated sewing machine, and a loaf pan of pumpkinyness. Total spent: $16.

And then we got REALLY GOOD ice cream and then we went to a Hyatt's (art supply store) and a BBQ store and... then we drove home and fell over. Good day, all in all.

  • Some Fun links I’ve encountered:

  • Do you Pinterest? I have three newish boards you might find interesting:

    • Addergoole Changes, which, you guessed it, has art depicting potential Changes for Addergoole and the fae apoc ‘verse. (Changes, if you don’t follow the setting, are the physical ways in which Ellehemaei (fae) are different from humans.) There’s a lot of Mermaids; I’d love to see some other suggestions if you find things.

    • Thimbleful Thursday collects all the little graphics I’ve made and posted so far for the Thimbleful Thursday & Tell-me Tuesday prompts

    • Reiassan Inspiration is a combination of garb and cultural references, brightly-colored clothing, and brightly-colored rest-of-the-world. Also braids, and there really ought to be some goats there. Again, please feel free to suggest anything you come upon that might be Reiassan-y.

  • Speaking of MCA Hogarth, if you have not checked out her Candy-Colored Kickstarter, you have just about three days to go for the neon goodness that it is.

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After Discovery, Part Fnarg and Discovery, Part Snarg, for the Finish It! Bingo Round Two

Content Warning: This describes a ritual that led to dozens of skeletons being buried under a mountain. It includes death and violence.

In the end, Aetherist Ovanobina dragged Tekemuzh down deep into the mine, to look at the place where the miners had found the bodies and where every archeologist in the land was now busily pulling out more bodies.
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Support the Thorne-Author
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It went like this: SeaLemon has this August Doodle Challenge (Tumblr), and it looked interesting, but in that "neat-but-not-quite" sort of way.

I mentioned I wanted to do a Worldbuilding challenge based on the doodle challenge. [personal profile] inventrix offered to make me a modified list.

Day 1 is Measurements. This is a wearable measurement tool from Reiassan, showing several sizes of cord gauge (alphabetical from K to N), a small ruler measuring up to 3 Demai, or a Taiden, a "knot." A taiden is 1/10 of a gorzhee, a "reach."

(Day 2 is Climate)
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Written to [personal profile] itsamellama's prompt here to my Summer Giraffe Call.

Set in the same world as Edally Academy but centuries earlier. The Bitrani live far in the south; the Calenyena live in the North.

“Rietanneh, it’s not really that hot down here. It’s really not.”

Lukia hurried after her friend. She hadn’t been sure about inviting Rietanneh home for the holiday with her. After all, there was more than mountains between Lannamer and Tugia, as the saying went. The Calenyena were heathens, often barbaric, wild and unmannered, and the Bitrani, Lukia’s people, hadn’t really forgiven them for the way the war had been won, all those centuries ago. But the Lannamer girl didn’t really have family, not that would come get her, at least, and after all, the Three said “call those kin who would be to you as an extension of yourself.”
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“I’m looking for something new.” The Princess Orenienarena didn’t so much walk into Tailor Kentor’s store as she snuck in, a long fitted jacket covering up her imperial silks. It took the tailor a second glance to recognize her, her head covered in a thin scarf in the way of tradesfolk and her face bare of her customary jewelry.

She spilled a double handful of buttons onto the tailor’s counter. A glance told him they were hand-carved of stone and bone; a quick look with a loupe told him they were well-done. ”I am looking for something a bit more buttoned-up.”

Tailor Kentor frowned thoughtfully at the buttons and the Princess. Without looking, he batted his weasel Nagyar away from the pile of buttons. Nagyar, like all of his kind, was a notorious thief...

(read on...)

So I said...

And Rix said...

And I was low on Reiassan prompts, so here you go. 3000 words: buttoning structures and weasels in waistcoats.

Become a patreon now and give me your own prompts! :-)
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“Can we have a goat now?”

When Latezya was nine years old, she spent every spare moment of her school break cleaning out the outbuilding behind her family’s home. Before her parents had bought the house, the old building had been a stable. Now that it was theirs, it served mostly as a junk room and home to the wild weasels that ran rampant through the city....

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In looking over information here and there on the site, it came to my attention that the page labelled "The World" still said "information about the world goes here."

I've begun to rectify that with a section on geography and one on history. Religion/Gods, Sira/Aether, and Language already have heir own sub-pages.

Is there anything else you'd like to know about Reiassan or the greater world?

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This story re-energized my interest in Reiassan. Written to a prompt of [ profile] eseme's ("something about tea"), it hits on a quiet moment in the journey of Rin & Girey.

Rin & Girey are, of course, the protagonists of the will-someday-be-a-novel, Into Lannamer, the beginnings of which sparked this whole setting in the first place.

Originally Posted July 17th, 2010

Tea-time was one of Rin's favorite rituals, one of the few gentilities that remained to her after years at war. On the trail, it became even more precious - a welcome relief from the saddle, a pause to fill her stomach, the kick in the tea that would keep her awake until it was time to camp.

She brewed the tea herself...

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“They burn dung.” The junior ambassador to the Ideztozhyuh hissed it out in a horrified whisper. “They’re burning goat waste in those horrid little stoves, Angirie!”

“They do.” The senior ambassador didn’t share his associate’s horror; indeed, he was smirking. “And they drink the fermented milk of their nanny goats, and they wear underthings made from spun goat wool. They boil the hooves down for a kind of gelatinous stew and they wear the horns as jewelry. They’re goat-riders, Hanzio. What did you expect?”

(read on...)
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The poll has closed, and June's Patreon theme is Reiassan!

Home of Rin & Girey, Edally Academy, goat-riding Calenyena and the Bitrani that just can't win, Reiassan is a setting spanning thousands of years and an entire continent and then some.

And you can read more of it!

Think about it this way.

For $1/month, you're getting $40 worth of my writing - and for everyone else who pledges, that amount goes up. It's a magazine subscription, but one with no ads, where you get to vote on the content monthly.

For $5/month, you're on the editorial board. YOU tell me what to write. YOU pick characters and themes and even pregnant forests for the serials. YOU pick characters for me to commission art of. You're in the driver's seat.

And if you like that, for $7/month, you can have your own super-secret story, written only for people at that prompting level (Be the first! Pick your very own story!)

Want even MORE exclusivity? Pledge $15/month and it'll be like commissioning your own very story - a short piece of fiction ONLY for you.

Check it out!
Every pledge made gets us close to all patrons having more words in their inbox each month!

Icons by [ profile] djinni (1st & last 2), [personal profile] inventrix (3rd), [personal profile] itsamellama (4th) and [ profile] ev1ct-cm
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The Cartographers' Guild does a monthly Lite Mapping Challenge, so I took my Five-Minute Map sketch and ... made it better.

Not perfect, but better.

And then I had a small panic attack, and then I submitted it.

It's one of Rin & Girey's campsites, early in the story.

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Main landing page here

Reiassan: A Welcome (LJ)
Welcome to Reiassan.

The continent stretches from the northern ice to the warm southern isles, carved by glaciers into long trenchlike valleys and shoved into high ridges of mountains that act like a spine down the eastern coast of the land.

The history stretches from its first settlers, stranded here by a climate change, through an age of magic and mercenaries, to the peace of ages and the subsequent chaos. It continues on through into the nation's steam era, with the advent of goatless carriages, airships, and the harnessing of what was once called magic, sira, into aether.

The Iron Era, when magic was high and war was a series of dirty skirmishes, is a high-fantasy setting. Warriors ride into battle on war-goats, followed by sira-flinging mages. Armor is simple, magic is wild, and nobody is certain who will win the war, the northern Calenyena or the southern Bitrani.

The Peace Era, when religion binds up magic and war is ending in a series of complicated battles, is a low-magic fantasy setting. The peace has been signed, and much of what remains is politics. Magic is done quietly and subtly, and warriors head home to their farms. The Calenyena have beaten the Bitrani, and nobody knows what will happen next.

The Steam Era, when science has taken over and magic is a distant myth, is a steampunk setting. The Calenyena are firmly in charge, and engineers and scientists, politicians and scholars, adventure where once warriors rode. The Bitrani might rebel - nobody knows - but in the meantime, the aether will flow and the steam will punk.

character Building
Character Bible Rin and Girey Part One (LJ)

Worldbuilding: Demifiction
Non-fiction pieces written in fictional worlds
History Text involving Rin & Girey (LJ)
Wanted Poster (LJ)
Book Review: The Ideztozhyuh Strode Out of the Mountain ( (LJ)
Notes from Sandrenno of Ferania (LJ)
On Hair-Braiding Patterns and Their Significance (LJ)
A Letter Home from the Bitrani South (LJ)
A Review of "On the Nature of the Sira & Its Flow" (LJ)
The Lannamer Chronicle: the Karsekarzlen Bucks (LJ)
Lannamer Department Gendarme Report (LJ)
The Lannamer Chronicle: Fashion Stories (LJ)

Worldbuilding: questions
Questions from SFWA 1 (LJ)
Questions from SFWA 2 (LJ)

Worldbuilding: Other
Notes on Sira and Aether (LJ)
Edally Academy (LJ)
Magic notes for Steam!Reiassan (LJ)
Three Weeks For Dreamwidth: Three Weeks for Worldbuilding - Wild Animals in Reiassan (LJ)
Early World- and Fashion-Building: Reiassan/Homeland (LJ)
Some notes on clothing in Calenta/Reiassan (LJ)
paper Dolls and Reiassan Fashion (LJ)
A map of Edally Academy (LJ)
Notes on Rin and her place in the royalty of Calenta (LJ)

Ack, Vowels (LJ)
Lexember )
Learning the Sira (LJ)
Learning the Blue Sira (LJ)A setting Fic

Empress Edaledalende (LJ)
The Robes and the Office (LJ) - Empress Otyeriotanerio, Enrie's great-great-great grandmother

Fifty Years (LJ) Rin, before the story

Gone Fishing (LJ) Rin/Girey, sometime in Into Lannamer timeline
A Wedding (LJ)
Rin (LJ) - can't get away from succession

End of an Era (LJ) Steam Era
Learning the Aether (LJ) Setting Fic
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The two largest (and only surviving) nations on the continent of Reiassan have been at war, on and off, for centuries, gobbling up all smaller nations in their wake. Now, in the 20th year of Emperor Alessely, the Northern nation of Callenia has conquered the Southern nation of Bithrain.

In the aftermath of the war, one healer in the Emperor’s Army, a woman named Rin, has taken as a captive a Bitrani soldier. Although she calls him Girey of Tugia, and has convinced him to do the same, her prisoner is the surviving heir of the deposed-and-soon-to-be-executed King of Bithrain. Now she is bringing him home, across the long mountainous countryside to the far northern Callanthe capital city of Lannamer.

Reiassan is a fantasy story with romantic elements. The still-very –new Steam!Reiassan is set quite some time in the future in the same country, and is a steampunk setting.

NB: The setting is constantly evolving. While the stories are in the process of being edited for the e-book, the versions here on livejournal/dreamwidth will have some setting inconsistencies - horses v. goats, etc.

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Places to start
Abduction For the Rin/Girey story, with an LJ login.
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Sword (LJ) - sets the tone of an earlier era
Discovery (LJ) - for the Steam/Edally era
Edally Academy

Test Synopsis: Rin & Girey Novel (No Xpost)

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Edally Era - in Edally
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Read [ profile] rix_scaedu's ongoing fanfiction series, set in Edally era. The first story is here; the tag encompassing all of them is here.

[personal profile] meeks' picture of Rin and her riding goat - and two details:

A draft map of Reiassan is discussed here.
History of Reiassan notes - part the first (LJ)
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Icons by [ profile] djinni:

The Author, in Rin-era Calenyena clothing.
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This is a rough top-down view of Edally Academy, done by tracing dimes (see this tweet) because I don't keep a compass at work.

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I'm really enjoying #FridayFiveMinuteMap, and I encourage everyone to join in!
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after this and written in response to [ profile] rix_scaedu's comment.

The science of psychometry was still frowned upon by many of Tekemuzh's colleagues, he knew. They said it was folly and superstition; they said that it was a misuse of the aether if it worked at all, and certainly it wouldn't really work. Usually, they stopped after he managed to make his "parlour tricks" reveal something about them they would have rather he hadn't said.

He could have done without Aetherist Ovanobina calling him in to this particular task, however. Bones upon bones upon bones... and the silver vein that had led the miners to this dig.

"Tell us." Ovanobina pulled Tekemuzh to the first in a long row of skeletons. "I want to know how they died."

"Well," Tekemuzh coughed, "there's the problem, of course, that if they didn't die with any major trauma or any surge of aeth..." He trailed off as his fingers brushed the first skeleton. "Oh. Oh by the Three."

He sat back, trying to keep the contents of his stomach where they belonged. She had bled out, slowly and in pain, next to the still-warm corpse of her sister. She had died, bleeding aether into the very rock. "I think..." Tekemuzh swallowed and tried again. "I think it was a ritual."
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for [personal profile] clare_dragonfly's prompt here. Written last week and then forgotten in Written?Kitten!.

"This can't be right." Edaledalende leaned down from her saddle to study the map. "They've got us boxed in? When we have bridges here and here," she pointed, "and a pass here?"

"The problem is, Kalōkāt Lady Edaledalende, that our bridges cannot hold the weight of our soldiers and our pass is not large enough."

"And our engineers didn't think about this?"

The adjunct coughed. "We don't have any engineers in this unit, Kalōkāt Lady Edaledalende. There weren't any available."

"Well then." Edaledalende pursed her lips. "We should do something to fix that. But first, we have to win this battle."

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written to [personal profile] rix_scaedu's prompt here: Rin on finding out she can't escape being Empress.
Written rather after the extant stuff.

Rin had been staring at paperwork for well over four hours. She had every archivist, priest, librarian, scholar, and historian in the entity of Lannamer looking over the papers with her.

Finally, her distant cousin Indiekdiek shook his head. "It is possible. It would pass the inheritance on to one of them, however. And because they are not considered unsuitable, we couldn't simply get them removed from succession."

"And marrying Girey? That doesn't make me ineligible?"

"You married a prince." Indiek shook his head at her. "To quote the Empress Akatarinakata, 'it matters not why other nations seek to put crowns on their people. We will give them the courtesy of assuming they are at least as stringent as us.' Well, that's a bit of a paraphrase."

Rin looked over at the Empress Akatarinakata's biography. The woman had won wars riding at the very front of the raids. "I'm not going to argue with her, at least, no matter how long she's been dead."
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Discovery Part II
Part III
Part IV
Part V
I was aiming for exactly 77 words. :-)

Getting two ships close enough to converse, especially warships of very different designs, was not a quick process, and it was based in part on trust.

Captain Titrian & the garishly-dressed foreign captain relied instead on mutual curiosity and a great deal of hand-waving, while their ruler stood at the bow, smiling, accompanied by a nervous-looking attendant.

Titrian didn't blame the attendant. He had been listing the ways this could go wrong; he was up to thirty-seven.
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Discovery Part II
Part III
Part IV

Otondyoo was not pacing.

Otondyoo was not pacing, because they were close enough that they could see the foreign ship, and that meant the foreign ship could see them.

Otondyoo wanted to pace, because the foreign ship was crewed by - not Bitrani, they didn't look quite like Bitrani, but still - by tall people with sun-chapped redness over pale skin, hair in brown and blonde and a fiery red Otondyoo had never seen. Their clothes were in blue and grey and green, cut in strange ways, the pants only to the knee, the shirts leaving their arms bare. They must be freezing.

The Emperor was smiling, and if anything, that made Otondyoo want to pace even more. It was a vicious smile, not a diplomat's face. "Did you know, Otondyoo, that there's a particular artifact in the imperial treasury that claims to be able to read the color of a person's aether?"

"But people don't have aether, sir. The scholars determined that..."

"Indeed. Of course." The Emperor's smile grew. He passed the telescope to Otondyoo. "Tell me, what do you think they're feeling right now?"

Otondyoo had already looked at all of them. "I think they're cold, sir."

"Look again."

Obediently, Otondyoo looked again. "Their leader... I think their leader is worried. He keeps looking at us and then back to his first mate. And to the Calenyena-looking one they've got on the aft rigging."

"Indeed. Do you think they were expecting to find someone else?"

Otondyoo dropped the spyglass down to study the armament. "If they were, sir, they might have not been expecting them to be friendly."
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[personal profile] anke asked for birds.

I already have kahger a hunting bird of prey and kyahg, a nuisance scavenger/carnivore bird

There are, of course, dozens and dozens of birds. But I'll pick out one for fun.

Tiez is a bird, in general - winged thing, feathers, lays eggs.

TiezLibbaa is a songbird.

And TiezLibbaa Ekondonkee-rul, Ekondonkee's songbird, often called the tiez-kon, is a bright blue songbird who nests in the northern reaches of the continent. They are known for springtime song, and a family of them nested in the tent of the warlord Ekondonkee, who has since been forgotten except in the name of the bird.

/'tēz lib 'bä 'e kōn 'dōn kē 'rəl/


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