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Rix has a prompt call going on over here... and also over here... and also over here!

Prompting is free; tipping or signal boosting will get you extensions.

A Request!

Jan. 20th, 2017 09:23 am
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My friends,

Today I am going to ask you to talk about me (and then, in fairness, I am going to offer to talk about you).

By this point, all 70-some people who subscribe to this blog know about Edally; you know about MARKED; you know about Addergoole and you know about my Patreon.

(You probably also know about Lady Taisiya’s Fourth Husband, Desmond’s Climb, the Beekeeper, and my sporadic crossover fanfic, about Dragons Next Door, Aunt Family, the Space Accountant and Things Unknown… I could go on all day).

But I would like more people to know about all of those things, and not just because I like meeting new people.
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We went on a field trip Sunday!

So, we drove up to nearly where Sam grew up - about 3 hours, the northwest corner of the state, inasmuch as NY has corners. There's a rather big flea market there, that does a monthly EVEN BIGGER flea market. And we got stuff! Specifically, a picnic basket, a hand-held/hand-operated sewing machine, and a loaf pan of pumpkinyness. Total spent: $16.

And then we got REALLY GOOD ice cream and then we went to a Hyatt's (art supply store) and a BBQ store and... then we drove home and fell over. Good day, all in all.

  • Some Fun links I’ve encountered:

  • Do you Pinterest? I have three newish boards you might find interesting:

    • Addergoole Changes, which, you guessed it, has art depicting potential Changes for Addergoole and the fae apoc ‘verse. (Changes, if you don’t follow the setting, are the physical ways in which Ellehemaei (fae) are different from humans.) There’s a lot of Mermaids; I’d love to see some other suggestions if you find things.

    • Thimbleful Thursday collects all the little graphics I’ve made and posted so far for the Thimbleful Thursday & Tell-me Tuesday prompts

    • Reiassan Inspiration is a combination of garb and cultural references, brightly-colored clothing, and brightly-colored rest-of-the-world. Also braids, and there really ought to be some goats there. Again, please feel free to suggest anything you come upon that might be Reiassan-y.

  • Speaking of MCA Hogarth, if you have not checked out her Candy-Colored Kickstarter, you have just about three days to go for the neon goodness that it is.

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  • I got stung by a bee for the first time in my adult life the Sunday before this one.  The poor thing was probably just looking for something alive, considering the drought-ridden state of our yard.  Still, I’ve learned a) I’m still not allergic to bees (somewhat of a concern, as both my father & my maternal uncle had adult-onset of bee-sting allergies), b) there’s quite a range of non-allergy-based reactions to bee stings.  In this case, “where did my ankle bone go?”  It took about a week for the swelling to vanish — I have my foot back, finally! — and I am left with an itchy spot and a strong resolve to not get stung again.

  • I have gotten Thimbleful Thursday prompts scheduled out through the end of July 2018!  I wanted to make sure I had a year in the hopper after I, um, got distracted and forgot to post prompts from December through May.  I think I’m set, now.  I could ignore it for 2 years and it would still be there.

  • We are building a bed!  We bought a new mattress during July, going from a Queen (second-hand, 1000 years old) to a new foam California King (and when I put it “cali king,” I giggle every time) mattress.  Thus, need a new bedframe.  
    Because our bedroom is narrow and longish (7-½’ by 14-½’), we’re building a storage bed with drawer/carts coming out the long way — from the foot.  This is leading to a frame that looks something like an elongated E.  We’ve got the lumber; next stage… cutting!

  • You can make a Suicide Squad-style icon of yourself! Or, in my case, sort of a wishful-thinking self.

  • If you’re interested in paranormal romance, check out Selena Page.  I’ve beta-read both extant novellas, and there’s another one coming in August!

  • Cutthroat Kitchen fan?  Did you see this post from Jet Tila?

  • There’s still slots open — comment on Addergoole’s new site and get a ficlet in return.  Make the pretty new page look less lonely!

  • ...I really gotta get around to renewing my DW subscription...

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Check out Lucy Weaver's prompt call today:

I’m in the mood for action, for political intrigue, for space battles and sword fights and bishie boys. I will write at least 250 words per prompt, and may write more if the urge strikes me. I’ll be taking prompts from July 30-31
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Go check out [personal profile] lilfluff 's prompt call to the theme "alternatives."

He's taking prompts to his last two bingo cards, as well as more general prompts and "more of xxx"

Go prompt!  

Edit: Fluff has a landing page of sorts here which serves as a good starting place for his work.
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My friend's sister/my friend Alice just lost her job unexpectedly, and she could use a little help to get a new place:

Just today, my sister Alice was abruptly laid off from her job with no warning, leaving her with no income, no insurance, and an apartment she can't pay rent on without that last paycheck.

Plus, without that job, she's rushing to find someplace that she can not only afford, but can also find a new job from.

Please help Alice out if you can!
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So once you've scrolled down two posts and figured out your name in Calenyena, go over to [personal profile] inventrix's blog and see what your name would look like in Cal's unnamed conlang!
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[ profile] rix_scaedu has written Legacy and Legacy 2, set in my Reiassan setting during Edally Academy (Steampunk) era.

This came out of a backchannel conversation after this conlang post on underwear in Reiassan, and it gives a lovely picture of life in other parts of Calenta.
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My August Theme Poll is still open!

As of this moment, Fae Apoc (Setting) and cats (motif) are neck & neck!

If you haven't already read it, the last installment of Regine visits Doomsday is up, as is the next installment of the Narnia/Valdamar "Pevensies Visit Valdemar" fanfic.

And when you're done with that, check out [personal profile] inventrix's new serial, Red Crow Company and [personal profile] lilfluff's Unused Trope Bingo Card Revival Prompt Call!
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Inspector Caracal, known on Dreamwidth as [personal profile] inventrix, has begun a serial on Patreon!

To quote the Inventrix, Red Crow Company is an "episodic, action-y, heavily anime-inspired story about the titular mercenary company and the jobs they take." And as of its first episode, it's enthralling!

Check it out! Get in on the ground floor of an exciting new fandom! Then you can say "I liked it before it was world-famous."
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My friend Lucy Weaver (here she is on Patreon) is holding a prompt call here to help defray car expenses. Prompting is free; tipping gets you longer stories, as does being a Patreon patron.

Check it out!
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[personal profile] rix_scaedu is having a very important prompt call! (

Rix needs to raise money for a new laptop so that we can read the end of the Nai story ( (Which Rix writes on that laptop, which is dying). Go leave a prompt, leave a tip, enjoy the story, leave another tip ;-)

Right here:
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Rix Scaedu has a prompt call open! It is here - - and is themeless.

Prompting is free; signal boosting or tips get you more words or more prompts.

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I'm sure I've told you about [personal profile] clare_dragonfly's Patreon already.

But now, two more of my friends have Patreons as well!

Check out [personal profile] inventrix's here: Inspector Caracal Makes Awesome Things (and they're awesome, indeed).

And Lucy Weaver has Patreon here - read her lovely fiction!
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K Orion Fray, formerly the writer in my attic, has opened an Etsy shop!

Check it out: Azazel and Penemue. The product descriptions alone are worth a visit:

I've always found a certain solace in the evening, and you've always loved the forest on the edge of my mother's old farmstead's property. So I wanted to find a way to bring them together for you....
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Djinni's Icon Day!!!

What should I get what should I get what should I geeeet?

Edit what do I do for a Fairy Town icon??
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[ profile] rix_scaedu has a prompt call open from now through Monday morning her (Australian) time.

The theme is "change and the challenges and adventures that come out of it." Prompting is free; tipping gets you more words, as does signal boosting.

(Boost, boost.)

So go prompt!
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[ profile] rix_scaedu has a prompt call open!

Give a number 1-10 and a prompt. Signal boosting gets you more words; tipping gets you yet more words.

Go Prompt!
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Okay, so I was thinking - the last giraffe call ( made enough for an art!

And Mel has art options in her tipping thresholds.

Sooo... there's a lot of "more please" stories that came out of this Call. Ideas? I was thinking either the young princeling/his older Mentor; the ace prince & his ace rescuer, or the princess with her Very Very Angry Captive
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[personal profile] itsamellama has opened Icon Day Six!

Go check it out, tip, commission an icon. Then come back & help me figure out who I need an icon of next ;-)

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Read Special Visitor by [personal profile] inventrix, set in Doomsday Academy.

If you're reading Trix's stuff (or anything I link to), please remember to comment! Inventrix loves comments (as do many of us)!!
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Becka Sutton, @shutsumon, is crowdfunding her NaNoWriMo project!

Specifically, she is offering her readers a chance to read her NaNo project as she writes it, either with a one-time donation or becoming a Patreon Patron.

Check it out!
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The Artist Formerly Known as the Writer in my Attic, K Orion Fray ([personal profile] kissofjudas, is having a prompt call - here. The theme is "Ghosts and Spirits."
Prompting is free; tips buy story continuations.

And, in [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith's Tuesday Fishbowl, she wrote "The Age of Reasons" to my prompt. It hasn't been sponsored yet, but it's a lovely poem!
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The Kitchn: Advice for Eating on a Very Tight Budget

(we ate lots of rice and beans, and "splurged" on condiments when they were on sale. To this day you can see that echoed in our condiment selection, which is, ah, extensive).

Via M.C.A. Hogarth: Russian Scientists Build Monument To Honor Lab Rats

Now I want to read Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH again...

And FROM MCA Hogarth: Now Available: Not in Need of Quests, a Men in Fantasy Coloring Book!

You have GOT to look at this! It's beautiful!
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The-Writer-Formerly-in-My-Attic, K Orion Fray, has a Prompt Call open!

The theme is Back in the Saddle, and proceeds go to help Ri resaddle (defray car expenses) after a recent move.

Prompting is free; tips open up incentive levels and get you more words.
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Today's theme is "healing & growth."

The call is here.

Leave a prompt (or several) and Ysabet will write a poem to your prompt.
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[ profile] lb_lee is hosting a call for prompts on the theme of "service and servitude" here.

Prompting is free; stories can be sponsored to be posted.
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The Writer-Moving-Out-of-My-Attic has posted a lovely Inspiration Wednesday post:

But what if you’re absolutely feeling burnt out and desperately need away from it all?

…Well, it sounds to me like you need a vacation. You need to have an adventure.

It's a nice one, and one I plan to try.
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Djinni has an Icon Day Open!

What what what do I want?

Recent "need an icon" that have come up:

* Reynard
* Baram
* Saydrie/Enrie
* Lyn-the-writer (less important)
* clockwork Apoc

Also, go get an icon for yourself!
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[personal profile] k_a_webb has a raffle open:

Comment on any piece of her fiction, or link on Twitter/Facebook/Tumblr/etc to any piece of fiction to get an entry.

The prize starts at 5000 words and goes up depending on the number and type of entries.
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K Orion Fray has a Prompt Call open for fiction - the theme is revenge.

[personal profile] inventrix is looking for demifiction prompts for her Saeland (Invisible Dragons) setting.

And I'm looking for demifiction prompts for my Reiassan (Edally, Rin & Girey) setting
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Quest to Karantiri begins today with Chapter One - here.

Rion's new serial is set in a fantasy world, following young Celita as she learns new & exciting things about the world around her.
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A few minutes ago I mentioned that my friend Wysteria was doing a prompt call (here).

She has written Foreign Streets to my prompt!


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