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Written to eseme‘s prompt.  This comes after Tangles and Knots, Snarls and Combs. 


There were bits of Tattercoats everywhere.

Sometimes literally: pieces of his coat tended to come off in the strangest places, so that he was always sewing on new bits.  Sometimes figuratively: a book

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“So,” Winter explained to his younger sisters, “the world is like a giant spaghetti squash.” He jammed his fork into their dinner. “Everything looks solid, right? But,” he twisted the fork, “if you grab thing just the right way, you can see how it’s all made of long strands. Except in the case of the world, the strands are magic.”

His three younger sisters, used to taking Big Brother as the authority on everything, were still dubious.

The siblings Winter, Autumn, Summer, and Spring each manipulate and read the strands of the world in their own way, while attempting to live within the world as normally as possible. The Stranded World is contemporary fantasy, slice-of-life with a magical overtone, following the threads of their lives.

These stories are primarily one-shot pieces bouncing around the lives of the four siblings.

Good stories to Start With
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February Worldbuilding Q7
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Stories include:
When the Time Comes Around (turn, turn, turn) (LJ) all four siblings.
The Language of the Strands (LJ) Eugenia/Meta

Freedom - Autumn/Winter
The Deep Inks (Autumn)
Revived (Autumn), sponsor for $25
Pastiche (LJ), a vocab drabble
One for the Road, Autumn being musical
Bringing Home the Bacon (LJ), Autumn and men

Community Lines (Winter and Autumn)
Holding the Ways (Winter and Autumn), sponsor for $7
Love Meme (LJ) (Autumn and Winter)
Stepping Around, a drabble (Autumn)
Lines of the City (LJ)
Laying the Foundation (LJ)
Enclosed (Autumn)
Keeping a Hold on Things (Autumn, following Enclosed)
Kith and Kin (LJ), Autumn's travels
Beautiful Morning (LJ), Autumn and Tattercoat
Marked (LJ), Autumn and Tattercoat negotiate their relationship. - not finished yet!
Love Letters (LJ) Autumn and her love
Colder Weather (LJ), Autumn in a triste moment, related to Love Letters
Not That Kind Of Girl (LJ)

Tangles & Knots (LJ)
Untangling Knots (LJ) after Tangles & Knots

Having Fun, Autumn and Spring at Faire, followed by
Orange Juice (DW), Autumn and Spring AFTER Faire.
Spring Equinox, another individual at her Faires
Rude Roommates (LJ) Autumn, and Ghosts
At the Movies (LJ) Autumn, with more ghosts
Stranded in Winter (LJ)
Like this and Like that (LJ) Autumn dances

Ax Fight
Mud Fight

The Deep Inks is also my nanowrimo novella for 2011:
part i here / or here
part ii here / or here
part iii here / or here
part iv here / or here
please ping me if you'd like to be included on the beta filter.
Nano XII (LJ)
part ix here/ here
part x here/ here
part xi here/ here

South Like Medea's Toga (Summer) and
Horse's Mouth (Summer, directly following Medea) - - available in Tales for the Sugar Cat
Meeting the Parents (LJ) - Summer and her dates.
Fishing (LJ) Summer, Bishop, and Mellie.
Roses (LJ Summer
"Straight Now?" (LJ), Summer's friend Basil
14th Shot, someone else at their theatre club
Icon Flash: Summer
Seeking roommate (LJ) Summer, Bishop, Add
Evening in the Sunset (LJ) Summer, Melinda, Bishop

Summer on the Half-Shell
Summer off the Half-Shell

A Favorite Place - Autumn/Summer
Summer Description & Djinni Signal Boost (LJ)

the Water Knot (LJ), Summer and Winter
Inveigle (LJ), a vocab drabble

Tangled (Spring)
Day Job, Spring, following Tangled
Tangling isn't just a walk in the park (LJ) Spring & Lance
Normalizing - Spring in school
Chilly Spring

The Way Things Flow (LJ), a story of Winter - sponsor the next section for $15
Order (LJ) an Iconflash for Winter

Preparing for Thanksgiving (DW) - all four siblings
The Family that Knots Together (LJ) - Just after Preparing
Five Visits (LJ - the whole family
The Unexpected Gift (LJ), Autumn & Tattercoats
A Christmas of Melancholy (LJ)

Bingo! (LJ) 5 100-word stories, including one Stranded

Fiametta, a story in the same 'verse, not the same family.

Icons by [ profile] djinni are of Autumn, Winter, Summer, and Spring

Picture of Autumn by [personal profile] meeks -

Winter and Spring
Winter and Spring
Art by [profile] elmenora
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The Deep Inks is/was my November 2011 Nano novel. I got to 50K...

This is a story of Stranded world, Autumn. The landing page is here -

Even with his hands broken, he was still trying to yank strands. Autumn could see the way he was pulling, reaching. Not trying to commit suicide. No, he was stalling. "Buddies coming?"

"I'm not the only one who understands. And Alex isn't the only one with the cleansing gift."
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For [ profile] kc_obrien's prompt.

Stranded world, after her other Christmas story
“I’m afraid,” her mother told her, before she’d managed to stop crying, “that this Yule may only get stranger.”

“Stranger?” she asked, tucking the box with the pendant in a pocket. “I’m not sure I can handle that.”

“You’re a strong girl, Autumn. You’ve always been the strongest of my children.”

“I…” That was a weird thing to say, and she wasn’t sure it was true. But with Tattercoats’ gift still sitting heavily in her pocket, she just nodded. “What is it, Mom?”

“Your father left you a gift.”
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For [ profile] rix_scaedu's prompt.

Stranded world, after the Thanksgiving stories of recent.

Autumn’s mother greeted them warmly, hugging Gregor as if he was her own son, which, considering how often he showed up at family events, he might as well be. “Merry Christmas, Gregor. Merry Christmas, Autumn. Two holidays in a row! Truly I’m blessed.”

“Thank you, Mom.” Autumn smiled uncertainly at her mother’s effluvient happiness. “Summer said she wasn’t coming home for this one…?”

“Neither Summer nor Winter, but Spring will be home soon with her young man. I put your mail on your bed, honey.”

“Mail?” She blinked. “It came here and not my drop box? I’m sorry, Mom, I tried to get everything routed so it didn’t bother you…”
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This takes place at least a year after the nano-book, and a bit after most of the other stories of this family. Each of the dates, except Gregor, have appeared before.

"If it's too much, I'll understand." Encountering his family for the first time was certainly something to be ready for, entirely aside from the cultural connotations of "bringing a girl home to meet his mother." "But I would love to have your company, and my mother would love to meet Mila and Henry." He gave Marina his best charming smile. "For all of our oddities, we're a family of very good cooks."

"As long as you're certain it's no imposition, and as long as I can bring something," Marina decided, helped, he was sure, by the way her children were bouncing up and down and making puppy eyes at her.

"I'll be sure to find out what we're lacking this time. Thank you, Marina. I'm so glad you said yes."
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For [ profile] skjam's prompt.

Stranded World and Autumn, though I don't know just when. Stranded has a landing page - here (or on LJ)

Commenters: 6

The little town had one of those old-style movie theaters with one viewing room, the sort that showed whatever blockbuster they could get 3 months late and stayed alive mainly because the nearest real theatre was over an hour away.

Autumn could accept that; a lot of small towns had business that stayed open that way. The weird part was – well, the weird part began with the movie on the marquis, which was an unpopular horror movie from three summers back. That everyone in the town – and that was the second weird part – seemed to be going to see, at the 3 o’clock showing. The whole town.

Autumn waited until the 5 p.m. showing, paid the bored ticket-taker, and settled in to her seat. She was the only one in the theatre, as the creepy, badly-edited film worked its way around to the first murder, and the second… and then she wasn’t. A presence settled down into a seat next to her, and the film began to change.Read more... )
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For [ profile] wyld_dandelyon's prompt.

Stranded World and Autumn, though I don't know just when. Stranded has a landing page - here (or on LJ)

Commenters: 7

"No, I don't mean walking through a ghost will give you a chill, or take ten years off your life, or any of that sort of nonsense. I mean it's rude." Autumn pursed her lips at the difficult man who was, of all things, arguing with her about the paranormal while trying to haggle her down on a particularly complex original piece of art. A charmed piece, at that, which suggested to her that he knew more than he was saying about both the art and the paranormal.

"Rude?" He raised an eyebrow in what had to be a studied expression of disdain. "You're talking about being rude to the dead?"

And now she had him. She smirked at him, and set aside the artwork, which would find its proper home in due time. "Well, sir, that's a common thread throughout many cultures, isn't it? It's certainly considered rude to 'speak ill of the dead,' for one; it's considered proper to honor a dying person's wishes, and we pay homage to the dead in their cemeteries, do we not?"
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Sep. 25th, 2011 12:39 pm
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Iconflash! Today's icon:

Stranded World, Autumn.

Icon by [personal profile] dhamphir

This is the prequel to Love Letters and Colder Weather, and comes after this story.

Guys, I am ensaddened that Meeks' sketch of Autumn (DW) has not yet received the 6 commentors required to get a clean-up. So, for every comment, signal boost, or donation this (or any of her sketches of my stories) get, I will write 100 more words of this story.

“Lady Fall, again?”

“You’re always wishing me ill,” Autumn answered without turning. It let her hide the ridiculously gleeful smile. “Tattercoats, I did not think to see you again so soon.”Read more... )
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I have a signal boost and three new comments on [personal profile] meeks' sketch of Autumn, so Autumn's story will continue throughout the evening. I've posted one all four new 100-word segments already!

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New flash series! I'm going to write one flash for every Icon I have, over 4 LJ accounts, 1 DW, and a whole bunch of not-currently-in-use, until I get bored or run out of icons.

(Yes, if you want to make me an icon to get me to write a flash about it, you can. In that case, I'll even write 2x as much!)

I'm starting with DW, in alphabetical order. Today's icon:

Stranded World, Autumn.

Icon & Art by [ profile] djinni

Also [community profile] dailyprompt "perched precariously on a ladder" and "beautiful morning".

This is the prequel to Love Letters and Colder Weather.

“Beautiful morning, m’lady.” The bard passing through waved up at Autumn, who, perched precariously on a ladder, was trying to get her sign hung. Read more... )
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For the 30 Days Meme Second Semester, for the prompt "25) write a story set in a library."

Stranded World (LJ), Autumn

The weather was brutal, and the festival had been more-or-less cancelled. Autumn had still shown up, still set up her booth, but once she lost two pieces to the wind-blown rain, she gave up and closed up shop. Nobody was coming out in this weather, anyway.

There wasn’t much in the small town to do – a café, three churches, and a Chinese-take-out-place – so she headed for the library, ducking in just as the rain began coming down in buckets. She stood dripping in the lobby for a moment, not wanting to endampen the books.

“Oh, you poor dear!” A woman in her middle-second-century or so that had to be the librarian bustled out with a towel, wrapping it around Autumn’s shoulders. “Are you here with the festival? That poor, silly farce of a festival?” She moved her free hand surreptitiously in a pattern that, to a layperson, would probably just look like nervous hand-fluttering.
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I took this vocabulary test, and was, being me, a bit miffed at the words I didn't know. But I wrote them down, so I have a new word-a-day for the next month! (I'm not sure how I didn't know this one, honestly)

Today's word is Pastiche

1: a literary, artistic, musical, or architectural work that imitates the style of previous work; also : such stylistic imitation
2 a : a musical, literary, or artistic composition made up of selections from different works : potpourri
b : hodgepodge
— pas·ti·cheur noun

Origin of PASTICHE
French, from Italian pasticcio

This one was actually hard to find a setting to use it in.

Dinner was, because we were feeling artistic, a pastiche: Indian spice mixes, Polish sausage, Japanese rice. American-grown wine of German grapes topped it off.

Not quite... Hrmm..

"Your work seems to be a pastiche, an imitation of several famous styles..." The customer, probably a college kid and his eyes trailing over Autumn's tattoos rather than the art on the table, kept going, but Autumn had stopped paying attention. When he stopped talking, she asked, as gently as she had patience for (not much; it had been a long day and her feet hurt),

"So, you like it?"

He coughed, and blushed crimson. "...yeah."
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For the 30 Days Meme Second Semester, for the prompt "7) prompt: frigid."

Stranded World, Autumn. Landing page here and on LJ

He said I wanna see you again
But I'm stuck in colder weather
Maybe tomorrow will be better
Can I call you then

Autumn did not like cold weather, a contradiction to her name that some mistakenly found ironic (she’d given up explaining that she and her seasonal sib’s names were meant to be part of a complex allegory; it never helped). She planned her circuit of fests, fairs, and shows in a roving loop that left her in the North in the hottest parts of summer, and brought her to the South for winter. She spent the few really cold times staying with friends; her van had plenty of insulation, but it was still a van-RV, not really a cold-weather vehicle.
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For the 30 Days Meme Second Semester, for the prompt "4) prompt: one for the road"

Stranded World, Autumn. Landing page here and on LJ

“…roll your leg over, roll your leg over. Roll your leg over, it’s better… that… way.”

The pub sing had gone from bawdy to maudlin and now had settled back into a maudlin sort of bawdy, the last of them shutting down the bar with increasingly silly lyrics, remembered or made up on the spot, to an old favorite.

“If all the young ladies were big wooden stairs,”
belted out Tiny Janice. The tourists were gone, and even most of the regulars. By tomorrow, the Shire would be an empty cluster of wooden pavilions, its denizens scattered to the four winds. “They’d go up mine, and I’d go up theirs.” A transient fellowship, they laughed like old friends with strangers they might never see again.
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I am taking prompts tonight; this is from [personal profile] kc_obrien's prompt "Brining home the bacon"

Stranded World, Autumn

Autumn chuckled to herself every time she picked up bacon for dinner.

"Bringing home the bacon," she murmured, although most nights, it was only to herself and the quiet walls of her van/RV/studio/home. "I'm such a good husband."

It was a private joke, between herself and the thing that served her in lieu of a conscience: she was the good housewife, the good kid, the good husband. She was bread-winner and bread-baker and, in the end, bread-eater and crumb-picker too.

It wasn't her only one-person inside joke, of course. She spent a lot of time, most of her life, really, alone with her own thoughts. On the road all the time - she spent, on average, a week with each of her siblings each year, and a week with Mom around Christmastime - she rarely had company with any staying power. Most people liked to have roots, a roof, a solid foundation. Most people liked to know what their role was. Autumn shook all that up.Read more... )
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[community profile] kink_bingo - G-1 - phonesex/epistolary - from my card.

Stranded World; Autumn in a private moment. Stranded has a landing page (LJ Link)

The mail drop was hidden in a hole in a tree, twisted around with magic to keep the squirrels from using their letters as nesting, to keep prying eyes from seeing.

One function that Autumn and several other itinerates of her ilk served was as couriers. E-mail could be read, phones tapped, postal mail interrupted. Messages travelling by courier were far less susceptible to tampering or loss; second best were messages left in strand-locked mail drops like this, then moved to the next drop by courier.
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From [community profile] dailyprompt and Stranded World.

It had the feel of an optical illusion, this party. People moved around in that way that they do, chatting, sliding from grouping to grouping, finger foods to drinks to bathroom to the best jokes. They moved as if everything was normal.

Autumn, in the center of the party through no volition of her own, tried to mimic their movements, tried to ignore the niggling feeling that she didn't belong here. Of all her siblings, why did it have to be her? Summer was an actress; she could fake this better. Spring, Spring loved being in the middle of the hoity-toity, the rich, the well-bred. And Winter was implacable. But here she was, Autumn, the gypsy artist, the vagabond with the wind-blown hair, trying to pretend she belonged.

She'd been invited, of course, or she probably wouldn't have made it through the front door. Her younger sisters had consulted on her outfit, and she looked as if her dress, at least belonged. Since the dress looked like it belonged to her, the illusion seemed to pass: this dress passes muster, thus its wearer must as well. And she'd kept the ink to a bare minimum for the occasion.
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From [community profile] dailyprompt: "knowing where your towel is."

Autumn/Stranded world, goes along with Enclosed

“The shawl is a new look for you,” Anja commented over tea.

Autumn plucked the edge of the rainbow-hued garment in question, tucked around her hips like a skirt. “Always know where your towel is,” she explained cryptically. “Besides, Aunt Happy knit it for me.”

“Aaah.” Autumn’s Aunt Happenstance making something was reason enough to hold onto it; she was a Weaver. But Anja still tilted her head. “Hitch-hiker’s guide? I didn’t figure you for a fan - and, besides, your towel’s a bit prettier and a bit more handcrafted than Ford’s.”

“Well, it’s also more socially acceptable.” She smoothed the cloth, feeling she owed her old friend more explanation. “The book has a couple good points, even if I’m not a fan. And, face it, I live an essentially itinerant lifestyle. A multi-tasker that I never have to leave behind is a pretty useful thing to have around.”

She should have left it at “Aunt Happy.” Anja, no fool, raised one questioning eyebrow. “Autumn, what happened?”

She slumped a bit in the patchwork Queen Anne chair. “Someone stole my van last month at Rhinebeck.”

“Oh, god, the poor thing! What did you do with the body?”

Autumn glowered over her scone at her friend. “An, my van does not eat people.”

“No, no, of course not, but it’s been known to chew on them.”

“Only a little, and only when they really deserved it.”

“So, I repeat, what did you do with the body?”

“I drove him to the hospital,” she admitted in a mutter. “But it took me three days to find him – and the van.”

“Aaaah.” And the lovely thing about friends like Anja was that they really did understand. “Thus the sudden connection to portable belongings. Where are you hiding the tent?”
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There was a hole in the universe. Autumn stared at it, curious and a little bit horrified. Sometimes the strands split a little bit, letting things leak through from one world to another, but this was a genuine hole, visible not just in the stranding, but to mundane sight.

This couldn’t be good. And yet, it could be very interesting. She eyed the edges of the portal thoughtfully. It was just a bit wider than her shoulder-span, maybe three feet tall, and glowing blue around the edges. She could step through it easily. (Anyone could step through it easily; it was hanging out there plain as day).

She ought to call a weaver to seal it. And she would, right? She grinned wickedly to herself, feeling more wild than she had in years, as she stepped through the portal.

She had been standing in a hayfield; she tripped as she stepped through onto a mountainous cliff. Strange; the world-holes she’d stepped through before had been mirror-worlds, not all that different in the broad details. This didn’t even feel like home; the strands were different, the air was different. She took a steadying step forward.

Ahead of her, a proud-looking woman hailed her in an unfamiliar language. She was, it seemed, astride a very tall, broad-backed, saddled… goat?


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