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1. Introduction
Desmond’s World
The world Desmond lives in is on the cusp of industrialization, a word in which most people don’t believe magic exists. Poverty, class struggle, hunger, and crowding are, however, all too real.

The nation Desmond lives in is isolated on all four sides: on three sides by nearly-impassible mountains, and on the fourth by an ocean which is inhospitable and almost entirely non-traversable. It’s a small nation, seven days’ travel by horse long from pass to pass and three days’ travel by horse wide at the widest.

While magic is not believed to exist, it underlies everything, just as the tight isolation, the high price of any trade goods, and the stratified class society do.

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Now I wonder if magic was everywhere, or isolated to certain places? The natural boundaries in Desmond's country are ones that mages traditionally like. If so, no small part of the bad history of magic may well have been mages fighting over the rather desirable real estate involved. (Not that it makes things any better for the rest of the population.) But are there still mages elsewhere, uncollared, who aren't overpowered semi-feral humans?


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