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When I was in college, I learned a planning style that occasionally I re-remember.

This was during my Technical Writing class, and it was designed for planning a writing/publishing project, such as an advertisement brochure.

Turns out, it works pretty well for actually plotting out things like… renovations, too.

And spring is sort of coming now.  So I’m starting to figure out the planning for some of our extant projects.

They’re big ones.  I mean, it’s a house and I want to redo everything in it eventually.

(probably even the bedroom that we did first, because the walls still need redoing and we still don’t really have a closet.)

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I'm still doing LetterMo (and InCoWriMo)!  As of today I have mailed out 22 letters/postcards/cards (with one ready to go in the mail), received 3 replies and one letter-not-a-reply, and drawn castles, maps, lava, clouds, and barns.

I've talked about the weather a lot, Ithaca, winter activities, and whatever else came to mind - including often the paper or card I was writing on.

And Friday and today, as a reward for finishing my work self-evaluation and then for getting the taxes done and sent, I bought a bunch of stationery. 

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This month — as I did 2 years ago — I am participating in A Month of Letters / International Correspondence Writing Month.

The goals of these two remarkably similar things are, respectively:

Mail something every day the post runs in February; reply to every letter you get.
handwrite a l

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(A Blog Post)

I am wrapping up my fifth bullet journal — all but the first holding 6 months each; for the first I used the back of an old notebook I’d had lying around (everyone has those, right?) as a test.

I love it.  

I mean, considering I've kept something up for over two years

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Content Warning: The below discusses family issues, death, disconnection, drama, and pain.  It's as close to unfiltered as I get on a public space.


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I’ve been thinking about audience lately.

(Hi, Audience!)

So some of what I’ve been thinking is how things like Rin & Girey started out as this entirely self-indulgent story, and how now it’s one of my most in-depth worlds (Addergoole/Fae Apoc is THE most in depth, but that’s because of t

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Spring is coming!  Dun-dun-dun.

I know this because the calendar says so, even if what the yard says is “hey, have another two inches of snow, since you haven’t had any in a whole day and a half.”

My yard is very helpful like that!

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This morning, around 6 a.m., I woke up to a silent house, a blank display on my alarm clock, and a cold nose.

Last night, while we were making dinner, I got the robo-call telling me that my university job (which “never closes” and has closed twice in the two winters I’ve worked there) was close

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Jan. 23rd, 2018 06:25 pm
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DialMforMara suggested that I blog about plants, and here I am.

I bury my toes in loam-dark soil; 

I walk barefoot through the dirt my ancestors farmed. 
That is the part I easily remember of a poem I wrote in high school, when the assignment was roots.

Yeah, but it took me more

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@DialMforMara prompted me
Write about the sensory experience of drinking your favorite tea or coffee.


If it’s my mug, it’s the best. I tested every mug in the craft festival until I found one that my hands wrapped around perfectly.

The pain in my joints fades. Any chill - there is often chill - is banished. I put the mug against my sternum and breath in the steam and my breathing is easier, my chest hurts less. Everything is calm.

The taste, when it cools enough to drink, is slightly bitter, a tannic brew that clears my throat and wakes my brain. The smell is lighter than the taste - it smells mostly of the steam, most days. Even with the cool enough to drink, the mug is comfortable, nice against my hands. Thick ceramic, it holds the heat for a long time.

Coffee is a drug and a calorie delivery system. Tea is slower, clearer, feeling more like clearing out, cleaning out. My lungs feel more open. My brain feels more open. I take another sip. I take another moment to hold the mug.

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So, let me tell you about my summer!


So far, Summer 2017 has involved medical foo, home renovations, surprise!funeral and not-a-surprise godbaby.

Medical Foo I have blogged a bit about in That Was Spinal Tap and That Was Spinal Tap Two.  I’ve also fic’d and freewrote about it in Diagnostic Machine and Just A Little Structural Rot.

The long and the short of it: After more doctor visits, blood tests, and spinal taps than seems reasonable or even probable (and two MRIs), I have a diagnosis and will start drug treatment soon.  It’s not a thrilling diagnosis, but, to quote Arnold, it’s not a tumor. (It’s not a baby either.  I don’t think they’d need a spinal tap to tell that one).

I now have three weeks without blood draws or doctor visits, and if my dentist calls, I’m going to tell them I’m out of the country for a while.  Or something.  No more co-pays kthnxbai.

Did I really just say kthnxbai?  Please forgive me.  

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Summer is cranking on and it’s nearly August!

July was a bit of a mess for me — see That was Spinal Tap — but I’ve been trucking away!

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The poll has spoken! And Magical Dates is the motif for August.
This can be about magic on the calendar, dates that get sparkles, dating a magical girl/boy...

It’s going to be a sparkly month!

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Originally posted April 17, 2012.


"So what are we doing again?"

"Lost Day!" Raquel, Smith Tertia Vestis, grabbed Ward, Jones Secondus Ludicrum, by the hand, dragging him down the hall of the megacomplex.

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(I shall try to get a photo, I promise)

We have a sink and faucet!

(New ones, that is, and finally installed.)

This project, like all home improvement projects, expanded and expanded and expanded - but it's done. Well, at least for the moment.

So, problem one: Our walls are nearly-solid wood, not studs. They're 2"x~15", 16"-on-center.

That means the sink plumbing does down, not into the wall and then down.

That means our solid-bottom pedestal doesn't fit, 'cause the solid bottom would go right over the encased-in-cement drain!

So, fix one: we bought two ~4"x4x"x24" pieces of very pretty maple, sanded, stained, and polyurethaned them. Instant (ha) stand-out.

Then we got food poisoning.

Then the P-trap didn't have a down, because plumbing goes into the wall.

Then the hot water didn't work.


It took - well, don't ask, but it took 2 weeks of working on it regularly, but now we have a beautiful functioning sink.

Next step: toilet. Wish us luck!
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Because I wanted to, I wrote up my witch'sona

Picture her in the woods, because that's where she was born.

There's a giant maple tree there, with roots that have pushed out of the surrounding loam, and that's where she's sitting. Communing.

Her hair is brown-and-ash, the color of the bark, and her skirts are green-and-brown, like the moss and the fallen leaves. Thistle-purple lace peeks out from under her skirts, and from under her sleeves, which are long and leather, to fend off the sharp things that live in the woods.

Her feet are bare, because some sharp things are worth enduring to know what the lay of the land is, and her stocking cap is long and striped, the pompom at the tip getting lost in her hair.

She doesn't smile, but her expression is calm, and her hands are still. This is where she belongs.
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When I wrote this for [ profile] Capriox_B & [ profile] talikan yesterday, I told Cap I was having trouble keeping Addergoole and other inappropriate things out of it. So here's the speech, with a few [additions]. All my love to both of them once again.

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This weekend, I went on a wine tour (my first like official, someone-else-drives, lots-of-people wine tour) for a co-worker's birthday, and she took pictures of me I actually like!

And thus my [ profile] thornewrites (twitter) and Patreon have shiny new pictures of me.

In blue, of course. Because blue.
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The Meme Master Post

G is for Gifts, both given and got

When I was a kid, my maternal grandmother gave my mother striped pastel towels for Christmas. My mom responded politely, and I don't think I noticed until we got home (Because *I* thought they were awesome) and my dad was ribbing Mom. But Mom didn't like the towels. "Oh. Thank you. Striped towels."

In our house, it became code for gifts you didn't really want.

I remember an earlier situation - two, actually. One year, my maternal family gave me a Raggedy Ann doll for Christmas, and then my father's family gave me a similar Raggedy Ann doll later in the day. I don't remember /doing/ it, but I clearly remember being teased about throwing the second doll aside, being completely non-interested.

That's when I learned you weren't supposed to be less than enthusiastic about any gift.

A later time - Cabbage Patch Doll time, for those who remember the time and theme - my maternal family gave me a knock off Cabbage Patch. I remember being sort of disappointed by it, because the way the face was molded looked like it had a runny nose. But I remember naming it and trying gamely to love it. And then my paternal family gave me a real Cabbage Patch doll, one my father's step-father had stood in line for - and the woman in that family gave him shit because it was a boy doll. I didn't care. I loved it.

Quite some time later: we were helping a friend move, a friend who we'd given quite a few years of New Years' gifts. Among the "discard" piles were at least two of these gifts. Now... some of his gifts had gotten quietly regifted, too. But it still stuck with me as a bit of a slap, even though I know it hadn't been intended that way.

When I pick out gifts for people, I am always thinking about striped towels and trying, hard, not to be the person giving tone-deaf gifts. When I get gifts, it's - well, you know, sometimes people do give you striped towels. Sometimes it's because they don't know you, sometimes it just doesn't hit as well as they expected. But you still smile, and you're still pleased. They tried, after all.

I wonder how much of this Amazon Wish Lists help mitigate, for everyone involved. It always feels a bit like cheating to me - like you couldn't Know the Right Gift. On the other hand, it means you're unlikely to be giving striped towels. Unless, you know, you've got pastel striped towels on your wish list.
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It occured to me this morning - at 3 a.m., whilst feeding the cats - that the difference between "oh, god, it's only Wednesday" and "oh, good, it's only Wednesday" is just one letter and a world of attitude.

I've been trying not to lose my time pushing for the weekend, so I'm thinking hard about that difference. "oh, good..." I have three more days to work on deadlines, I have more time to wrap gifts before Last Christmas, I have more time to get stuff done at work. I have more time to go to the gym.

I can work with that.


Speaking of gym, I've worked out using my tablet + the treadmill as a walking desk. Problem is, it has to be one specific treadmill (or two, if they ever fix the second one like that); the others don't have enough of a "shelf" to support the tablet's keyboard.

On the positive side, it's really really fun!


It's so cold out... (how cold is it, Lyn?)

So cold my hair freezes when I go to my car (that's pretty normal, Lyn).

So cold the schools keep closing (that's not that unusual, either).

So cold that when I took Oli outside, he lasted a minute before politely asking to go inside - and that, that is strange.


And... Mobbing Midnight! It's getting there, it's getting there.

I'm really excited about this, guys. Not just because it'll pay me SFWA professional rates. Not just because I get to be in an anthology with some awesome authors. But because it's outside of my normal story, and I like being challenged. I never would have written this particular story without this anthology, and I think that's awesome.

For $12, you can not only help me get closer to two of my new years' resolutions, you can also have a lovely anthology full of great stories. I'd call that a win-win situation.

On tumblr? Reblog this post for a chance at a free copy of all three anthologies - not just Mobbing Midnight, but Fight Like a Girl and What Follows (featuring my story "Monster Godmother!")

Want to buy all three anthologies? ($25) Do it before Friday 2/20, and Fireun will record something - anything - for you.
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I recently started following on tumblr, and there is discussion about how white people often have trouble "relating" to characters of color in fiction.

And it got me thinking.
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I've been watching [ profile] haikujaguar's talk of her walking desk with quite a bit of interest. I have a desk job, a desk second-job (writing), and, in the winter especially, sedentary hobbies (reading, TV).

Space & money constraints mean such a thing isn't in the cards for me right now. But I have this lovely tablet I bought for myself for Black Friday (Samsung Galaxy 4.0 Nook) and this lovely keyboard for said table my parents bought me for Christmas....

...and it works. I wouldn't want to try balancing anything bigger on the treadmill's magazine rack, and it only works on two treadmills at my gym (one of which is out of order perpetually), but I got on the right treadmill yesterday and wrote 569 words in 30 minutes. Not my top rate, surely, on either writing or calorie burning. But fun!

It's a case where multi-tasking actually does good. I like it. :-)

Now if only I could write while I drove...
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The Meme

Today's prompt is from [personal profile] inventrix: Christmas plans!

Man, I was just thinking that I wanted to have enough money to fly all my friends to my place for New Year's.

(For years, a friend hosted a holiday party on New Year's Eve --> New Year's Day where we all drank too much & opened presents. It was awesome. But he moved to CT, got married, & has 18 (4) kids.)

First: Christmas is more of a season than a day for me. In part because of things like the aforementioned New Year's Eve party, in part because my Troy friends will show up sometime in... oh, maybe February or March to do Christmas, and in part because I'm so bad at this gift-buying/making thing that some of you will be getting presents in the mail well into early January!

That being said, I think I'm (we're) (T's plans are up in the air until about the morning of) going to visit my parents Christmas Eve morning, then probably (I should remember to send an e-mail) visiting Capriox at Tim Horton's, as has become our new Christmas Eve tradition.

Every year I mean to find a church that does a candlelight ceremony on Christmas eve locally, and every year I forget. Maybe next year.

T. and I don't really do "gift exchange;" so we've already given each other our gifts.

Oh! Christmas Day, we're going to go see Hobbit III. We've seen a movie in the theatres almost every Christmas we've been together, some better than others. I'm hoping this counts as at least a decent one. :-)

What about everyone else? What are your holiday plans?
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The Meme

Today's prompt is from [personal profile] lilfluff: Your favorite games


I like games, although I am not the board game fanatic that some of my friends are. I grew up playing gin rummy with my dad, Uno with my grandmother, Yahtzee with family & Monopoly whenever I could get people to play with me. My first fiance and I played Pente a lot, and he made a stab at teaching me chess, but i have little patience for strategy.

And, of course, I'm a gamer, so there's things like World of Darkness - Vampire, Werewolf, Changeling, etc., in primarily Live-action but also tabletop forms. I'm facinated by EarthDawn/ShadowRun but have never played them. And, while we're talking about roleplaying, I enjoy playing in my own settings most of all.

Computer games: I try not to get too involved, or I lose months. I liked Flight Rising until they were mean to Djinni, at which point I lost interest completely. I was utterly into Glitch until they folded, much sadface all around. And currently I'm into FarmVille, much to my enjoyment and consternation.

Games! I like playing Scrabble with my husband, although he almost always wins. And we've been playing Carcasonne lately, and I really enjoy that a lot.

I suppose "my favorite" game is the one I'm into at the moment, whatever moment that might happen to be.
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The Meme

[personal profile] kelkyag's topic was: Fire.

I like this one! (I've liked all of 'em so far). But this one...

Okay, if you believe in Zodiac, Aries is a fire sign. And, whatever the birthday on the LJ/DW/Twitter says, I'm an Aries. (So's my husband. We get along just fine, and yes, people have asked).

As a kid/teen, I thought that I was an earth sign inundated by water, or perhaps the other way around, and in the end, I think maybe I just like nature.

But fire, at the moment: fascinated by it. I grew up heating with wood, fire, and we heat with wood now, so I don't have a lot of ~romance~ attached to fire: it involves buying or cutting down wood, hauling it, chopping it, hauling it some more, cussing at it, and then getting it going so you can enjoy it.

But when you're done, you have this magical thing you can stare at. And that's just hypnotic. Meditative, even (<.<).

Candles, too. I love candles. I love playing with the wax and the flame, lighting things on fire - I once lit a napkin on fire (mostly on accident) at a restaurant. I like the light. I like the warmth and the way it changes things around it.

I'm not particularly coherent about fire, I suppose. But I like it, a lot. And not just because it's what's keeping me warm right now.
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It's that time of year again. The time when I start doing everything to prep for NaNoWriMo except actually outline my story (or, in this case, stories). I've downloaded calendars. Lots of calendars. All the calendars, some of them from 2009. (For wallpapers, you see). I've figured out how to do my wordcount, what wordcount I want to do, and what days I'm going to assume I won't get any writing done. I downloaded a new wordcount spreadsheet, took it apart into its component parts, and reintegrated parts into my own.

All of this is very fun, and most of it - the part that isn't the wallpapers, at least - is rather useful. I have a plan for my numbers. But now what?

And that's the question, isn't it? What do you do before November, to make NaNoWriMo flow smoother?

Among my list of things (other than "play on the forums and put all sorts of lovely calendars in rotation for my wallpaper") I can/will/should do to prepare:
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It's been a weird summer, and an even weirder week.

The weather's been off all summer - spring storms and autumn chills through July and August, grey days and damp nights and not a day in the nineties - hardly a day in the 80's! And I've been a little off, too. Not entirely sure why, but it's been a bit harder to get excited, and bit harder to hold on to energy, all summer - all year - long.

These things happen, and as we go into September, I'm trying to muster energy to ... well, to have energy.

The weather might be chilly, but it's lovely for hiking; I want to do more of that in the next few weeks. Then there's the wedding - Best Friend Evar is getting married at the end of the month - AND she & Fiance are coming to visit this weekend!

(gonna be so much good food, and so much awesome hanging out, and so much... everything!)

(I don't get to see them often; they live ~4 hours away and are Very Busy People)

So! There are things to be excited about, and one of my goals for September is to work on remembering that.

The other goals: remember I'm trying to lose weight, not gain it; and actively work on submitting stories to anthologies/contests.

Oh, and get that Kickstarter thing going.

I can do this!
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Homer: Can you let me out of the boat?
Brazilian Kidnapper: What for?
Homer: [Whining]I have to go do a piss.
Brazilian Kidnapper: [Annoyed] Again?
Homer: I'm sorry, I have a bladder the size of a Brazil nut.
Brazilian Kidnapper: We just call them nuts here.
Simpsons, Season 13: Blame it on Lisa

We made Spanish Rice Monday for dinner - we are on the great Clean Out The Freezer quest, and the first thing to come to T's hand was ground beef. We have peppers, bell & hot, ripening in the garden, and I've been in a rice mood.

Thus: Spanish rice. It's one of those dishes, like stir-fry, that you don't need a recipe for, but I looked it up just for fun (our version involves white long-grain rice, tomatoes, the last of a jar of salsa, the aforementioned ground beef, onions, the white ends of some bok choy, and a strange variety of spices that included Tabasco and Garam Masala)

I got a kick out of the Wikipedia article:
Although called "Spanish rice", this dish is unknown in Spain. The term "Spanish rice" is not used by Mexicans or Mexican food enthusiasts, and its use probably stems from the fact that the Spanish language is spoken in Mexico; the dish is usually simply referred to as arroz ("rice") in Mexico.

" in Mexico we just call that rice."


I got all the way through this & then realized that my quote might make it sound like I don't know the difference between Spain, Mexico, and (Portuguese-speaking) Brazil. Not the case! We're a Simpsons-joke household, and that one comes up even in totally inaccurate situations (" in France we just call that toast.")
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Sigh, lumber.

Last week, I took Thursday off, was going to pick up the boards raising 4 of our 8 raised beds up another 8" (for root things). They'd said the boards were in... weren't.

(This is a small family-owned-style lumber mill that only does locust wood, not very organized.)

Today, I took the day off - going to pick up boards, a bridesmaid's dress, and stack some wood - can't get ahold of anyone at the lumber place.

Maybe carrots will wait till next year. <.<

In the meantime! We have 4+ cord of wood in our driveway. :-D Love it. Solid assets. It makes me feel warm just looking at it.

Made cheesecake Wednesday (a small-batch, chocolate/white chocolate swirl), ate it Thursday So very tasty. Dinner was shrimp noodles and shrimp with spinach, spear grass, and curry sauce. Om nom.

And tomorrow is our wedding anniversary!!

Hard to believe it's been 10 years.

Edited to add... Um. I can't add. And it's hard to believe it's been 10 - because it's been 12 years.
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For most of my life, I've had a relatively stunted sense of smell. I can get very strong odors, some very pungent ones, and a few random smells, but for the most part, I didn't smell stuff. It just didn't happen.

I recently (last year) started going to a new doctor, and she prescribed an over-the-counter supplement - - for my asthma/allergies, hoping to eliminate Singulair.

And I can smell!

I mean, things I've never smelled at all before suddenly have nosefeels. It's very strange - although it makes for some odd conversations.

"Do mushrooms always smell like this?"

"Does Spinach always smell like this? It smells like bad fresh-cut grass!"

and so on.

Appears yes, spinach always does smell like that. And, go figure, shit actually does stink.

Snowed In

Feb. 5th, 2014 12:39 pm
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Technically, I might have been able to make it to work. It's not a state of emergency, just a state of "Hrrm, might be inadvisable to travel."

I stayed home.
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So, it went like this:

I'm doing NanoWrimo (I think you've noticed ;-)

While I live in the Ithaca region, the ML (Municipal Liaison, like a regional coordinator & cheerleader) of NY: Elsewhere (i.e., everywhere not covered by a region or without an ML of their own) lives in my attic (long story.)

We do Live-Action Roleplaying twice a month in Elmira (about 30 miles away).

So when I saw that Elmira's region was without an ML, I said to said atticker, "Hey, we should go to write-ins in Elmira before game."

Great idea, right, combine two hobbies?

Cue last night, where we got up, had waffles, made pie for game, wrote some words, did some other stuff, packed the car, and went off to the write-in.

Leaving - as I would discover only hours later - my costume for the Live-action game at home.
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Oct. 31st, 2013 08:47 am
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It's October (still); that means there have been things I've been doing other that writing.

I've been raking leaves and cutting deadwood out of trees.

I've been sneaking in that last bit of painting when the rain stops.

I've been picking things out of my garden, peeling, cutting, cooking.

I've been picking apples.

I've been picking apples.

I've been picking apples.
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I, at 37 years old, went to NYC for the first time in my life. It was awesome.

I met @Theladyisugly there, and we spent the day at the Met, and it was awesome.

And then I rode back.

On the bus, I wrote 3-3/4 of the stories from my pre-Call call. I'll get them transcribed and posted (and finished) over the next four, five days.

(I had a book, or I probably would have written more, but I spent most of the way back just sleeping.)

The true call will open up next Saturday, so have no fear, if I didn't get to your prompt, I'll get to it then.

... NYC was awesome. The Met was awesome. Seeing B IRL for the first time was awesome.
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Yay day off!

Yesterday, T. and I drove to Rochester (about a 2-hour drive each way) for my last treatment on this Laser hair removal Groupon (Yay Groupon). I am so loving not having to shave my armpits ever again.

Laser hair removal is not painless, but it is very low-pain. It took about 6 treatments to get to a almost-no-hair stage on my armpits, but I'm sort of embarrassingly hairy. Or was, at least. And, since every laser clinic in upstate New York is putting out $99 Groupons, it's easy to shop around.

That's the lasers.


We have two surveyor-style lamps for the sort of semi-safari theme we have going on for our bedroom (Giraffe Carpet and all), and want map lampshades to go with. We saw them once in Albany - but Albany is further away than Rochester, and we were, after all, IN Rochester already.

No luck. Sadface. Lots of lights. Lots of lamps. Lots of ceiling fans. Bathroom fixtures. Kitchens. A half-pound of coffee. No lampshades.

Ah, well, we know where they are in Albany.

Then there was Lobster!
Well, technically, there was shrimp at Red Lobster, a once-a-year-or-so indulgence (they sent us a coupon!)

All in all, an Awesome Three-L Thursday!
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That is, approximately, the sound of fangirlish glee that could be heard from the Lyn this past weekend.

For my/our birthday, my Best Friend Evar bought tickets to this.

And thus T. and I drove up to Troy (near Albany) (where Best Friend Evar & Boyfriend live) for last weekend, where we engaged in tasty tasty Indian food, hung out at the workplace of said best frien & boyfriend - they're in the middle of a deliverable, boo bad timing - and then rode with them to Bard College for an evening with Neil and Amanda.


There is something absolutely awesome about hearing your favorite authors read out loud. It's like you're hearing the story exactly as it was meant to be. Also, Neil Gaiman has an awesome voice.

And awesome poetry.

And I bought a poster.

And it was awesome. Did I mention that?

If I have one quibble - and I do - it's that the acoustic in Bard College's theatre were better than their sound system allowed for. Amanda Palmer's lovely singing was just a bit too loud - and we were in the very back row. Pity anyone with a migraine in a closer seat.

Still. Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
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This weekend, I encountered Newfoundland dogs for the first time in the flesh, and, oh, boy, is there a lot flesh!

A friend is considering adopting one of these giant dogs (as a merely-huge puppy), so I went with him to visit a breeder south of Ithaca.

I have never seen a dog this big! I have also never seen a friendly large-breed dog as mellow as these dogs. While kisses abounded, and petting was definitely a must, my friend, the breeder, and I were in a small room with four grown dogs and a puppy and it never got to the uncomfortable jumping-all-over-everyone stage.

This breeder's male dogs range easily up to a hundred and fifty pounds; the females are a little bit smaller, staying around one-twenty. They can get even bigger than that, I'm told, up to around 170 pounds for the males and 150 for the females.

Newfies are originally bred as working dogs; the breeder casually told us that we could hook them up to a cart when they had reached eighteen months. Just what I need for my back yard: a bear-like pony to haul around yard waste!

Tempting. So very, very tempting. But my kitties look at me and remind me that we're a kitty family.

And, besides, we've got to rip out 3/4 of the house this summer. We can wait for a puppy until after that.
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Our front door is a bit drafty.

More than a bit, really: during the recent windstorm, water was blowing in under the bottom seam.

And that's after we (T) have fixed the threshold.

In the long run, the whole door needs replacing, as well as the frame. And we need a storm door. But in the short run, I hung a curtain.

Not just any curtain!

I bought two lengths of heavy upholstery fabric on clearance at JoAnn's, and then a layer of batting (the stuff that goes in the middle of quilts). I sewed a giant tube, inserted the batting, and then sewed a border to hold the batting down.

Then I sewed up the top so that I could slide a curtain rod through it, and hung a swing-arm curtain rod (this) above the door, so we can swing the curtain away to get out the door.

The difference was immediately noticeable.

Next up: the back door!

Is your house drafty? Too warm in summer? Too cold in winter? How do you deal with it?
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Hello and happy Saturday!

I confess, "everyone else is doing it" is a very strong motivator for me to not do something: dye my hair red, even when I wanted to. Wear something fashionable. Start weight loss programs in January.
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So, what are you doing nicely for yourself this year?
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I recently posted my resolutions for 2013.

In keeping with the New, Improved Lyn, I have been doing sprints of the stairs at work on lunch.

My cardio fitness is pretty... unfit, really. So stairs are hard. But it's gratifying to find out that they get easier every day. Just another minute a day, every work day (with some backtracking on Mondays, so it's like:
9-10 (this part is presumed; I started last Wednesday).

Not only does this burn calories and warm me up (two things I need at this job!), but it's helping me get in shape for this (Buttermilk Falls)

and these (Taughannock Falls)

and these (Robert H. Treman State Park)

and these (Watkins Glen State Park).

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What about you? What will make you life better?
What fills you with warmth?
What makes you more the you that you want to be?


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