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The meme is here: Give me the names of two characters and I will tell you why character A loves character B.  Here is clare_dragonfly's second prompt: Riensin and Tairiekie.

Riensin knew he was handsome.

He didn’t take it as any particular virtue of his — he had the same face as his twin, an

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Edally Academy: the Missing Treaty is over, and Edally Academy is on hiatus.

Saydrie's story will begin in late April-Mid May.  Tentatively titled The Broken Bargain, it should answer some of the questions opened by The Angry Aetherist and The Missing Treaty (which: feel free to leave any questions!)

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"Hello there. It has been a while, hasn't it? Almost an eon." Gianci had spent almost all of his time in the days since they returned placating his teammates and roommates, all of whom had been irked with him. Enrie had only seen him in passing in the lounge in their tower and in even briefer moments, like this, in the dining hall.

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Hello all,

I'm thinking of having a Winter Festival on Edally - that is, a week (or two) of guest fic covering Tienaabaa's festival, the festival that takes place in midwinter.

Tienaabaa is the deity of the blue - mind, water, sky, cold. They are the deity of invention, of thinking, of philosophy. Their festival is at the coldest time of the year, and often involves showing off new creations or inventions, ice sculptures, snow castles (depending on your climate~) and feasting on stored foods, especially those that will only store through half the winter and not all of it (They're practical people, the Calenyena). Gifts are hand-made in some way, never bought.

Is anyone interesting in writing a/several guest fics? Wordcount should be between 100 and 5,000 words, it should be set in Reiassan in the Edally era, and it should involve the Festival of Tienaabaa (Tienebrah).

We'll probably make this concurrent with our festival of winter, feasting, and cold, so the last week of December.
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The snow was falling when they reached the Lannamer River, big wet flakes that were clogging the road and making the bridge hazardous.  Taikie rode up front with Libkazaarie, talking about the structure of the bridge and things she'd learned about it from one of her books, while Enrie leaned

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I've been trying - with some success - to keep my postings to some sort of schedule. I thought it might keep me on track if I posted said schedule here.

I may be off by up to a day on any given post.

Edally Academy
Weekend blog post

Patreon "Bonus" post - a flashback, something I missed from the month before, or just a story not yet posted for the month

Edally Academy
Buffy fanfic (or Buffy Fanfic)

Patreon - alternating weeks story & serial until serial is caught up
Throwback Thursday: a fic from "today in xxxx", with commentary.

Edally Academy
Narnia Fanfic into Valdemar

Of course, other fiction will be posted as finished/as whim hits/as commissioned/etc.
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In looking over information here and there on the site, it came to my attention that the page labelled "The World" still said "information about the world goes here."

I've begun to rectify that with a section on geography and one on history. Religion/Gods, Sira/Aether, and Language already have heir own sub-pages.

Is there anything else you'd like to know about Reiassan or the greater world?

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Getting into the legendary Empress Edaledalende Academy of Higher Learning at Ileltedez was just the first step; what will Tairiekie do now that she's here? How will she and her new teammates get along, and how will they cope with teachers and staff that just don't like them?

The Angry Aetherist posts Wednesdays; any week Paypal Donations reach $20, there will be an additional chapter posted on Sundays.

You can find the whole story on

The Angry Aetherist

Chapter One (and on DW) Welcome to the Academy
Chapter Two (and on DW) Welcome to House Akaizepennen
Chapter Three (and on DW) An Introduction to Aether
Chapter Four (and on DW) Discovering the Power Structure
Chapter Five (and on DW) Into Threes, Nines, and Eighteens
Chapter Six (and on DW) New Friends and New Teams
the story continues on

The Prequels

Getting Ready (Tairiekie) (and on DW)
Getting Ready: Saydrie (and on DW)
Getting Ready: Enerenarie (and on DW)
Almost There: Saydrie (and on DW)
Almost There: Tairiekie (and on DW)
Tairiekie a Year Earlier (LJ)

Character notes

Enarienarie (LJ)
Saydrie (LJ)
Instructor Getalréta (LJ)
Iesovyenyie (LJ) (Taikie's Roomie)
Gaikvya (LJ) (Taikie's Roomie)
Kotnelbyotke and Ledryainryie (LJ) (Enrie's roommates)


Inter-universal Women's Day: Empress Edaledalende (LJ)
Broader Education (LJ)- Kaatetzie
Top Of Class, Bottom (LJ) - Lielbyim (an older student)

Naming Rights Auction (and on DW)

Edally Academy is part of the Reiassan setting in the Steam Era.

Draft Map of the School

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This is a rough top-down view of Edally Academy, done by tracing dimes (see this tweet) because I don't keep a compass at work.

Read more... )

I'm really enjoying #FridayFiveMinuteMap, and I encourage everyone to join in!
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for [personal profile] clare_dragonfly's prompt here. Written last week and then forgotten in Written?Kitten!.

"This can't be right." Edaledalende leaned down from her saddle to study the map. "They've got us boxed in? When we have bridges here and here," she pointed, "and a pass here?"

"The problem is, Kalōkāt Lady Edaledalende, that our bridges cannot hold the weight of our soldiers and our pass is not large enough."

"And our engineers didn't think about this?"

The adjunct coughed. "We don't have any engineers in this unit, Kalōkāt Lady Edaledalende. There weren't any available."

"Well then." Edaledalende pursed her lips. "We should do something to fix that. But first, we have to win this battle."

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Brainfoo and Day Job ate my writing time!  In lieu of a chapterlet, have a bit of the new draft of the Rin & Girey story, the thing that started this entire universe. 


...[Rin] had been a medic in the Emperor's Army - Third Army, Seventh Battle - since she'd graduated from a

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[ profile] rix_scaedu has written Legacy and Legacy 2, set in my Reiassan setting during Edally Academy (Steampunk) era.

This came out of a backchannel conversation after this conlang post on underwear in Reiassan, and it gives a lovely picture of life in other parts of Calenta.
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From a previous draft of Rin & Girey:

A border is written in blood on the heart and on the mind. -Old Cālenyen saying

If you allow the rain to slow your passage, you will never leave your tent. -Old Cālenyen saying

After a war-season, we look for friends in the faces of strangers, and for enemies in the faces of our friends.

When uncertain or angry, close your mouth. Keep it closed until you are certain, and calm. – From the book of Reiassannon
When uncertain or angry, stab forth. Ride the fire of anger until you are certain, and calm. – From the book of Veignevar
When angry, study the anger, then find where it leads. When uncertain, find the core of the uncertainty, and study it until it vanishes. – From the book of Tienebrah

Do not question why the goat you are given as a gift only has three legs. – Old Cālenyen saying

Sleep is a gift, but, like all gifts, it has its flaws and its price - ancient Calenyen saying

From Edally:

If the fingers are working, the mind is free to breathe

If You Call It a Fish, People Will Expect It to Swim

Some Fish Swim Best in the Air

When making war, first make tea

Hit First, Reassess, Hit Again

A Bond Reforged is Thrice as Strong

Sometimes the weasel just gets away

You can offer the goat the river, but a stupid beast will still chose the puddle

When the World is Shaking, Do Not Stop to Rebalance Your Saddle-Bags

The Brightest Fire Does Not Always Burn Hottest
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I got caught up!

First line of Wednesday:
Enrie looked at her notes. She'd written it down...

Last line of today:
"I like the world you live in. Can I join you there sometime?"

2443 words and 5 chapterlets/interludes, bringing the total to 8328 words & 16 chapterlets!

My WeSeWriMo 2015 Progress So Far in Chapters:
16 / 18 completed!
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“Well, that was fun.” Tairikie was bright and smiling as they left Biological Systems. Enrie tried to smile, too; at least Saydrie looked nearly as shell-shocked as she did. “I wonder when we’ll get our grades back. I’m trying to make it on the board,” she confided. “I mean, I suppose we all are....
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I'm not caught up but this week I got the right number of chaptersections written!

First line of Wednesday:
Enrie rolled her eyes at Riensin. “I'm feeling fine...”

Last line of today:
The line on the Coffee Treaty was gone.

2128 words and 4 chapterlets, bringing the total to 5885 words & 11 chapterlets!

My WeSeWriMo 2015 Progress So Far:
65.39% completed!
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Enrie was bubbling over with excitement the next morning. She’d spent her evening — after finishing her tablet-weaving — reading up on the basics of treaty law, and then she’d spent the night dreaming about finding missing treaties crammed between other books in the library, or hiding in the back o...
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“I don’t see the problem.” Instructor Pelnyen was sulking. He certainly would have called it something else, but he was definitely sulking, slouched in Libkazaari’s chair looking for all the world like a first-year student who had been caught out doing something wrong.

In a sense, she supposed, he was. (read on...)
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Chapter One, Part A
There is No Such Thing as a Secret

“Do Bitrani — real Bitrani, I mean, from the enclaves—”

“Bitrani Nationalists,” Saydrie offered. “Although we usually use the word in our own language because it panics people less: Cevati Bitrani.”

Enrie filed that away in the growing pile of information she kept on the Bitrani. “Do Cevati Bitrani marry outside of their… outside of their nationality?”

(read on...)
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First line of Today:
Tairikie, Enrie thought, was sulking.

Last line of today:
“And very, very nice sayings. Thank you.”

1095 words and 2 chapterlets down, bringing the total to 3267 words & 6 chapterlets!

My WeSeWriMo 2015 Progress So Far:
36.3% completed!
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First line of ...Wednesday...:
"Well, that was fun." Tairikie was bright and smiling as they left Biological Systems.

Last line of today:
"It will be done, Instructor."

1118 words and 2 chapterlets down, bringing the total to 2172 words & 4 chapterlets!

My WeSeWriMo 2015 Progress So Far:
4 / 18 completed!

It took me 3 days to get that far, but I did it!

It's not been a great week for writing...
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First line of today:
Enrie could think of any number of things that she’d rather do than take the Biological Systems test. Climb a mountain alone without ropes or crampons.

Last line of today:
“I overheard something interesting last night.”

1054 words and 2 chapterlets down, bringing the total to... 1054 words & 2 chapterlets!

My WeSeWriMo 2015 Progress So Far:
11.71% completed!

(I know that the idea of WeSeWriMo is to be ambitious; for me, getting this done while not falling behind on other obligations IS ambitious.)
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So, I am doing WeSeWriMo this year in hopes of getting The Missing Treaty ready to post before I turn 40.

I set a reasonable goal: 9000 words, 6 weeks of episodes - 2 1000-words writing sessions a week (the fifth week has one session; it's a short week).

I'll be keeping you apprised of my progress. Let's see if we can get Enrie in as much trouble as we got Taikie in!

540 / 9000 (6.00%)
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I had so much fun writing the four world/character/storybuilding stories yesterday that I want to do more! :-)

But I'm still really busy with Sekret Projeckt. :-(

So! No promises I'll get to any of these, much less all of them, but here goes:

For Addergoole/Doomsday/FaeApoc, Dragons Next Door, or Reiassan/Edally, ask me any world/character building question that can be answered in fiction form.

For example: How did Akatil end up at Addergoole (I've already answered that one, short form), Where did Aud go to school? (another one already answered ;-)... I think you get the idea.
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So, I tried this, and wrote to the first suggestion I got!

Write about a teacher.

Okay, first, a real teacher. Or a series of them. I don't remember much about my school teachers, but certain moments stick out. Mr. Lynd, who taught Global Studies, Really Liked Japan. A lot. My 5th grade Social Studies teacher Really Liked Hawaii. A lot. It led to a certain amount of tuning them out, which means I know about the slippers thing for Japan and ah, pineapples for Hawaii. And that's about it.

Actually, it was really hard to engage in history/world studies classes, and I don't know why. I'm fascinated by those subjects now - why wasn't I back then? Then again, I've always learned history best when looked at through a lens of fiction...

Real teachers were a long time ago for me. The fictional ones are a bit more recent, but some of them have traits borrowed from various real teachers.

Instructor Pelnyen, in Edally Academy, reminds me a bit of teachers I've had who thought I wasn't living up to my potential. If I took some time to get into Kaatzie's head, he'd be a lot more like my high school Physics teacher.

Kairos, in Addergoole Year 9, will end up being like my Social Problems professor, Darwin Davis. And as for the rest of them in Addergoole - To be honest, other than Mike, Reid, and Luke, I'm still working on developing personalities for them 6 years later. Pelletier and Valerian suffer the most from this, but many of the others are very thin indeed.

Somehow, the first time I was writing Addergoole, they seemed very secondary to the whole school experience. *cough* I wonder what that says about my IRL teachers?
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This story comes some time before There Are Lessons You Only Learn in Pain, Chapter 20 of Edally Academy.

It is written in reply to [personal profile] inventrix's suggestion to this request for questions, after the successful Domain Name Fundraiser.

Kaatetzie watched the problem children - his private name for them, although Pelnyen called them something similar - exit his class, the three of them thick as thieves again. Kaatetzie knew what would happen if he asked them about their tiff: Tairiekie would jut out her chin and tell him “We are supposed to be a team. That is what we were assigned to do.”

Pelnyen hadn't been the only one to complain. Libkazaari had, as well, presumably taking it up with Kaat because he taught Mechanics. Other teachers had mentioned this trio in particular to him. Kaat found it amusing - and just amusing, because every student, especially every first year student, was trouble in their own special way. Edally was built to foster trouble.
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This story comes during There Are Lessons You Only Learn in Pain, Chapter 20 of Edally Academy.

It is written in reply to [ profile] Rix's suggestion to this request for questions, after the successful Domain Name Fundraiser.

Read more... )
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The Domain Name Fundraiser reached $40 - covering my costs for domain names.

That's also FOUR stories.

So tell me, what do you want to know about the worlds of Edally Academy and/or Inner Circle?

For Edally, could we have something from the older students' point of view about the first years?
For Inner Circle, something about their Change?
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Instructor Pelnyen’s frown went from irritated to stormy. “I see. Your teammate is limping, and you wish me to be her crutch.”

“No, sir.” Enrie’s voice was level. Tairiekie really had to learn how she did that. “No, I’m asking you to help my team-mate with concepts she is having trouble learning in your class.”

“The thing is, Lady Enerenarie, that this is a Basic Introduction to Philosophy Class. If Tairiekie cannot handle basic philosophy concepts, I have to ask why she is in this school at all.”

read on...
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It's the time of year where I renew and (Which is being difficult at the moment), which ends up being... slightly more than the two serials have earned in tips since I started posting them.

If you've been enjoying either serial and have the wherewithal, please put a tip in the Author's cup:

For every $10 raised, I'll write an story, answering in character a setting-relevant question, asked by y'all and picked by reader poll. I.e., a targeted bonus story.

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House Monitor Libkazaari was standing in front of Instructor Talmizhaab’s Device. She was also standing in front of a bucket of cleaning equipment – polish, rags, some sort of sprayer - and oversized aprons and long gloves.

“As I said, you are to clean the Device. There are three ladders, so that you can reach all parts of it, and if you finish… well, I doubt you’ll finish today. You can work on it again tomorrow.”

Tairiekie bowed. She could only hope her teammates were doing the same. “Thank you, ma’am. We will get right to work.”

Get Right To Work!
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“Sit down, Pupil Tairiekie.”

At the Monitor’s harsh tone, Tairiekie deflated back into her seat with a thump. She looked down at her folded hands, trying very hard to be good. They were here to be punished, after all.

“Yes, you are correct. You are to become close with your teammates..." read on...
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Hit First, Reassess, Hit Again

Saydrie swung both his fists, his left connecting a moment before his right. The left hand hit the front-most Art House boy in the nose; the second fist hit him in the jaw.

Before anyone could say anything at all, Saydrie hit the next one behind the knee with a kick that Tairiekie hadn’t seen coming. Keep Reading...

Sorry, sorry, sorry! LAte again, woe is me. O-o It won't happen again.
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“It’s gone.”

Tairiekie felt hollow. She opened up her trunk, even though she knew she hadn’t put it in there. Clothes, mostly uniforms, looked up at her. She dug through them, finding something hard – no, a spare wrench. Nothing useful right now. And then her spare boots. Something that felt like a pipe end… and it was a pipe, and it was hooked onto something.

“I think I found it!” She yanked hard, only to have the pipe come off in her hand. “Feces and bezoar… oh. Oh, blast this thing.”

continue reading...

Miss earlier chapters?
Chapter Fifteen
Chapter Fourteen

(You didn't miss last week's chapter, I did. :-/
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“If you go down the end of this passageway…”

“Saydrie!” They said it in concert, which just caused Saydrie’s cheeks to get redder and his shoulders to hunch forward more.

“I was going to tell you. But I wanted to tell you both at once and…”

“Mmmf.” Tairiekie glanced at Enrie. “I think we’re… I think we’re okay doing things together now.”

read on...
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(Updated on time but forgot to DW, sorry)

The Edally Academy was built in one of the so-called Empirates of Peace. The Emperor Elareltiendol was a scholarly, thoughtful man, allowed to be so in part because his grandmother, the previous Empress, had thoroughly devastated all of their enemies. The nation would have decades to rest while those foes caught their metaphorical breath.

Continue reading... here
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“You’re measuring Social Aetherism?” Enrie stared at the device.

“I told you I was going to.” Tairiekie blinked at her friend in confusion. Saydrie, too, leaned forward, looking worried.

“Tairiekie… isn’t that heretical?” He sounded even more worried than he looked.

“I don’t think so?” She settled for putting the tea kettle over the steam output.

Continue reading on the website!
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“Tairiekie, what are you doing?” Enrie leaned in to the stall, and then quickly leaned back again.

“Why are you doing it in the stables?” Saydrie didn’t even poke his head in the stall.

“You’re either going to get us in trouble or make us late for dinner.” Enrie tch’d in disappointment, or perhaps hunger. “And you might upset the goats.”

Continue reading on the website!
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“He was covered in scorch marks and so were both of his teammates.”

Tairiekie hadn’t intended to walk in on two adults arguing. She’d meant to go find Saydrie, who hadn’t shown up to breakfast. After their adventure the day before, she couldn’t really fault him for hiding, but…

Continue reading on the new site!
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I'm working on listing the cast for Edally - everyone who appears in every chapter.

That's a lot of people.

What I could use from you: Grab a chapter/Interlude (Claim here first to avoid duplication of work) and list all the named characters in it.

For every chapter done, I'll write you 250 words about... whatever Edally/Reiassan related words you want, although preference given to things at least tangentially related to Edally (rather than, say, more Rin/Girey).

The first of the stories can be seen here, if you want to know what you're getting.

And if you think I'm offering up a lot of bribery, between this and my request for reviews, well... you're not wrong

Chapter 1 - Claimed by Capriox
Chapter 2 - Lilfluff
Chapter 3- Claimed by Capriox
Chapter 4 - Claimed by Rix

Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Interlude: In the Onadyano Tower Dorms
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Chapter 10 - thnidu


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