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So, I'm 26 days into nanowrimo - by my chart, that's 86.67% of the time by the end of the day, and 80.29%
done with the writing before I start today.

This month was an experiment - several experiments, actually.

* Writing 15K fiction pieces.
* Writing fiction-for-submission serially, i.e., one after another with no break.
* writing several pieces of different lengths for nano.

What I've learned already is that I have a process in writing for submission that is different from my process for writing for y'all or for serials, and that messing with it messes with my brain.

The process is:
* write 250-1000 words of a piece
* throw it out
* start again.
* finish that, then edit heavily.

skipping steps 1 & 2 totally messes with me. <.< Also, wastes time.

I've also learned that pacing for longer short pieces is totally foreign to me and I have no idea how to do it.

also, I need/want/crave/like distraction projects. See Doomsday.

that's it so far. See you on the 1st!~
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OKay, so far I have five intros:

The Birds, the Birds
Chaos & Madness
I'll Take This One
Pick a Card
Leaving Home

Still taking character trait prompts Here.

I also have Sianna, Sweetbriar, and Austin the Samurai Catboy. (Sianna's intro here).

2 and three might be the same character, in which case I still need one more. 4 is a boy, and also the trickster good with magic. 5 is probably dark-skinned and either blonde or blue-eyed.

I have these suggestions still:

Someone who was raised thinking Faeries Are Bad. - that is not 5 but could be 1-4
a purebred Mara Change. (those 2 @inventrix) (that could be almost any of them - later)
kid with some kind of special needs? Physcial handicap? (@dahob)

I need to put them all together.
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Nano project #5 is the first novella in a series of 8, following 8 students through their 8 years at Doomsday Academy.

That means, of course, I need to figure out 8 students. Three I had pregenerated: The Catboy Samurai and his best friends Sianna the dancer and Sweetbriar the prickly. The other five...

Here's a little something about one.

I'm about to the point where I have to start deciding if these are 5 different characters or bits from the same people. Also, I could use more: on LJ or on DW.

The birds were following you.

The birds had always been following you, as long as you could remember.

But you were leaving home, now. You were leaving everything you'd ever known, and the birds - the birds were still following.

The loud ones were yelling at you, which wasn't the most fun in the world, but it was worse because you were on a wagon with other people, all of them heading towards Boom Town, Cynopolis, and they were starting to look at you funny.

A sparrow landed on your shoulder. "Oh," the nice lady next to you exclaimed, "he must be hungry."

You didn't have the heart to point out that the dull coloration meant that the little bird was a girl. "Just lonely," you said instead. "There aren't that many sparrows around here."

From the look on her face, it may not have been the safer answer.
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First words: Marie steadied the lemonade pitcher with her free hand and ducked her head down, hiding her expression. (I know you were all wondering what happened to that lemonade!)

Last words: “Well, you did say I was supposed to be your assistant. I imagined that would require, mmm, a certain level of assisting you.”

I think I'm going to put aside the Despot of Santa Roux now. It's at 13,608 now and it's all over the place.

Time to move on to Slip Contact!

Total words: 36,798

I met [personal profile] clare_dragonfly last night!
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First Line of Yesterday: She leaned back from his hand. Nobody had told her she had to obey him; then again, after a couple slaps from the slave factor’s crop, nobody had needed to tell her she was supposed to obey anyone. It was rather self-evident.

Technically, I've already posted the last line of last night; it was part of Pick a Card, one of the previews for Doomsday.

But the last line of The Despot of Santa Roux Finds Love is: They were, too. Marie steadied the lemonade...

A grand total of 35,456 words written, 2,482 yesterday. This keeps me at my one-day-ahead-of-par, which makes me happy.

58% done with my 60K word goal!
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last line of last night: “And spunk. It'll be interesting to see if that lasts. I hope it does. It's always more fun when they have spunk.”

First line of yesterday: The bell downstairs rang. They were out of time to argue.

I'm at 32,561 words! And I wrote 2,460 yesterday.

Par for yesterday was 30,000, so I'm back on my trend of being one day ahead that I started on the second day of the month.

I *did* have to back up and start again from another direction, but all the words count. I can use most of 'em in revisions!
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A While Ago, I asked for suggestions for what sort of traits would you enjoy reading in Doomsday students.

I got these suggestions:
Someone who was raised thinking Faeries Are Bad.
Someone who is Really Damn Good at Workings.
A purebred Mara Change. (those 3 @inventrix)
kid with some kind of special needs? Physcial handicap? (@dahob)

I'm coming to the time when I need to have these 5 characters fleshed out - 3 boys and 2 girls, to go with Sianna, Sweetbriar, and Austin.

So wanna tell me something about one of these five 8-year-olds?
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Last line of yesterday: She leaned backwards instead of away from him. “Because you’re lousy at taking notes.”

First line of yesterday: It had been a fun contrast - especially since they were both so attractive, and both so determined.

I'm on The Despot of Santa Roux Finds Love, which might be in the same Clockwork Apoc setting as To Ashbury, or might be in another apoc 'verse.

Words yesterday were 2,546, which brought me to 30,101, or just over 50% of the way to goal!

(chart is visible here:

Back to the Word Mines!

How've you all be doing?
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The below is another guest post, this one from Nasim Mansuri!

What I learned from the years I did NaNoWrimo (and from the years I didn’t)

I wrote my first novel ever during November 2008. I was twelve years old.


When I decided to take on the challenge, I did it mainly to prove that when I said ‘When I grow up I want to be a writer’ I actually meant it. I quickly immersed myself in the forums, and after deciding on a fantasy novel that involved travelling, metaphors and a unicorn, I wrote it.

I learned that it is possible to come up with an idea only a few days before you begin to write it, and succeed.  I learned that it doesn’t take a wise person with decades of accumulated experience to write a novel. Becoming a successful novelist isn’t really a distant, unattainable goal; in fact, successful novelists themselves aren’t really that distant: names I recognized from bookstores popped up in pep talks, and many of the people I spoke to in the forums had links to their latest published novel in their profile.

In 2008, I learned that I can write a novel in 30 days, and more importantly: I can become a novelist.

Read more... )

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John Scalzi has written a blog post titled "A Quick Note on NaNoWriMo," which is definitely worth a read.

I do want to offer some encouragement to folks who are wondering if the “just power through a novel in a month” idea is a good, useful or even sane idea. So, lean in, people, and here my secret...

Go read it to find out more!
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The below is a guest post from Jeff Cook:

First, Lyn, thank you very much for the opportunity to appear on your blog. I really appreciate the opportunity.

Now for the details. Here's the things I've learned about the process of taking a Nanowrimo project to publication. Now, I'm not a best-selling author, but I have published two books, with two more coming out early next year (one self-published, one traditionally published.) I've also been accepted in a number of anthologies. I can't tell you how to hit it big, land the high end agent, and retire... but I have learned a few things about putting out a book that will garner pretty good reviews from reviewers I've never met, getting past the gates of the publishing world (there's a lot of them), self-publishing vs. trad-publishing, and putting out a book you can be proud of. I have a long way to go, and a lot to learn, but within a year of publishing, the books are at least helping make a significant dent in the bills. So take from this what you will.
Read more... )
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The below is a guest post on NaNoWriMo, written by [profile] thebonesofferalletters. Check out their Patreon, too, (here).

So, NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) is almost upon us. From the first of November to the end of the month writers all over the world make a mad dash to reach 50,000 words and, ideally, complete a novel.

NaNoWriMo can be a wonderful experience, you can find a flourishing writing community in the month of November and potentially use the momentum you gain during the month o propel you through the rest of the year.

I personally have found that it gets a little tricky keeping things together during the month though. Between having to balance school or work, holidays, and life in general, NaNo gets a lot trickier sometimes.

Luckily for anyone who's facing a full schedule, there is plenty of advice out there on how to have a successful NaNoing experience and I'm here to add to that pile.

So these are my tips to stay sane during November.
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I recently came across these two posts on alternate ways of doing wordcount for NaNoWriMo:


I found them interesting, although possibly not-for-me (I like building in skip days, myself).

My own 60K is actually divided over 24 writing days and 6 off days (including a vacation in the middle). I'm curious to see how the actual writing goes.

Maybe I should look at my tracking data & see if months follow a flow patter.

If you NaNo, how do you divide up the 50,000? If you write, how do you work out your writing quota over time?
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I like this in part because it has things like "do some chores, then write about your protag. doing chores."

It's always good to remember that your life doesn't actually stop during nano.
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Hat tip to @capriox_B:

Why You Might want to work on multiple projects this Nov.

This is a very reasonable article on not focusing on one piece the whole month, but using other pieces to maintain momentum.

I am on the look-out for all sorts of advice on Nano that goes beyond the first-time "keep writing keep writing" sort of trend.
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The idea of the Doomsday novella series is to have 8 novellas following a class of 8 through their 8 years at Doomsday.

This is Austin, Sianna, & Sweetbriar's year, but the other 5 students are up in the air.

Each student will get their own novella.

So, what sort of traits would you enjoy reading in Doomsday students, and, if you know, at which age?

(like: the girl who would be a dancer, in her last year at school... but that's already Sianna)
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I have planned for Nanowrimo, among other stories, a 5000-word piece on Austin, the catboy samurai, to which the existing pieces can be a prelude.

So tell me, what sort of shenanigans should Austin be getting into?
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It's that time of year again. The time when I start doing everything to prep for NaNoWriMo except actually outline my story (or, in this case, stories). I've downloaded calendars. Lots of calendars. All the calendars, some of them from 2009. (For wallpapers, you see). I've figured out how to do my wordcount, what wordcount I want to do, and what days I'm going to assume I won't get any writing done. I downloaded a new wordcount spreadsheet, took it apart into its component parts, and reintegrated parts into my own.

All of this is very fun, and most of it - the part that isn't the wallpapers, at least - is rather useful. I have a plan for my numbers. But now what?

And that's the question, isn't it? What do you do before November, to make NaNoWriMo flow smoother?

Among my list of things (other than "play on the forums and put all sorts of lovely calendars in rotation for my wallpaper") I can/will/should do to prepare:
Read more... )
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Anyone else doing Nanowrimo?

What's your plan?

I'm doing a series of stories - some for submission, some for you guys, more or less ;-)

I have a cover:


And a wordcount plan:


Edited to add: PLUS write & address one Christmas card or buy/make one Christmas present (or one hour of a christmas Present) per at-home (not on vacation) day.

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First words of Friday:
“A year is enough. They’ll have moved on to someone else in that time. And besides...”

Last Line on the 30th:
“I have been, from time to time.”

(This: He nibbled on her ear tip. was almost my last line, but then I got ambitious and wrote another 100 words)

I wrote 2,341 words on Friday and 1,770 words on Saturday, bringing my Inner Circle total to 25,312 and my total total to 85,967 (It loses about 100 words in nano validation but those are MS Word numbers).

And it's done. Well, Nano is done.

What to Do in December and Possibly January will come later today.
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(Chapter titles are imperative verbs: Kneel, Duck, Thrust, Come, Hold, Choose, Agree. Each title covers two chapters, one from each POV (there are two protagonists with parallel but different stories), and is the first word of that chapter.)
(It's either really dumb or really clever or both)

First Lines: Laces were laced, buttons were buttoned. The tunic was deceptive in its simplicity; if it weren’t embroidered in monk’s-tears, she could wear it under armor in the ring.

Last Lines: "For a year."

"A year is enough. They'll

(I was having trouble getting to sleep, okay? ;-)

21201 words on Inner Circle, bringing it to 81,856 total words.

At this rate, I should be able to get to 25,000 by the end of tomorrow. (84K total)
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First Line: Valran coughed and took a wild gamble. “Whaddefuc, ma’am?”

Last Line: ...but tonight was an entirely different sort of combat. She slipped the fifteen omeh into the vest and let Vinroth dress her.

(in which I figure out their underwear and loosely guess at their currency)

I wrote a whopping 1350 words yesterday, bringing my Inner Circle total to 18357 and my total total to 79012.

I'm still on track, however; at the rate I've been going (an average of 2294.6 words/day on IC; an average of 2912.5 words/day all told), I'll still get to 25K on Inner Circle by the end of the month!
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First Line of Yesterday was a whole paragraph: His hands worked quickly enough that Taslin had only reached for a washrag before Vinroth had already sponged her off, getting the soap off her body and scrubbing carefully at a few raw places where she’d gotten sand embedded in cuts.

(Vinroth needs a better name, I don't like that one).

Last line of the night: “I think I’m just going to tell you to say ‘what the fuck?’ because it will sound less absurd than continuing to say ‘ma’am’ when what you clearly mean is the other.”

I wrote 2035 words yesterday, bringing the IC total to 17,007 and the total total to 77,662.


I also spelled granddaughter "granddather." Twice.
And I accidentally played with a trope, which was fun.
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First line of yesterday: Valran envied ri; he certainly wasn’t enjoying anything at all right now

Last Line of yesterday: Before she could do anything except exactly that, he had pulled the cord, loosing a flood of cold water onto them both.

(Then there was Day of the Doctor, and then the DOCTOR showed up... and that was all the writing.)

2061 words on Inner Circle yesterday, bringing the total to 14,972; that brings All The Nano Words up to 75,627.


Setting notes:
They appear to wear Grecian-style clothing. Relatively warm climate? But not overly warm. Where do they get fabric/fiber?
Must find places where rock is commonly quarried in the U.S. for reasons.

Two books in a row without females-as-weaker/gender-insults is very interesting (no calling someone a bitch, f'rinstance)

If I have a gendered-neutral honorific, maybe I should make gendered-honorifics as well? Rather than using Sir and ma'am.

I should list out specifically feminine, masculine, and neuterine suffixes.
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First line of Friday: “Mmm, and that is a story for another day. A day, perhaps, in which I am in your shower, washing your back.”

Last line of last night: Having given in, Smooth and Neutral - Debbesthandon - seemed to be enjoying riself.

I wrote:
3038 words on Friday
3185 words on Saturday
2093 on Sunday
that brings my Inner Circle average/day to 2582.2
my Inner Circle total to 12,911
(low goal for Sunday: 8686, high goal 11,114)
and my total words written in Nano to 73,566
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First Words of Yesterday: “You don’t look like the sort to take the collar. At least not this collar.”

last Words of Yesterday: “What lands you a position playing valet to Gladiators, anyway?” She’d made her jokes, of course; everyone did. Standing around all those naked and nearly-naked people, with sweaty, well-toned bodies.

2206 words yesterday, bringing my total on Inner Circle to 4,595 and my total all told to 65,251

IC's average words/day is 2,295.5; the total/day over the whole month is 3089.38

I'm slowin' down! (and that's okay)
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First Line of Inner Circle: “Kneel, Taslin Altreka.”
(the first ~300 words were a redo of The Test Intro)

Last line of the night:
The woman started walking, and Valran, having been given no other directive, followed her.

I wrote 2389 words (my goal is 1700/day for 11 days), bringing me to a total of 2389 words, and a nano grand total of 63,045
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First Line of Yesterday: “It was her. It had to have been her that did it.”

Last line of today: (from an interlude, as I went back and filled those in once I got to the end end end) - "I didn't know anyone else cared about this..."

I wrote 3,405 words yesterday and 374 this morning, bringing the total first draft of Edally Academy: The Angry Aetherist to 60,656 words.

And now I can go work on the candy story!
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Okay, this is funny:
First Line of Yesterday: Tairiekie jolted into consciousness as her head thumped against something again

Last line of yesterday: Tairiekie gave up the last hold on her consciousness.

I wrote 3824 words yesterday, bringing my total to 56,877 words. This thing is ending up running longer than estimates...

At this rate, I will be done yesterday ;-)
Except I still have to finish the last chapter and insert interludes, so probably tomorrow.
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First Line of Saturday: Tairiekie looked between the two of them. “You should be asleep. You both think I’m crazy for this.”

Last Line of Sunday: The pain was fading, and she had a feeling that wasn’t a good thing.

I wrote 2711 Words Saturday and 1750 words Sunday, bringing me to 53,053 words

That brings my average to 3120.8 words/day, and says I'll get to 54K today (though I no longer think that will be the end of the novella; I think that's going to be ~56K)

//falls over//
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First line of Thursday: Tairiekie thought about that. It shouldn’t have felt that complicated, but her mind felt as if it were stuffed with cotton. “That sounds... that makes sense. What are you doing?”

last Line of Last Night:
“-I found a spigot!” Enrie popped her head up from the rubbish bin. “I think this is what you wanted!”

I wrote 3,493 words Thursday and 2,089 words Friday, bringing my total to 48,592
(goal on this project is ~54,000; I'm on chapter 25 of approx. 30).

at that rate, I will finish... today. Or possibly tomorrow. An average of 3,239.5 words/day so far... but I'm sick, and just aiming to hit 50K today.
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(Because I'm putting off starting writing this a.m.)

First: Enrie coughed. “Because Engineers are insane.”

Last: “I think every place is different. But you are from here, and so it does not seem strange to you, correct?”

I wrote 4,153 words,
bringing me to a total of 43,010 words
At this rate, I'm still finishing on the 16th, with a daily average of 3,308-and-a-half words

(you'd be surprised at the number of sprints I end on a half-word)

And now I sort of know how it's ending!
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First Words: “Well, one doesn't normally feel their looks, do they?”

Last words: “That’s funny?” Saydrie finally asked.

I wrote 2209 words yesterday, bringing my total to 38,857
My daily average is 3238.

At this rate I can still finish on Nov 16th!
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First Line:
“And girls? I saw that Saydrie wasn’t the only one swinging punches.”

Last Line:
“I don’t feel tubular.”


Yesterday, I wrote 4,018 words (although the last 208 were footnotes),
Bringing my total to 36,348 (out of a goal of approx. 54,000

My average/day is 3331.6; at this rate, I will finish on Nov. 16th
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Saturday was technically a skip day...

First Line of Friday
“No, not really.” Saydrie shivered. “It’s cold all the time.”
“It gets colder.”

Last Line of Sunday:
“No, ma’am. As I said, they were being unbearably rude to my teammates, so I made them pay.”

3,427 words on Friday
1,631 on Saturday
4,483 on Sunday

Bringing my total to 32,630 and my daily average to 3,263.

At this rate, I may finish on the 16th!
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First Line of Yesterday: “Ha. Yes, Enerenarie, Tairiekie is a very good student, and very clever, of course. But she is still, in the end, a first-year Pupil.”

Last Line: “Well, you’re not used to the weather here.”

(I know. But I was really tired)

3,808 words, bringing the total to 23,089

Nano Par for yesterday: 11,667. My Par: 14,000. My walking goal: 21,281

(the walking goal is 2000 above the total the day before)

At this rate, I will finish on Nov 16th
Except I have a skip day on Nov. 9th, so I'll finish on Nov. 17th ;-)
(and it's going to be longer than 54000, I'm afraid)
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First Line of Yesterday: The closest building was the Arts Hall, so they took the stairs down off the roof, into the center of the building, and out through the side door towards the Mechanics Building.

Last Line: Enrie was standing up. Why was Enrie standing up?

(better but I wanted to get to 4000): But that being said, if you vent it that way, you’re going to have an explos...oh.”

4002 words.
Bringing the total to 19,281 words.

Average/day of 3213 and a half words.
At this rate, I will finish on Nov 16

Nano nano

Nov. 6th, 2013 09:27 am
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Yesterday was a bit slow for me; I couldn't get into it at all.

First Line: “Oh, that wasn’t me. But thank you again, sir.”

Last Line: A glance over the curve of the roof showed people flooding out of the building below in much the same fluid patterns.

Words yesterday: 1679
Bringing the total to 15,279

Average of 3055.8 words/day.

At that rate, I will finish on Nov. 17th.
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First Line of Yesterday: instructed upon today. This way.” She flapped her hands at the three of them, and, obediently, then went.

Last line: “And clever of you, to think of the stables.”

3,145 words
Bringing the total to 13,600 words

Average: 3400/day

At this rate, I will still finish on the 15th (except I have a skip day on the 10th) (double-except this might be the 9th, because there's a write-in on the 10th)
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First Line: And that was that. Both parent claimed another hug, and then they were gone, back to the carriage, back to Amenet, back home

Last Line: “Well, then. There will be enough time for that later. For now, this way. Into your class groups. There is still more to do, more to discover, more to [and then I spilled my tea.]

3,256 words written
Bringing me to a total of 10,455 words

An average of 3485 words/day
At this rate, I will finish on Nov. 15

I will get the Alpha filter set up today!


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