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This story re-energized my interest in Reiassan. Written to a prompt of [ profile] eseme's ("something about tea"), it hits on a quiet moment in the journey of Rin & Girey.

Rin & Girey are, of course, the protagonists of the will-someday-be-a-novel, Into Lannamer, the beginnings of which sparked this whole setting in the first place.

Originally Posted July 17th, 2010

Tea-time was one of Rin's favorite rituals, one of the few gentilities that remained to her after years at war. On the trail, it became even more precious - a welcome relief from the saddle, a pause to fill her stomach, the kick in the tea that would keep her awake until it was time to camp.

She brewed the tea herself...

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The Cartographers' Guild does a monthly Lite Mapping Challenge, so I took my Five-Minute Map sketch and ... made it better.

Not perfect, but better.

And then I had a small panic attack, and then I submitted it.

It's one of Rin & Girey's campsites, early in the story.

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The two largest (and only surviving) nations on the continent of Reiassan have been at war, on and off, for centuries, gobbling up all smaller nations in their wake. Now, in the 20th year of Emperor Alessely, the Northern nation of Callenia has conquered the Southern nation of Bithrain.

In the aftermath of the war, one healer in the Emperor’s Army, a woman named Rin, has taken as a captive a Bitrani soldier. Although she calls him Girey of Tugia, and has convinced him to do the same, her prisoner is the surviving heir of the deposed-and-soon-to-be-executed King of Bithrain. Now she is bringing him home, across the long mountainous countryside to the far northern Callanthe capital city of Lannamer.

Reiassan is a fantasy story with romantic elements. The still-very –new Steam!Reiassan is set quite some time in the future in the same country, and is a steampunk setting.

NB: The setting is constantly evolving. While the stories are in the process of being edited for the e-book, the versions here on livejournal/dreamwidth will have some setting inconsistencies - horses v. goats, etc.

Temporary add-on landing page here.

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Read [ profile] rix_scaedu's ongoing fanfiction series, set in Edally era. The first story is here; the tag encompassing all of them is here.

[personal profile] meeks' picture of Rin and her riding goat - and two details:

A draft map of Reiassan is discussed here.
History of Reiassan notes - part the first (LJ)
Worldbuilding: The Trip (LJ)

Icons by [ profile] djinni:

The Author, in Rin-era Calenyena clothing.
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written to [personal profile] rix_scaedu's prompt here: Rin on finding out she can't escape being Empress.
Written rather after the extant stuff.

Rin had been staring at paperwork for well over four hours. She had every archivist, priest, librarian, scholar, and historian in the entity of Lannamer looking over the papers with her.

Finally, her distant cousin Indiekdiek shook his head. "It is possible. It would pass the inheritance on to one of them, however. And because they are not considered unsuitable, we couldn't simply get them removed from succession."

"And marrying Girey? That doesn't make me ineligible?"

"You married a prince." Indiek shook his head at her. "To quote the Empress Akatarinakata, 'it matters not why other nations seek to put crowns on their people. We will give them the courtesy of assuming they are at least as stringent as us.' Well, that's a bit of a paraphrase."

Rin looked over at the Empress Akatarinakata's biography. The woman had won wars riding at the very front of the raids. "I'm not going to argue with her, at least, no matter how long she's been dead."
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First line of yesterday, Into Lannamer:
He sat back and glared at her. “You want to disguise me.”

Last line of yesterday, Into Lannamer:
He’d have to pay closer attention if he didn’t want to get caught in the middle of escaping.

290 words yesterday on Into Lannamer, bringing the total to 3582

Total of 2673 words yesterday, bringing the total to 10,258.
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First line of today, Into Lannamer:
He gaped at her. “I want to go home. I’m the-”

Last line of today, Into Lannamer:
“It’s like throwing a blanket over a goat and pretending it’s a table. But if you add enough blankets, even a goat-herder might be fooled.”

628 words today, 3292 words running total on Into Lannamer.

A grand total of 1,283 words today, bringing the total to 7,585.
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First line of yesterday, Into Lannamer:
It was a good choice

Last line of yesterday, Into Lannamer:
She settled cross-legged with her knees nearly touching his, so that she, at least, didn’t need to raise her voice.

808 words yesterday, 2664 words running total on Into Lannamer.

A grand total of 1,655 words yesterday, bringing the total to 6,302. Whee!
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First line of today, Into Lannamer:
“The remaining army will need translators and, mm, cultural interpreters.”

Last line of today, Into Lannamer:
... or risk his own life by starting to complain again.

803 words yesterday, 1856 words running total on Into Lannamer.

A grand total of 1531 words yesterday, bringing the total to 4647. Whee!
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First line of today, Into Lannamer:
The war was over.

Last line of today, Into Lannamer:
But he was unlikely to be swinging any scythes either way.

1053 words into this project, 2268 words today and I'm not quite done yet.
(there was a write-in, and then I spent some time sitting outside feeding sticks into a fire. The wifi doesn't reach to the firepit, soo...)
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Into Lannamer: Their Journey is Going Places

The war is over. Rin wants to go home. But if she doesn't take the recalcitrant, difficult Girey with her, he'll either be dead, the center of a rebellion neither nation can handle right now, or both.

Girey just wants to go home, too. But chained to the back of Rin's goat, he's finding himself going in exactly the wrong direction.

This is going to be a long journey!
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Rin is the fourth? in line for her grandfather's throne. Some of those before her in line have recused themselves - not interested in leadership, focused on a calling in the priesthood, interested in romance with someone who didn't want to be in a leadership position, or not interested in creating heirs for one reason or another. Many have died. Her grandfather is quite old, and has outlived handfuls of his heirs.

More than half of the royal heirs went into the army. Calenta has a heavily meritocratic society - their rulers were originally war-chiefs of nomadic tribes - and earning a high position in the Army is one way to prove your merit. However, it's also a good way to die, especially with an active war boiling on the front.

When Rin left to study healing, she was fourteenth in line. When she left for the army she was ninth in line. Her cousin Elen was three behind her and now is one behind her.

Her mother recused herself long ago. Her mother is a scholar and prefers her books to people.

Probably --> recusing yourself is acceptable (being removed from the inheritance is not, is considered very shameful, and it /does/ happen), but it is a one-way street. You can't decide to un-recuse yourself.

While I decided to get rid of the immensely complicated inheritance system I'd originally thought of, it still flips genders. I.e., since the Emperor is male, his heir WILL be female, his daughter or a granddaughter THROUGH a daughter, or, if one suitable cannot be found, from his mother's or grandmother's line.

This has made Rin's uncle, who needs a name (though he might have one in an earlier draft), exceedingly cranky.
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Okay! I stole this from [personal profile] balsamandash, whose post is here; they stole it from [profile] thebonesofferalletters, whose post is here. And because October goes up to 31, I have 31 characters. The characters are from 15 different settings (Counting Fae Apoc, Addergoole, & Doomsday as separate...) so there's a good chance your favorite setting is on here.

Here's the game. I have a set of characters numbered from 1 to 31. You may ask them any questions you'd like, and you can keep the conversation going. You can ask them ICly or just as yourself. They will respond with an honest* answer and as people ask questions, I will update the post with who correlates to what number.

* they might lie!

You can:
ask multiple questions to one character.
ask questions of as many characters as you'd like.
ask the same question to different characters.
ask more questions of characters that have already been revealed.
ask additional/clarification/tangential questions in response to answers.
jump in on another answer/conversation if the subject sounds interesting to you and/or your character.
use original or fannish characters to ask/comment
leave your own character for people to ask questions to if you want, be it as a list form or as a singular character who you would like to play with.

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Posted here for Patreons: an excerpt, or at least a concept sketch in words, from rewrite 10,000,00 of the Rin & Girey novel.
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Egarengar had known things when he married Inatalana.

He had known that it was a political match first, a financial match second, and a match of compatible personalities third.

He had known that her title was so much higher than his as to be on a different ladder altogether, and that they were distance enough related that, if they had been goats, they would not have even had the same colors in their coats. He had known that she was a daughter of the Emperor, and that they would be expected to have many, many children.

He had known that he was stepping into a subordinate role, but one where he would be respected and honored, treated as a peer and not as an employee.
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I asked for three prompts; this is [personal profile] rix_scaedu's.

"This is not." Girey frowned at the long pole and the thin braided line. "This is not how fishing is done."

Rin stretched her legs out over the small lake. "It's not ocean fishing. Don't you have lakes in Bithrain?"

"Of course we have - well, a couple. But we fish the ocean."

Rin baited her hook and tossed her line in again. "So do we. But we also fish the lakes."

"With a little hook and a little line? What can you catch with that?" Girey nevertheless imitated her movements. "With a worm?"

"Ooh, I've got a bite."
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It was a good question. It was also a very polite – and Bitrani-indirect – way of asking “what will happen to us?”

1,713 words edited/rewritten (12,126 total)

12,925 to go.

This part is the beginning, so it's mostly just tightening up and re-writing bits, not any actual writing, per se. Zoom!
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Just as importantly, he allowed himself to be led as docilely as if on a lead, through one row of tents, and another, until he was ducking through the entrance of her small tent.

It was no bigger and no more grand, than any other junior officer’s tent, but it was private. Its position was too close to the latrines and too far from the mess tent, but the awkward placing offered a little more discretion for the conversation they were going to have.

That word. Discretion. It's not the right one, I don't think. Help?
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Even so, even with practice and acclimation, she could tell from fifty feet away that the stench was worse today, ranker, like old corpses marinated in goat waste. The news had reached here, then: the Bitrani’s final, bloody, suicidal, nearly-effective attack on Cālenta’s northern border had failed. The surrender had been signed. Now all that was left was the messy job of sweeping up the pieces, and every prisoner knew that they were one of the pieces to be swept. With the Bitrani forces routed, they were an unnecessary bargaining chip. Rin pursed her lips. She’d done what she could for them; now they - all but one of them- would be in different hands.

Is the bold/italic'd line necessary, or does it work without it?
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It is my desire to re-re-write the Rin/Girey story with a coherent Outline.

So far I have:

Beginning: Rin takes Girey from the Camp

(Middle: long road to Lannamer. Things happen)

End: Something happens in the castle.

For those of you that are Rin/Girey readers, what are key points and what is it missing? What could be left out?


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There is no greater curse than ‘May you never sleep soundly,’ and no greater blessing than a soft, dry, and warm bed. – Ancient Cālenyena saying

The bed felt strange; it felt stranger to be sharing it with his captor. Girey had taken a long time to fall asleep and, from the sound of her breathing, so had his captor. There hadn't been many actual beds for them on this journey, and both of them were soldiers; there hadn't been that many beds for them in years.

There was a mounded blanket between them, the night being relatively warm for this far North and this early in the rainy season. Neither of them had spoken about it; they'd just pushed it there, making a final hurdle that they weren't quite ready leap.

When Girey had finally slept, it had been a deep rest, with dreams of warmer times and sunnier skies. He had been deep in conversation with a blue-eyed girl when a commotion from downstairs wrenched him out of his sleep.
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For [ profile] cluudle's prompt.

They were sleeping when the attack came.

They were halfway up the mountain, the tent pitched half into a cave and the goats tethered just outside. It was a clear night and cold; Rin had fallen asleep just a hands-breath apart from Girey to take advantage of his body heat.

That saved their lives.

She didn't snore. Girey would have loved to blame it on that. The truth was, she was closer to him than she had been ever before for longer, and he found that it made his sleep uneasy.

So he was asleep, but lightly, uncomfortably, when they were attacked.

The first man in tripped over him. He'd placed himself there, much to her amusement. He was chained, anyway, so she let him do the little things to protect her. He knew she was doing it to humour him - and didn't argue the point.

Today, an assassin tripped over Girey and woke him up before they got to Rin. He woke with a grunt and lashed out, kicking, flailing against his chains. "Blast it, flaming whirlpools!"

The noise woke Rin, who grabbed a knife and dove into the assassin, blade out. She shoved the gut-cut man down to Girey's feet, dropped her blade by his hand, and tumbled over both of them and out the tent flap.

Girey kicked the assassin, bunny-kicks, tangled in the blankets. What good did she think the knife would do? He only had a couple feet of play.

But she'd given him a knife. He kicked the attacker in the neck, and then in the jaw, hearing bone crunch.

"'Ware!" She shouted it out in Bitrani seconds before another assassin came flying through the tent flap. It was just long enough for him to get the knife and his feet pointed in the right direction.

It was enough for him to figure out how to use a knife while chained, too.
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I've been alternating bouts of cleaning with bouts of writing all weekend! And the house - kitchen and bathroom, in particular - is a lot cleaner, and the writing is a lot more writier. I feel exhausted (Some of that is/was the shoveling) and very accomplished.

Have a couple excerpts:

"...Now, if Rin-nin was willing to throw her weight around..."

"But she doesn't do that. I mean..." He thought of the few times that he'd seen her flash the signet ring. "Not a lot."

"You two are allowed to keep on the way you do, providing that you do not cross the line, and you do not interfere with anyone else's schooling. You're coming close to both with Illian. What's more, we need him."

"She doesn't spook."

"True." Agmund accepted the implicit truce. "So something spooked her. Close the doors, quickly. You." He grabbed the nearest student. "Run, get Luke. Close all doors behind you."

"If he keeps clawing that thing, he's not going to have anything left to hold on to.'

“What’s Dad say?”
Mom paused with her back half to him. He thought she might not answer. When she turned around, her face was strange and her signs were tight and unhappy. “Dad understands.”
“I don’t.”

Back to the writing board!
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Into Lanamer

After battle...
The war is over. After centuries of fighting, Rin's people have finally won a decisive victory over the southern Bitrani. Now all that's left is the clean-up.

...burn down the enemy's castles...
Nobody but Rin has figured out that the whiny Bitrani officer in their prisoners' tent is the dethroned heir to the Bithrain crown. But people from both sides of the battle are after his blood. Rin needs to get him away from the battlefield before he's killed - while keeping him from escaping and fomenting a rebellion.

...and build your house on the ashes.
~ancient Calenan saying

It's a long way from the battlefield to the capital city of Lanamer. Rin and Girey will have to dodge people from both sides who would rather see them dead, all while dealing with the weather, the wildlife, and each other.

And the journey will only get more interesting once they get to Lanamer.
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To [personal profile] rix_scaedu's prompt. This is part of the main story, set very early on, their second day on the road, after Ch2: Strangers (LJ)

Rin stood in front of Girey’s goat, trying to look imposing despite her bare feet and loose hair. The goat nibbled on her hair, un-worried by the sudden shift in events. Girey tried not to laugh, and tried harder than that not to bolt. His hands itched for his sword.

“Right this way.” The Callenian voices had the thick border accent he was more used to, their vowels sounding properly rounded, unlike the way his captor talked, with the short hasty sounds of their northern capital. But they sounded angry, and angry wasn’t something he wanted to deal with, chained to a goat and without a weapon.

“Give me my sword,” he hissed. “Or at least a knife.”

“Stay there and stay quiet.” Her voice was just as low, and she’d shifted back to Callenian.
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For [personal profile] kelkyag's prompt(s)

This story comes after:Meat of the Matter (LJ)
Bare Bones (LJ) [Beta]
Skeleton Key (LJ) [donor perk]
and Ambush {Donor Perk}: Girey had foiled an attempt to attack Rin and kidnap himself, at the sacrifice of the first escape plan he's had that might actually work.

Chapter X: Offensive
Leaving the scene of battle is neither fleeing nor cowardly; it is simply gaining a better footing for the next attack

They rode for about an hour, until the moons were high and fat in the sky and the air was chill, and then Rin led them off to the side of the road, into a small cove half-roofed by rock. They were clearly not the first to camp here; the area had a fire pit, a stone basin collecting the runoff of a small rivulet, and a platform built up of rocks and sodded over, keeping the tent out of the lowest areas if the rain came.
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To [personal profile] rix_scaedu's prompt. This is part of the main story, set very early on, their second day on the road.

Chapter 2: Strangers
After a war-season, we look for friends in the faces of strangers, and for enemies in the faces of our friends.

Her companion was a bit of a grumbler.

Rin was not all that surprised. A career in the army and a lifetime of being royalty both tended to lead one to complain; the former out of a ritualized counter to obligation and responsibility, the second for much the same reason, at least in Callenia. A royal soldier, then, and a captive to boot, was probably entitled a bit of complaining. She couldn’t say she wouldn’t do the same, were the roles reversed.

Of course, if the roles were reserved, she might be facing far less kind treatment, something the damn morning, the difficulty of their mounts, and her companion’s near-incessant whining were bringing to the forefront of her mind. How would he like it, draped over the saddle instead of riding properly? Read more... )
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For [personal profile] kelkyag's prompt(s)

This comes after everything posted in the Rin/Girey timeline.

There was a great deal of hand-shaking going on, and a good deal of bowing, and more than a little bit of staring.

Callennan weddings appeared to involve a good deal of talking. This part of the ceremony, where a Bitrani temple would be full of silence and reverence, was instead full of a good deal of milling about and chatting, sometimes directly interrupting the ceremony.

There were a thousand things on Girey's mind, very few of them directly related to the wedding. Arinyanca's parents had been talking, and when they weren't talking, they were sending pointed looks. Her Uncle - and then some other relatives who she called Uncle as well - had been making his own set of pointed looks. In the heart of what passed for Callennan diplomacy, Girey would not be able to pass as "Girey of Tugia" forever, no matter how many times some rude Aunt or cousin suggested that "All Bitrani look the same. That nose, that silly hair."

As a matter of fact, while Elin pledged her strength and her bow (That wasn't in the priests' book of vows), her saddle and her tent to her new groom, another probably-an-aunt was sniping about his hair.

"How do they do anything at all with that? No wonder they keep it short; it wouldn't hold a braid for anything."

He had grown up in the heart of Bitrani politics; Girey didn't even show that he'd heard. But Rin did. Just a smile, a very sharp smile.

She shifted her hand so that she was holding his, the glittering band around his wrist clearly obvious. "Aunt Alunyez. Have you met my companion, Girey of Tugia?"

The look on the old woman's face was worth every snipe about his hair.
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For [personal profile] clare_dragonfly's commissioned continuation of Roots.

Reiasson has a landing page here And a wiki here.

Girey wasn't sure she'd heard him at first. She didn't answer, at least, instead continuing to flip through the ancient book in front of her.

"The papers go back further," she said, instead of answering, after a while. "Not much more, and most of it is incomprehensible. But it's clear we came here, my people, yours, the Arrans, all of us."

He was not yet used to her speaking heresy as if it were truth, and, more so, as if nobody would stop her. "That's what..." He trailed off, frowning. Rin picked up the thread of the conversation.
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For [personal profile] clare_dragonfly's prompt.

Reiasson has a landing page here And a wiki here.

Rin opened up one of the oldest books in the library. "How good is your Old Bitrani?"

"Wouldn't you mean Old Callennan?" Girey leaned over her shoulder, studying the old, creaky parchment. "Unless you've been raiding our libraries."

"I'm sure we have. But the thing is, when you go back this far, a good number of our record books are in Bitrani. Well, in Tabersi."

Behind her, he went very still. "Say that again?"

"Tabersi. She glanced over her shoulder at his face, which, for once in his life, revealed nothing at all. "You've heard the word before," she hazarded.
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For the meme I posted last night here and here

"I love you, man."

Porter had been drinking. At least, Arundel hoped he'd been drinking - there'd been a dance. There were lots of things at Addergoole and more things at Addergoole dances that could make someone slur and wobble like that.

"I know you do." Sylvia was already back in the suite; Arundel had gone looking for his friend.

"That girl, she said I should love her, but I said, don't be silly. I'm not into... you know."

"I know, buddy." Yep, something other than booze. He'd have to tell Sylvia the succubi were trying again.

"But you're my best friend."

"Always will be. Here, open a Door?"

Later, he thought perhaps that hadn't been the best thing to ask a soused and besotted Porter.

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For [personal profile] kelkyag's commissioned prompt

This story comes after:Meat of the Matter (LJ)
Bare Bones (LJ) [Beta]
Skeleton Key (LJ) [donor perk] and Ambush (LJ)

Reiassan has a landing page here.

Rin hopped out of the window, but not so fast that she couldn't catch the expression on Girey's face. It made her smile, the sudden panic of being caught out, the further embarrassment at being thanked for it.
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For [personal profile] kelkyag's commissioned prompt.

Reiassan has a landing page here.

After Sun-on-the-Water (LJ)

“Sun-on-the-water?” Girey asked, when he was pretty sure they were alone.

“A marriage,” she answered in Bitrani, “between people of decidedly different statuses. Or an informal ‘marriage,’ the sort where you say you’re married when the children come, or after you’ve been living together for a while.”

“Your people have the strangest turns of speech.” He was clearly chewing over the implications, however. That was probably a good thing, right?

“Colorful,” she joked, “like everything here. The Bithrain have a few interesting idioms, too.”
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For [ profile] rix_scaedu's commissioned prompt.

Reiassan has a landing page here.

After Navigating Lannamer (LJ.

Arinya kept her uncle pinned with her gaze. Did he know she’d heard him? Did it matter? Nothing he’d said had been specifically treasonous; indeed, he could say, and likely be honest in saying so, that he had been working for the well-being of the Empire.

He kept his gaze on her, but his eyes did flicker to Girey; she could see the moment when he made the connection. She couldn’t keep him hidden forever. She’d always known someone would recognize him. But now that she’d claimed his as her own, it would be harder for them to take him away from her.
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For [ profile] rix_scaedu's Prompt.

Reiassan has a landing page here.

After "Under Scrutiny".

Girey followed Rin out into the hallways of the labyrinthine mess her people called an Imperial Palace. "Do you ever loose people in here?"

"All the time. Usually strangers; children learn young to navigate by the mosaics on the floor." She pointed at the thin green border and thicker red line on the patterns under their feet. "See? This is how I know I'm in the right wing."
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Next: Sun-on-the-Water (LJ)
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This is early on, possibly just after Hurt/Comfort [Beta/Donor story]

Reiassan has a Landing Page (LJ Link).

She poured another cup of tea.

"Were you ever a private soldier?"

"I was... a Duke's son," Girey answered, staring at the metal cup. A Duke's son, because she'd taken away even who he was. "No. I started as an officer. I trained as an officer. What about you?"

He looked over at her, challenging her. Go ahead, lie to me. Pretend you're common.
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The shortish black-haired woman steps briskly into the room, the silk of her formal tunic and pants rustling so very softly. The lines of the tunic show off an athletic but womanly figure underneath; the bright colours go beautifully with her dark-tanned skin.

She perches more than sits on the high backed stool. "So," she smiles. "You want to ask me questions. So ask?"
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From the poll for continuation story from December's Giraffe Call. This one ran short, so I will also write a bit of something to the runner-up.

This comes after:"Come to Bed" (LJ)
In Bed (LJ), after "Come to Bed" [Beta]
Morning After (LJ) [Access-list only]
Virginity/Celibacy (LJ), a drabble.

Reiassan has a landing page here on DW and here on LJ

Arinya found the way her captive was gaping at her to be very strange. She’d known he’d have a reaction, of course, and even if he hadn’t been staring, the warmth of his hand on her hip was a clear giveaway.
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From my card, on the right-most column, 3rd row.

100 words, Rin/Girey, after "In Bed," etc.

Content warnings: none

“Really.” Girey ran his hand down Rin’s side cautiously, trying not to show how piqued his interest was. “No-one? I didn’t think Callanthe women…”

“In Emperors’ reigns, we don’t.” She set her hand atop his, pressing it against her hip. “But I did.”

“Religious vows?” he guessed. She smelled like the road, still, like goats and smoke and saddle oil. She smelled wonderful. A virgin.

“Romantic notions, as a girl, and as a student. Then… as a soldier, it seemed… safer.”

Virginity could be held as a shield, even against the coarsest soldiers.

“And then?”

“And then? There was you.”
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I know I posted this (I said "You wanted a Zoo" and Eseme said "no, I wanted kissing," IIRC)... but I can't find it.

And I'm not certain it's canon. It's a bit silly. Comes after "Is this a kissing fic?"

Girey stayed close to Rin's side. Arinya's side. Arinyanca's... Rin's side. The so-called palace was a complex labyrinth of hallways and courtyards cut into the mountain, which his captor navigated as easily as she'd managed the roads from his country here. He would be, he had to admit, lost within moments of losing sight of her, and, without his shackles, wearing this bracelet of hers on his wrist, he felt even more conspicuous than he had when shackled on the back of her goat.

His lips were still stinging with the kiss. She'd done it to throw her cousin for a loop, of course, and it had, by all indicators, worked. But she'd still kissed him, a long, firm kiss that suggested many more kisses to come. In his private heart, Girey admitted that he hoped it hadn't been a complete lie.

She was holding his hand now, which both facilitated staying near her and suggested she either had the same hopes or thought he was going to flip out and run off. He was almost tempted to try the latter, just to see what she'd do. He was still her prisoner, wasn't he? Still her Girey of Tugia... whatever she intended to do with him.

"What do you..." The question died in his throat as they passed yet another courtyard, this one as big as a temple, the walls glass in iron bars. Beyond the bars paced a giant animal, the likes of which Girey had never seen out of a myth. It looked something like the bears he was used to (like the bear he'd killed to save her) but bigger broader,
its fur mottled with patterns almost like the underbrush. The creature could look him in the eye without standing, and it seemed to be doing just that, staring through the glass of its enclosure. "What...?"

"Bred in captivity for generations," she told him. "They are almost impossible to find in the wild anymore. Farmers kill them because they threaten the herds."

"What...?" he tried again, and failed again, gaping at the monster. "How do you...?"

"Carefully," she said, humor clear in her voice. "The same way you breed any dangerous monster."
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The $35-level continuation story from the November Giraffe Call.

This is in the Reiassan Setting, which has a landing page here (and on LJ). It comes after everything else I've written in timeline for Rin & Girey, and directly after/during Mother Knows... (LJ) and Encountering Dad (LJ)

"Are you going to marry him?"

Rin blinked at her mother for a moment, and then shook her head, laughing at herself. She'd been out of Lannamer too long, away from politics, intrigue, away from watching what you said. Away from schooling your face and voice.

"Well?" Her mother was smirking faintly, suggesting she'd read every thought as it moved across Rin's mind. "Are you going to marry your nice young man? Keep him as a bedwarmer? Use him as a clerk?"
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