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Fourteen: Walking with the Veiled Prince

She missed the carriage immediately, but there wasn’t such a thing going from Esteronzerai to the train station for at least two days.  In two days, if she made good time, Raizel could already be on the train.

She and the Diamond Raven joined a small group of people leaving the fanciest hotel in Esteronzerai, all seeming to have the same thought she had.  It was a strange and mixed group, including a tinker with his cart and his apprentice, a furrier carrying what seemed like a whole forest of furs on her back, a woman who introduced herself as a librarian who was going to the capital to pick up some new books, she with a bodyguard, and a small retinue of courtiers gathered around a person wearing a broad hat ans swathed in veils.

They were, one of the courtiers explained, from Mipodek to the south, and they were also travelling to the capital, although they were taking their time about it.  It was supposed to be a trip of exploration for their young Prince - which was something like a Tzarin - to learn more about the lands around Mipodek.  Their Prince, it turned out, was the one in all the veils.  

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