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Okay, so I was playing around with a roleplay with Cal and Cynara decided to build herself a castle. Well, a play castle, this is ~8×8 with a tower; it’s a shed-sized castle. 

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The poll has spoken!

The walls between the worlds are thin in October, especially as Hallowe’en approaches.  It’s easier to step between universes – or to slip and fall down a rabbit-hole you were never expecting.

This month’s theme is Crossovers –  those slips, those falls, those determined steps into another world.

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I mentioned a story about renovations…


The renovations started in June.

They closed on the house in October — Judy had a feeling about the place; Steve thought it had good bones — and lived with the ugly panelling, the wonky ceilings, the strange toilet all winter long.

As soon as the weather was consistently warm, down came the hideous paneling.

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Don’t shoot me. Might be a beginning rather than a full story?


The pixies were freaking out.

In the days before enlightenment and society, when dragons had lived in caves, solitary or in groups of one or two, they had kept pixies captive to tell them when another dragon — or any of the Nearly Large races — was coming.

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This month’s Saturday repost theme is Summer Reading, one-shots and worlds we’ve not seen since.


He was, he admitted, a bit of a hoarder. He took things because they looked pretty, or because they were a shortcut to what he wanted to say.

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So, Hob prompted me this prompt from Reddit for his birthday, and… some time later, I actually finished it. I thought it was going to be Dragons Next Door, but I’m not sure it is.

It wasn’t as if Cary didn’t know that there were strange things in the world.

You saw it on the news sometimes, of course, dragons in the sky or someone really small turning bank thief.

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Map Poll!

May. 23rd, 2017 10:21 am
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As mentioned here, I want to map more things. So...

(Note: Yeah, I borked up "One of the museums in the Dragons Next Door ‘verseMore of the Things Unspoken map?" It was meant to replace the first half with the second half.)

Poll #18406 What should I Map?
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 8

What should I Map?

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4 (50.0%)

Leo’s Territory in Chess Timeline
1 (12.5%)

Cloverleaf’s wider territory in canon
4 (50.0%)

all the named locations in north america, fae apoc
3 (37.5%)

One year of Autumn’s wanderings, annotated.
5 (62.5%)

Smokey Knoll.
6 (75.0%)

Feltian’s house?
2 (25.0%)

One of the museums in the Dragons Next Door ‘verseMore of the Things Unspoken map?
4 (50.0%)

Junie’s school, or the Black Tower, or the Pumpkin.
5 (62.5%)

The “Aunt Houses” of all the various branches of the Aunt Family.
6 (75.0%)

An annotated social gathering as seen by Lance the Star Mapper.
1 (12.5%)

Fairy Town
2 (25.0%)

3 (37.5%)

The ship in Space Accountant.
5 (62.5%)

Jason’s island.
3 (37.5%)

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So tell me, what should I make a map of?

I'll take the first 15 suggestions and put them in a poll.
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Now up on Patreon: my first hand-drawn map to actually make it up there! This one is of Desmond's corner of the world, in mostly black-and-white and a bit of marker.

Available to all $10-and-up Patrons!
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I want to talk about project expansion.

You know, when you think you’re going to knit something and realize first you need to ball the yarn and find your needles (and lock the cat in the bathroom) and figure out this pattern and oh hey it’s bedtime.

Or you’re just going to put the trim on the door but it turns out the threshold and the inner frame need repairing and the door strike is a mess and… wait, where did the weekend go?

Or if you’re going to put the new trim up, you really ought to put a new coat of paint on the room and replace the light and insulate the ceiling and… oh. It’s November? Oops.
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In the setting of Addergoole, beyond the school, there is a little Village, described variously as "out of a Normal Rockwell painting," "Small Town USA", and "far too quaint." It leads out to residential areas, where some people - parents, former students, staff - live, and where lady Maureen's creche for, to be frank, unwanted children live.

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P.S. The library says "Falk Memorial Library."
P.P.S. Click to embiggen.
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The Cartographers' Guild does a monthly Lite Mapping Challenge, so I took my Five-Minute Map sketch and ... made it better.

Not perfect, but better.

And then I had a small panic attack, and then I submitted it.

It's one of Rin & Girey's campsites, early in the story.

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This is a rough top-down view of Edally Academy, done by tracing dimes (see this tweet) because I don't keep a compass at work.

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I'm really enjoying #FridayFiveMinuteMap, and I encourage everyone to join in!

More Maps!

May. 2nd, 2016 08:18 am
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I finally got a picture of the rivers, national boundary, cities, and now wild-rice roads for my new map project:
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And this past Friday, for #fridayfiveminutemap, I did a draft of my map for the Cartographers' Guild April-May Lite Challenge (link to follow when their site's not down): a campground.
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Folchir's Fort.jpg

While I was looking up maps, I encountered the premise of "friday 5-minute maps." And, while nobody had been active on any of the tags in a while, I thought it looked fun.

So here's my first idea: Folchir's Fort.

This stands (loosely) where on my big map project there is a red star - 'cept it's been long enough (approx 1500-2000 years ago) that the river has moved. The bigger houses are meant to be almost longhouse style: communal big buildings thrown up quickly, because shelter was needed.

(I gotta say, some of the maps in the Google Plus community are amazing for 5 minutes!)

Now taking suggestions for the next few fridays worth of maps.
aldersprig: an ancient-looking world map (map) pictures today because I made a muck up of trying to make the long rivers more curvy. <.<

Tomorrow I will trace the map and start clean with shiny new curvy rivers.

And some lakes, preferably ones that don't look like a troll-head. Those old troll dolls with all the hair.

I keep forgetting you don't need visible obvious rivers feeding into a lake (visible on a continent-scale map, that is). It could all be streams.

Pictures tomorrow!

(pre-curvied drawings can be shown here - - that at least decide placement of the rivers in broad scale)

Edit (again): Please ignore the awful scribbles that are the rivers. This is for basic city and border placement.
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First things first: hattip [personal profile] becka_sutton, for showing me this video.

This is my attempt at creating Yet Another Fantasy World via the "pile of stuff on the paper" method.

(Photos behind cut)

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(this is for the setting I've been working on for a story whose working title is Portal Bound)

P.S. North is to the right on all these. Not sure why the images insist on being rotated.
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map behind cut )

Notes: The text along the left says "can there be a river here?"

I have doubts about the lower river, by Orschëst, because an unposted story (waiting for y'all to help me name the city... here) has a desert to the west of that dot under Orschëst... also river placements weird. But Orschëst needs to have a reason to be where it is...

Thoughts? Oh mappy people?


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