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Chapter One:

The darkness inside was disorienting. She looked in, and could see nothing; it was as if no light at all passed through the doorway, not even the creepy red illumination.

She couldn’t turn back now; her fingerprints were on the doorknob. Oxana stepped through, feeling carefully with one foot on the floor and holding her hands in front of her.

The floor felt rough under her feet but level, and nothing met her hands. She took careful step after careful step, reaching out to either side, feeling in front of her, wondering once again was this a good idea?

The answer appeared to be no, but here she was anyway. Her head hurt, probably from the pressure changes down here, and the air tasted damp and stale, like the door hadn’t been open in a long time. Since 1920? she wondered. Or just a few years ago? Was it safe to breathe? There were all sorts of stories about why the dorm had been closed off, after all. She couldn’t remember if one of them had been about gas, or bad air, or carbon monoxide, or anything.
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It wasn’t so much that Oxana was trying to get away from something as that she was just trying to get away. It was the first day without rain in a week, her books had all gotten boring, and all of her professors seemed slightly more awful than normal - which was saying something, with the class load she had this semester.

So she went walking. It was threatening to rain any minute, so she took her raincoat and her umbrella, the one book she hadn’t finished reading, and her flashlight, because you never knew.

Her mother loved saying that. You never know. What, exactly, you never knew was left, usually, as an exercise for the observer, but in this case, you never knew if the power was going to go out. At SUNY Edowanda, it was safer to say you could probably bet the power was going out. Oxana and her roommate Giannina had bought camping lanterns, stocked up on rechargeable batteries, and gotten very good at working right down to the last drop of power on their laptop batteries.

That wasn’t today, though. Today, Oxana was going to go spelunking in The Abandoned Dorm. She had her pocket bolt cutters, though she doubted she’d need them, the flashlight and spare batteries. And as long as she could make it across the dorm quad before the skies opened up, she was golden.
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A new story. SUNY is State University of NY; this one is made-up.



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