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MARKED - 9.5

Nilien glared at Ember, but the fox was looking at her calmly, with no concern.

You have many things to focus on, the fox continued. You have someone trying to kill you - at least one someone, although we do not know the number for certain. You have magic to learn - and the more magic you learn, the harder it will be to kill you. You have a club, which is not a bad idea, because it entertains your friends and engages them in the mysteries that are currently your life. I do not see that you have time for much more of a social life. Homework. Ember nosed at the book. Homework is what will move you ahead. And the more you understand about everything, the more your magic will flow.

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Date: 2017-08-01 08:50 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] thnidu
I missed 9.4 and just read it now. You forgot to turn off italics after «Ember tapped Nilien with a paw.», and the whole rest of 9.4 is italic.

Something similar in 9.5. «Ember settled down on the side again.» should be roman (not italic) and isn't, and again everything after it is italic.

By the way, I'm really enjoying the heck out of this. And we're seeing a different side of Ember's personality come out.


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