Aug. 1st, 2017

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MARKED - 9.5

Nilien glared at Ember, but the fox was looking at her calmly, with no concern.

You have many things to focus on, the fox continued. You have someone trying to kill you - at least one someone, although we do not know the number for certain. You have magic to learn - and the more magic you learn, the harder it will be to kill you. You have a club, which is not a bad idea, because it entertains your friends and engages them in the mysteries that are currently your life. I do not see that you have time for much more of a social life. Homework. Ember nosed at the book. Homework is what will move you ahead. And the more you understand about everything, the more your magic will flow.

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First: Funeral
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Senga looked at Erramun’s face for a moment before moving the washcloth closer to his throat. “You have lived a long time. You showed up to my Great-Aunt’s funeral and didn’t think she was really dead either. You’re Named Death Comes Silently and there is blackmail on you that is bad enough that you are willing to Belong to me for six years rather than risk it — although perhaps you just didn’t want to be the reason my family killed me.”

He cleared his throat uncomfortably and nodded. “Both. Mirabella knew I could handle anything for six years. She knows I’ve handled anything for six years. So she wanted to keep you safe. I mean, that’s my guess. And if she wanted you safe enough to blackmail you into it, she thought there was going to be a threat to you that her clauses and rules weren’t going to protect you from.”
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First: Slaves, School
Previous: Collar Rapport?

After the relatively unhelpful Communing with your Collar class, they were shepherded into the dining hall for lunch. Today there were Blue people at the food station. Desmond felt like he was being measured up by all of them - a lanky person with sandy hair and pallid skin, a round person with darker skin and reddish hair, and a smiling-bright person covered in freckles with their blonde hair cut very short. Even the smiling one seemed to be judging him.

“Desmond,” he offered. The first two ignored him, except to ask what sort of lunch he wanted. The smiling one bobbed a curtsy.

“Ailia. This is my third year. And I hear you’re the one that was last in?”

“Yeah.” He looked off to the side, then decided he should stop being stupid and looked back to Ailia. “So, uh, Communing with Collar class…?”
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