Mar. 3rd, 2017

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First: A beginning of a story which obnoxiously cuts off just before the description,
Previous: In Which They Have Nerves.

The kiss was meant to be a promise, but it turned into an invitation. She liked the way he kissed, like he was taking he time with it, tasting her. She liked the way it felt when he put a hand on the center of her back to steady himself.

She twisted the rest of the way around, hands on his shoulders for support. His shoulders were tense; his brow was furrowed. His hands slid down her wet sides to her hips and held her there, delicately, like he was holding an egg, like he was afraid she might break.

She hadn’t lived this long in the end of the world to break easily. She ran her hand up the back of his neck, pulled him to her, and kissed him again. There was nothing delicate about her grip, and from the sound he made, he approved.
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March is Worldbuilding Month! Leave me a question about any of my worlds, and I will do my best to answer it!
This first one is from [personal profile] sauergeek:
Which pairs (or more) of these various universes could potentially be folded into one?

That's a good question! Let's see.

I'm not going to count, for the moment, the fact that 2/3 of my space stuff seems like it's in the same world. (Foedus is not). That's not really an established universe.

There's been some speculation/fanfic about Addergoole/Tír na Cali, but that's primarily because Tír na Cali was the parent setting for Addergoole; they don't actually exist in the same place.

Facets can exist in almost any of them! That's because it's a portal fantasy.

I'm not really getting into the spirit of this question, am I?


Science! and Modern Superheroes could and might exist in the same world.

I've speculated about the Aunt Family and either Fairy Town or Stranded World before.

To be honest, I think that's about it. Expectant Wood/Aerax COULD be part of Things Unspoken, but I don't think it is. Oh, and Cracks is probably part of Fairy Town.

I think everything that COULD be folded together already was, back in the dawn of the settings.
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Find Chapter 1 here
Chapter 2 is here
Chapter 3 is here
Chapter 4 is here
Chapter 5 is here
Chapter 6 is here
Chapter 7 is here.
Chapter 8: here
Chapter 9: here

Chapter 10: here
Chapter 11 (R-Rated) here
Chapter 12: here
Chapter 13: here
Chapter 14: here
Chapter 15: here
Chapter 16: here
Chapter 17: here
Chapter 18: here

You can skip Chapter 11 without losing the plot.
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MARKED - 4.9

“You have a map?” Nilien stopped dead and turned to look at Chason. “You have a map, really?”

“Well, I had something like a map,” he demurred. “It wasn’t to scale and it was missing some things, but it had all the landmarks I used to find my way around. Like these little gremlins here in the carvings. All the archways between areas are a little different. See?” He pointed at the carvings in the archways.

“Do you think I could have a copy? I don’t want to keep asking for help all year…” Of course, this time, she hadn’t actually been lost, but the sentiment was the same — she didn’t want to end up getting in trouble because all of Benoir’s routes involved places she wasn’t supposed to be, for example.

“I don’t have it anymore.” Chason looked genuinely sad about that.

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